• Modern Arranged Marriages
    Everyone knows how hard it is to find a mate for marriage. Having said that, each person is free to decide how the mate selection will take place. Some people would rather conduct this selection by themselves, without any help, while others prefer to get help from someone else, like their parents or
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  • Arranged Marriages
    Arranged Marriages What is an arranged marriage? Well in the Webster's dictionary it is defined as a marriage where the marital partners are chosen by others based on considerations other than the pre-existing mutual attraction of the partners. This habit has been very common in noble families,
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  • Arranged Marriage: for America?
    Arranged Marriage: For America? Both arranged marriages and romantic marriages have good and bad points. Cultures such as India, Japan, and Ethiopia have had arranged marriages since the dawn of time. In America we allow our young adults to make their own decisions on whom to marry. Would Ame
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  • Arranged Marriages - 1
    Outline Thesis: We should not be living in a country where a person can not choose his/her life partner, where one does not have the freedom of choice. Introduction: Freedom of choice. I. The Issue of Arranged Marriages. A. Saudi Women and their Life Issues. B. M
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  • Banning Arranged Marriages
    Arranged marriages have been around for a while and they still are. In some countries arranged marriages are actually tradition but it is wrong to arrange a marriage for necessity instead of love. Did you know that arranged marriages can be annulled? You can legally annul your arranged marriage
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  • Arranged Marriage 5
    Arranged Marriage Chapter I Introduction Arranged marriages have been around for quite a while. Not only has this form of marriage stood the test of time, even today in large parts of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, a significant proportion of all marriages are arranged. Consequently, social
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  • Arranged Marriage
    Everyone knows how hard it is to find a mate for marriage. Each person is free to decide how the mate selection will take place. Some people would rather conduct this selection by themselves, without any help, while others prefer to get help from an outside source, like their parents or a matchmaker
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  • Arranged Marriages Have No Place in Our Society.
    Although many people agree that a woman or a man is free to decide upon his/her life, in many Eastern countries this is not the case. In India, for instance, parents still have the obligation to choose a suitable partner for their offsprings and their children are obliged to comply with this order.
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  • Arranged Marriages Stability
    Arranged marriage from parents would not a helpful way to make the arangees family life more stable. No one should be forced to do what they don't want to do. Not only arrange marriage is a bad idea it goes against the personal feelings of both people getting married. Being married for the first tim
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  • Arranged Marriages 9
    Arranged Marriages This report discusses the affirmative and negatives of arranged marriages. This report does not give a personal opinion but shows both sides of the argument. Here is some background information regarding arranged marriages. Islam is one religion that uses arranged marriage
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  • Internet Dating for Arranged Marriage
    Throughout the years, advances in technology has changed the way people go about living their daily lives. One of these technological advances that has affected peoples lives in many different aspects is the internet. Whether it’s social networking sites that help you keep in touch with your frien
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  • Arranged Marriages in India - Paper
    Arranged marriages in India In country India, which happens to be modernized, seems to keep up to the tradition of arranged marriages. With this tradition it is really important that a person’s family plays a huge role in choosing the marriage partner. To some this might sound a bit odd but itâ
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  • Arranged Marriages- Good or Bad?
    Arranged Marriages- Good or Bad? The way in which arranged marriages are handled determines whether or not they are cruel and old-fashioned. I am now going to provide a balanced argument that takes all the different views into consideration. Islam is one religion that uses arranged m
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  • Abolition of Arranged Marriages
    Every person in the world, someway, somehow, wishes to grow old with a person they know would care for them and love for who they are, whatever they may be. At some point in people’s lives, they have to make life changing decisions, and getting married is one of them. Ever since the beginning of t
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  • Arranged Marriages 8
    My late grandfather was part of the Indian Regiment Army stationed in Singapore when the Japanese attacked South East Asia early 1942. After the war he decided to quit the Army and married his bride which was arranged by my late great grandfather. The British government granted him citizenship for h
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  • Arranged Marriage - 1
    Although matchmaking primarily on an economic or legal basis is harshly criticized, such considerations are often factors of secondary importance and significantly influence the rank order of a potential spouse. Some of these factors in some order of priority may be taken into account for the pur
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  • Arranged Marriages 7
    Arranged Marriages A1. In the video the narrator is trying to convince the viewers that arranged marriages are more common in certain traditions than in western culture. The narrator also gives facts and supporting evidence about the success rate and advantages of arranged marriages and how the
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  • Arranged Marriages 6
    Serena Nanda fails to write an impartial argument for arranged marriages versus "love match" marriages like those in the United States. She neglects to present the positive aspects of choosing a partner for marriage opting instead to keep the focus on the negatives. Her argument for arranged marriag
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  • This Article Really Opened My Eyes to Other Countries' S Customs That Are Different from America's Customs. Specifically Arranged Marriages, for Nanda's "Arranging a Marriage in India" Contained the Beliefs of the
    This article really opened my eyes to other countries' s customs that are different from America's customs. Specifically arranged marriages, for Nanda's "Arranging a Marriage in India" contained the beliefs of the Indian natives on how marriage should be like. When asked how she was able to marry a
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  • Arranged Marriages Forced
    Arranged Marriages Forced Although the modern social norms of western cultures expect marriage to be based on love and a strong bond between two people, this is not the basis for marriage in all cultures or societies. Although the greater parts of arranged marriages aren’t intended to be for
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