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Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers

We Are Happier Than Our Forefathers The definition of happiness varies from one to another; we cannot be so sure about which one is correct. However, in this article, happiness is the physical and spiritual condition we have nowadays that makes us happier than our forefathers. 1. We live longer Thanks to the development of medicine, we can cure many diseases which used to be considered hopeless such as anthrax, chickenpox, leprosy and so on. Even HIV/AIDS is not a hopeless one anymore now. In...

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Are We Happier Than Our Forefather

`heart’.. 1. General structure of the human heart: a. The human heart is located inside the thoracic cavity, behind the breastbone and between the left and the right lung. b. The heart is cone-shape and its tip tilts slightly towards the left side of our body. Science Form 3 note c. SMART STUDY - GOOD LUCK Teacher zaidi@maher2010 The heart has a mass of about 300 g and is built of thick and strong cardiac muscle. 2. detailed structure of the human heart: a. the human heart possesses four...

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Are we happier than out forefathers?

word ‘Forefather’ is the word of great honor and regard, and it may be one of the biggest controversy and irony if we entangle ourselves whether we are leading a happy life or our forefathers were. Though science and technological development has made our lives comfortable and easy, providing all luxuries and comforts yet, the side effects of it’s are worst as we have lost the peace of mind and the time has come that we people are now resisting on YOGA and meditation i.e. the teaching of our forefathers...

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Are We Better Than Our Forefathers

pondered the fact that we are better than our forefathers? If you think otherwise, I’ll explain why I think this way. Most people say that our forefathers’ lives were very peaceful. We have technology at our hands and we have made atom bombs and weapons. For destruction you might say, but that’s not true because we are making these for our protection. Our forefathers lived without many modern amenities and inventions such as electricity, aero planes, microwave ovens and more, whereas we cannot even imagine...

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Life is better for us than our forefathers

LIFE FOR US IS BETTER THAN IT WAS FOR OUR FOREFATHERS. This world is moving toward more development since its inception. Long days before people were living in caves and eating raw foods. When stone era moved forward then wooden homes cam and cooked food. Wooden era passed and semi developed era came; people became educated and followed many philosophies.After many years of philosophical era, a developed era came and people reached the moon. Now we are in well developed...

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Is Life for Us Better Than It Was for Our Forefathers?

IS LIFE FOR US BETTER THAN IT WAS FOR OUR FOREFATHERS? To try to answer this question, we had better go back in thought about two hundred years, say to about the middle of the 18th century; that is, before the great changes began that have made the modern world what it is today. Let us see what life was for our forefathers in those days. To get a picture of their lives, we must cut out many of the things which are so familiar and necessary to us today that we wonder how men could ever have got...

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Is Life for us is better than it was for our forefathers?

Is Life for us is better than it was for our forefathers? Day before Yesterday a mother got weepy when she wanted to see the face of her son, yesterday she weeps having son's photo in hands and today she can get a smile after clicking a button for video conferences.  Long days before people were living in caves and eating raw foods. When stone era moved forward then wooden homes cam and cooked food. Wooden era passed and semi developed era came; people became educated and followed many philosophies...

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Are atheists happier than believers?

 Extended essay Phil Zukerman, Am American professor of sociology, suggests that countries where the population is mostly atheists are happier than countries with a high percentage of believers. Using relevant examples, demonstrate whether this theory is true or not. Atheism is the absence of believing in God and his existence. There is variety of reasons why people decide not to believe in God, for some of them, they were scientifically convinced and for others they were...

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We Are Happier Than Your Parents

three or even more than five & so on… V ve the time & means & education to pursue careers & hobbies & personal achievement goals that our parents & their parents before them could never have even dreamt of (‘m really proud abt it)! :) V guys have numerous choices, unlimited exposure, ample opportunities & a sound financial security tat our parents could ever have thought of? Yet, we’re a Notoriously Unfulfilled Generation!? :-/ Yeah!!! Y do we so much already & still we so many opportunities...

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are we better than our fore-father

yourself deeper and deeper into a low-energy rut. Compelling research from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and other institutions finds that frequent low doses of caffeine — the amount in a quarter-cup of coffee — were more effective than a few larger doses of caffeine when it comes to keeping people alert. Try tea and see. If you need a caffeinated pick-me-up, choose tea over coffee. One study found that drinking tea all day improved alertness and performance just as well as...

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Pahela Baishakh and Our We

Buddha Dev Biswas said, 'To put it simple, Pahela Baishakh, along with its entire festivity, has rejuvenated itself as the one and only secular identity of our nationhood. It has become the de facto icon of our emotion-clad nationality which has so far prohibited major socio-political evils. Pahela Baishakh is a manifestation of what we want to be in our genuine selves: humans devoid of hypocrisy and duplicity (which in reality is still a dream).' Looking back to the Baishkahi celebrations during my school...

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Happiness and Forefathers

Life today is governed by the offshoots of science. We have many new comforts of life that our forefathers did not possess. Should we jump to the conclusion that we are really happier than our forefathers were? It is a very puzzling question. Let us first see what kind of life they led. The world of our forefathers was different from that of today. They lived in villages. Scientific inventions were not made. There were no planes, no cars, movie, radio etc. Televisions and telephones were not invented...

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Extraversion and Introversion: Who is Happier?

Extraversion and Introversion: Who is Happier? I like spending time alone in my room just watching a good show or having one friend join me; I have never enjoyed going out and doing gregarious activity. I have so many friends that accuse me of being depressed and no fun because my answer is eternally a no when they ask me to join them at a party. I knew I was not depressed and I was not trying to be rude, but I am so much happier when I am able to relax and be comfortable. I want to educate people...

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Be Happier by Consuming Less

Andres Martinez Garcia Section 1010 03/18/13 Prof. Cheryl L. Flanigan Essay 2 Be Happier by Consuming Less Consumerist is a social and economic order that encourages the purchase of goods and services in ever greater amounts. In the American consumption, people do not know how much is enough, do we really need all we buy? Or we just buy it because everyone else has it? Does it make us any happier? In the article “The New Politics of Consumption: Why Americans Want So Much More That...

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bhaad me jao

According to me our forefathers were much happier than we are today because they led a life of peace and contentment with less of the worries, tension and pressure which we in the present times have to live with.            Our forefathers lived a simple life. They had fewer wants, which they satisfied by working hard. They were sturdy and healthy people because they breathed pure air and ate fresh, healthy and nourishing foods. They fully enjoyed the simple things of life and barely fell sick...

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We Should Change Our Lifestyle

Position Paper: We should change our lifestyles and eating habits to decrease Global Warming ENGL135 Advanced Composition DeVry University We should change our lifestyles and eating habits to decrease Global Warming We should change our lifestyles and eating habits to decrease Global Warming The menace of global warming is looming to destroy humanity and it is absolutely crucial for us to pay utmost importance to this cause and do everything possible in to ensure that we are not contributing...

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We Learn From Our Mistakes

eve was just a day away and all of us, my cousins and I, had made great plans of partying out all night and having a blast. One of my friend's was throwing a party at his place so we had decided that we would go there and have a great time. Apart from that, we had decided that on our way back we would go to the beach as we had heard that for New Years Eve, the beach is a perfect place to go and enjoy. Now that everything was planned out, I just waited for the day to pass and New Year's Eve to come...

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Are We Losing Our Edge-Response

America’s Talent: Gone “Are We Losing Our Edge”, an article published in Time, written by Michael D. Lemonick, discusses the competitive edge that America has against the rest of the world. The thesis that Lemonick conveys are future scientist and engineers around the world moved to America for its enormous resources, academic freedom, and history of excellence. However, the times have changed, and these scientist and engineers are now moving to their native land to continue research and development...

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Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality and development than any experiences we may have in our life.

Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality and development than any experiences we may have in our life. Every people in our life born with some parametrics, like health, mental power and another ones. Some people think that the initial characteristics influence on our development and personality. I agree with it, but I think that any experience in our life have more impact too. Let us consider it. First of all, people learn anything...

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Do We Learn Our Gender

Do we learn our gender? This essay will look at the question of whether we learn our gender. It will begin by looking at the sociological meaning and interpretations of gender and how this is important. Following the discussion of how socialization plays a vital role in the argument of if we do learn our gender or not. Further to this it shall look at how gender roles have changed, comparing in particular pre-1960 to the modern day and also what key factors played crucial roles in this change....

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How to Be Happier in the Job You Sometimes Can't Stand

same with his fellow workers and readers in general. This book titled “How to be happier in the job you sometimes can’t stand” is the result. About the Book 7. Ross West, in How to Be Happier in the Job You Sometimes Can't Stand, offers several suggestions, which would help an employee improve his life at work when he is struggling. Filled with story after story, Ross West offers ten practical ways to be happier in ones job. The book has a total of 157 pages and is divided into following chapters: ...

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How We Spend Our Downtime

way - better. If life seems more rushed than ever, you might be surprised to learn that we Americans don't have less leisure time than we did 40 years ago. We actually have more leisure time, and quite a bit more. What counts as leisure is up for argument, but under every definition the numbers have gone up. We get about 45 minutes a day of extra leisure. Then why does it feel like we have so much less? It might be because we waste half of all our leisure time watching television. The average...

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The Kite Runner Shows Us That We Can Never Escape Our Past. Discuss

“The Kite Runner shows that we can never escape our past. Discuss” ------------------------------------------------- In ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini, we are shown through the characters of Amir, Soraya and Sohrab that we cannot necessarily escape our past but we can confront our past mistakes, forgive ourselves and others and move on with out lives. Amir struggles for self-forgiveness and therefore feels like he cannot escape the guilt and shame of past mistakes. On the other hand, Soraya...

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How do we save our natural resources

do we save our natural resources? How do we show the younger generation that we wanted to save the world now? We need to show that we are saving our natural resources for the next generation and save the future of our planet we love so much. Do we love this planet enough to save it? What do you think of when we say save the planet? When we hear this we think of tree hugging people who want to do nothing more than tell us that we need to protect the trees. Well when we hear save the planet we should...

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Should We Spank Our Children?

This is the age old question that is so frequently asked that no one has a true answer. You have the people on one side saying that it will scar our children and nothing good can come from it, and you have the other half that believe it is the best way to discipline our children. So who do we believe? In my opinion I believe parents have the right to discipline their children, as long as it doesn’t surpass child abuse. I understand smacking your kid on the butt, but not on their arms or other extremities...

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How Should We Spend Our Time?

How Should We Spend Our Time? Introduction It is only fitting that November is chosen to be the Stewardship month and a very timely occasion to remind us of the abundant gifts, many talents and vast resources that God has blessed us and entrusted us to be used in the building of His kingdom, in service to the church and in helping others. November is a sensible month to celebrate Stewardship because UCCP recognizes the importance of proper management and effective utilization of our time, wealth...

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The Way We Communicate Other Than Using Words.

The Way We Communicate Other Than Using Words. Nonverbal communication is part of our everyday life. Body language is a comprehension and communication tool via physical movements and changes that show a person's feelings, thoughts, and attitudes about other persons and things (Benzer N.P.). In order to determine the meaning of a nonverbal message one must first understand the sender’s personal frame of reference and cultural background, as well as the specific situation. To communicate well it...

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Have We Outgrown Our Government?

Prof. Arbour October 7, 2013 Have We Outgrown Our Government? Given the current government shutdown, the crisis and anxiety that the country is now facing has now brought to light a question that many do not take into consideration in our current day. Is the current United States government efficient enough to run our prosperous and quite large country? Although many people believe that our government is a Democracy, they would be surprised to learn that our government, in essence, is actually...

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Have We Taken Our Independence for Granted?

HAVE WE TAKEN OUR INDEPENDENCE FOR GRANTED ????? Today as we freely move around in our country without anyone questioning or imposing any kinds of restrictions on us we feel satisfied and contended. But this satisfaction is due to the efforts taken by our freedom fighters or national leaders to free our country from the British rule. Its because of our them that today we are enjoying are freedom. Their satyagrahas, sacrifices, and tortures have resulted in the freedom that...

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How Do We Become Happier People?

order to be happy." (Wallis 2005). So the question becomes can we, as humans, become happier people? “The New Science of Happiness” states there are multiple things one can do to become a happier person. Becoming more engaged in what you do can give your life more meaning, making one happier. Also a gratitude journal, a diary in which one writes down things that they are grateful for, which is used daily can help to make people happier. Finally the article says that performing acts of kindness or...

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Is Freedom More or Less Than We Interpret?

freedom? Is it the right to do what you please when you please? In my opinion, the word freedom is an overstatement for our society. People talk about you having the right to do what you want and say what you want, but if you think about it, we are limited to what we can do an say. Freedom of speech is probably the biggest debate we have here in our society. Everything we do we speak. Such as when you protest, your speaking your opinion, clothing you wear speaks your opinion, how you wear your hair...

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Do We Define Our Lives

Do We Define Our Lives, or Do Our Lives Define Us Kristen Hurst Over the last decade or so people have begun to make a shift into accepting a new way of looking at the world that we live in – the belief that is making this impact is that you create your own life and, in some respects, you are in charge of your own destiny. This system of beliefs became known as the “New Age Movement”, however it's really not all that new. The “law of attraction”, as it's also known, has been around perhaps nearly...

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How Should We Live Our Lives

Introduction How should we live our lives? This question is the most confusing question that many of people lost there lives trying to answer. Many philosophers, sociologists and thinkers consumed many years trying to put theories, concepts, and norms to guide others to the most efficient way to live. One thing I had discovered is that life is easier than many people think you should have to open your eyes and start to enjoy life, instead of trying to explain it. This book will not be a guide or...

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We Are Heading to an Apocalypse of Our Own Creation.

Mankind has walked the earth for around seven million years and we have the potential to achieve greatness. Throughout history we have left our boundaries, fought diseases and plagues and studied ourselves, however most of the evidence from these studies have led to the conclusion of no future for man kind what so ever, if we continue on our current course. <br> <br>On July the 16th 1945, in a remote part of the New Mexico desert, the most terrifying device in human history was used for the first...

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Do We Learn from our Mistakes

Do We Learn from our Mistakes? Architecturally speaking, I think we learn very little from our mistakes, as there are so many thousands of mistakes to make in architecture without repeating a single one. A child may learn not to touch a hot stove, but that is because the child receives an immediate response for doing so. This is not true with the mistakes we make as architects. Sometimes years go by before we learn the results of our errors; mostly our ethical errors. Most of the time this...

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Are we more human than humanoid robot?

Are we more human than humanoid robots? In 1812, Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein”. She might not know that that she had directed the “Frankenstein Complex”, characterized by Isaac Asimov as the fear of human kind that one day, artificial beings will take away their future. To counter this complex, in “I, Robot”, Asimov presents to us that humans and robots are not so different and humans should work side-by-side with robots to create better lives. As processor and successor to Asimov, Karel Capek...

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Do we learn from our mistakes rather than or success

of happiness is a fundamental human right. But it is also true that the attainment of happiness remains elusive. What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction: the pursuit of our desires or the attainment of them? 4. Do we learn more from finding out that we have made mistakes or from our successful actions? 5. Today our workplaces and neighborhoods are composed of people of diverse backgrounds. For this reason it is important for people to find ways to get along with each other. Write an essay...

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We learn from our mistakes and not from our success

We learn from our mistakes and not from our success Do you remember the day that you lied or steal and got caught from your parents or teacher? However, it is not wrong to make a mistake if you learn not to do it again. Al Franken, the United States junior senator also stated “Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned that hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake which at least others can learn from.” I believe people...

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We Look After Our Own

Analysis of We Look After Our Own Some stories are meant for entertainment, others to educate but Kath Walker’s, We Look After Our Own is written to draw change and develop an understanding of a darker side of life in Australia. Written in a time when change was dawing and aborignal rights was touchy subject, Kath Walker gave an insight into the life of an aboriginal through the story. She showed the battles they faced to gain minimum services and how they were treated like second class citizens...

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Our Secrets

these people that we must remember so that a massive destructive event like the Holocaust does not occur ever again in history. Susan Griffin’s essay Our Secret looks at the minds of various people, focusing the most on Heinrich Himmler. It is hard to deny that he is an awful man for what he did, but it is so easy for people to simply judge without knowing the facts behind his madness. Many may not realize this, but who we are today goes back to how we were raised as a child and who we had to look up...

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Dear Friends, We Need More Than Stylish Clothes, We Need a Fashion Designer Who Can Make Our World Better Now.

in life, remember that there is also a large group of children who are younger than your siblings or family friends, but they’re working overtime; up to 16 hours, seven days a week (Gentleman). In 2011, reporters even found out a case of Thai laborers that were imprisoned in El Monte, near Los Angeles. The Labor Department admitted that the workers earned $1.60 an hour. Also according to the Labor Department, more than half of the 22,000 garment contractors that exist in the United States, despite...

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Silence Speaks More Than We Observe

EWRT1A Instructor: Luis Limcolioc Title: Silence Speaks More Than We Observe "Silent Dancing" By Judith Ortiz Cofer There are moments in which the silence can convey a message which is much more momentous than any other words which can be spoken. "Silent Dancing" by Judith Ortiz Cofer is a great evidence of that. In this piece of work the writer conveys a message about her childhood. Around the young age of three, the writer along with her mother and her younger brother shifted from their homeland...

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Supersize We: How Portion Sizes Are Correlated with Our Gluttony

Supersize We: How portion sizes are correlated with our gluttony By: Kirk Decker "Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us." - Peter De Vries As I wander through the labyrinth of my local grocery store, I cannot help but notice how things have changed. Metal carts overflowing with food and the once prevalent "market" section is now gleaming with the reflection of glass doors and the glow of brightly colored boxes, frozen meals ready for consumption. It was not always...

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Responsibility: are we really responsible for our actions?

that is more objective than his own. His view on responsibility is such that in order to place responsibility on an agent, sufficient reflection about alternative choices must be considered. On the other hand, Carl Ginet claims that free will cannot be caused (free will is not determined), but rather that the will is free. He claims that responsibility is a result of the agent's inherent free will to choose and is event specific. Ginet feels that since we are free beings, we are responsible for every...

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The Men We Carry in Our Minds

“The Men We Carry in Our Minds”, by Scott Russell Sanders, he discusses his own view on the gender roles. Sanders grew up in a lower class environment where men worked hard and labored with their bodies. He states that “The bodies of the men I knew were twisted and maimed” (p.1). He also states how men worked hard and physically suffered from all the responsibilities that had to be done for their families. On the other hand, Sanders shares his view on how women lived easier lives than the men he...

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Happiness Is Nothing More Than a Good Health and a Bad Memory

Happiness is nothing more than a good health and a bad memory. DEFINE KEY WORDS: Happiness: a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy Nothing more: means only good health and bad memory leads to happiness, an absolute term Good health: body functions optimally without evidence of diseases or abnormalities Bad memory: forgiving and forgetting; no grudges 1) Good health leads to happiness (: - Living a lifestyle...

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We Create Our Own Monsters

Language Arts 3-4 H 16 October 2012 We Create Our Own Monsters Monsters are different for everyone. Some may think monsters are purple, hairy, one-eyed freaks. Others may think they are atrocious beasts with chain-saws and bloody faces out to kill you! But monsters don’t just have to be a literal thing that we can see and feel. Many monsters are figurative, meaning that it’s not an actual real life monster but are features and characteristics made up of our own fears. Many times the things that...

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Positive and Negative Effects of Technology in Our Lives

looked at briefly, Sullivan and Akbari’s views seem to be like the opposite sides of the same coin. Sullivan argues from a more personal standpoint that personal technology shuts us out from the world. Akbari, on the other hand, sees technology and our personal devices as a way to open the world up to us and provides facts and results from professional studies that show the connection between people and their happiness. It would seem it’s pretty straight forward; as different as black and white, which...

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Words Are More Treacherous and Powerful Than We Think

Title: "Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think" Evaluate the extent to which the characteristics Sartre claims for words affect - negatively or positively - different Areas of Knowledge. The limits of knowledge that the topic implies are the limits of language and how well it approaches truth. There are a number of definitions of language. Everybody has there own term of what language stands for. For example, Chomsky says that language is a system of sounds put together to form...

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if we legalized marijuana

November 2013 T-Effects of legalization of marijuana in the U.S. If the U.S. Legalized Marijuana Although marijuana has not one reported death in history the government can still find ways to convince the American people that it is deadlier than alcohol which kills 75,000 U.S. citizens per year. The government made the medicine illegal after they found out the plant could be grown in or around the home. With the plant available to the general public the government did not want to stay to...

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How We Raise Our Daughters And Sons

How We Raise Our Daughters and Sons: Child-Rearing and Gender Socialization in the Philippines Joseph Jayson M. Bonifacio SY 1216 At the moment of conception, sex is already determined, the egg cell contains an X chromosome, the sperm either contains X or Y, if the sperm is X and it unites with the egg the result is female which is XX. If the sperm is Y, the result is a male which is XY chromosome. After nine months the gender of the baby will prepare the mother to how she with the help of the...

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Mythbuster: Why Cities Are Cleaner Than Suburbs

Catie Park Professor Aaron Krall English 161 12 March 2013 Mythbuster: Are Suburbs Really Cleaner than Cities? The beautiful scenery of American suburbs persuades us that suburbs are cleaner than cities. Since greenery is more visually attractive than brownness filled with mobs of people and congestion, this claim must be true. Well, is it? Edward Glaeser and David Owen attempt to bust this myth through their works, Triumph of the City and Green Metropolis. They defy the myth and claim that...

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Our Socialized Selves

Our Socialized Selves Socialization can be described as the process in which an individual who is a part of a certain society learns to interact with others. A dynamic part of socialization would be social forces that help shape one's way of interacting with others. These social forces are class, culture and institution.  Socialization and social forces impact one's decision of education, life style, friends and even the most personal choice of a marriage partner. In the majority of societies...

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Advanced Technology Improves Our Quality of Life.

For approximately the last one hundred years, people lived without any advanced conveniences. I cannot imagine how miserable and unhappy people's lives were. Since the first computer was invented fifty years ago, our quality of life and happiness have increased. In fact, the appearance of Internet helps us find information much easier. Furthermore, the people that have a mental and physical disabilities would have more painful experiences without advanced medical techniques. Finally, the cell phone...

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Do We Really Love Our Animals?

hospitals, the military, and chemical companies. The single largest financier and advocate of vivisection would have to be The National Institutes of Health(NIH). The saddest part about this is that we as taxpayers are paying for the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals. Every time we pay our taxes we are supporting Vivisection. The American Anti-vivisection Society states that, "These animals can be subjected to a mydraid of painful procedures. They are burned, starved, irradiated, shocked, mutilated...

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we are what we buy

We are what we buy Ryan (Shizhe Ruan) 9067614 We live in a modern world where full of mass consumption, after industrial revolutions, the new technology allowed productive forces to be improved...

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“Words Are More Treacherous and More Powerful Than We Think”. Evaluate the Extent to Which the Characteristics Sartre Claims for Words Affect, Negatively or Positively, Our Knowledge.

“Words are more treacherous and more powerful than we think”. Evaluate the extent to which the characteristics Sartre claims for words affect, negatively or positively, our knowledge. “Words are more treacherous and powerful than we think”. Have you ever thought about the meaning of this question? Do we really understand its meaning, or do we just interpreted in one of many ways? All these questions make me wonder whether this essay might have any potential, since it may have many meaning that I...

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Can We Have Beliefs or Knowledge Which Are Independent of Our Culture

BAFOKENG SEKALELI TOK ESSAY CAN WE HAVE BELIEFS OR KNOWLEDGE WHICH ARE INDEPENDENT OF OUR CULTURE? The main aim of the essay is to find out if we have beliefs or rather knowledge which are independent of our culture. To do my investigation, I am going to follow different areas of beliefs and culture that I need. Culture is roughly perhaps a range of activities which are cultivated as a pattern of behaviour in a group of humans over time, and the manifest...

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The First Group We Belong to Has More Influence Than Any Other Groups on for Our Identity

The first group we belong to, the family has more influence than any other group on forming our identity. Dear diary, Throughout my life in the Amish community, there is no doubt that I had learnt a lot, especially from my family who means a lot to me. Today I am 17 years old, the time when I am given the opportunity to make my life’s most important decision of living in the Amish for my whole life or joining the mainstream society, a whole new world, away from conformity and the restriction of...

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To What Extent Can We Form Our Own Identities

Are our identities established through choice or constructed for us by society and what is expected of us in line with our gender, class and culture? Can we change our identities to fit in with how we want society to see us rather than how society expects to see us? Firstly we should not confuse personality with identity. Personality traits may be something we have in common with people we meet but identifying with a certain social group is something we choose to do usually...

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