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Annual Report Of Lakme Company

Case Analysis: The Annual Report 1. The basic factors of communication that must be considered in the presentation of the Annual Report are compliance with accounting principles and regulations, accuracy of the information presented, and how much information you are going to disclose. The management has a lot of control over what and how much information it wants to disclose to the users of their financial report. Users can be shareholders, investors, customers, or if you want it or not, competitors...

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Annual Report

Annual Report Project 1. Identify and explain the main sections of Targetââ?¬â?¢s annual report.
Financial Summary ââ?¬" This section reports the totalor per share amounts for five to ten financial items for the current year and one or more previous years. Financial items from the income statement and the banance sheet that typically are presented are sales, income from continuing operations, net income, net incom per share, net cash provided by operating activities, dividents per common share,...

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RESEARCH PROJECT ON ON “Women attitude towards Lakme products ” Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the On Semester Evaluation of Business Research Methodology (Session – 2012-2014) Under Supervision Of: Submitted By: Name : Ms Sarika Ahluwalia Name of the Student:Prashali sachan Designation : Asst. Professor Roll No. MBA/12/10 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT...

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Accounting: in Depth Review of a Company Annual Report

depth review of a Company Annual Report 1. Address the following issues: 1. Name of chosen Company: Telstra Corporation 2. The registered address of the Company: Level 41 Telstra Centre 242 Exhibition Street Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia +61-3-96346400 (Phone) 3. The industry the Company is in: ...

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Tjx Companies Annual Report Summary

Summary: TJX Companies Inc. is currently in one of the most secure subsets of the retail industry. The economy is a factor always present in the minds of consumers today, and the retail establishments operated under TJX Companies all cater towards the price conscience customer. They are hitting all ages and genders in the apparel industry in addition to home good products including furniture and accessories. They have expanded to reach many markets, and are continuing their expansion across the...

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Adidas Annual Report

Adidas Annual Report Project Shante Wiggins Larry Wolod Accounting 100 November 27, 2011 Adidas Annual Report Project The Main Sections of the Annual Report The first important section of the annual report of Adidas Company is the report to shareholders. In this report, the President begins with the summary result of the company operational, sporting highlights for the period reported, and how this compares with the prior year, or years. The report portion is divided...

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Walmart Annual Report

An annual report is also often referred to as a company's annual financial report. An annual report consists of four major parts, each of which can be broken down into specific areas pertaining to the business in question. These four sections reveal the business's financial status in terms of earnings, spending, debt and long-term assets. The first main section of Walmart’s annual report is assets. The company's assets are often presented in a category near the beginning of the annual report...

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Annual Report Analysis

Events BI > JUNE 2006 What's Important in an Annual Report Running a Faster Paper Chase by Bob Adams Editor's note: This article is based on a class taught by Bob Adams at past CompuFest meetings and is just a sample of the excellent education available at the annual event organized by the Computer Group Advisory Board. This year's meeting will be June 23-25 in Reno, Nev. Bob, a CGAB vice president, will teach sessions titled Advanced SSG Topics: Judgment Aids; Take the Oops Out of the SSG;...

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Caterpillar Annual Report

2011 Caterpillar Annual Report Justin Kruse ACC100 Professor Hubbard Strayer University May 24, 2012 2011 Caterpillar Annual Report Most everyone wanted to jump on the investment train this month with the release of Facebook’s Initial Public Offering (IPO). As a matter of fact, many people did buy stock in Facebook, trouble is, most of them will never be able to understand the paperwork they will receive while holding their shares. Every year publicly traded companies distribute what is...

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annual report

FRANKSTON PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB INC A0047095S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MINUTES MEETING HELD AT THE CLUB ROOMS 26 HIGH STREET FRANKSTON AT 7PM, 21st NOVEMBER 2012 PRESENT; Peter Kewley, Jeff Symons, Cheryl Adams, Gail Penny, Dennis Nolan, Bob Hayter, Judith Meier, Bob date,, Kath Munchow, Peggy Lee, Trevor Rogers, Keith Smith, Craig Pettigrew, Suzanne Pettigrew, Mary Bongers, Max lane, Keith Bollard, Peter Carty, Stan Barnett, David Norris, Bob Williamson, Paulette Schmitt, Rose Marie Burns, John...

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Walgreens Annual Report

 The annual report for a company is a very important tool for the company. It can tell it’s investors, customers, and employees how the company is doing and what income has come in, what was paid out in expenses, what was paid out in dividends, if any, what the net income is and whether the company is doing well and has a profit for the year or if the company is doing poorly and is in the negative for the year. The annual report will also show how many new stores were opened through that year...

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Annual Report Summary

Writing Assignment: Analyzing the Annual Report Coca-Cola Annual Report 2012 Coca-Cola is a company, which carries cold soda products and Coke products can be founded over 200 countries worldwide. Coca-Cola Company meets all requirements of creating annual report by its Annual Report for 2012. The company starts its annual report with company’s logo “Share a Coke and Share the Value”. As the reader goes through the report, he/she can see the positive images, maps, and graphs with the strong...

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Annual Report Comparison

Annual report is distributed to current shareholders and potential investors. Employees (who today are also likely to be shareholders), customers, suppliers, community leaders, and the community-at-large, however, are also targeted audiences. Annual report is published and sent to all shareholders, investors, suppliers and creditors. An online copy of annual report is also available for other consumer’s interest. 2. The annual report serves many purposes. Stakeholders will require financial information...

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Walgreens Annual Report Analysis

Analyzing the Annual Report Each year companies get a chance to tell what their organizations have accomplished and what their future goals are through annual reports. The purpose of these reports is to deliver shareholders, possible investors, and employee’s information on how a company has been performing and how it expects to progress in the future. Walgreens, a pharmacy-led health and wellbeing enterprise founded in 1901, is one such company that takes advantage of having an annual report. To convey...

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Annual Report. Kroger Co.

ANNUAL REPORT KROGER CO. 2011 Tiffany Mullins 5/26/2011 Strayer University Acc 100 Professor Barbara McGuire The Kroger Co. was founded in 1883 and incorporated in 1902. It is one of the nation’s largest retailers, as measured by revenue. The Kroger Co is currently ranked #2 in the industry on the Fortune 500 list and # 25 overall. There revenues are earned and cash is generated as consumer products are sold to customers in their stores. They earn income predominately by selling products...

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Annual report

Chelsea Nava Annual Report 3 1. Balance Sheet a. Property, Plant and Equipment February 1, 2014 February 2, 2013 January 28, 2012 Property and Equipment 2,758 2,619 2,523 b. Intangible Assets -Not available in the balance sheet 2. Ratios and Analysis a. Asset turnover= Net sales/ Average Total Assets 2013 2012 2011 Total Assets 7,849 7,470 7,422 Net Sales 16,148 15,651 14,549 2013: 16,148/[(7,849+7,470)/2]= 2.11 times 2012: 15,651/[(7,470+7,422)/2]=...

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Walmart - Annual Report Analysis

discrimination, however, in 2011, a class action lawsuit, Walmart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes, exposed its company-wide discriminatory practices and policies. Although the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Walmart, Walmart still invested heavily on improving its image with women then showcased these improvements in its annual report to counter the bad publicity and appeal to its female investors. In its annual report, Walmart uses pictures of mother and child to show understanding of motherhood, uses pictures and...

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Annual Report Analysis

 Annual Report Analysis on Coca Cola Week 6 Project Intermediate Accounting By: Reco Crayton Table of Contents: Page 1: Title Page Page 2: Table of Contents Page 3: Introduction to the Coca Cola Auditors Errors and Irregularities Page 4: Trend in assets and liabilities Largest Assets Page 5: Three largest liabilities Stock Multi-Step Discontinued or Extraordinary Items Page 6: Net income Comprehensive income Indirect method Trend in cash Page 7: Investing activities...

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Google Annual Report Analysis

Corporate Annual Reports Financial Accounting 1A – Online By: Chak Lam Andy WONG Dr. Seyedin References: http://www.ibm.com/annualreport/2004/annual/guide_whatis.shtml http://thecaq.aicpa.org/Resources/PCAOB/ http://www.aicpa.org/audcommctr/guidance_resources/auditors_and_audit_committee/understanding_process/36.htm http://www.sec.gov/about/whatwedo.shtml http://fl1.findlaw.com/news.findlaw.com/hdocs/docs/gwbush/sarbanesoxley072302.pdf What is an annual report? A formal report on a company’s...

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Nike Annual Report Analysis

 Nike Annual Report Analysis In January of 1964 Phillip Knight a University of Oregon track athlete and Bill Bowerman, Knight’s coach, founded Blue Ribbon Sports. Their company became incorporated in 1968 and is known today worldwide as Nike. Nike leads the world in the design process, marketing and distribution of a quality, innovative world leading athletic product ranging from footwear, apparel, equipment, and a large variety of accessories for a number of sports and leisure...

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Target Annual Report Summary

Target Corporation’s Annual Report/ Financial Analysis Project Antoinette Rease Meagan McGahee ACCT 2030 FALL 2010 History of Target With its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Target is a continuously striving company focused on improving every aspect of their business – whether it's their merchandising for guests, technology solutions, or even the future design of the company. The first Target store was founded and created in 1932 in Roseville, Minnesota by George Dayton. Originally...

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Walmart 2014 Annual Report Analysis

Teresa Gill Cirillo Writing Assignment: Analyzing the Annual Report Walmart’s 2014 annual report differs from most other company’s annual reports; as most annual reports are targeted to shareholders or future investors, Walmart focuses its annual report on shareholders, associates, and customers. What is also unique about Walmart’s annual report is that it includes information and data of its subsidiary, Sam’s Club. In its 2014 annual report, Walmart uses many strategies to effectively communicate...

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Target: Balance Sheet and Annual Report

”(Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.1). Target is one of the leading stores besides Wal-mart that keeps their prices low while still making a profit from their sales. They introduced the new price match and return policies and continue to offer more savings through their REDcard Rewards. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.2). With the REDcard Rewards clients are able to save an extra 5 percent off nearly all purchases and offers an additional 30 days for most returns. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012,...

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Ba 2196 Annual Report Analysis

Writing Assignment #3: Annual Report Analysis In this paper, you will analyze the annual report of a single Fortune 500 company, asserting and giving evidence of the most powerful visual, verbal (and, if relevant, aural) techniques and strategies the document uses to target and persuade its intended audience. PREPARATION—READ CAREFULLY: 1. CHOOSING THE RIGHT FORTUNE 500 COMPANY’S ANNUAL REPORT: You MUST choose in advance and register via e-mail (1st come, 1st serve) for one of the...

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Tyies Wells ACC/548 June 27, 2010 William J. Carter III, MSA Comprehensive Annual Financial Report The Office of Financial Management provides vital information, fiscal services and policy support that the Governor, Legislature and state agencies need to serve the people of Washington State (Investopedia, 2010). Included in this briefing, a comparison of the governmental and for-profit financial accounting will be discussed, an understanding...

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2009 Annual Report for Polaris Industries

1. Who audited Polaris’s financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2009? When was the independent auditor’s report signed? Answer: Management’s internal control over financial reporting as of December 31, 2009 has been audited by Ernst & Young LLP. The independent auditor’s report was signed at March 1, 2010. Source: 2009 Annual Report for Polaris Industries, pages 40 and 72, respectively. 2. What dollar amount for net income was reported for the 2009 year? By what dollar amount...

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Nike Annual Report Project

NIKE ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT 2011 Yesenia Rivera ACG2021-SEC001 SUMMARY   This company strives for excellence. Nike is an enormous corporation that continues to do well, even in this questionable economy. They are relentless about innovating to reach their full potential. Despite a few highs and lows within the company they continue to produce high quality sport-inspired equipment. Nike 2011 Annual Report INTRODUCTION   CEO: Mark Parker Home office :  One Bowerman Drive...

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Annual REport Analysis

Annual Report Analysis On Home Depot, Inc. Fiscal Year 2012 DeVry University Intermediate Accounting Yvonne Jackson Introduction Home Depot, Inc., founded in 1978 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, decided to team up with investment banker Ken Langone and merchandising guru Pat Farah ultimately became the visionaries for the one-stop-shop do-it-yourself store which today has become a very lucrative business bring the vision to fruition. The Home Depot is the worlds largest home improvement retailer...

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Annual Report of Hero Motocorp

the company’s business and what are its major suppliers and customers? Hero Motorcop has its business in the field of manufacturing of two wheelers and sales .It was started in 1984, consistently maintaining its position as the no.1 two wheeler company in the world for 11th consecutive year. Over 41.7 million two wheelers sold, and has a combined capacity of 6.35 million units .It has 17 different products across 100cc, 125cc, 150cc, 225cc and scooter category. Major suppliers • Munjal Showa...

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Ch 2 Annual Report Target

Chapter 2 - Annual Report structure Financial Highlights Chapter 2: Financial Highlights – Question 1 Review the financial highlights of your company’s annual report to the shareholders. Identify net sales or revenues, net income, basic earnings per share (BEPS), and total assets for the current and preceding years. These are the most common values included in financial highlights. If your company reports something different, simply cross out an item here and recap what is reported. SEC Form 10-K...

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Hospitality Company Report Analysis

Hospitality Company Report Analysis 1 Hospitality Company Report Analysis Danielle Holloman Professor Stern Principles of Hospitality & Tourism August 26, 2012 Hospitality Company Report Analysis 2 Provide a Brief Overview of the Chairman’s and CEO Reports Marriott International is an operator, franchisor, and licensor...

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Accounting Annual Report Project

Parrott Accounting 201 Annual Report Project Semester: Spring 2014 4-18-14 A. Introduction Hooker Furniture Corporation is a growing furniture company in today’s industry and current economic circumstances. This company was incorporated in Virginia in 1924, and is ranked among the nation’s largest publicly top 10 furniture sources. Paul B. Toms Jr. has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Hooker Furniture Corporation since 2000 and has also been with the company since 1983. The Hooker...

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Topps Company Annual Report

Topps Company, Inc Annual Report “Founded in 1938, The Topps Company, Inc. is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery. Topps leading sports and entertainment products include Major League Baseball, National Football League, and other trading cards, sticker album collections, and collectible games. The Company’s top confectionery brands include “Ring Pop,” “Push Pop,” “Bazooka” bubble gum and “Juicy Drop Pop” products. On October...

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Annual Report Analysis for Adidas

2011 Annual Report Analysis for Adidas Prepared for Professor Tabor Prepared by Jena Howell 2011 Annual Report Analysis for Adidas Prepared for Professor Tabor Prepared by Jena Howell Table of Contents Introduction 2 Annual Report Analysis of Adidas 2 Auditors 2 Subsequent Events 3 Trends in Total Assets and Total Liabilities 3 Three Largest Assets and Liabilities for Recent Year 4 Stock Options 4 Income Statement 4 Net Income 5 Comprehensive Income 5 Direct...

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TJX Annual Report Study

TJX Annual Report Study Name: Siddharth Todi TJX 2013 ANNUAL REPORT QUESTIONS (Fiscal year 2014) 1. Exactly how big is TJX in revenue [Net Sales]? What is their Net Income? If the average item sells for $10 calculate how many items to they have to sell per day? How many per day per store? The Net Sales of TJX in 2013 was $27.4 billion. Their Net Income was $2.1 billion. If the average item sells for $10 then TJX will have to sell 7,506,849 items per day and 2332 items per day per store...

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing “From day to day, the question is always why Governmental Accounting? Being an accountant for the U.S. government, I will give an overview of government bookkeeping which will brief of the board members from Puerto Rico. The style of this document will clearly show you the variations between governmental bookkeeping as well as not-for-profit fiscal bookkeeping. This brief will also explain the federal government reporting as well as their agencies...

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The usefulness and Limitations of the corporate annual report, illustrating your answer by reference to one company's most recent 'Annual Report' and 'Annual Review' Documents.

Corporate Annual reports are produced by companies every year to be filed at companies House by Law and they are sent to its shareholders in order to inform them on their success throughout the year of trading. All Corporate annual reports have similar structures and they consist of both non-statutory items which are the informational parts of the report and the statutory items which give some insight into the financial matters of the company. The report proposes to provide information that is useful...

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The Annual Report on the Budget of the ASPCA

the ASPCA (which means, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. On this paper, I will show the budget that I found for this year which June 30, 2013. This report came from the Animal Humane Society and it is an annual report. This report came from the Anima Humane Society and it is an annual report: Support and Revenue Adoptions fee and program revenue $4,256,783 Contributions $5,592,502 Wills and Estates ...

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Company Report

 COMPANY REPORT AMUL INDIA Session: 2015-2016 Submitted to: Submitted by: Mr. Rajneesh Mishra Kunal Sharma Economics Faculty AUD 2298 Amity University Dubai M.B.A. (Entr) Acknowledgement I, Kunal Sharma, sincerely...

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Beer Companies' Annual Report

This review will cover the annual reports of the Molson Beer Company Inc, Adolph Coors Brewing Company, Coors Light Company, and Brick Brewing Company, specifically examining the President's or CEO's message to shareholders, the composition of the board of directors, and the contingent liabilities. The statements of the Presidents and CEO's of the four companies stated above were similar in that they all emphasized their desire for quality in their products and listed their successes in the...

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This Paper Is an Overview of Wal-Mart’s Annual Report

Assignment 1: Annual Report Project Due week 8 Darrin Ingraham 08/15/2012 ACCT 100 – Introduction to Accounting Instructor: Professor Jerome Newman Abstract This paper is an overview of Wal-Mart’s Annual Report. The purpose of a corporate annual report is to communicate to stockholders and other interested parties its financial statements. The annual report is a summary of the corporation’s operations over the previous 12 month time period and states the corporation’s plans...

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Accounting Company Report

ACCOUNTING: COMPANY REPORT ON SNAGS LTD Prepared for: Management of Snags Ltd Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Ratio Analysis 5 Return on Equity Ratio 6 Return on Assets Ratio 6 Asset Turnover Ratio 7 Inventory Turnover Ratio 7 Account Receivables Turnover Ratio 8 Gross Profit Margin 9 Net Profit Margin 9 Current Ratio 10 Gearing Ratio (Debt to Equity Ratio) 11 Profitability 11 Liquidity 11 Efficiency 12 Capital Structure...

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Aircruising Australia Limited's Annual Report

Obtain an annual report for the year ending 2012 of an Australian listed company where a MODIFIED or an EMPHASIS OF MATTER opinion was given due to going concern issues. The company we have chosen is “Aircruising Australia Limited”. The company is Australian owned, based in Sydney and was established in 1983. The company operates under “Bill Peach Journeys”. The company provides a service to its customers. They aim to give people the opportunity to have air cruise experiences in Australia and worldwide...

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Mcdonalds Annual Report

Annual Report Project 1. a) The letter to the shareholders emphasizes the growth of McDonald’s Corporation and their deepening connection with customers on a global scale. In the letter it is stated that Europe now generates about 40% of overall revenue, and that Asia/Pacific, Middle East, and Africa have doubled their income contribution in the past six years. The letter also states that the core drivers of McDonald’s Corporation’s business are “People, Products, Place, Price, and Promotion...

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Digby Annual Report

[pic] C55847 – Digby Annual Report By Yan Lang, Ching-Hsiang Lin, Shu Ou-Yang, Nuo Xu Shareholder Letter To Our Shareholder, Customers, and Employees: The past eight years have marked an extraordinary level of progress for Digby Electric Sensors and its shareholders. In the past eight years, the company was able to turn its stocks from $34.25 per share into $45.77, plus issuing a total...

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Michigan’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Michigan’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Governments and not-for–profit organizations prepare financial statement just as businesses making a profit. The financial reports governments and nonprofit organizations use is a comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). Both annual reports contain similar information such as management’s discussion and analysis and financial statements. The CAFR includes varies other information concerning the governmental structure, budget, population, and...

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Nike Annual Report

quality and features that no other company can match up to. The companies are the best in their respective fields, have nearly taken over every electronics technique, and put themselves forward by giving their own touch to it. Sony or Sony Corporation is a multinational corporation based in Japan. Its headquarters are located in Tokyo, and it is currently the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world with revenues estimated at over $77.20 billion. The company is primarily involved in the production...

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Statutory Disclosure Analysis of Annual Report

Analysis - Statutory Requirements. Company Act 1965 has outlined the minimum disclosure requirements in the Ninth Schedule which both companies have complied with in providing the users the basic information of the companies’ performance in terms of financial position. Since the minimum disclosure requirements is insufficient to provide the users adequate information in predicting the future performance, Financial Reporting Act has been establish to enforce the requirements stated under financial...

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Graphical Information in Annual Reports: a Literature Review

Graphical Information in Annual Reports: A Literature Review Abstract The use of graphs in disclosing financial information in corporate annual reports represents a significant dimension of management’s disclosure strategy. This paper reviews previous research into financial graphs since the 1970s. The most commonly graphed financial variables are sales, profit, EPS and shareholders’ fund. Research evidence shows that graph use is contingent upon favourable performance. Prior studies also...

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David Jones Annual Profit Report 2011

David Jones Annual Profit Report 2011 Executive Summary: After a profit announcement was made by David Jones Ltd, it is the objective of this report to note whether there was an impact of such information on investor behaviour via the share prices of this company. To ensure that the information found was accurate, the effect of the All Ordinaries was taken into consideration and comparisons were made between David Jones and its two main competitors. After analysing the closing share prices before...

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Reviewing the Annual Report of Hutchison Whampoa Limited

Introduction A Conceptual framework is important to financial reporting. Financial reports provide information that is useful for present and potential equity investors, lenders and other creditors in making decisions in their capacity as capital providers. Hutchison-Whampoa Limited (HWL) is a global business company with long history. It is important for HWL to prepare the annual report as a basis of linking the conceptual framework in order to provide most useful information to satisfy the users...

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Finishline Annual Report Analysis

significant impact. Section 4: Cash Flows - Morgan The analysis of the statement of cash flows is important when understanding the difference between earnings and cash. A company’s liquidity is just as important as a company’s profitability. Companies go bankrupt from not being able to pay their bills, which can happen even if they are profitable. The statement of cash flows is comprised of three main sections: cash flows from operating activities, investing activities and financing activities...

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Critical Assessment of Jjb Sports Plc Annual Reports and Accounts

Critical Assessment of JJB Sports plc Annual Reports and Accounts Table of Contents Introduction 3 Overview 3 Business Review 4 Governance 5 Reliance on Annual Reports 6 References 8 Appendices 9 Introduction An annual report is a ‘portrait’ of the business. It embeds a sense of achievement, as well as, future prospects into the minds of the company, as well as, its readers (Sanders, 1949). JJB Sports plc is one of the foremost vendors of sports goods in UK. They have been...

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Kotak Mahindra Annual Report Analysis

Annual report analysis of Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited Financial statements provide an overview of a business' financial condition in both short and long term. They help in understanding the past performance of the company and making future predictions about the company. It thus helps us to look beyond the profit figures. There are 3 basic financial statements. They are:- Income Statement Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement Purpose of financial statements "The objective of financial...

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Critical assessment of annual report of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

assessment of annual report of Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc Word count: 1711 words Table of Contents Introduction 3 1.0 Overview of the Annual Report of Morrisons 4 2.0 Performance and Strategy Review 4 3.0 Governance 7 4.0 Reliability of the Annual Report of Morrison 8 5.0 Conclusion 8 References: 9 Introduction An annual report is a portrait of the business of a firm. In fact, it is the most important way for a company to disclose information...

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing Not- For- Profit &Government Accounting Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Briefing The Village of Tinley Park, is located in Cook County, Illinois, was entered in 1892 under the provisions of the constitution and general statutes of Illinois. The Village operates under government of the trustee-village and provides many services including planning, public safety, zoning, roads, and general administrative services (Tinley Park, 2009)...

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Dell Company Feasibility Report

Conclusion Dell became the first company in the information technology industry to establish a product-recycling goal (in 2004) and completed the implementation of its global consumer recycling-program in 2006. On February 6, 2007, the National Recycling Coalition awarded Dell its "Recycling Works" award for efforts to promote producer responsibility. On July 19, 2007, Dell announced that it had exceeded targets in working to achieve a multi-year goal of recovering 275 million pounds of computer...

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Review of the Stainability Report of Woodside Company

sustainability of Woodside Company Dear Sir, Woodside is an Australian publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production company, it operates Australia’s largest resources project. The goal of the company is to be a global leader in Liquefied Natural Gas production. In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to pay attention to its sustainability. Sustainable development policy and Woodside management system are two key points of sustainability disclosure of the company. This report will disclose...

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Annual Report Nike

Annual Report #1 Nike Inc; One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, Oregon 97005-6453; 2012; NKE; NYSE; PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP PART I ITEM 1-Business. General-Nike’s corporate website is www.nikeinc.com. On the website you can find all of the current reports from Nike Inc. The principal business activity is the design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of high quality footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Nike is the largest seller of athletic apparel and footwear...

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LAKME INDIA LIMITED [pic] A COMPARATIVE STUDY CONTENTS 1. Acknowledgement. 2. Management problem. 3. Objectives of the research. 4. Executive Summary. 5. Limitations. 6. Main Chapters a. Introduction of the Companies. b. Data sources. c. Findings and Analysis of the research. d. Conclusion. e. Recommendations. 8. Appendix ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. SANJAY JAIN for...

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