• Annotated Bibliography
    Annotated Bibliography Barbieri, Richard. "American Lives." Independent School 62 (2002): 97-99. The article, "American Lives," presents well-known books related to education in the United States. One of these books is, My Wars Are Laid Away in Books: The Life of Emily Dickinson. This novel
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  • Annotated Bibliography
    Annotated Bibliography 2 Medical Office Management Current Issues Hetico, Hope R. Marcinko, David E. Medical Office Management focuses on business factors that affects a medical office. How it affects the objectives and how...
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  • Annotated Bibliography
     18 September 2013 Waterfowl Hunting and Conservation: Annotated Bibliography Claflin, Bert. American waterfowl: hunting ducks and geese.. 1st ed. New York: Knopf, 1952. Print. This book was a good resource for learning information about duck and geese hunting. It provided me with...
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  • American Decline Annotated Bibliography
    Emmanuel Nempishakha Ms. Bagchi AP Language and Composition 21 August 2012 America’s Decline Introduction: Today America doesn’t hold a superpower title as it did in the 1900’s. Across the globe countries are transforming into booming economic and financial districts. Many historians
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  • Generation X Annotated Bibliography
    Generation X Annotated Bibliography Generation X is getting older and with age comes market share. With Generation X moving into higher paying jobs and with little marketing directed towards them, there is little brand loyalty. Marketers should be aware of this new generation and how they feel
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  • James Joyce Annotated Bibliography
    Joyce's modernistic view of Dublin society permeates all of his writings. The Irish experiences account for a large portion of Joyce's writings. Stephen Dedalus is sometimes Joyce's pseudonym and represents Joyce and his life in Joyce's works. Joyce plays a crucial role in the modernist movement in
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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Muscular Atrophy: an Annotated Bibliography
    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - Muscular Atrophy: An Annotated Bibliography Abramovitz, Melissa. "Lou Gehrig's Disease" p17-61. Treatment for ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease has found that Vitamin E and the drug known as Riluzole can help the progression of the disease. When taking the medication Ri
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  • Annotated Bibliography
    Annotated Bibliography Hurwitt, Robert. “Present at the Birth: A Free Speech Movement Journal”. East Bay Express, Vol. 6, no. 50, Sept.28, 1984. November 25, 2007. http://www.fsm-a.org/pres_birth.html Robert Hurwitt was a student in pursuit of a master’s degree in English at UC
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  • Annotated Bibliography
    Annotated Bibliography Brown & Brown, (Fall 2005). Why at risk is at risk. American School Board Journal 37-39, Volume 192 The article provides insight on how through resilience, students can succeed better than an “at-risk” approach. While providing students with acknowledgemen
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  • A Broken Law: an Annotated Bibliography
    A Broken Law: An Annotated Bibliography Berger, Kathleen Stassen and Ross A. Thompson. The Developing Person Through Childhood and Adolescence. 4th ed. New York: Worth, 1995. 456-468, 557-564. Print. This Psychology textbook, written by Kathleen S. Berger is a twenty-five year faculty member o
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  • Patient Abandonment: an Annotated Bibliography
    Patient Abandonment: An Annotated Bibliography A changing practice that should be examined by all new nurses is the abandonment of a patient. Many nurses do not see clocking out at the end of their shift without giving report to the oncoming nurse as abandonment. These nurses believe that
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  • Annotated Bibliography " Sudhir Venkatesh"
    English 102 March 23, 2010 Annotated Bibliography Introduction: In Gang Leader for a Day, the author Sudhir Venkatesh has introduced himself to the culture of the Robert Taylor Homes of Chicago. In this experience Venkatesh meets his primary informant J.T. who shows Sudhir how the community
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  • Annotated Bibliography
    ESC 130 Short Research Project Assignment: Parts II and III of Exploration Activity 1-1 page 11 of your textbook Page 11 is a detailed description of how to do a short research project. We will break it down and modify it into the following steps: A. Follow the guidelines for gett
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  • Anorexia Nervosa: an Annotated Bibliography
    Anorexia Nervosa: An Annotated Bibliography Holly Brubach “Starved to Perfection” New York Times; April 17, 2007 This article describes how anorexia is starting to become as another occupational hazard. Models need to be stick figures to be able to walk down the runway, as to football and b
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  • Annotated Bibliography: Domestic Violence and Its Effects on Children
    Annotated Bibliography: Domestic Violence and its effects on Children Groves, B.M. (1999). Mental Health Services for Children Who Witness Domestic Violence. The Future of Children, 9(3), 122-132. This article provides a good introduction for practitioners working with children who witness fami
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  • Annotated Bibliography 20
    Annotated Bibliography The main issue that my paper will discuss is how the number of abused men in America has grown, but the attention and support has not kept up with the increase. Studies have shown that there are a large number of battered men in today’s society, but these men are not being
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  • Annotated Bibliography Lipietz
    Annotated bibliography Lipietz, Alain. (1987). Mirages and miracles. London: Verso, (Chapter 2): 29-46. During the postwar era, one of the dominant strains of thought to emerge supporting the capitalist ideology was that of ‘Fordism,’ named after the founder of the Ford Motor company, Hen
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  • Immigration Struggles: an Annotated Bibliography
    Immigration Struggles: An Annotated Bibliography Abrego, Leisy. "Legitimacy, Social Identity, and the Mobilization of Law: The Effects of Assembly Bill 540 on Undocumented Students in California." Law & Social Inquiry 33.3 (2008): 709-734. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 3 Apr. 2010.
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  • Annotated Bibliography: Election of 1800
    Presidential Election of 1800: Impact of the election of 1800 in creating serious change in American government: An Annotated Bibliography. McNamara, Robert. "Election of 1800 - Thomas Jefferson Defeated John Adams and Aaron Burr in Controversial Election of 1800." 19th Century History. Web. 07 J
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  • Annotated Bibliography 19
    Annotated Bibliography Albanese, J. S. (2001). Professional ethics in criminal justice:Being ethical when no one is looking (2nd Ed). Virginia Commonwealth University: Prentince Hall. Dr. Jay Albanese received a PHD from Rugers School of Criminal Justice. He has written several books on the c
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