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  • dave

    life like his?’ Anil is a boy who ‘believed in the magical wonders of life’. His ‘dreams were bigger than he was’ but he could never imagine...

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  • Notes on Anil

    Anil by Ridjal Noor Themes Dreams of the future Relationships/ Family – the role of each member of the family...

    766 Words | 3 Pages

  • Write About How the Opening of Anil Prepares the Reader for the Rest of the Story.

    The short story Anil was written by Ridjal Noor and the story is set in a small village is Malaysia....

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  • AnilRIDJAL NOOROn a hot sweltering night

    Anil RIDJAL NOOR On a hot, sweltering night in the middle of March when the mosquitoes were in their reign of...

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