• Project Soul Dance Corporate Outfit
    Report on “Consumer’s attitude towards the launching of the new clothing line up of Soul Dance” Table of Contents 1) Executive summary 2) Objective of the report 3) Company profile 4) Company outfit and its importance 5) Acknowledgement 6) Methodolog
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  • Summary on Father Damien of Molokai¡¦S Life
    Summary on Father Damien of Molokai¡¦s Life Who was Father Damien? „« Father Damien was formally known as Joseph de Veuster „« He was born on January 3rd 1840 „« Damien was born to a farming couple on Tremeloo Belgium. „« He attended college at Brine-le-Comte. „« He entered th
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  • Summary of Heart of Darkness
    Part I Beginning through Marlow's being hired as a steamboat captain. Summary At sundown, a pleasure ship called the Nellie lies anchored at the mouth of the Thames, waiting for the tide to go out. Five men relax on the deck of the ship: the Director of Companies, who is also the captain and host
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  • The Notebook Summary
    The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Noah Calhoun The narrator of the book and the main character, Noah is a good and kind man who fell in love with Allie fourteen years before the novel opens. He has never forgotten her and is overwhelmed with how much he still loves her when she returns to tell him
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  • My Antonia Summary
    Summary: Introduction The novel opens with an unnamed narrator recounting a train trip through Iowa the previous summer with an old friend named Jim Burden, with whom the narrator grew up in a small Nebraska town. The narrator recalls talking with Jim about childhood on the prairie, and then notes
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  • Secret to the Soul
    "This is the book to read if you want to learn about - and experience - OBEs." - WHITLEY STREIBER, author of Communion and The Coming Global Superstorm In this remarkable book, William Buhlman, author of the bestselling Adventures Beyond the Body, offers the reader a comprehensive guidebook to un
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  • Discovering the Soul of Services
    Project Synopsis VERSION 1.0 Discovering the Soul of Services The purpose of this document is to reconcile the synopsis of ‘Discovering the Soul of Services’ with the project requirements. By the end of the document, the reader sh
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  • A Long Way Gone Summary
    A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah - MonkeyNotes by PinkMonkey.com For the complete study guide: http://monkeynote.stores.yahoo.net/ PinkMonkey Literature Notes on . . . http://monkeynote.stores.yahoo.net/ Sample MonkeyNotes Note: this sample contains only excerpts and does not represent the
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  • Summary
    AENEID by VIRGIL. Virgil's seminal epic, the Aeneid, tells the story of Aeneas's journey in search of the land where he is destined to build the city that will one day become the great Roman Empire. Largely influenced by Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, the Aeneid begins halfway through Aeneas's journey,
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  • In the Time of the Butterflies Chapters 5-8 Summary and Analysis
    In the time of the butterflies summary chapters 5-8 Chapter 5 Back in the present (1994), Dede considers how Fela, their longtime servant, thinks that she is possessed by the spirits of the dead Mirabal sisters. She had accidentally come across Fela's shrine to the girls one Friday in the shed
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  • Evolution of Dance
    Evolution of dance Purpose: To inform the audience on the evolution of dance. Thesis: Dance has unquestionably came a long way and it is important that we know what the initial purpose of dance was when it was first introduced, the many benefits that dance offers and how dance is used today in
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  • Pride and Prijudes Summary
    Pride and Prejudice Summary How It All Goes Down In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen tackles a common reality in England in the early 19th century – women who lack a fortune need to marry well. By "well," we mean wealthy. So, any guy from a good family with large, steady income is fair game on t
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  • Black No More Summary
    Max Disher: a tall, young, dapper black man who believes the things needed for a black man to be happy are "yellow money, yellow women, and yellow taxis". Has a slightly "satanic cast." Tried to ask for a dance with Helen Givens but was rejected. Matthew Fisher: a reborn, whitened Max Disher afte
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  • Summary of Casuarina Tree
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  • Romeo and Juliet Summary
    ary------------------------------------------------- Romeo and Juliet characters Montagues * Romeo — sole heir to the Montague fortune * Lord Montague — Romeo’s father * Lady Montague — Romeo’s mother * Benvolio — Romeo’s cousin * Balthasar — Romeo’s fait
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  • Press Information bureau Summary
    President will witness a dance performance by differently abled children tomorrow  A dance performance by 14 differently abled children will be staged for the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee tomorrow (September 21, 2013) at Rashtrapati Bhavan Auditorium.  The group...
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  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Summary
    Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 1 SummaryMr. Shelby, a slaveholder, and Mr. Haley, a slave trader, barter over the terms of their trade. Mr. Shelby, who owes Mr. Haley money, thinks that his trusty slave Tom should cover his debt. Mr. Haley believes there is no such thing as an honest black man....
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  • Dracula Summary notes
    IS THERE A LINK BETWEEN RENFIELDS ACTIONS AND WHAT IS OCCURING AT THAT STAGE IN THE PLAY? Summary of Dracula book Chapter 1 Dracula begins with a diary kept by Jonathon harker- an English solicitor who travels from England to Eastern Europe on an assignment travelling to the caste of...
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  • inferno/ paradiso (summary) Dante
     Inferno; the Summary The Inferno starts on the evening of Good Friday in the year 1300. Traveling through dark woods, Dante Alighieri has lost his path and now wanders fearfully through the forest. Here he encounters the ghost of Virgil, the great Roman poet, who has come to guide Dante...
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  • teaching profession book summary
    TEACHING PROFESSION CHAPTER SUMMARY CHAPTER 1: You, the Teacher as a Person in Society – Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph.D. “Teachers… are the most responsible and important member of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.” – Helen Caldicott Our...
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