• Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut Theory
    Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut Theory Mark P. Robertson Educational Planning Course “Critical Issue Project” Empire State College Mary Ellen Shaughnessy June 17, 2011 There has been a lot of commotion lately between both t
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  • Ancient Aliens Visiting Earth
    Where do we come from? Where do we come from and why are we here? Questions which have divided our human ideology for centuries. Man seems to have an instinctive belief in the existence of a God, and this is demonstrated by the multitude of world religions. Each religion sets forth various teac
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  • Ancient Aliens - 1
    Ancient Astronauts Our topic concerns the theory that extraterrestrials, ancient astronauts that had visited the Earth in the times of the earliest civilizations. This theory offers a new view on the origin of life. While we know how life had evolved over time, no one really knows how it got sta
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  • Ancient Aliens
    Getting a Little Help from Ancient Astronauts The first thing that comes to mind when the word “UFO” is mentioned is more than likely “hoax.” Philip J. Klass, a noted UFO investigator and skeptic would agree. Klass passed away in 2005, but he lived in a time where UFO sightings were
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  • Aliens - the Solar System
    The solar system had nine planets until another planet was discovered in the outskirts circling around the sun. For the first time in eighty seven years, researchers have discovered that there are thirty one orders of insects instead of thirty. The first mammals were said to have evolved about 155 m
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  • Aliens 10
    The History channel always comes out with elaborate series about our history. One in particular called “Ancient Aliens” goes on to state that alien visitors helped humans shape our past. There are many theories about how Stone Hedge, the Great Pyramids, and other large stoned structures where bu
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  • Ancient Astronaut Theory
    Ancient Astronaut Theory Language and Communication: Research LAT1 February 07, 2012 Ancient Astronaut Theory Research suggests that in ancient human history, extraterrestrials came to Earth, where they were hailed as deities and helped form human civiliz
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  • The Ancient Astronauts
    The term ancient astronauts refers to the speculative belief that aliens visited ancient cultures here on earth, and showed or taught them things such as art and science. “The most notorious proponent of this idea is Erich von Däniken, author of several popular books on the subject.” (The Skept
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  • Early Aliens
    Katherine Tran English 3200 Daniel May 21 February 2013 Early Aliens There have been countless times where unanswered events and objects are thought to be the products of extraterrestrials, but what solid proof is there? For many years, people often fascinate themselves with the idea of there
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  • Ancient Nuclear Weapons (Indus Valley)
    A ncient A tom Bombs Ancient Atom Bombs Fact, Fraud, and the Myth of Prehistoric Nuclear Warfare Contents I. The Myth of Ancient Atomic Warfare 1 II. The First Ancient Atomic Bomb Theories 4 III. The Tesla Death Ray 13 IV. Big Theories, No Evidence 16 V.
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  • Aliens 9
    For over a thousand years people have reported seeing strange objects flying in the sky. Today the unknown flying objects -UFOs continue to visit us, on a regular basis. A large amount of recorded historical events of this issue have taken place to give the subject of UFOs recognition. Recently, m
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  • Aliens Built the Pyramids
    Aliens built the Egyptian pyramids. Recent research supports the theory that the Pyramids were built long before humans inhabited the area now known as Egypt. It is also nearly impossible for the Egyptians to have lifted and moved the limestone brick used to build these massive structures. Only a
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  • Aliens Speech
    INTRO Since the times when the earth was believed to be a flat object, man has had a lust and curiosity about space and the bodies that exist in it. Early astronomers trying to grasp the incomprehensible mysteries of the universe would study the patterns of the stars and planets to try to put
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  • Why Aliens Exist
    Why Aliens Exist University of Phoenix Erick F. Martinez SOC/ 315 Timothy Emerick, Ph.D. April 12th, 2006 Aliens: ET's in Our Past? In this report, our group will try to explain the possibility of why aliens exist. Many of the world's cultures and civilizations have had stories about fan
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  • Ancient Astronauts
    Ancient Astronauts The basic story/argument being presented is the notion that aliens are responsible for the most ancient civilizations on earth. Erich von Daniken claims that the myths, arts, social organizations of ancient cultures were introduced by astronauts from another world. He questions
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  • Aliens 3
    We are not all that gullible to keep accepting all these foolish arguments for all these obvious alien things we see around the world. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Easter Island, we have been fed a bunch of baloney about the origins of all these incredible works and their builders. We are told in schools th
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  • What Was Wrong with the Ancient Athenian Democracy?
    What was wrong with the ancient Athenian democracy? One of the most remarkable elements of the modern world of politics is the surprising popularity of democracy. The word and the concept of democracy, which nowadays is mostly seen as a necessary form of government for the 21st century, 26/01/20
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  • Aliens 1
    i belive in aliens You have probably asked yourself a question like this at least once in your life. Perhaps we will never really know because of the lack of solid evidence. The only evidence there is the testimony of others who have supposedly seen something out of the ordinary. There have
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  • Ancient Mediterranean Religion
    ancient religions Editorial Board tzvi abusch Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Brandeis University jan assmann Egyptology Institute University of Heidelberg harold w. attridge Divinity School Yale University mary beard Faculty of Classics and Newnham College Universit
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  • 2012 Predictions About Aliens from Outer Space
    2012 end of the world There are a number of December 21 2012 predictions about the end of the world, earth as we know it. Some 2012 end of the world predictions are connected to each other, some are not.  It has got to the point where the thought of a 2012 end of the world doomsday is freaking s
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