• The Principle of Beneficence vs Patient Autonomy and Rights
    Special Feature – Medical Ethics Essay Singapore Med J 2002 Vol 43(3) : 148-151 Deconstructing Paternalism – What Serves the Patient Best? N H S S Tan (This Essay won the Singapore Medical Association Ethics Essay Award (Non-medical Undergraduate Category) in 2001.) ABSTRACT On the mot
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  • Indira Gandhi vs. Raj Narain
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  • The Abused vs the Abuser
    The Abused Vs The Abuser: Who Has More Rights? Stephanie Teal SOC120 Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility Instructor: Robert Olson December 12, 2010 Domestic Violence is an issue that not only touches the life of the abused but also touches the life of the family
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  • Indira Gandhi vs Raj Narain
    Main Search Forums Advanced Search Disclaimer Cites 237 docs - [View All] The Constitution Of India 1949 The Representation Of The People Act, 1951. Article 368 in The Constitution Of India 1949 Section 123(7) in The Representation Of The People Act, 1951. Article 329(b) in The Constitution
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  • Beneficence and Fiduciary Relationships
    May 8, 2012 Beneficence in Medical Ethics The principle of beneficence is found in the Hippocratic Oath, which provides that “physicians will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to (their) ability and judgment; and to keep the sick from harm and injustice.” (Jona
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  • American's for Safe Access vs Dea
    Abstract This paper examined The American’s for Safe Access’s petition before a federal court to have the Drug Enforcement Administration reduce its current classification of marijuana as a Schedule I drug. As this case goes before the court, there could be three possible outcomes: a judgment
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  • Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking
    Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking In most Islamic countries, they tend to practice two types of financing in banking industry which are conventional and Islamic banking. The country like in Malaysia has successfully developed an Islamic banking system that operates in parallel with the conve
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