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An Article For Your School Magazine

Introduction The school magazine is no more a new thing to us. Now-a-days many schools have magazines of their own. Formerly, very few schools had such magazines. How the Magazine is conducted A school magazine is conducted by the teachers and the students. In many schools a senior teacher is the editor and a student of the top class is the assistant editor. In many schools, the students are editors, but they are advised in all matters by a senior teacher. The articles for the magazine are written...

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Directed Writing: Format of a School Magazine

Descriptive Essay Argumentative Essay Narrative Essay Summary Writing Letter Writing Account Writing You are here: Home / School Magazine Article / Directed Writing: Format of a School Magazine Article Directed Writing: Format of a School Magazine Article december 6, 2012 by admin leave a comment Format of a School Magazine Article News about school clubs and societies, school trips both at home and abroad, exchange visits with language students, exam results and original contributions written open...

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Editorial for School Magazine

"In the presence of trouble, some buy crutches , others grow wings." You may fall in problems, but these are to test you to do your best. The difficulty is that some of us stop trying in the trying times. We should always face a challenge with " How we can?" and not with "Why we can not?" Patience , will power, determination, courage and confidence are the sterling qualities of the mind which are indispensable in the struggle of life. Lives of great people are nothing but success stories , where...

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Affects of Magazine Articles

Essay Magazine advertisement sends unhealthy signals In todays society the media implicates the basic idea of the perfect woman to be skinny and beautiful. But what is beautiful? Magazines everywhere promote the latest style and the way you should look to be what is considered “normal” or acceptable. Young girls should not have to worry about the clothes they wear and if it’s the next best thing just because the model on the cover said so. If you look on any clothing magazine what do you...

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The History Boys-Newspaper Article- Written by Scripps for the School Magazine.

Newspaper Article- Written by Scripps for the school magazine. Outstanding! Our Oxbridge Boys Elevate The School! So how can you do the same? So it’s final! Congratulations! The boys of Cutlers’ Grammar school have finally made their headmaster the happiest man in Sheffield after eight of Cutlers’ most influential students make the grade and earn themselves a place at Oxbridge. They are the first of their kind in the history of the school and are they proud? The answer lies firmly with the...

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Teen Magazines

Teens and Their Magazines There is not a day that goes by where I don’t witness a teenage girl in the mall dressed very provocatively, wearing short skirts, tight shirts, and covered in make-up. The group of girls she associates herself with is also dressed very sexy and in my opinion inappropriate for their age. As they walk they giggle and hold conversations about fashion and what they did with their boyfriends last night. Checking out stores for the latest trends, they also take a look at...

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Magazine Analysis

Maclean’s is a Canadian news magazine established in 1905 by John Bayne Maclean. Distributed weekly, it is Canada’s only national current affairs magazine; it covers such matters as politics, international affairs, social issues, business and culture. On average, the magazine circulates 366,394 issues per week and has a readership of 2,753,000. 51% of readers are men and 49% are women, with an average age of 45 years old. On October 11th, 2007, Volume 120 Number 41, October 22nd, 2007 issue...

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Jackie Magazine

McRobbie’s analysis of Jackie and why the magazine has seen a new found popularity in recent years. Jackie was a popular British weekly teenage girls’ magazine published by Scottish company D.C. Thomson which was published from 1964 up until 1993. It was named after the children’s author Jacqueline Wilson who worked for D.C. Thomson at the time. The magazine was most popular with girls in the age range of 10 to 14. Before Jackie made its debut, magazines aimed at teenaged girls were normally romance...

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Tips on How to Improve Your School

How to Improve Your School Did you ever feel that your school is not the best it could be? Do you want to do something about it? Grab some friends and let's get going! Ad Steps 1. 1 Talk to someone. Talk to your school administrators, the PTA or PTO that represents your school, civic organisations, and other groups that have to give you permission, or groups that can offer resources for your efforts. Ad 2. 2 Add a garden. A garden is a great way to get some plants to serve at lunch or give to...

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Nba Magazine Article

the players themselves into categories of many different skill sets. These stats came only from the regular season because preseason and postseason records are not included in this edition. The three basic categories that will be observed in this article are best overall record, best offensive skill sets, and best defensive abilities. In depth coverage of the most talented in each of these divisions follow. First of all, the fairest way to determine the most successful teams this year is by looking...

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Swimming Pool and Article

Ms. McCoy Science Current Events Homework Writing Assignment Keep in your folder – one due per month by the 15th NOTE: If you do not have a printer, handwrite your summary, fill out overview paper, and find a current article in the newspaper or a science magazine. Many teachers get newspapers delivered to their class. Cut out a science related article. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to connect what we are learning about in science class to the bigger picture...

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Magazines surviving the technology era Almost all of us can say that we have read or skimmed through at least five magazines in our lifetime, if not hundreds or thousands of magazines. With an unimaginable variety how could one not? Magazines started its wild journey in 1741 with Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Bradford publishing “General Magazine” and “American Magazine” both of which were America’s first magazines. Both of these magazines were very general magazines but soon led to...

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Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan magazine plays an important role in American Pop culture influencing women all across the United States. With catchy headlines on the covers of their magazines such as “UNTAMED VA-JAY-JAYS” and “What Men Find HOT” Cosmopolitan magazine focuses on the idea of American beauty and women’s sexuality. Because Cosmopolitan magazine displays provocative images of American Beauty while promoting sexual promiscuity allows the magazine to remain popular in American Culture today which is resulting...

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Magazine Article: Romeo and Juliet

expected in June 2013, a bit too much waiting for us but you know what they say: haste makes waste, so we have to hold our horses (even though we can't). Readers, pick up your ears (or may I say eyes?) because we have a very exclusive interview with the one and only: Aya Temimi ! Hello love, we've heard everything about your new movie coming out and we, seriously, can't wait ! So, would you like to tell us who's lucky enough to cast the roll of Romeo and why you chose him? Good morning darling...

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Representations Of Women In Print Magazines

Canty Costanza Prandoni Literature Review:         The phenomenon we are addressing in our humanistic paper proposal is representations of sexuality in media, specifically representations of women in print magazines. There is a great deal of previous research in this area because women’s magazines have been “crafting images of women that transformed American culture” for almost 200 years (Endres 434). In The Journal of Advertising, Steven M. Kates discusses why the way women are represented in print...

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Creating Your School Regulations

obligation, parents are expecting it constantly, and lastly its overwhelming to the students. The issue mostly affects students who are falling behind, students that work, and lastly students who have family responsibilities .These actions usually occur in school, home, and it’s definitely Nationwide .When fellow educators tend to say that homework gets stressful , interferes when they have side projects in different classes, in the weekend because that’s when they have time to plan an event with their...

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Magazines Give Off Negative Body Image

coffee tables and in our mailboxes. Magazines will always be around and will always convey the same messages. “Get pretty now”, “How I got thin”, “and 25 new diet secrets”. Are you trying to tell us were ugly and fat? Big shot magazines may not be trying to tell us that but it is the idea the young teenage girls have in their heads. There are so many major women’s magazines out today; all of them have been sporting the same messages for years. In 1984 Glamour magazine put a survey out to women asking...

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How safe is your school?

Can schools really be 100% safe for students? I have heard a lot about violent activities that have been happening in schools not only colleges, but elementary schools as well. People are shooting and killing innocent people. “The National Safety Center believes that schools have the choice to create and maintain safe schools or return to their institutions to safe, secure and effective places of learning”. So, why are we letting this happen? We need to make some changes to make our schools a safer...

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Influence of Magazines on Indian Women

of lifestyle magazines on Indian women. Introduction. Most women today live in fashion. There is that natural desire in every woman to look good, feel good and live well. Popular fashion magazines are the ultimate source of the most modern fashion trends. They are a woman's best friend in terms of looking hip, stylish and trendy. If women would like to know the latest in fashion and trends that will make them feel best about themselves, they get themselves lifestyle magazines. Lifestyle ...

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Macbeth Newspaper Article Project

NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: DUNCAN’S MURDER Individually, you will be writing a newspaper article about the murder of King Duncan. 1. Using your Map of Scotland, pick a city and create a name for your newspaper. For example, The Dunsinane Daily Journal (you are NOT allowed to use this example) 2. You must have a headline that includes a “hook” (something that grabs the reader’s attention and practically insists that he or she read the whole story). “King Duncan’s Dead!” is NOT an effective headline....

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Magazine Evaluation

Magazine Evaluation I was asked to design and make a magazine, which includes the following: ✓ Front cover ✓ Contents page ✓ Editor’s letter ✓ Double page spread article First I had to do some research which mostly I done by looking at magazines such as ‘HELLO’ ‘OK’ ‘TOP GEAR’ as I was looking through the magazines I was comparing the layouts of the magazines. I also did some internet research looking at what type of articles which would go in a magazine and also...

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Women's Magazines

Women's Magazines The book Women's Magazines 1940-1960 gives us a good image into what the daily life of women in these era's was like. Their were hero's like Rosie the Riveter, that told you to be pretty, but strong. Then there was the ideal women who was a perfect entertainer and always dressed accordingly. The magazines were also littered with what would today be considered offensive advertisements for items like vacuums and panty hose. The magazines primarily advertised domestic goods and were...

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Instyle Magazine

Fact Finding – Instyle magazine Instyle is a women’s fashion magazine originally launched in the United State by Time Warner Inc. The magazine issues monthly, providing photographs and articles about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity styles to readers. (http://www.instylemag.com.au/about.asp) After 18 years development, Instyle becomes an international brand that has editions in seventeen countries. The brand has five extensions – the InStyle website, InStyle Weddings, InStyle Hair, InStyle Makeovers...

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Audience and High School Sophomores

Type your answers to the following questions directly onto this document. Save it to your hard drive. Resubmit it to blackboard. Question #1 How might the following situations affect a speech? What would you do to adjust? A You are the last speaker before Thanksgiving break. B Somebody walks in during your speech, looks around, and leaves. C The speaker before your gave a great speech. As you get up people are still laughing. D The speaker before you gives a rotten speech and has to...

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TIME Magazine Analysis Essay

2015 Time magazine has the world’s largest circulation for a weekly news magazine, and has an audience of 20 million in the U.S. In the February 2015 issue of Time, it highlights “What Starbucks Knows About America, The Fight Against The Measles, and the upcoming blockbuster; 50 Shades of Grey”. Using eclectic educational articles and infographics, Time magazine informs its readers about current issues/events that address interests and concerns. Although a huge selection of magazines today, are...

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Time Magazine

journalists decided to contribute a twist. Their impartial views on the latest reports allured those hungry knowledge, and satisfied the literate audience. TIME magazine was founded by Mr. Britton Hadden and Mr. Henry Luce in the 1920’s. Both founders first became close companions by writing and editing the school paper at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. The two eventually enrolled into Yale University, enlisted in the Reserve Officer Training Corps, and became, “[…] reporters for The...

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Analysis of Natural Health Magazine

2014 An Analysis of Natural Health Magazine Natural Health magazine serves as a practical guide to good health and well-being. Each issue includes information on naturally-oriented food and nutrition, alternative health practices, exercise and self-care. The print focuses on the mind/body connection, illustrated exercise, preventative medicine, creating a healthy lifestyle in the home and office, healthy cuisines, and consumer guides to natural products. This magazine is written for individuals who...

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Obesity in Schools

Tim Shackleton Professor Murphy English 102 Composition 18 March 2013 Obesity Caused By School Lunch Servings Should Be At Fault Over the past decade in the United States the rate of child obesity has been consistently increasing. A major cause to this increase in obesity is mainly caused by school children’s health over the recent years in relation to what they are eating has raised concerns of different parties when dealing with the situation. The problem that causes debate for this issue...

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Current Elementary School Issues Article

edu/ojs/index.php/cieatasu/article/view/1056/421 The article I chose to read addressed the lack of equity pedagogy in the elementary mathematics setting. Specifically, Christa Jackson, the author of this article, speaks about the idea that African American students in elementary school settings are not treated fairly and included as they should be. Their cultural values and norms are not considered and it is unfair to those students that are African American. This article specifically states themes...

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Bullying in Schools

Bullying in Schools: Every second and minute of the day a kid is bullied. Bullying is something that is not only happening here in the U.S. but all over the world. We need to put a stop to! As parents, school educators, and a community we need to stand up to bullies and give kids who are being bullied an outlet to reach out for help. According to No Bully.com bullying is defined as a form of repeated aggression that is directed by one or more people towards another person. One of the biggest...

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Improve Your Mindset in Article Writing

7 Tips to Improve Your Mindset in Article Writing Doesn't it Feel Like We're perpetually in Crunch Mode? The point when tomorrow's undertakings ought to have been carried out yesterday, we start to feel a staggering time crunch. For the sake of Efficiency and Speed, we may end up transforming into machines and may even do things we ordinarily would never do. Abstain from losing concentrate on your necessities. Assuming that you end up squinting at your qualities upcoming, you have a decision...

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Create Your Own School

A public schools’ job is to create a standardized environment for students of the general population; however, public schools don’t always meet the needs of the students. Charter schools exist to meet the needs of the students and are more open to parental involvement and local control over state and bureaucracies’ control. However, “charter schools may deter some minority, poor, and working families from seeking enrollment by requiring them to complete volunteer hours and failing to provide transportation...

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Men's Journal Magazine Analysis

710,000 copies distributed per issue. There is a variety of topics in Men’s Journal and the magazine is not focused on just a few matters or subjects. The vast majority of the focus in Men’s Journal contains articles that are centered on adventure, travel, style, health, fitness, current events, politics, and sports. There is a reason behind having such a variety of focus and that is because the magazine claims that it has everything that a modern man should know. With having to know everything an...

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Tabloid Magazine Comparison

Tabloid Magazine Comparison Magazines are produced everyday and every night. It is bought all around the US in almost any convenient store. There are your sports magazines, gossip magazines, celebrity, the average person, breaking stories, comedy magazines, and mainly anything that has to do with people. It basically grabs your attention for the most part. Anything “juicy” or “shocking” that can be a hit article. The stories they have in magazines have to be exciting and it has to grab attention...

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School Stuff

2nd Quarter Research/Persuasive Essay report Your second quarter project is to choose a topic to write a persuasive essay. It’s important to write persuasive essays because in high school and college, you will be required to write on different topics to show professors your ability to persuade their thinking or opinion on a particular subject. These align with the new NC Common Core requirements below: 1. Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence. a. Introduce...

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The Importance of School, Article

thinks his father may not know how nature works. 23. Who is the persona in the poem? A young child. 24. Explain in your own words, what you understand by the last 2 lines. The child is disappointed that her father does not know how to answer her questions on nature. 25. Which phrase in the extract shows that the persona is inquisitive about nature? ‘I wonder why’. 26. Explain in your own words the phrase ‘the trees to take a rest’ The trees have stopped growing. 27. What is missing according to...

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Parents Magazine: A Review

Reviewing Parents Magazine Casandra Clark Practice Across People and Cultures Donna Gordon Thursday, November 24, 2011 Magazine Analysis: In the 21st Century there are many ways of marketing, promoting an idea, opinion, or product. Commercials, events, workshops, and the internet are ways that information can be obtained by consumers, and it also gives people opportunities to be enlightened or object to other person’s views or ideas. In addition, magazines are a useful tool...

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Home School

regular schooling (classrooms and schools). It is the oldest alternatives to regular schooling and one of the most effective. There are many true stories proving that home schooling is an effective and often successful way to teach you child. But first lets talk about home schooling began in the U.S. Home schooling started in colonial America, (around 1777 to 1783) for most colonial homes, home schooling was the only thing available. According to the Texas home school coalition, our founding fathers...

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Article Review

 Article Critique Instructions: 1. Using this template, complete your article critique and submit this document to Blackboard. 2. Summary must include all five criteria: a. Introduction and rationale for the research b. Major strengths/weaknesses in the article. c. Summary of research outcome. d. Two methods of applying this research to practice. e. Conclusion 3. To begin your summary on the next page of this template insert a page break. 4. Use APA formatting. ...

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High School and Best Friend

2. Why did you choose your major? 3. If you redo college again, what would you major in? 4. What course did you like the most? 5. What course did you like the least? 6. How will your performance in your worst class affect your performance... 7. How would your best friend describe you? 8. How would your professor describe you? 9. How would your mother describe you? 10. Why are you applying for a job that you didn’t major in? 11. During college, how did you spend your summer vacations? 12...

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Cosmopolitan Magazine Analysis

for a magazine geared towards single woman who are looking for advice about sex, fashion, and sophistication. Each month a variety of hegemonic articles are presented to Cosmopolitan’s target audience as a means to satisfy their desires to learn about sex, fashion, and beauty while continuing to subliminally reinforce the contrasting notion that women are flawed individuals and must change themselves to be more readily accepted by men and the rest of society. Cosmopolitan directs all articles and...

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Blacks Not on the Covers of Magazines

Blacks Not On Covers of Magazines! Think about being at the grocery store at the check out line where the magazines are located. How often are African Americans or minority cover models showcased on the cover of magazines? Not often. This issue is what David Carr presents in his essay, gOn Covers of many Magazines a Full Racial Palette Is Still Rare.h Carr feels that blacks and other minorities are not represented enough on magazine covers. Carr supports this dynamic argument through...

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Parabolic Structure of the Magazine.

of the magazine. We start from an important point: Cosmopolitan is a magazine that has to be read and not simply skim. For this reason, its publisher wants the consumers to have the use of the magazine from the first page to the last, and he leads the readers through the lecture step by step. Looking at the magazine, we can observe a continuous alteration between monthly, constant and regular appointments, and other articles, which are directed to impress the reader. These articles, concerning...

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101 Topics to Write About in Your Articles, Newsletters and Blogs

You are here: Home / Blogging / 101 Topics to Write About in Your Articles, Newsletters and Blogs 101 Topics to Write About in Your Articles, Newsletters and Blogs BY SUSAN YOUNG AT 10:34 PM 11 COMMENTS Finding a topic to write about for your e-zine, blog post, or bylined article can cause a lot of people and “non-writers” to stress over topics, ideas and creativity. I thought I’d help by offering you 101 ideas that you can write about. Keep this in mind. These topics are great for video blogs...

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Semiotics of a Magazine

the magazine cover uses. When studying a picture, advertisement or magazine cover you can take almost anything as a sign or symbol, anything can represent anything at the discretion of the writer or editor. It is for us to interpret what each sign or symbol is representing to the best of our knowledge. Semiotics are important in a work as they give us a better insight into the content, the ideology and what to expect within the magazine. After a close analysis of the semiotics of a magazine we can...

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diseases. A hamburger contains 1000 calories , its more than our limit everyday calories. Possibly when you eat a hamburger almost everyone eats it with a complement , mostly coke or fried potatos which have more calories . All this calories go to your abdomen causing an increasing of mass and grease. Nowadays most people have a fat-belly, caused by this . It sounds great , but when it´s in our body it turns horrible. Obesity makes you to complain about yourself , start looking at the mirror...

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Does Extended Time Away from School Affect Students’ Retention of Knowledge from the Previous School Year?

Does Extended Time Away from School Affect Students’ Retention of Knowledge from the Previous School Year? Jennifer Hoversten Angela Stolecki Introduction After considering many topics of interest to both of us and our fields of study, we came to the conclusion of conducting our literature review on the summer learning loss experienced by students during the three-month school hiatus. We find this topic interesting due to the fact that we both spend at least a month, if not more, reviewing...

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Bullying in School

growing up all the school change a lot though the years over time. The school is supposed to be a safe place and secure environment. There is an increase concern about recognizing, interviewing, to preventing bully within the school. What are we suppose to do about Bullying? To recognizing bullying is to identify type of bullying. First improve the lives strategies and intervolves both parties the victim and the bully. There are many challenge for barriers by involves school programs! A small...

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Should Jank Food Be Banned in School?

Should Junk Food Be Banned from Schools? by Jae Curtis Another day, another junk food debate; from boycotting bake sales to banning sodas, many schools have joined the national fight against obesity. An August 2012 study from Pediatrics made a startling discovery after following a group of school-aged children: kids who went to a school without junk food regulations maintained about a 37 percent overweight rate from fifth to eighth grade without budging. However, in schools with junk food regulations...

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5 Article Summaries Uniqua Lyttle MKG 366-02 November 26, 2013 Crossover Dreams: Consumer Responses to Ethnic- Oriented Products In this article the author evaluates an investigation on the understanding of ethnic product crossover. That is when the product has a target market however; another group of individuals purchase the product. For example, 60% of hip-hop and rap traditionally black music is purchased primarily by white youths. This article...

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Single Sex Schools Should Not Be Banned

Single sex schools should not be banned Do you want your children study in single sex schools? Single sex schools are the schools that have all same gender students. There are many very famous single sex schools in America like Wellesley College, Smith College, and Mount Holyoke College, which are recorded in the long history of excellence in the education sector. Many people love single sex schools because they think they can get better education than study in a coeducation environment (Sax,...

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American School Systems

Amy Greene Mr. Russo ENGL 1100 September 11, 2012 The American School Systems All throughout history there has always been a battle between every country – For power, money, technology, natural resources, energy, weapons and now education and knowledge. Desperate times call for desperate measures and every country around the globe struggle, strive, and push to become a thriving wealthy community as a whole. America, claimed to be one of the most prosperous countries in the world lacks...

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Create Your Own School

he teaches classes that further the development of this type of equipment in order to combat damage to the Ozone layer. This professor has a research lab that is active and used by his students so that they can contribute to the research of this school. Motto: “There is an answer for every problem; the solution is there and waiting to be found.” Professor Prendin: This teacher has done extensive research in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the medical field to understand the effects of...

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ARTICLE 1 EXTENDED COURSE FOR POOR TRAINEES. The article is discussing about poor trainees or in the other means, a teacher who does not have skills in teaching students, must take extend courses to improve their teaching skills. Deputy of Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said that if trainees fail to make the grade after four years of training of the institutes or the people who fail to achieve the minimum qualifying standard in teaching of the English language, will have their course...

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at Croftholmen high school. Now I am studying to health services course second year at Skogmo high school. This school year is very important for me because I will choose pharmacy technician course and will become a pharmacy technician after end of the school. After third year of this education, there is also opportunity to take a year more extension if I want to continue studying in college or university. During this school times I experience many new things. Both at school and practice location...

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Why Your School Is Right for You

go back to school to get another degree or their first degree, this is the school for them. No one has scheduled classes. Classes at WGU are based on the student’s schedule. A student will complete their degree at their own pace. If someone is a great self motivator, then WGU is a great school for them because each student completes their degree plan at their own pace. Every student is able to work on their classes whenever they would like to. WGU allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace...

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Joy in School

Article 3 “Joy in School” EDU 211: The Child and His/ Her World Daveen Herley For the past years, teachers all across America have been pressured to teach their students to perform well in test and state exams. With all this pressure put on students and teachers, they have lost the joy in school. In the article, “Joy in School,” by Steven Wolk, points out how joy has been lost and explains techniques teachers can use to bring it back in school. Within my paper I am going to summarize, point...

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Article Review Assignment

things that make a paper a good paper…Today I will be discussing three of the most important… Intro paragraph—Purpose—and Conclusions. The opening paragraph…or intro paragraph in any type of writing…whether it is a novel…an essay…newspaper or magazine article or whatever it may be… it is a major part of any type of writing. The introduction paragraphs job is to leave the reader with a good impression because it will be the first thing that they will read. It has to be able to not only leave a...

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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

a Journal Article in Sociology Introduction to Sociology: SOC 100   Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology In this paper I will be discussing the type of article being explored. What type of research is involved in this article? I will be doing a summary of this article to discover what the main findings are. Explain how this article fits into the field of sociology. Discuss which chapter applies to this article. Explain how a journal article differs for a newspaper article, and what...

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kites and RC planes performing crazy exhibitions. For this year, DOT and the PIHABF management has quite a few surprises for Filipinos and tourists alike. Don't believe us? Here are just some new attractions/exhibtions that would make you run for your money and buy a ticket now for a weekend of fun and excitement where you'll surely go home satisfied and happy, (and perhaps, a slight stiff neck after spending a long time looking up the sky)...

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