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Amor Patrio

Here is a beautiful subject, and because it is beautiful, it is very hackneyed. Learned man, poet, artist, laborer, merchant, or soldier, old or young, king or slave—all have pondered it and devoted to it the most valued fruits of their intelligence, or of their hearts. From the cultured European, free and proud of his glorious history, to the African Negro[,] dragged out of his forests and sold for a paltry sum; from ancient peoples[,] whose shadows still hover over their somber ruins—the tombs...

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Jose Rizal

diplomat engineer) – who built the Suez Canal that was inaugurated on November 17, 1869. Amor Patrio          Amor Patrio (Love of Country) – His first article in Spanish soil.          Basilio Teodoro Moran, the publisher of the first Philippine bilingual newspaper “Diariong Tagalog” – his friend in Manila where his article was sent for publication.          Under his pen-name Laong Laan “Amor Patrio” was published in August 20, 1882.          Other articles of Rizal was the “Los Viajes”(Travels)...

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trip by rail, finally reaching his destination – Barcelona on June 16, 1882. • “Amor Patrio” In progressive Barcelona, Rizal wrote a nationalistic essay entitled “Amor Patrio” (Love of Country), his first article in Spain’ s soil. He sent his article to his friend in Manila, Basilio Teodoro Moran, publisher of Diariong Tagalog, the first Manila bilingual newspaper (Spanish and Tagalog). Rizal’s “Amor Patrio”, under his pen- name Laong Laan, appreared in print in Diariong Tagalog on August...

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Question in Rizal Chapter 5-10

5. The capital of Ceylon. 6. When did Rizal reached the Naples.? 7. The most Famous street in Barcelona. 8. Rizal’s first article written on Spain’s soil and his first article in diariong Tagalog.. 9. Rizal’s pen name in “Amor Patrio” 10. Translator of “Amor Patrio” from Spanish to tagalong. 11. Rizal’s Third article of Rizal for diariong Tagalog. 12. The City Mayor of Manila during the administration of the liberal governor general Carlos Ma. De la Torre(1869-1871). 13. Rizal’s co-worker...

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Young Rizal

cannot use the Tagalog word kaligtasan of course because this means that he was formerly in some prison, slavery, etc. I encountered in the translation of Amor Patrio the noun malayá, kalayahan that Marcelo del Pilar used. In the only Tagalog book I have, Florante [at Laura], I don’t find an equivalent noun.” ‘El Amor Patrio’ “El Amor Patrio” was the first article Rizal wrote on Spanish soil. He wrote it in Barcelona in the summer of 1882 and it was published in Diariong Tagalog in August 1882...

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Under Amor vs Nike

From : Adam, Under Armour Junior Analyst To : Kevin A. Plank, Under Armour Chairman, President, and CEO Date : December 18, 2011 Subject : Under Armour’s Strong Financial Performance from 2008 to 2010 In order to help Under Armour acknowledge its position within the sport apparel and gear industry, I researched and constructed an analysis of the company’s financial performance from 2008 to 2010. Over the last three years, Under Armour posted a strong financial performance. From 2008 to 2010...

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El Consejo De Los Dioses

Madrid) 2. “Los Viajes” (Travels) DIARYONG TAGALOG-1st Manila bilingual newspaper  written in two text: 1. Spanish-Rizal 2. Tagalog-M.H. del Pilar  The 1st nationalistic essay he wrote in the soil of Spain under his pen-name LAONG LAAN. 1. “EL AMOR PATRIO”(Love of Country) 2.  While sojourning in Barcelona, Rizal received sad news about the cholera that was ravaging Manila and the provinces. Many people had died and more were dying daily. Sad news from the Philippines was the chatty letter of chengoy...

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MARKET EQUILIBRIUM Consumers and producers react differently to price changes. Higher prices tend to reduce demand while encouraging supply, and lower prices increase demand while discouraging supply. Market equilibrium in this case refers market state where the supply in the market is equal to the demand in the market. Economic theory suggests that, in a free market there will be a single price which brings demand and supply into balance, called equilibrium price. If a market is at equilibrium...

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el amor patria

 Por La Educación Recibe Lustre La Patria Jose Rizal wrote this poem in 1876 during his fifth year in Bachiller en Artes in Ateneo Municipal. The poem speaks of the Jesuits who established a strong relationship between education and faith, the ratio studiorum (plan of studies). The poem also advocates the importance of education at a very young age. He compared education to the goddess of light, wisdom, hope, peace and truth and also indicated that education is the hope to attain the country’s...

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Travels of Dr. Jose Rizal


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Rizal in Europe

Barcelona were some of his classmates in Ateneo, welcomed him. They gave him a party at café Plaza de Cataluña. After toasts, Rizal in turn gave them the latest news and gossips in the Philippines. * Rizal wrote a nationalistic essay entitled “Amor Patrio” which was his first written article on Spain’s soil. He then sent his article to Basilio Teodoro Moran, publisher of Diariong Tagalog. Basilio was deeply impressed by the article congratulated Rizal and asked Rizal to publish more articles. ...

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El Amor En Los Tiempos Del Colera

EL AMOR EN LOS TIEMPOS DEL CÓLERA GABRIEL GARCÍA MÁRQUEZ Para Mercedes, por supuesto. En adelanto van estos lugares: ya tienen su diosa coronada. Leandro Díaz Era inevitable: el olor de las almendras amargas le recordaba siempre el destino de los amores contrariados. El doctor Juvenal Urbino lo percibió desde que entró en la casa todavía en penumbras, adonde había acudido de urgencia a ocuparse de un caso que para él había dejado de ser urgente desde hacía muchos años. El refugiado...

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dahil sa bayan, kay tamis mamatay, Doon sa kasuyo ang abot ng araw; Kamatayan pati ng simoy sa parang Sa walang pag-ibig, ni ina, ng Bayan In 1893, Julio Nakpil composed "Amor Patrio", which he dedicated to Dr. José Rizal. Nakpil used lyrics of the song that Maria Clara sang in "Noli me tangere", Chapter 23. "Amor Patrio" is a composition for orhestra in five music sheets, but only an excerpt from the 8th up to the 16th music scale has been rendered into a midi file by Ian-James R. Andres, which...

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Un Oso Y Un Amor

The Mountain Range It was the end of June. The lambs had already been born earlier that spring and the sheep were sheared. The cattle was making its way up the mountain. Abrán was directing them. I followed alongside the donkeys, which were loaded with supplies. From now on life would be slow and tranquil. I found a fitting spot. I unloaded the donkeys and pitched the tent. I cut branches for the beds. I began to prepare a meal for when Abrán would return. Already the first flock of sheep was...

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on the morning he landed at Marseilles and boarded at the Noalles Hotel. Later he around for observation. June 15, 1882 -He left Marseilles for Barcelona in an express train. -stopped for a day at Port Bou June 16, 1882 -reached Barcelona -“Amor Patrio”(LaongLaan), “Los Viajes” and “Revista de Madrid” Fall of 1882 -studied in Unibersidad Central de Madrid September 1882 -continued Medicine and Philosophy and Letters December 31, 1882 -Involved in Circulo Hispano-Pilipino -requested by members...

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galleries, botanical garden, hospitals and historic landmarks. While in Spain, he authored many articles and poetic masterpieces that inspired, challenged, make the readers idolized him and even made them get irate to Rizal. One of these was “Amor Patrio” (Love of Country) a nationalistic essay and that was the first article written in Spain’s soil. This article also appeared in Diariong Tagalog in two texts: the Spanish that was originally written by him and the other is Tagalog that was translated...

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French, German, and English. He also joined the free masonry to secure its aid in his fight against the friars. And together with other propagandist in Europe, they established La Solidaridad as the official news paper of the movement. He wrote “Amor Patrio”. It was the first article he wrote in Spain. He had so many observations in Spain, one of which was his observation of the Spanish women. According to him Spanish women were gossipy, frivolous, and quarrelsome.   America Rizal had many good...

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travel and adventures of jose rizal

where he visited the Chateau d’lf, the fortress famous as the setting for Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. Spain He arrived Barcelona, Spain where he met some Filipinos.  He also made his first nationalistic essay he wrote abroad, “Amor Patrio” which was later published in Diarong Tagalog. He left Barcelona for Madrid, to pursue his medical studies in the Universidad Central de Madrid. He also took courses in Philosophy and Letters and took French, German, and English lessons from private...

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Reaction in Rizal

enjoying every day of his sojourn. Barcelona Rizal continued his trip by rail, finally reaching his destination, and he reached the Barcelona on June 16, 1882. In progressive Barcelona, Rizal wrote a nationalistic essay entitled, “Amor Patrio” (Love of Country), his first article written on Spain’s soil. He sent this article to his friend in manila. Madrid Early in August, 1890 – Rizal arrived in Madrid On November 3, 1882 Rizal enrolled in the Unibersidad Central de Madrid...

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1865, the young Rizal experienced his first sorrow when his sister Concepcion died. “Andres Bonifacio” is to the Katipunan as Graciano Lopez Jaena is to “La Solidaridad”. The pen name which Rizal used in 1882 when he wrote the nationalistic essay “Amor Patrio” was Laong Laan The characters in “Noli Me Tangere” were not fictional characters; they represented people who lived during Rizal’s time. Paciano, the brother of Rizal, was represented by this character by Pilosopong Tasyo The execution of Padres...

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Rizals Travel

were some of his classmates in Ateneo, welcomed him. They gave him a party at Café laza de Cataluna. After toasts, Rizal in turn gave them the latest news and gossips in the Philippines. - In Barcelona, Rizal wrote a nationalistic essay entitled “Amor Patrio” which was his first written article on Spain’s soil. He then sent his article to Basilio Teodoro Moran, publisher of Diariong Tagalog. Basilio was deeply impressed by the article congratulated Rizal and asked Rizal to publish more articles. - While...

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complex with the Spaniards | Barcelona | * Where he was welcomed by the Filipinos, most of them were his former schoolmates from Ateneo Municipal. | Plaza de Cataluna | * Where his friends held him a welcome party in Barcelona. | El Amor Patrio | * Love of Country * Essay he wrote when he was 21. * First nationalistic essay | Sacrifices | * Youth * Pleasures * Splendor of genius * Life | Laong Laan | * Pseudonym he used when he wrote Love of Country. | Tierra...

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Como Agua Para Chocolate

En el libro Como agua para Chocolate, de Laura Esquivel, podemos apreciar que la esencia del libro es el amor pero en este ensayo voy a hablar exclusivamente del amor que sentía el personaje principal, Tita, hacia el cocinar y como usaba esta herramienta cotidianamente para expresar sus sentimientos. Desde su nacimiento hasta el su ultimo respiro vemos como ella pasa la mayoría del tiempo en la cocina junto con Nacha, la cocinera, y como ella describe el mundo exterior como extraño y el mundo de...

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Nietzsche Dionysis

What method does Nietzsche use to become the Dionysian Overman? What perspective on life does the Overman adopt? How does it enable “amor fati” and express optimum Yes-saying to our present natural life in the world? How does this overcome “slave morality or religion”? Nietzsche uses acceptance of fate, its obstacles, adversity and also its divinity to become the Dionysian Overman. He believes by affirming life in both its cruelty and beauty that we can achieve joy in the present without the need...

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Personal Information

MA. AMOR CRISTINE A. PAYURAN #401 J. Buizon st. Sto. Cristo Baliuag, Bulacan Contact no.: 0927-784-5670/0923-980-1145 Landline: (044)761-0603 Email address: Tine_ganda08@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE: To be hired in your company so that I can impart my ability, to do such task as needed on the job, and gain more knowledge and experiences from my superior and co-employees EDUCATION: BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY Bachelor in Industrial Technology (Major in Food Technology) March 2010 BULACAN STATE...

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The Greatest of Greats

cousin named Galicano Apacible headed the organization. Dimasalang Dr. Jose Rizal also used the pen name Dimasalang when he served as a correspondent of the same Spanish newspaper La Solidaridad. Rizal also wrote a literary work in Spain titled “Amor Patrio” meaning love of country. The piece was included in “Diarong Tagalog” which was a daily newspaper released in Manila. Jose Rizal used the pseudonym or pen name Laong Laan for this article to hide his identity. Rizal also used the pseudonym “May...

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Rizal and Some of Him

contestacion a D. Isabelo de los Reyes (A reply to Mr. Isabelo de los Reyes, no. 42, Oct. 31, 1890)- In this reply, Rizal answers the observations of Don Isabelo de los Reyes about Rizal's comments on the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas of Morga. * El Amor Patrio (The Patriotic Love, no. 42, Oct. 31, 1890)– * La Luchas de Nuestros Dias por D.F. Pi y Margall (The struggles of our days by D.F. Pi y Margall, no. 43, Nov. 15, 1890), (no. 44, Nov. 30, 1890)- These are commentaries of Rizal about this work...

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Clemencia Novela En Espanol

quien parece ser la persona por la cual fue titulada esta novela. Y por ultimo, el tema mismo, el cual comparte una historia de amor, sufrimiento y sentimientos patrioticos. Al comienzo de la novela el narrador indica, no solo a sus amigos reunidos en su casa, sino al lector mismo, que el nos va contar una historia de mucha emocion, “una historia de amor y de desgracia”(4). Y comienza a relatar una historia que acontecio a fines del ano 1863, “ano desgraciado en que...

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Pride: The Root of all Sins

Pride is the root of all sins because it blinds our understanding of the truth, and leads to self-delusion. From there, it spreads like a cancer, and we rationalize our sinful behaviors, making excuses We become immersed in “amor sui” or self-love, and and turn away from God. God hates pride….come all other sins, which in turn lead to evil. Only after he riginal sin defined the unconverted Augustine and humility defined the Christian one. When Augustine was only able to find God when he gave up...

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They Ask Me for Verses 5th Stanza

he requested them to send him a birth certificate and statement showing that he had parents in the Philippines. 18 August 1882 P. Leoncio Lopez of Calamba issued a certified copy of Rizal’s birth certificate. 20 August 1882 His article "Amor Patrio" was published in the Diarong Tagalog, a Manila newspaper edited by Basilio Teodoro. This was the First article he wrote abroad. | | | | Leonor Rivera Kipping (11 April 1867 – 28 August 1893)[1] was the childhood sweetheart, and “lover by...

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The Law of One Price

free competition. This paper investigates whether this law holds or not. The analysis is based on 57 countries from all over the world. The data consists of six goods which are coke, rice, sugar, gasoline, a movie or theatre ticket and the perfume “Amor Amor” from Cacharel. Firstly the theory of the Law of One Price will be briefly explained. Secondly the prices of each product are compared within the countries in the data analyses. Finally, a conclusion is made out of the results and gives an answer...

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Jose Rizal First Travel Abroad

Barcelona * June 16,1882 Rizal arrived in Barcelona. * His first impression of Barcelona was unfavorable but it changed and he began to like the city because of its atmospheric of freedom and liberalism. * He wrote an essay entitled “Amor Patrio” (Love of the country), Rizal sent this article to Basilio Teodoro Moran (Publisher of Diariong Tagalog). Rizal’s studied in Madrid * Rizal followed the advice of his older brother Paciano to finish his medical course in Madrid in the fall of...

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When We Two Parted

los textos de Byron encontramos una masculinidad y una fuerza perfectamente combinadas, en la mayoría de los casos, con la ironía. En el caso de “When we two parted”, se trata de un poema de amor, en el que el autor nos transmite la tristeza que siente por tener que decir adiós a un gran amor, un amor que le causa dolor y lágrimas, y que aunque pase el tiempo no podrá olvidarla fácilmente. Byron expresa fuertes sentimientos en un vocabulario simple, pero lleno de significado. La estructura que...

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Our group conducted an interview with a manager in “Red Ribbon” along Aguinaldo Highway Dasmariñas, Cavite. Her name is Ms. Andrea Amor Pacifico. She was 25 yrs. Old and she graduated from DLSU she took up BSBA major in Business Management. Our questions focused on success and how they handle difficult situation in their company. Submitted to: Ms. Rosemarie L. Santos Submitted by: Alcoy, Dannica Joy N. Bacud, Jaharah L. Manzo, Jonalyn N. Ontawar, Saima M. Reynono, Rosa Fe S. Villalon...

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https://s3.amazonaws.com/0103.static.prezi.com/export/2014/01/14/c91f5cc6961af90/copy-of-amor-patrio-smq5cirs5kdw.zip Ang Dapitan Ang Dapitan ay isa sa dalawang lungsod ng lalawigan ng Zamboanga del Norte.Ang Lungsod Dapitan ay matatagpuan sa hilagang-kanlurang bahagi ng isla ng Mindanao, nasa kanluran nito ang bayan ng Sibutal at bayan ng Rizal, ang bayan ng Mutia at La Libertad sa timog, at ang Lungsod Dipolog, bayan ng Polanco, at lahat ng lalawigan ng Zamboanga del Norte sa kanlurang bahagi...

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bladini case

about all five default sense. The theme that Baldini presents is the idea of Genius vs. Convention. Also the idea of tradition and unwillingness to change, this is shown by his hatred for Grenouille when he first displayed his talent by mixing Amor and Psyche. In the novel, the write shows us how the idea of genius is greater than replicas and traditions. As Grenouille, who is naturally talented in the area of smell, which overpowers Baldini’s abilities, even though he has had years of experience...

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Pablo Neruda

background, being that his father was a railway employee and his mother a teacher, but he still was able to provide great service to his country. Key Ideas of Noble Prize Acceptance Speech Pablo Neruda's most famous, and common works are "Viente Poemas de Amor y una Cancion de desperada," "Residencia en la Tierra," Espana en el Corazon," and Canto General. Biography, Contribution to Country, Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, Major Works, and Contribution to 20th Century Literature Pablo Neruda's Journey to...

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Latin Ovid Amores III

Latin Ovid Text – Amores III 'Non ego nobilium sedeo studiosus equorum;     cui tamen ipsa faves, vincat ut ille, precor. ut loquerer tecum veni, tecumque sederem,     ne tibi non notus, quem facis, esset amor. tu cursus spectas, ego te; spectemus uterque     quod iuvat, atque oculos pascat uterque suos. O, cuicumque faves, felix agitator equorum!     ergo illi curae contigit esse tuae?  hoc mihi contingat, sacro de carcere missis     insistam forti mente vehendus equis, et modo lora...

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The Marriage Vows of Medea and Dido: A Comparison, "The Medea" by Euripides and "The Aeneid" by Virgil

and Dido respond to desertion by their husbands, the individual they love most, in the form of a quarrel. Both characters go on to attempt to alleviate their pain via revenge. Their judgments and actions are impaired by each woman's great eros and amor. Euripides and Virgil illustrate their vision of passion and love through the effects of Medea and Dido's actions under the influence of these emotions. Both women could choose a healthier course for their pain by thinking rationally. Ultimately what...

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Concerts Across Time

concerts. Then we cannot forget the impact that technology has had on music of the past and the present. Baroque music can be classified as a dramatic style of music per Websters Dictionary. The concert I chose to listen to was Monteverdi's Amor Sacro, Amor Profano. This piece was very beautiful and touching. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would have considering I've never really listened to his music, though I have listened to various other classical composers of the Baroque period. The...

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Rizal Activities Ch

he made his first nationalistic essay he wrote abroad, “Amor Patrio” which was later published in Diarong Tagalog. PART 2 Select the best answer from the following: a. Academy of San Carlos b. Otto Becker c. June 25, 1884 d. Louis De Wecker e. La Solidaridad f. Masonry g. El Amor Patrio h. Ferdinand Blumentrit i. Ophthalmology j. November 3, 1882 k. Circulo-Hispano Filipino l. Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando El Amor Patrio 1. A poem of Rizal which literally means “Love...

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Prize : __________ Third Prize : ___________ Third Prize : __________ We will be expecting the participation of you team and looking forward to a fruitful and enjoyable tournament ahead. Very truly yours, MA. AMOR VERANO Approved by: SK Chairman HON. DORINA M. TAN Punong Barangay April 10, 2013 Mrs. LILLIAN D. ESTORNINOS Campus Director EVSU – OCC Ormoc City Madam; The 2nd year B.S. Mechanical Engineering...

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Pride: Virtue or Vice

offspring and since the fall, all human beings have been born with disordered affections. To Augustine, it was no accident that the Bible records the pride of Adam and Eve as the cause of their fall from God’s grace. Augustine calls this disordered love amor sui, which is Latin for self-love. This love of self that he describes is willing to put the world at the center and source of everything. According to Augustine this primal form of sin is rightfully named pride, as it is a perverse and specific kind...

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Jose Rizal or Andres Bonfacio

Trinos envía. II También nosotras de contento Ilenas Te saludamos y a tu noble santo En tierno canto y fraternales metros, Caro Antonino. III De tus hermanas y demás parientes Recibe amable el cariñoso acento. Que el suave aliento del amor los dicta Plácido y tierno. IV De maable esposa y cariñoso Emilio Dulce recibas la sin par ternura, Y su dulzura en la desgracia ablande Rudos tormentos. V Cual el piloto, que lochó valiente Con las borrascas en la noche oscura Mira segura...

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Smooth House Productions and the Positive Aspects of Life

trying to identify what it meant to be African American, and too often did African Americans not take the time to identify themselves. With this vision and urge for change, in November 2011, Mr. Smooth partnered with his Communication colleagues Angel Amor and Nicholas Bush. Cohesively they constructed their premiere production The Student Body, alerting other companies that a new production was ready for the challenges they had to endure to become a part of the major conglomerates in the entertainment...

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the influences of big circle of friends in studies

Research Paper In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for ENGLISH IV Alejandro, Danielle Mark R. Bada, Allyn Grace Amor M. Basit, Nathaniel C. Cruz, Diane J. Flores, Mahlon A. Germar...

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The Mats Literary Analysis Paper

the way the author described the mats was so detailed as if he was describing the owner of a particular mat. In the case of Nana Emilia’s mat, “The letters were large, done in green. Flowers—cadena-de-amor—were woven in and out among the letters. The border was long winding twig of cadena-de-amor” (3). This allows the readers to imagine how beautiful her mat was. It represents her happiness and how special she was to Mr. Angeles. It wasn’t only her mat which was beautiful, but so as the children’s...

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Earth sciences

majorities of NEOs are asteroids known as Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs) and are divided into groups (Apollo, Amor and Aten) depending on their aphelion distance, perihelion distance and their semi-major axes (Botke, 2002). Atens are NEAs that have semi-major axes that are smaller than the Earth’s. Apollo is an earth crossing NEA with whose semi-major axes is larger than the Earth’s. The Amor consist of earth crossing NEAs with orbits outside the earth but inside the mars while the potential hazard...

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Gabion Occupation : None Educational Attainment: Tertiary: ACCESS COMPUTER COLLEGE Computer Science Zabarte Road (Dreamland Resort and Hotel Complex) Camarin Caloocan North April 23,2012 Secondary: Camarin High School Cadena de Amor Camarin Caloocan City 2009 Primary: Camarin Main Elementary School Camarin Caloocan City 2003 WORKING EXPERIENCE: August 18, 2009 to June 23 2010 W.L FOODS CORPORATION CHECKER ...

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Marketing Strategies for Luxury Brands

reinforcement for consumer purchase intention (Amor & Guilbert, 2009). By trialling, using tester bottles and sample spray cards the product consumers are able to experience the perfume determine if they like the scent and if it smells good on their skin. Amor & Guilbert (2009) suggest that consumers are more likely to respond to new perfume samples than established ones. Marketers can provide free samples during related purchases to encourage product trial (Amor & Guilbert, 2009) which assists in capturing...

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Solicitation Letter

Oriental. We humbly ask a TROPHY for our Little Miss Agan-an 2015. Your support will be much appreciated. Thank you and May God reward you a hundred fold. Respectfully yours, MARY ANN O. GRAMATICA Purok 3 Vice President Noted by: MARY ROSE B. AMOR Purok 3 Treasurer Approved by: EVA LEONA Purok 3 President May 12, 2015 ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Dear Sir / Ma’am, Greetings! As Barangay Fiesta is fast approaching...

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Comparison of Baroque and Rococo Styles

HUM – 121 March 5, 2012 Comparison of Baroque and Rococo styles Introduction Premises and characteristics of Baroque Caravaggio's Amor Victorious Emergence of Rococo Boucher's Nude on a Sofa Comparison of Baroque and Rococo styles Bibliography There have been different artistic peaks throughout the history of humanity influenced by specific social, political or religious...

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El Inconformismo Femenino En L

ella se quedara alli y no bailara. Ella se encerraba todo el dia practicando. Carmen Merengue representa “la posibilidad de la autorealizacion de la mujer puertoriqueña” ( Ritos, 149). Ella dejo a Don Fabiano para encontrar su verdadero amor el baile. Este era su destino y queria disfrutarlo. Esta corrupción moral e hipocrecía en parte de Don Fabiano nos da una heroina, una mujer quien admirar. Carmen Merengue escapa de su prisión social y se convierte en un futuro impocible para Maria...

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DAVID J MCCLELLAND May 26, 2013 Thank You! Worked great for Lion JAI May 29, 2013 Thanks. This was very helpful. BUDI June 2, 2013 Thanks a lot… AMOR June 7, 2013 In my case the server seems to starts but I don’t see the web interface at http://localhost:8080 . I also get a different JRE_HOME after starting: Amors-MacBook-Air:~ amor$ /Library/Tomcat/bin/startup.sh Using CATALINA_BASE: /Library/Tomcat Using CATALINA_HOME: /Library/Tomcat Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /Library/Tomcat/temp Using...

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Rizal Chapter 6-7

dirty little inns and inhospitable residents” – “town’s most ugly side -There is an atmosphere of freedom and liberalism and the people were open-hearted , hospitable, and courageous. -Las Ramblas – most famous street in Barcelona * Amor Patrio (Love of Country) - nationalistic essay under the pen-name Laong Laan and sent to Diariong Tagalog, Basilio Teodoro Moran, publisher. * Los Viajes (Travels)and Revista de Madrid (Review of Madrid) * Manila Moves to Madrid - Cholera...

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Journal Entries

business. 2 Paid rent for the month, 11,000. 3 Rendered service to KC company on Account, 10,000. 4 Received Payment form KC company, 10,000. 5 Bought supplies on account from John company, 11,700. 7 Bought professional equipment on account from Amor company, 58,000. 10 Bought office equipment on account from Naspa company, 8,640. 13 Performed professional services for cash, 48,200. 16 Settled a portion of the accounts with John company, 18,500. 27 Received and paid the bill for utilities,...

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Filipino Values

“Patigasan“ * Mañana or “Bukas na” * “Kanya-kanya“(to each his own) * “Balimbing” * “Bahala na” Other Values in Philippine Culture * Smooth Intrepersonal Relationship * Reciprocity(Utang na loob) * Hiya(Self-esteem, Amor Propio) References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipino_values http://www.qatarliving.com/node/110388 Sociology and Anthropology with family planning http://www.zaxistv.com/sociology/values/robinwilliams-onvalues-part1.htm...

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accrue to the donors of NPOs/NGOs with donee institution status. Independent Analysis of the Sector A Study of NGOs in the Philippines by the Asian Development Bank, 1999 NGOs as Major Actors in Philippine Society by Carmencita T. Abella and MA. Amor L. Dimalanta, APPC Conference, September 2003 Venture Asia Survey on Giving in the Philippines Giving and Fundraising in the Philippines The Work of the International Programme in the Philippines We have worked in the Philippines for the past 4...

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Change Management

customer’s effort and time (Hoffman & Novak, 1996b). Surely becoming an online business firm sounds to be a soothing affair but as a whole this is a huge capital budgeting process so all the affiliated pros and cons need to sort out appropriately (Amor, 1999). 1.2 Background of the study For some UK based product lines there is a provision for online marketing; as an example the Sub category which the most dominant is available for online order. But the snacks and in the Halal segment there...

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Balance Sheet and Cost

(full year) in 2012. Jan1,2012 Patent 24,000 Cash 24,000 Dec 31, 2012 Amortization expense 4,800 Patent(acc.patent amor.) 4,800 (c) In 2013, the company successfully defends the patent in extended litigation at a cost of $47,200, thereby extending the patent life to December 31, 2020. What is the proper way to account...

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