• Principal Speech on Result Day
    My dear children, parents, Sri B. K. Chakraborty, Commissioner Education, Sri N. K. Dutta, Executive Vice Chairman, Sri K. Kalaichelvan Principal and dear friends I am grateful to Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan to have invited me today to this Annual day & Prize Giving ceremony. It is always a...
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  • Creative Writing: Letter to Principal
    Creative Writing: Letter to Principal Dear Mr.Johnson, This Letter is on the issue of closed campus, in my opinion this should not even be an issue. Haslett High Scholl students should be able to go out during lunch, we have a right to choose what we pay for and we have the right to seek a comfor
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  • Review of Three Movies: Trainspotting, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Ju
    Review Of Three Movies: Trainspotting, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Jurassic Park English 11 5 December 1996 Trainspotting Trainspotting is a drop-dead look at a dead-end lifestyle. Set among the junkies and thugs of Edinburgh's slums and made by (director Danny Boyle, writer John Hodg
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  • Mass for Christmas Day
    Mass for Christmas Day Music's earliest and most basic for can be traced back to chant. Roman plainchant is considered one of the greatest treasures of Western civilization. One of the main uses of chant is in church music. The most recognizable, and most important, service of the Catholic
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  • Training Day
    Training Day "In the state of nature the man lives a war on all against all. The man is a wolf for the man." Thomas Hobbes. The movie talks about the inner streets conflicts each day in the U.S, a war between residents, drug dealers and the people who tries to protect from the other. In the mo
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  • "American Dream" in the Present Day
    What is the American Dream? Since the start of the twentieth century America has attracted people all over the world to relocate and start a new life. For many coming to America was a chance for a better life and new things. They all had something in common, they all had a dream, that dream was the
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  • Principal Induction Program
    Induction programs are a key to the success of any profession in the work force, from the unskilled assembly job, to the manager of a business. Such a program outlines the expectations placed on that person, and to help achieve the highest rate of success in their career. Nowhere is this more eviden
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  • The Forgotten Day
    The Forgotten Day The alarm clock rang with its usual sound of the annoying beep. Five seconds later Jimmy still half asleep moved his arm and slammed it on the clock ending the annoying sound. After a few seconds past by Jimmy looked at the clock and immediately sprang out of bed. He was late
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  • The Agent and the Principal
    Introduction: In today's ever growing economy, everyone is busy going to work, to school and constantly running family chores; 24 hours in a day never seems to be enough. In many cases, many of us often feel a lack of required knowledge for a special task; as a result, contracts with certain profes
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  • Groundhog Day and Religion
    Groundhog Day is a very interesting and entertaining movie about a meteorologist who becomes trapped in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. It stars the hysterical Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a sarcastic Philadelphia weatherman who is far too full of himself. He travels with the entourage of cameraman La
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  • The First Day
    HL811 Imagining Singapore Semester 2 2006/2007 Assignment A Title - The First Day The sight of students, each wearing uniforms from their various former schools, streaming into the school compound greeted me the moment I stepped off the bus. The date was 2nd January 2000 and it was my first
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  • Principal of Managment
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  • The Computer Has Become One of the Most Important and Influential Luxuries of This Generation. Young People Use Computers Every Day for School, Work, and Entertainment. They Are the First Generation to Have Become
    My experience in an America W.W.O.O.F.    This summer , I   have been to American in order to work in an organic factory that is a member of the international organisation W.W.O.O.F. This organisation have member  all over the word , it has been  founded  in Great Britain in  the early
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  • All Day Everyday Kindergarden
    All-Day Kindergarten, the Key to Our Future Education is one of the most important things that a human being can receive and starting that road to success is very important. Having the opportunity to send your child to an all-day everyday kindergarten class versus a half day or every other day
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  • History of International Workers' Day
    There is much to study on the history of International Workers' Day. However, it was clear that it was born from the struggle for the eight-hour day. 'In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day's work fro
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  • Claras Day
    The beginning of the story takes place in a big assembly hall. That means that there would probably be very crowded. The narrator slowly explains how Clara prepares to take her clothes of piece by piece. At this moment I was still considering every possible reason why she would walk naked at a big a
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  • Teachers Day
    Speech given on the Teachers Day. Ghiyasuddin School, Wednesday 13th September 2006 c Madam Aishath Adam, Senior Assistant Principal, Supervisors, members of the staff, Teachers and Dear Students. Assalaam Alaikum and Good afternoon. Today, we are here to celebrate great teachers and great tea
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  • My First Day of School
    I have been reading in Beaconhouse Sri Inaigot up early in the morning of 8th July to get myself prepared. With my tutor I started towards my new school. On the way it began to rain. When we reached the school we were completely wet. Secondary School for four years. I still remember my first day at
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  • Good Day
    V. ROLE OF TRANSPORT IN INTEGRATING ECONOMIES INTO THE MULTILATERAL TRADING SYSTEM A. Background The role of transport in economic development is usually discussed in relation to its contribution to the development of domestic trade. Globalization has changed this perception. The ability of a coun
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  • The Four Principal Characters in the Scarlet Letter
    2006 Jul.2006 26 42 The Four Principal Characters in The Scarlet Letter Liang Hanping ( Wuzhou Teachers College Guangxi Hezhou 542800 ) conscience. Chilling worth’s life is ruined by his preoccupation with his cruel search, and he becomes a morally degraded monomaniac. Hester wishes
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