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Aims And Objectives Of Icici Bank

MERGER OF ICICI & ICICI BANK [pic] PREPARED BY: SALONI SHARMA ROLL NO. 57 Introduction to sector- banking sector The banking sector plays an important role in the growth and development of an economy. The banks provide funds to various institutions which in finance other sectors of economy. India too relies largely on the banking sector for mobilization of deposits as well as for accelerated growth of deposits. This sector has helped in the development of rural as...

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Icici Bank

ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 3,634.00 billion (US$ 81 billion) at March 31, 2010 and profit after tax Rs. 40.25 billion (US$ 896 million) for the year ended March 31, 2010. The Bank has a network of 2,044 branches and about 5,546 ATMs in India and presence in 18 countries. ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialised subsidiaries in...

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Aims and objectives

Aims and objectives Aims The users for whom actuarial information is created can place a high degree of reliance on its relevance, transparency of assumptions, completeness and comprehensibility, including the communication of any uncertainty inherent in the information. Actuarial information addresses the needs of its users, is of high quality and supports good governance if it is: relevant, transparent and complete; and communicated comprehensibly. Relevant actuarial information makes effective...

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Crm at Icici Bank

Focus on ICICI Bank’s Initiatives The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in banking has gained importance with the aggressive strategies for customer acquisition and retention being employed by banks in today’s competitive milieu. This has resulted in the adoption of various CRM initiatives by these banks to enable them achieve their objectives. The steps that banks follow in implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are: Identifying CRM initiatives with reference to the objectives...

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Swot Analysis of Icici Bank

analysis of ICICI bank is made to understand the positioning of the bank better: STRENGTHS 1. BRAND NAME: ICICI Bank has earned a reputation in the market for extending quality services to the market vis-à-vis its competitors. It has earned a strong Brand name in banking in a very short span of time. 2. MARKET SHARE: ICICI Bank has the largest market share of 34% in the IT & ITES industry in Hyderabad according to our survey (within the limitation of the sample size.) 3. HUGE NETWORK: ICICI Bank...

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Icici Bank and Bank of Rajasthan Merger

formed. Basic information of icici bank (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank): ICICI Bank was established by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, an Indian financial institution, as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1994. The parent company was formed in 1955 as a joint-venture of the World Bank, India's public-sector banks and public-sector insurance companies to provide project financing to Indian industry.[10][11] The bank was initially known as theIndustrial...

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Case Study/Research Paper of Mergers Icici and Icici Bank

------------------------------------------------- icici with icici bank merger For Mergers and Acquisitions in the BANKING SECTOR AAKANKSHA KUMAR * EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ICICI- Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited (ICICI) was founded by the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of private industry on 5 January, 1995. The objective was to encourage and assist industrial development and investment in India. Over the years, ICICI has evolved into a diversified...

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Swot Analysis of Icici Bank

Project on S.W.O.T. analysis of ICICI BANK. INDUSTRIAL CREDIT AND INVESTMENT CORPORATION OF INDIA. INTRO: The Bank went on to cross-sell and up-sell its products aggressively, growing into India’s second largest bank. But ICICI was not only looking at banking. In 1993, the company set-up ICICI Securities and Finance Company Limited in a joint venture with JP Morgan, and the same year, it set up ICICI Asset Management Company. This was the just the beginning; several...

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Case Study on Icici Bank

  Bank Profile Established in 1994, ICICI Bank is today the second largest bank in India and among the top 150 in the world. In less than a decade, the bank has become a universal bank offering a well diversified portfolio of financial services. It currently has assets of over US$ 79 billion and a market capitalization of US$ 9 billion and services over 14 million customers through a network of about 950 branches, 3300 ATM's and a 3200 seat call center (as of 2007). The hallmark of this exponential...

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Organizations Aims and Objectives

fulfil the organizations aims and objectives. I will have to relate this task to two organizations. My two chosen companies are ASDA and Tesco. First I will describe what aims, objectives and functional areas are. I will then describe four functional areas. Finally I will set two targets for each company and describe how functional areas contribute to achieve these two objectives. Definition of: Aims are long term goals. Aims can be achievable through objectives. An aim is where a business wants...

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Aims and Objectives for a Successful Business

BTEC First Certificate in Business Unit 1 Exploring Business Purposes Aims is something that a business wants to achieve. The business can set themselves goals and visions that can help them reach their aims. In order to achieve your aim you have to motivate yourself. This can be done by setting yourselves targets. These are known as objectives. By having aims and objectives businesses can set themselves up and know personally what they want to achieve from their business and identify...

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General Comparison Between HDFC Bank And ICICI Bank

General Comparison between HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank HDFC Bank ICICI Bank Second largest private Sector bank largest Private Sector Bank Retail assets constituted 51.3% of advances in FY12. Retail assets constituted 34% of advances in FY12 Comparison on the basis of services: ...

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Difference Between Icici Bank N Axis

SERVICE SECTOR MANAGEMENT | ICICI BANK AND AXIS BANK | WHAT IS A BANK? A banker or bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money. In other words, an institution where one can place and borrow money and take care of financial affairs ABOUT The Banking sector in India has always been one of the most preferred avenues of employment. In the current decade, this has emerged as a resurgent sector in the Indian...

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Aims and Objectives 2


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                  The Bank went on to cross-sell and up-sell its products aggressively, growing into India’s second largest bank. But ICICI was not only looking at banking. In 1993, the company set-up ICICI Securities and Finance Company Limited in a joint venture with JP Morgan, and the same year, it set up ICICI Asset Management Company. This was the just the beginning; several mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures followed                                       ICICI is one of the leading private...

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Different Between Aims Objective

Different Between Aims & Objective All businesses have aims they want to achieve. These are long-term plans, probably over the next three to five years. Businesses will probably want to focus on one or more of the following areas this includes: • Profit and Profit maximisation are privately owned businesses that aim to make profit, when some want to achieve maximum profit. • Survival is when a business is having a hard time making profit they will try and survive till a better time to come. • Break-even...

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Business Aims and Objectives

organisations need aims and objectives. (P1) Every organisation needs to set aims and objectives to be able to run the business more easily and effectively. Objectives are more like goals, it’s more realistic than aims. Objectives are far more sensible and achievable. Aims are what an organisation wants to achieve. These are long-term plans, probably over next 3 to 5 years. This allows the business to move forward. Objectives set out how the organisation will meet their aims. 2. Describe...

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Aims and Objectives of Teaching English

Aims and Objectives of Teaching English .Unit-1.B Unit-1 Sub point-B Note: Here i place the reading material of the topic taught by Kindly go through this for the external exmanitation. A] Aims and objectives of teaching English at secondary level The following are the main objectives of teaching English at secondary level. 1. To develop knowledge and understanding of Grammar. 2. To develop abilities to make use of the grammar in own writing English. 3. To understand the meaning of...

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Business Aims and Objectives

Business Organisations Dear James, An aim is something they want to achieve. These can be long or short term plans, probably over the next three to five years. Businesses will probably want to focus on one or more of the following areas; profit and profit maximisation, survival, break even, growth, market share, service provision, develop their relationship with other businesses. SMART objectives is a mnemonic to guide people when they set objectives, often called Key Performance Indicators...

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Aims and Objectives of THE BODY SHOP.

required to identify my chosen organisations objectives and aims. My chosen organisation is The Body Shop, its objectives and aims are diverse compared to other businesses that are on the markets for expansion and profitability. In this task I am going to consider the most common objectives and aims, in doing so, I will compare its objectives and aims to other businesses. Business objectives are the stated, measurable targets of how to achieve business aims. For instance, we want to achieve sales of...

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Aims and objectives of oxfam and vodafone

Introduction In this booklet I am going to be comparing two different businesses; Oxfam and Vodafone. I will be talking about their different aims and objectives, the main business activities and their Vision and Mission statements. I will explain the links between these and why a business should have aims and objectives and in the end I will develop SMART aims and objectives for Vodafone. Background of Businesses Oxfam The name Oxfam comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief founded in Britain...

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Business Aims and Objectives

have some unstated aims or objectives - for example to survive for the first year. Other businesses may wish to state exactly what they are aiming to do, such as Amazon, the Internet CD and bookseller, who wants to “make history and have fun”. An aim is where the business wants to go in the future, its goals. It is a statement of purpose, e.g. we want to grow the business into Europe. Business objectives are the stated, measurable targets of how to achieve business aims. For instance, we want...

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A Study on Performance Evaluation of Icici and Sbi Using Fundamental and Technical Analysis

PROFESSIONAL COLLEGES LUCKNOW TERM PRESENTATION ON “A STUDY on PERformance evaluation of icici and sbi using fundamental and technical analysis” MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FOR THE SESSION 2013-14 SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: Mr. Pankaj Dhingra Pradeep Kumar Department of Management Roll no.: 1212270091 SRMGPC, LUCKNOW M.B.A. 3rd Semester ABSTRACT The Fundamental Analysis, which aims at developing an insight into the economic performance of the business, is of paramount...

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M1 Stakeholders, Aims & Objectives

M1. Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations. A stakeholder is anyone who is interested in the success of an organisation, and often the stakeholders have a large influence on the business’s aims and objectives. In this assignment I will be explaining why stakeholders would be interested in a company’s aims and objectives and why each stakeholder would be interested in my two chosen organisations joining...

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Aims and objectives of businesses

In this assignment aims and objectives of five different businesses will be looked at. I will also be writing a report at purposes of a business if they’re growing? Surviving? Selling things? Or services? And finally providing a detailed study of one of the businesses. If it is meeting its aims and objectives or not, making a judgement overall by using evidences to back up my findings. P2: A report to describe the purpose of setting aims and objectives for different businesses. 1...

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Comparative Study of Training and Development of Sbi and Icici Bank


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State Bank of India vs Icici

 STATE BANK OF INDIA. SBI Debt-Equity ratio : 12.43 (march'12) A high debt/equity ratio generally means that a company has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt. This can result in volatile earnings as a result of the additional interest expense. If a lot of debt is used to finance increased operations (high debt to equity), the company could potentially generate more earnings than it would have without this outside financing. If this were to increase earnings by a greater...

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Marketing Planning Aims and Objectives

Behind the corporate objectives, which in themselves offer the main context for the marketing plan, will lie the "corporate mission," which in turn provides the context for these corporate objectives. In a sales-oriented organization, the marketing planning function designs incentive pay plans to not only motivate and reward frontline staff fairly but also to align marketing activities with corporate mission. The marketing plan basically aims to make the business provide the solution with the awareness...

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marketing aims & objective

Topic 18: A review of the marketing strategy of an organization and its effectiveness. Part 1 - Project Objectives and overall Research Approach 1.1 Project Topic My topic selection for this project is Topic 18: A review of the marketing strategy of Starbucks and its effectiveness. The reason for choosing this topic was because of my deep interest in marketing and also to understand the different ways as to how a company can market their products successfully. I would like to also further analyze...

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The Aims and Objectives of a Business

Aims and Objectives: Long term objectives: * To always be the first choice of customers * To make sure that customers stick with primark and should not opt any other store that is competitor of primark * The business within the organization will always be customer centric. * The remain the leader of the market all the way * To train all the employees up to international standards and let them aware of customer relationship management. * To train the employees for managerial...

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The main strategic aim and objective fo

The main strategic aim and objective for the nearest period is a dynamic development of the Bank and achievement of a qualitatively new level with the standards of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. The development strategy of the Bank is based on the components, which together will ensure strengthen of the financial and economic situation of the Bank and the preservation of its credibility with its customers. Main strategic aims of Joint Stock Commercial Bank «APABANK» (Closed Joint Stock...

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Tesco Aims and Objectives

profits and third-largest retailers in the world measured by revenues. Which it is the business that I have selected to carry out my investigations. Tesco According to the “Business Case Studies”, it has been mentioned that one of Tesco’s aim and objectives are to maximise sales. In order to do this, they will need to maintain their advertising and promotions to the public. For example, new products or services that are brought into the market needs to be advertised such as newspapers, leaflets...

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Mission, Vision and Objectives of Agrani Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Mission, Vision and Objectives of an Organization: Perspective of Agrani Bank Limited Introductory Words: The ultimate challenge for a company in today’s fast growing and rapid changing world is to survive in the competition by achieving superior performance relative to its rivals. To achieve this, it requires strategic planning and one of the major components of the formal strategic planning process is to select...

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 ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Vadodara. As of 2014 it is the second largest bank in India in terms of assets and market capitalization. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services for corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life, non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The Bank has a network of 3,800...

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Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives

Marriott’s aims and objectives introduction Marriot is an international brand however the purpose of this controlled assessment, they will be my local business known as London Heathrow Marriott-LHM. Marriott is currently a private limited company (PLC) and has two other private investors as owners of the company. The Marriott hotel was founded in 1993 and is located in Harlington, Hayes. Currently its labour turnover for the month of September (2010) is an increase of 10.1%. Marriott acquires...

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Icici Bank- Strategy Analysis

ICICI Bank : Strategy Analysis Table of Contents ICICI Bank : Strategy Analysis 1 ICICI Bank 4 Brief History: Evolution of the Entity with respect to Time 4 Inception 4 Establishing Synergy: Consolidation 5 ICICI Bank in the Retail sector 6 How it all began 6 ICICI’s perspective of the retail market and the elements of strategy 7 Corporate relationships 7 Technology 8 Operational excellence 8 ICICI and International Business 9 International remittance key corridors for...

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Aims and Objectives for Public and Private Sector

Title: Business Objectives Contents Introduction: 3 Findings 3 Conclusion 5 References: 6 Introduction: Does business type have an impact on the aims and objectives that a business may make? This report will reveal and compare the aims and objectives of two businesses in two separate business sectors; Morrison’s (well known Supermarket chain) from the private sector and Warwickshire College for the public sector. Will the aims and objectives of these two companies...

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Aims and Objectives-Environmental Education

consequences of local and global environmental problems and the necessary knowledge for their abatement and control. Thus, for a sustainable environment and for the survival of the present and future generations, environmental education is necessary. Aims and Objectives • To work for protecting and promoting healthy natural environment through various action programmes and environment awareness creation among and education of the people. • To work for healthy, neat and clean cities and urban environments ...

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About bank nd iCICI bank

1.1 Introduction Modern commercial banking, in its present form, is of recent origin. Though bank is considered to be an ancient institution just like money. Its evolution can be traced in the functions of money lender, the goldsmiths and the merchants. A bank has been often described as an institution engaged in accepting of deposits and granting loans. It can also be described as an institution which borrows idle resources, makes funds available to. It does not refer only to a place of tending...

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 CHAPTER 1 HISTORY OF BANK What is bank? A banker or bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money. It is an institution for receiving, keeping, and lending money. It is often described as a credit institution. .On deposits, the bank pays interest and for lending money, it charges a higher rate of interest. It performs a large variety of functions in the...

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Customer Satisfaction in Icici Bank

autonomous college and Affiliated to Bharathiar University The effects of Promotional strategies in the Marketing of financial services in ICICI Bank by Suryabala.S BBM II Dec 2011 The effects of Promotional strategies in the Marketing of financial services in ICICI Bank 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS:   Preface Executive Summery o Research objectives  Introduction o Scope  Research o Research methodology o Sampling o Data collection   Literature review Data Analysis...

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commercial banks

responsibility. This project report contains the meaning of CSR which includes the advantage of CSR towards bank, society, responsibility of corporate houses, objective of CSR, motive of CSR, responsibility towards customer. This document is all about multidimensional growth of customers for which the bank liable for their service selling. This process leads to upliftment of people life. The banks are not bind to do so but the do these kind of activities for creating a goodwill sense among their customer...

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Change Management at Icici

Change Management @ ICICI By Group-5 Group Members: 1)Adrish Ray 2)Deepak Prakash Tejale 3)G.B. Sambhrama 4)Girish Krishnamurthy 5)Neelkant Rajaghatta 6)Neha Gupta Q1. ‘ The changed focus of ICICI to become a non-stop shop for financial services necessitated the changes in the organization culture and goals.’ Analyze the changes implemented by Kamath in mid-1990s and comment briefly on the necessity and efficacy of these changes. Answer : In 1996, when Kamath took charge...

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Lesson Plan Celta Aims and Objective

Intermediate E3 Lesson length: 40mins Materials: Cutting Edge Int p80 – p81 (ex 3) Aim(s): Practice vocabulary and speaking about things of importance. | | |Objectives: (by the end of the lesson learners will be able to/will have practised) | ...

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Merger of Icici Bank with Icici Ltd.

MERGER OF ICICI BANK WITH ICICI LTD. ICICI was formed in 1955 at the initiative of the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of Indian Industry. The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for providing medium–term project financing to Indian businesses. In the 1990s, ICICI transformed its business from a development financial institution offering only project finance to diversified financial services group offering a wide variety of products and services...

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Icici Bank

CUSTOMER SUCCESS ICICI Bank Limited Boosting Datacenter Availability for Largest Private Bank in India with the Help of Symantec ICICI Bank Limited (ICICI Bank) is a trendsetter in the use of banking technology in India. Since 1999, ICICI Bank leverages comprehensive datacenter availability and data protection solutions from Symantec. Using Veritas Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server, the bank is achieving 99.9 percent application availability and 99.99 percent uptime for its server infrastructure...

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Swot Analysis of Hdfc and Icici

  Acknowledgements If words are considered to be signs of gratitude then let these words Convey the very same My sincere gratitude to HDFC BANK for providing me with an opportunity to work with BANK and giving necessary directions on doing this project to the best of my abilities. I am highly indebted to Branch Manager and company project guide, who has provided me with the necessary information and also for the support extended out to me in the completion of this report and his valuable suggestion...

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credit risk ICICI BANK

Project Report On “Credit Risk Management Strategies For Home Loan in ICICI Bank” Jabalpur Submitted ToDirector-Dr. Anil Kumar Dhagat Gyan Ganga College of Technology, Jabalpur Project Guide Dr. Anil Kumar Dhagat Submitted By- Sohit Gupta Enrolment No. - AW/3802 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Working in this Project has been a great Learning experience for me. This report gives immense pleasure to express sincere and heartfelt gratitude toward faculty guide Dr. Anil Kumar Dhagat whose...

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Comparison of Icici Bank and Hdfc Bank

Strategic Analysis of ICICI Bank and its comparison with HDFC Bank 1|Page Contents Profile of the banks……………………………………………………………………………………….3 Financial Analysis of the two banks …………………………………………………………………... 4 Growth Strategies that ICICI bank can adopt…………………………………………………………9 Strategic Analysis………………………………………………………………………………………..10 Recommendations……………………………………………………………………………………….13 2|Page 1. Profile of the banks ICICI Bank ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank and offers a wide...

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Financial Analysis of Icici Bank

MINOR PROJECT REPORT ON THE STUDY OF ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF ICICI BANK [pic] Submitted in the partial fulfillment of required for the award of degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. Submitted By: Akanksha Jain ENROLL No- 001 /KRCHE /BBA(B&I)/2006 Under the guidance (MR. A. Lenin Jothi) ( Mrs. Madhu Arora) KASTURI RAM COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION (AFFILATED TO GURU GOBIND SINGH UNIVERSITY, DELHI) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Getting a project ready requires...

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Use of Aims and Objectives in Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

BTEC Business Level 2 Extended Certificate |Unit 2 |Business Organisations |5 Credits | |Assignment Title |Assignment 1: Business Aims & Objectives | |Learners name: |Assessors name: M Ward/A Clarke | |Date issued: 6/2/12 |Due date: 30/3/12 ...

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Study of Marketing of Icici Prudential Life Insurance

STUDY OF MARKETING MIX OF ICICI PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (Synopsis of the Project towards partial fulfilment of the assessment in the subject of Service Marketing) INTRODUCTION COMPANY PROFILE ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and licensed under and in terms of the Insurance Act, 1938 and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, 1999 to carry out the business of life insurance and having its...

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7 P's of Icici Bank

P’S OF MARKETING FOR ICICI BANK PRODUCT 1. DEPOSITS ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to suit our requirements. Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ over 1800 ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking, ICICI Bank brings banking at your doorstep. ➢ Savings Account ➢ Senior Citizen Services ➢ Young Stars ➢ Fixed Deposits ➢ Recurring Deposits ➢ Roaming Current Account ➢ ICICI Bank Salary Account 2...

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Icici Bank Search Report in India

INTRODUCTION ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian diversified financial services company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is the second largest bank in India by assets and third largest by market capitalization. It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. The Bank has...

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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives Every business has aims that they wish to achieve, they might be overall goals and purposes that the business was set up to fulfil. Aims can therefore be seen as not only long term, but in some cases, almost impossible to reach, Heinz aims for its tomato sauce to be ‘the world's favourite ketchup, on every table' (every table; total Customer satisfaction). But this doesn't the organisation from trying to reach the aim, and from always working towards it. Typical aims...

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Assess Wheter a Business Meets Its Aims and Objectives on Uk's Biggest Supermarket Chain

Assess whether a business meets its aims and objectives D1 In this assessment I will look at Tesco and how its aims and objectives are being met or not for 2012, the following assessment has taken information from Tescos own website on its financial and annual review report. 2012 has been a challenging year for the leading supermarkets due to high fuel costs, high taxes, real incomes not growing so people are adjusting their shopping habits. The UK's biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, has reported...

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Icici Bank Report

ICICI BANK ABOUT ICICI BANK: ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 4,736.47 billion (US$ 93 billion) at March 31, 2012 and profit after tax Rs. 64.65 billion (US$ 1,271 million) for the year ended March 31, 2012. The Bank has a network of 2,766 branches and 9,363 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 19 countries, including India. ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery...

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The activities, aim and objectives of arriva bus company

THE ACTIVITIES, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF MY CHOSEN BUSINESS INTRODUCTION In this unit I am attempting to investigate that how a business works. In order to do this I chose a large sized business with a good location, reliable staff, products and services. The business which I have chosen is "Arriva"; it's a public limited company. ARRIVA HISTORY Arriva is a relatively new passenger services brand but its track record in transport goes back more than sixty years. *1938 ---- The Cowie family open...

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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives Apollonia have their goals and objectives tied to their mission and value statements. They ensure goals and objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. This is crucial in their business because it is a high demand, and with a plan to follow and the ability to recognize the point that they achieve success. They update their goals and objectives when necessary, as business plans always have an ending date. The goals they set for the first year of business...

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Study on Financial Analysis on Icici Bank

Reference To ICICI Bank Under the Guidance of: Submitted By: Vikil kumar singhal 07921301709 Department of Management Tecnia institute of advanced studies Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi DECLARATION This is to certify that I have completed the Summer Project title “A STUDY ON FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF RISK – WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ICICI BANK” under the guidance...

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