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Afrikaans Mondeling

education for Blacks, Indians and Coloured was not free.[1] In the 70's the per capita governmental spending on black education was one-tenth of the spending on white.[3] In 1976 student protests against the Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974, which forced all black schools to use both Afrikaans and English as languages of instruction beginning with the last year of primary school, led to the Soweto uprising in which more than 575 people died, at least 134 of them under the age of eighteen.[3][8] ...

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The Power of One

as his head. The influence of characters in the movie position the audience to empathise with the African population. Avildsen uses contrast in setting to position the audience to believe a certain perspective. For example the setting which the Afrikaans students are shown in is dark, with military uniforms and a German accent portray them as evil heartless beings which ultimately reflects the setting that they are shown in. On the contrary when black men, women and children are shown in their home...

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Ritas in South Africa

than a .com web address. The main difference that should be done is what language the writing is in on the cup. I believe that the writing should be English on one side of the cup, and Afrikaans on the other. In my research I found that English is the business language of choice. However, I believe that putting Afrikaans on the cup as well will allow for more people to understand the slogan, and localize the brand for South African citizens. Rita’s in America posts nutritional facts rather than putting...

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Doing Business in South Africa

culture compromise of: black Afrikaans , white Afrikaans, mixed-race Afrikaans, Asian-Indian, White Chinese-Taiwanese (Koopman & van Muijen 1994). The black Afrikaans are the majority race in South Africa. The Zulu nation makes up the majority in the black Afrikaans, The white Afrikaans are the minority race and have the majority of the power. The white Afrikaans are predominately from the English origin. The mixed-race Afrikaans are closer to the white Afrikaans but they are discriminated against...

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History Essay: The Beginning of Apartheid and the Two leading Parties

what we know them as today as the; Afrikaans. For a long time period, the Afrikaans people who were referred to as ‘The Boere’ were in conflict with the English and many battles took place. This caused the black people to either flee or fight and in most times the blacks approached the different sides to swear legions. Black people were forced to work for the Afrikaans or they were not protected and this could have resulted in execution by the English. The Afrikaans saw an opportunity, which gave them...

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Language Policy in Education in South Africa

along with the emancipication of slaves “this practice placed the slave owner in an inferior position to his slave” (Giliomee, H & Mbenga B, 2007 pg 91) created tension between the Afrikaner ‘volk’ and the British. The desire for education in the Afrikaans community was very low. The English found that the Dutch/Afrikaner volk had “neglected education, stifled trade, supported slavery” (Giliomee, H & Mbenga B, 2007 pg 91) Therefore in 1821 a language policy was made that sparked conflict between the...

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her drunken husband. “Why doesn’t she leave him?” Elsa says. “She can’t do that, Elsie. They’re married.” says Helen. Elsa’s reaction, “…there’s the Afrikaner in you speaking” (p. 23) is indicative of Elsa’s feelings of disgust with the redundant Afrikaans custom that you had to stay with your husband, even if he abused you. We are introduced to Elsa, a 31-year old teacher, when she arrived at Helen’s Mecca. Elsa, an English speaking South African, had more liberal views than the Afrikaner mind...

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Table Mountain National Park and Cape Town

residents of the city and metropolitan area are Coloured (the former official term for people of mixed race), about one-fourth are white, about one-fifth are black, and the remainder are of Asian—primarily Indian—origin. In the metropolitan area Afrikaans is the first language of almost half the Coloureds and whites. Almost one-quarter speak English as a first language, and another quarter are equally at home in both languages. The blacks are predominantly Xhosa-speaking. The majority of the residents...

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The Power of One Themes The Power of One is an intriguing story of a young English boy named Peekay and his passion for changing the world. Growing up he suffered as the only English boy in an Afrikaans school. Soon orphaned, he was placed in the care of a German national named Professor von Vollensteen (Doc), a friend of his grandfather. Doc develops Peekay's piano talent and Peekay becomes "assistant gardener" in Doc's cactus garden. It is not long after WWII begins that Doc is placed in prison...

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born free generation

this is somewhat ironic because politically inspired school pupils were the catalysts for one of the most important resistances against the apartheid government. In 1976 the National Party attempted to modify the education act and insist that Afrikaans be the medium of instruction for Bantu education. On the 16th of June politicised and angry young teenagers poured into the streets of Soweto equipped with suitcases and stones. They confronted heavily armed policemen and the might of the South African...

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The Power of One (Movie)

P.K. had to deal with being a victim of racism as well. He knew how it felt to be treated like he was worthless from when he was at boarding school and the Afrikaans blamed him for how the English military treated them. The swastika was shown on the main tormentor’s arm as a symbol of the wickedness and power of the apartheid. The Afrikaans in this movie were portrayed as the primary promoters or racism and segregation. During one of the final scenes where the Afrikaner officers were searching...

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Alienation; the Power of One and Othello

but also socially from one’s society without previous attachments. Reasons for this might be because of a person’s appearance, nationality, or religion. An example of this is shown The Power Of one when PK suffers as the only English boy in an Afrikaans school, getting bullied daily. The Power of One sticks to the idea of experiencing alienation from the view of a boy who is growing up in a system of classes and injustice and who fails to belong to any of these classes. The Power of One relates...

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South African linguistic diversity

stereotypes and the development of its countless varieties as far as tolerance towards its variations is concerned. My key terms in my search were ‘Tolerance, English speaking South African English, Black South African English, Coloured English, Afrikaans English, South African Indian English, English in Johannesburg, Linguistics and Tolerance in South Africa.’ First, definitions of stereotypes and language attitudes, tolerance and language varieties are described. Further, the historical development...

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South Afrika 100 Years (Afrikaans)

Tema: Suid-Afrika 100 jaar Onderwerp: Afrikaans het soos ‘n soet kind al sy wortels geëet Voorsitter. Jy kry Afrikaans in duisende boeke. Ons hoor gereeld van Afrikaanse dramas wat groot erkenning geniet, weet van verskillende Afrikaanse gedigte van wêreldklas en verneem telkens met belangstelling van ’n soveelste Afrikaanse roman wat in ’n ander taal vertaal is. Afrikaans laat hom dus wyd en syd geld. Dit staan immers nie terug vir enige ander taal as dit by seggenskrag kom nie. En tog:...

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Essay On Drugs In Afrikaans

Read and Download essay on drugs in afrikaans. Free access for PDF Ebook Essay On Drugs In Afrikaans and also various other store collections. There are several complimentary Essay On Drugs In Afrikaans that are continuously composed and archived in our on-line library. If you have an interest in Essay On Drugs In Afrikaans that will certainly satisfy your research paper requires, then you put on not should to bother with that to get long. This is because there is a significant data source of different...

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this picture makes me think of a terrible accident that occurred recently . it was a cold , stormy night and i was driving on the n2 and talking on the cellphone . the lights were out due to the storm. just as my luck had it so was my car lights not working . i was driving about 120 km/h because i was late and i could not see anything due to the darkness . while speeding i see a brright light in front of me. i thought to myself am i dead but i actually was on the wrong lane seconds before i...

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Afrikaans Essay

Book Review Robinson Crusoe – Daniel Defoe Jayde Bromwich Plot summary: Robinson Crusoe is an Englishman from the town of York in the seventeenth century, Robinson is committed to obeying his father’s order not to travel or leave home, but he eventually does what he desires and leaves on a ship heading to London with a friend. There is a terrible storm, but this does not dissuade Robinson from carrying on with his travels. Crusoe leaves London on another ship, and this is a successful financial...

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Fiscal Policy Sa(Afrikaans)

Inhoudsopgawe Inleiding 2 Uitbreidende Fiskale beleid 3 Inkrimpende fiskale Beleid 3 Sloerings 3 Suid Afrika geskiedenis met fiskale beleid 5 Oplossing vir Suid Afrika 6 Gevolgtrekking 7 Bibliografie 8 Bronne Inleiding Fiskale beleid is die manier waarop die owerheid die ekonomie beinvloed deur middel van geld invorder en besteding. Die hoofinstrument van die Fiskale beleid waarvan die begroting waarvan twee veranderlikes...

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language planning in south africa

and higher education were run. The population of South Africa is not only multiracial but it is also multilingual. It is estimated that about 25 languages are spoken within South Africa’s borders (Mesthrei, 2006). Historical Background In 1924, Afrikaans, a relatively new, hybridized language in use for only about eight years at the time, became one of the official languages of South Africa. Prior to 1924, English was the only official language in South Africa. In 1948, the infamous policy of apartheid...

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The Linguistic Situation of South Africa

When it comes to linguistics, South Africa is like a melting pot of languages. In total, South Africa has eleven major languages coming from both Africa and Europe. The major languages used are Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Pedi, Sesotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. In order to understand how each of these languages arrived in South Africa, we must first look at the history of people living in the country. The first identified language spoken in the South Africa was Khoisan....

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The Pact Government

to stimulate the economy in all sectors, stimulate Afrikaans Nationalism, to greater independence for South Africa and to make South Africa safe for the white people. In the area of economic development the Pact Government made a great contribution to the development of the Union. Most people working in the agricultural sector were Afrikaans and by putting effort into stimulating the sector, he also stimulated the advancement of the Afrikaans nation. An export marketing body was set up in order...

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Afrikaans Essay - Female Domination

Through the ages, females have lived by society’s expectations and stereotypes. Women are faced with more physical and emotional obstacles from the early stages of their lives than males. One of the most prominent obstacles is the menstruation cycle which hits most females hard during puberty. Females go through excruciating pain on a monthly basis from 10 years old to about 50 years old. This menstrual cycle is essential for fertility - in other words, females go through this monthly pain so they...

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Language Acquisition Beliefs

Grade, all students were required to study Afrikaans (a derivative of Dutch). If students failed either English, Math or Afrikaans they were required to repeat the entire school year. At the same time, in the same city, Afrikaans speaking families were sending their children to Afrikaans schools where they were required to pass English classes. By the time I got to middle school, I was fluent in both languages and elected to attend a predominantly Afrikaans school. Once I got to high school, I switched...

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Observe and Interview

following realities, some quite different to what I had expected. - More Older generation and retired folk Wrong; in a group of approximately 40 people, I would say only 20% were in the age groups of 50 to 80 years old. All were from the Afrikaans or English speaking white population and made up more women than men.A smaller group than I would have expected. - Less younger and middle aged adults (would include ‘Stay @ Home Moms’ and possibly some executive/ professional men) Partly...

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Soweto Uprising and Apartheid in South Africa

this is plagued by a brutal system of racial repression that dominated much of its history. South Africa was a stunning example of a modern nation where a minority had such a great deal of power over a staggering majority. The word Apartheid is Afrikaans for separateness. This separateness was South Africa’s legal system of racial segregation that was enforced from 1948 until 1994. The way this system worked was that citizens where broken down into four racial classifications and received benefits...

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Utrecht. Daarnaast hebben wij overige doelstellingen opgedeeld in drie categorieën. 1. Strategische doelstellingen: - Het scholenproject dat betrekking heeft tot geheel Afrika ondersteunen door gerechten aan te bieden die van origine Afrikaans zijn. - Het echter ook bekend maken van Afrikaanse gerechten onder de basisschoolleerlingen. 2. Tactische doelstellingen: - Door diverse entertainment en aankleding in de sferen van Afrika aan te bieden de basisschoolleerlingen...

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Why I Love My Job

him to please explain to her what was found and done on her vehicles’ areas of concern. He explained the first point to her in Afrikaans after which she informed him that she would prefer for him to please explain it to her in English as she doesn’t clearly understand the terminology in Afrikaans. He just kept on 1.1.1 SCENARIO explaining the same point in Afrikaans and after a few minutes turned around and walked away. I approached the client very professionally immediately portraying my understanding...

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Job Description

High school attended: Topaz Secondary. Highest grade passed: Matriculation. Subjects: Math’s literacy English Afrikaans Consumer studies Geography Life Science Hobbies, Skills: Hobbies: I enjoy reading, interacting with different people and exchanging knowledge and have...

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Dark Humour - a Look at South African Comedy

break a coconut, never stands still Yoruba Proverb Afrikaans is the world's youngest language with a grammar all of it own. Afrikaans draws from Dutch, French and Flemish, but pays homage only to Afrika, the motherland. It is a language with an uncanny ability to beat a description out with a dull instrument. An ‘elevator' is a ‘lifting-box', ‘gatvol', a rather crass term meaning ‘fed up', literally means ‘full hole' and the traditional Afrikaans sport bokdrolletjiespoeg means "buck droppings' spit"...

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Racism in Africa

impression that you as part of the the dominant culture do not have to bother learning, interacting or even considering other cultures in your worldview. English and later Afrikaans culture was a dominant force in South Africa which meant that all cultures (those of the black majority) had to conform and accommodate English and Afrikaans preferences. This led to the trivialisation of other cultures and languages to the point that Amanzimtoti is referred to as ‘Toti’, Ezinqolweni as Ezingolweni, Ixopo...

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Film Essay Power of One

farm in the province of Natal. Soon after, he is sent to an Afrikaans boarding school, where--as the youngest of all the students, and the only English-speaker--he is brutally tortured by the other boys. The Judge, a senior boy called Jaapie Botha, and his so-called "stormtroopers" punish Peekay for his bedwetting habit and his circumcised penis by means of constant verbal and physical abuse. They call him derogatory names in Afrikaans such as "pisskop" (piss head) and "rooinek" (redneck), a term...

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Death Penalty in South Africa

Witbank ( /ˈvɪtbəŋk/; Afrikaans for White Ridge), also known as eMalahleni (meaning "place of coal") is a city situated on the Highveld of Mpumalanga, South Africa, within the eMalahleni Local Municipality.[2][3][4] The name Witbank is Afrikaans for White Ridge and is named after a white sandstone outcrop where wagon transport drivers rested. The city is known for the coal-mining in the surrounding region. History Witbank was established in 1890 and early attempts to exploit the coal deposits failed...

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Apartheid Legislation in South Africa

South Africa did not comprise a single nation, but was made up of four distinct racial groups: white, black, colored, and Indian. These groups were split further into thirteen nations or racial federations. White people encompassed the English and Afrikaans language groups; the black populace was divided into ten such groups. The state passed laws which paved the way for "grand apartheid", which was centered on separating races on a large scale, by compelling people to live in separate places defined...

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BPT1501 Assignment 06 1

40679846 Name & surname: Tanje Van Der Waag School: The name of the school is Highveld Ridge Primary School, in Secunda, Mpumalanga. It is a public school. I visited there from 14/04/2015 to 16/04/2015.. The medium of instruction is English and Afrikaans is the first additional language. It is a beautiful school with great facilities. Teacher: I spent my two week school visit with Miss Kayleigh De Mesquita. She is a grade 3 teacher and there are 26 learners in her classroom. She is patient, friendly...

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This a Afrikaans Essay of the importance of international trade and how it effects world markets and economies.

Vraag: Bespreek dir belangrikheid van internasionale handel en hoe dit wereld marke en ekonomiee affekteur. INLEIDING: Internasionale Handel is die verruiling van goedere of dienste tussen nasies. "Goedere" kan gedefineer word as finale produkte, intemidere goedere (wat gebruik word om ander produkte te vervaardig), of onverwerkte materiale soos minerale ens. Internasionale handel verruiling stel 'n land in staat om te spesialiseer in die produkte wat dit die goedkoopste en produktiefste kan produseer...

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49183397 BPT1501 04 MARK084100

Collage Explanation (Story) A picture can tells a million stories! In the collage above I have tried to capture the essence of Mtubatuba Primary School. In the first row of pictures we have a Biology teachers giving a lessons by explaining, an Afrikaans lesson with lost of English translations and hand signals to help the second language students understand better. An Informal Maths Assessment and Motivational Quote’s that changes weekly and Monthly for a little inspiration. The Second row Geometry...

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Document Analysis: Apartheid Regime in South Africa

to disperse * No warning shots * Children shot in the back B) Using this document and your own knowledge, explain the reasons behind this incident in Soweto in June 1976 * Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974- 50% instruction in Afrikaans * Black South Africans preferred English as Afrikaans seen as the language of Apartheid – “the language of the oppressor” (D Tutu) * Teachers objected that it would prevent critical thinking as students would be too focussed on the language...

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Home Telephone : 0234152392 Home Language : Xhosa Other Languages : English, Afrikaans & Zulu Health : Excellent Dependants : One Criminal offences : None Drivers Licence : Code B EDUCATION QUALIFICATION Highest standard passed : Matric Year obtain : 1999 School Where Complicated : Ikamvalethu Finishing School Subjects Passed : Xhosa English Afrikaans Biology Physical Science Mathematics TEETIARY QUALIFICATIONS ...

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Covering Letter


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ANIMal testing

“apartheid” or “regime” alone) or “opened fire” 3. Explain in your own words (a) what the marchers were objecting to, according to lines 8 – 10; 2U A Government rule/law/decree/statute/order (gloss of “edict”) (1) forcing teaching in Afrikaans/making it obligatory/enforced/required (gloss of “compulsory”) (1) (b) why this issue was so important to them, according to lines 11 – 15. 1U it was a threat to their self-esteem or identity (gloss of “unpeople”) OR it was a threat to...

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Technology Simplifies Modern Life

: 0749473164/0731498940 EDUCATION AND TRAINING Institution : Edenglen high school Qualification : Matric SUBJECTS : Mathematics English Afrikaans History Business Studies Computer Application Technology YEAR : 2011 ________________________________________________________________________________ Institution ...

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Human Rights and Hair Salon Position


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My Curriculum Vitae

|Read | |Sesotho |Excellent |Excellent |Excellent | |English |Excellent |Excellent |Excellent | |Afrikaans |Good |Good |Good | |Xhosa |Good |Good |Good | |IsiZulu |Good ...

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Auther Audit

submitted a few pieces to the student literary competitions (Anderson, 36-45). Herman Charles Bosman, one of South Africa’s most popular writers, became famous for capturing the rhythms of backveld Afrikaans speech, even though he wrote mostly in English. One always gets the feeling of the Afrikaans undertone in all his writings, might it be his short stories, novels or poems (Anderson, 36-45). After graduation he accepted a teaching job in the Groot Marico. This area and its people inspired him...

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Mr R. Mahumani

Contact : 072 6129870 Residential Address : 509 Centre Place, 267 Helen Joseph Street, Pretoria, 0002 Languages : English, Afrikaans, N. Sotho, Tsonga, and isiZulu Criminal Offences : None 2. Educational Qualification School : Giva - Mahlathi High School Type of Matriculation : Exemption (Merit) Year of Matriculation : 2002 Subjects : English Afrikaans Xitsonga Business Economics Mathematics Accounting Economics Qualification : Bachelor’s Degree ...

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Grade 7 Mathematics: Lesson Plans

Assessment and two (2) Formal Assessment Tasks per term), to include various forms of assessment as outlined by the CAPS. 5. To subcontract (or use own staff, depending on NGO capacity) the versioning of the Grade 7 Lesson Plans (per term) into Afrikaans used as LOLT in ten (10) GPLMS schools. 6. To submit a draft of the Lesson Plans (per term) to the GPLMS Maths Team to be reviewed by the Grade 7 Reference Team specifically put together for quality assurance purposes. 7. To implement the recommendations...

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Cry freedom: Character - Donald Woods. (Describe a main character)

A main character in the film 'Cry Freedom' directed and produced by Richard Attenborough was Donald Woods. Donald Woods is a 41-year-old white Afrikaan editor. He is married with 5 children, 2 girls and 3 boys. They all live together in a huge mansion with a pool in the yard. They also have an African maid named Evelyn. He has greying hair, glasses and a cheerful personality. He also considered himself a white liberal. At the beginning Donald Woods was blind and ignorant to what Stephen Biko, black...

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Russian, among others. In these languages, voiced obstruents in the syllable coda or at the end of a word become voiceless. In Dutch and Afrikaans, terminal devoicing results in homophones such as hard 'hard' and hart 'heart' as well as differences in consonant sounds between the singular and plural forms of nouns, for example golf-golven (Dutch) and golf-golwe (Afrikaans) for 'wave-waves'. The history of the devoicing phenomenon within the West Germanic languages is not entirely clear but the discovery...

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Road To Mecca

women’s rights to express themselves freely. Helen is a widow who lives in a rural Afrikaans town in the Karoo, New Bethseda. Since her husband’s death, Helen has filled her home and garden with statues and works of art such as wise men, camels, owls, mermaids and other figures. She has decorated her home with candles and mirrors and mosaics. She has created her own “Mecca” of beauty and freedom among the conservative Afrikaans society that surrounds her. The play explores her relationship with a young...

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Highly Motivated 1 Educational Qualification High School Attended : Kusasalethu high school Highest Grade Passed : Grade 12 Subjects : Sesotho, English, Mathematics Physical science, Biology, Afrikaans Employment History 1 EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Present Company Name : The Kit Group Position : internal sales consultant Responsibilities : Purchase orders : Invoicing ...

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Education in South Africa

impediment existing in and on the emotion of the number one South African, me. My essay taunts the question:”As a 40 year old white Afrikaans man, where do I stand in the South African educational system?”, and does it conform to the statement to be the best in the world. I ask the question in all honesty and respect. I am reflecting on education I attained as an Afrikaans “silver spoon in the mouth” little brat right through to my more sensible self Technical College tuition and my current B-COM studies...

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Afrikaner Nationalism

more to unite Afrikanerdom and infuse it with purpose and determination (Wilson and Thompson, 367). The notion that Afrikaners are direct descendants of the Dutch are somewhat distorted. The Afrikaner nationalism places emphasis on the unity of all Afrikaans speaking white people, the Volk (folk – common people), against foreign elements such as blacks, Jews and English speaking South Africans. Another factor that held Afrikaner people together was that of Calvinism. Religion played an instrumental...

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Mr Thabani Mzinyane

as much quality with my family ------------------------------------------------- ACADEMIC HISTORY LAST SCHOOL ATTENDED : Qhozo high school HIGHEST GRADE PASSED : Grade 12 YEAR : 2002 SUBJECTS : English : isiZulu : Afrikaans : Business Economics : Maths : Physical science ------------------------------------------------- AWARDS AND ACHIEVMENTS 2001 – Certificte in personal Money Management 2002 – RCL Representative 2003 – Matric Certificate passed with Endorsement ...

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Multicultural Education

integrate(Pg17) Coleman Report Education not measuring up to expectations Equal opportunity's does not mean equal education RSA Apartheid Group areas act Separate education departments Department of Bantu Education Discrimination Afrikaans compulsory Less money Black people Trained for labour 1970’s Soweto Uprising turning point Political Changes So why the need? To educate a child you need to know them Don’t teach to Average Their culture and backgrounds has an effect on...

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My Cv

Certificate Computer skills Word processing, Microsoft office (word, excel, power point, access), ICT issues, SPSS and E-view. Language proficiency | Speak | Read | Write | English | Good | Good | Good | Oshiwambo | Good | Good | Good | Afrikaans | Good | Fair | Poor | Otjiherero | Fair | Fair | Fair | Working experience Company Oshana regional council Position Accounts Assistant Duration 06 November 2012 till now Company first National Bank Position Switchboard...

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The Origins of the Apartheid in South Africa

The Republic of South Africa was the norm. The Afrikaners are a South African people of Dutch or French Huguenot descent. In 1998, 2.7 million Afrikaners inhabited South Africa, consisting of about 56% of the white population. Their language is Afrikaans, a derivative of Dutch. The Nationalist party of South Africa was founded in 1914 by James Barry Munnik Hertzog to protect and promote the interests of Afrikaners against what were considered the pro-British policies of the South African party,...

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History of Apartheid in South Africa

has already been done, has been done The Afrikaners are a South African people of Dutch or French Huguenot descent. In 1998, 2.7 million Afrikaners inhabited South Africa, consisting of about 56% of the white population. Their language is Afrikaans, a derivative of Dutch. The Nationalist party of South Africa was founded in 1914 by James Barry Munnik Hertzog to protect and promote the interests of Afrikaners against what were considered the pro-British policies of the South African party,...

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speech why english was they best national language for namibia

apartheid when German’s and colonies from South Africa taught our people their languages(Afrikaans, German and English) in order to communicate with them. During apartheid Afrikaans, German and English held the position of official language; however, after independence from South Africa1990, Namibia's new government made English the sole official language in the constitution of Namibia. German and Afrikaans were stigmatized as having colonial overtones. "If communication is the life blood of human...

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Cry Freedom

shot focuses on photographs of police brutality during the raid contradicting the official news. When asked if Woods will print them he relies defiantly “I’ll risk it”. Clearly, Woods is an individual who does not believe in or support the Afrikaans government approach, making him an individual with different values, beliefs and attitudes to the wider white South African society. A close up on Woods as he declares Biko is building a wall of black hatred and prejudice and I will fight...

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