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Advantages Of Speaking English

Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English’. If you are currently learning English in a school , college or university. Actually you join approximately one billion other people around the world who are engaged in the same pursuit. However as you may memorise and use proper grammar and try to avoid the mistakes common to most students of English, you may wonder why you are learning English in the first place. • Important of English as the official second language. So, why is speaking effectively...

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Advantages Learning English

• The Advantages of Learning English 29 Jan 2010, 7:00 pm There are 1 billion people in this world who are just like you. One billion people trying to conjugate verbs. One billion people trying to understand the difference between much and many. One billion people trying to pronounce TH and make it sound natural. Yes, that's right, one billion people trying to learn English. This is because English has become the most important language in the world. 1.5 billion people already speak the language...

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The Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English

The Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English Good morning to the Principal, members of the School Alumni, teachers, parents and all ex students, it is an honor to speak to all of you today and I’m here today to present a paper titled ‘The Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English’. Why do we need to speak English effectively? The importance of English is increasing day by day. It is because English has become an international business and professional language. Yes, it is true whether you...

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Advantages of Speaking English

English is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. English is often the common language between two people from different countries. Speaking English fluently will allow you to communicate with people throughout the world, whether you are in an English-speaking country or another foreign country where English is the language you have in common with another human being. I want to tell you the advanteges of speaking English. There’s too much advantages of speaking English, but today...

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The advantage of speaking english

reasons to learn English and the advantages that come from speaking English when you travel are many, varied and valuable. In so many parts of the world, English is the ‘international language’ — although it may not be the language that is native to, or most commonly spoken in a particular country, English is most often the language that travellers share and local people use when communicating with visitors. Here we take a look at six of the greatest advantages of speaking English when you travel: ...

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Importance Of English Speaking

Importance of English Speaking English is the International Language and is one of the most popular and most spoken in the technology world. We need to know English language in order to study any science subject or any computer language. We need to know English to communicate effectively too many developed countries. English is very much important in our life...it is necessary in each and every field. If we know English we never feel tongue tide in front of others. It's a widely spoken language....

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Advantages of Speaking English X [pic] John London John London is an English journalist who has been writing professionally since 2006. His articles have appeared in major British newspapers such as "The Times" and "The Guardian." London holds a Master of Arts in journalism from the University of the Arts London. By John London, eHow Contributor [pic]When you go abroad, English will probably be the single language many people will understand. English is known to be so useful throughout...

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The Importance and Advantages of English

THE IMPORTANCE AND ADVANTAGES OF ENGLISH Once there was a popular quote saying that “The sun never set on the British Empire”. This statement is very close to the truth. Because of the geographic spread of the British colonies, some territory somewhere was always in daylight hours. Chief among many legacies left behind by this British colonization is none other than the English language. It is difficult to estimate exactly how many English speakers there are, but according to one estimate...

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The Benefits of Speaking Effectively in English

English is an international language. It is used by people all around the world to communicate with each other. In fact, English is the official second language in Malaysia. However, some people do not take this matter seriously as they think that their own local language is just enough to be understood as they only communicate with people around them. This is absolutely an incorrect opinion. Imagine if you are promoted to go somewhere abroad, outside the country, and people can only understand you...

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Advantages of Public Speaking

 Most people are ignorant to distinguish the concept between talking and speaking. The key of speaking is to communicate with speech, in a more serious and formal manner. In contrast to talking, speaking only include one person communicating to a certain number of audience. Meanwhile it is a norm that everyone can talk with ease, a public speaker may feel all jittery before or/and during a speech delivery or pass out in a middle of the function. Some speakers tend to look down the aisle rather than...

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Speaking Skill in English Langauge

status: married Address: vela 152,El Nargs 2 ,El Tagmo’El khams Cell phone NO.:01005277716 E-mail:sarah.ahmed95@yahoo.com English as a second language educator Patient –trustworthy –compassionate Dynamic and results-oriented ESL teacher committed to inculcating a passion for learning ,creating multicultural awareness through teaching the fundamentals of the English language. A strong talent to develop and implement creative, hands-on curriculum that reaches every student’s learning style and...

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How to Improve English Speaking Ability

How to Improve English Speaking Ability By Josalin Mitchell, eHow Contributor * * * * Print this article Related Searches: * Listening Speaking * Speaking Lessons Improving English speaking ability does not have to involve expensive courses. The most important part is simply to immerse yourself in the language. Initiate conversations in English. Watch television shows in which standard English pronunciation is used, such as the news. Listening to the radio is another...

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International students in English speaking universities

International students in English speaking universities Adjustment problems Introduction With the brisk pace of economic globalization, higher education is becoming more internationalized as well. An increasing number of students choose to receive higher education abroad in countries like the US, the UK and Australia, where there are many world-class universities that are expected to provide high-quality education for both domestic and overseas students. However, due to various reasons, and...

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English speaking countries

fruit and vegetables are important agricultural products.  POPULATION There are 3,6 million people in the country. Over 80% of people are European (mainly British) origin. Around 9% of the population is Maoris – original inhabitants.The two official languages are English and Maori.   CITIES -  Wellington(400,000 people) is the capital. -  Auckland is the largest city with 800,000 people. Auckland´s nickname is  “ the city of sails” because it has more boats than anywhere else in the world. WILDLIFE New Zealand...

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Tensions between the French and English speaking Canadians.

Tensions between the French and English speaking Canadians has been a topic issue for quite some time now. Throughout the years it has been questioned as to wether or not the French and English speaking Canadians have the potential ability to be together as a nation. Various votes have been held in order to try and establish what the people of Canada feel about this situation. However, the history of the English and French speaking Canadians prove that Canada is an impossible nation. Foreign Policies...

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English Not English

English Not a Native Tongue” English as a second language is an issue now days. Many people that don’t speak or write English, life tends to be a bit harsh on them. I personally have experience how difficult it is when one is not born in a family where English is not the native language. I came across two great essays, written by Amy Tan and Richard Rodriguez. These two great authors wrote about the challenges they faced while growing up in families that English was not their native tongue. Tan...

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speak english

Steps to Learning English To become a fluent English speaker, you must study and master reading, listening, and speaking. At TalkEnglish.com, the lessons are structured to give you practice in all three areas at the same time. Reading Speaking English Fluency Listening Step 1: Identify Step 2: Understand Step 3: Integrate A complete and efficient solution to Learn English speaking TalkEnglish.com developed the "Click, Listen, and Repeat" functionality. In most of the...

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Important of english

people in the world now speak English? According to a recent report "...three billion people will be speaking or learning English within a decade." English is the language of globalization. It's the language of international business and politics. It is the primary language used for most computers and for the inner workings of the Internet. English is the dominant international language in communications, science, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. English is an important tool for operating...

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Nikoloz Vetsko 9/4/2014 Cause English The first time I read a book in English, and honestly a book in general, was in 5th grade. I grew up in the Republic of Georgia, went to a public school for most of my first four years, with teachers that didn’t really care if I paid attention or really, if I was there at all. It was hard for me to care when they didn’t seem to, I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and in fact it would be accurate to say that in those first four years, I didn’t learn anything...

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English Proficiency

proficiency is derived from mandates issued by the US government, declaring that a limited English proficient student is one who comes from a non-English background and "who has sufficient difficulty speaking, reading, writing, or understanding the English language and whose difficulties may deny such an individual the opportunity to learn successfully in classrooms where the language of instruction is English or to participate fully in our society." ACTFL views "performance" as being the combined...

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English Mastery

Laurry Guillan F. Reyes HRS 1-A English Mastery: An Essential to the New Generation Thesis Statement: The generation we live in now has incredibly high standards that fluency in English language is of a good help for starting a career, connecting to the world and international recognition. Introduction According to the contemporary psycholinguist, Frank Smith, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” Having one language is not enough though...

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International Students’ English Speaking Competence and Three Different Kinds of Personalities at American Universities

International Students’ English Speaking competence and Three Different Kinds of Personalities at American Universities A survey on “Wall street journal” shows that what the employers greatest expecting of business-school graduations. The number one is the ability of communication and interpersonal skills, which accounts for 88% (i.e. 88 percent of employers think this capability is most important). The second is team working skills, which makes ups 85% (Alsop R8). As you have seen, the top two...

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Importance of English

important role in human life. Out of all the languages in the world, English is considered as the international language The British rules introduced English in Indian schools. English is a window language. It is the most widely spoken language in the world. Through this language, India can establish her contacts with the developed nations of the world. Although Hindi has been pronounced as the national language in India, some non-Hindi speaking states have not yet accepted it in practice. Thus it is practically...

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History of ENGLISH

English Essay Yentl Camsteyn Contents: 1 Introduction Language introduction as general 2 History of English I Colonization ii The spread through media iii Immigration 3 Where does English stand now? I English in the modern world ii The role of English in worldly use 4 Downside of English as a global language I The impoverishment and loss of other languages ii English language’s limit to expressing ideas 5 Conclusion 3. How are the English changing the world...

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English Proficiency

English nowadays is considered as the universal language; for which it is understood by almost all countries around the world. It is used by most people as their second language. First, it is a way of communication in business, negotiations & especially in academics. It plays an important role in the basic education, particularly to speaking and writing (Kumar, 2009). English proficiency must be treated as an additional skill. In reality, a country needs to build familiarity, friendship and collaborate...

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My first day in an English speaking school 1

Maddie Zisk My first day in an English speaking school. I thought back, to everything, everything that had happened and where it all had started. Here, it had started here. Memories flooded back, memories of people, memories of places, memories of… of everything. With one last look around I took a deep breath and boarded the aeroplane, I was ready. I arrived the day before the start of the second semester. Though my things had arrived almost a week before, but I had been content living out of a...

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Why English is important in Job Requirement? A study conducted by one of the biggest agencies, Job.com, founded that lack of communication skills in both speaking and writing has caused the main reasons for the failure of graduates in seeking jobs. An English lecturer of University Utara Malaysia’s school of cognitive science and education, M.Puveneswary who taught English at the University for about 11 years said, there was a gap between English at the workplace and academic environments...

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English Only or Not?

English Only or Not? I Table of Content Page Content 1. Introduction 2. English only Policies 3. Lawsuits of Discriminations 4. EEOC vs. Pro English 5. Conclusion 6. Works Cited English Only or Not? Introduction In the United States we are filled with different cultures and backgrounds form other countries, for that reason many other languages other than English are often spoken in the workplace and...

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Should Science and Mathematics Be Taught in English

Should Mathematics and Science be taught in English English, by any standard, is a dominant language of the developed world. It is now a medium of instruction in the world and should be taught in Mathematics and Science subject. The implementation of English in science and mathematics in school is essential due to the use of the English language globally. However, teachers who are incompetent in English will have difficulties with the change of language used in the subject and teaching school subjects...

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Importance of English Speaking

English is a universally accepted language. A man who doesn’t know to speak n English is likely to be put alone in the Sahara desert as he is that useless in this period. There are so many advantages for you if you try to speak or communicate in English, they are : 1) Rewarding job Our dream is to get a good job which is accepted by the society. To get such a job, there are a series of interviews which you should face. Our fluency and skill in English speaking is the main criteria which the...

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English Proficiency

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY OF PNTC STUDENTS INTRODUCTION This thesis presents the declining of English Proficiency of PNTC students. Followed by the problem statement and the aims of the study used in the data gathering. An assessment of the selection of participants as well as the instruments is included. This is followed also by a discussion used for data gathering, procedures and how it was conduct and analyzed. An evaluation follows with the conclusion thereafter. In order to get the effectiveness...

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Is india exploiting its comparative advantage?

Is India exploiting its comparative advantage? – Essay The theory of comparative advantage states that if two countries each specialise in the product with the lowest opportunity cost, and then trade, real incomes will increase for both countries. India is one of the world’s largest countries by both land mass and population. It is located in South Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea. India is considered one of the major forces in the global economic market although it is still a developing economy...

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Speaking English Test

relationship between oral English testing and teaching is also the same case. The aim of oral English teaching is to enable the students to obtain the flexible communicative abilities and to deal with all kinds of circumstances involved in using oral English. Oral English testing is a scientific measuring tool. On one hand, it can give the students an objective, accurate and justice judgment of their oral English abilities and on the other hand it can check the effect of oral English teaching and provide...

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Advantage of English over Folk Language in Education

Pangasinan National High School Lingayen, Pangasinan S. Y. 2012-2013 Advantage of English over Folk Language in Learning Presented to: Mrs. Liberty Casaclang Submitted as Partial Requirement in English IV Researchers: Krissxan Grace P. Lansangan Vernon Russel R. Rosario I. Acknowledgement The researchers wish to acknowledge and thank with profound gratitude, heartfelt appreciation and warmest sincerity the assistance extended by the people who helped them in making this research...

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Issues of Children Growing up in English-Speaking Communities

In this essay we will discuss what children growing up in English using communities have to learn about writing practices and how they learn it. Children are involved in the literate world around them long before the commencement of formal schooling (U211, Book 3, p.79). At a very young age, even during the first three years of their life, children interact with their surroundings and learn that written language can be used to accomplish many different things. For example, they can learn that shopping...

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a complex sentence, a Senate committee is believed to have found. (The Age, 13 September 2007) Nothing unites a country more than its common language because from a language comes a history and a culture. (John Howard quoted in Migrants to sit English test, ABC Online, 11 December 2006) Linguists suggest that some people deliberately choose a low status accent as a way of invoking prestige, although this is less common amongst women than men. The Australian-born children of migrants from Europe...

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English as a Lingua Franca

English as a lingua franca I am going to tell you something about English as a lingua franca. I will be talking about 3 different subjects concerning English as a lingua franca and a lingua franca in common. First of all I will tell you something about the purpose of a lingua franca, or in other words; What is a lingua franca. Secondly I will give some reasons why a lingua franca should be or might be introduced. Then last but not least I will mention some of the problem which might occur when you’re...

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Assessment of English Language Learners

Assessment of English Language Learners Alisha C. Green Grand Canyon University: ESL 533N Advanced Methodologies of Structured English Instruction December 12, 2012 Abstract Assessments are a critical tool in monitoring the progress of English language learners at all grade levels. The main purpose of assessments is to ensure students are receiving quality teaching instruction in accordance to academic and content standards. Even though these tests are not the only resource used for testing...

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Teaching Speaking

Teaching speaking skills 2 - overcoming classroom problems Submitted by TE Editor on 16 February, 2004 - 13:00 This article is written for teachers with large classes of students who have encountered some of the following or similar problems during speaking activities in their classroom. * Why should we teach speaking skills in the classroom? * Motivation * Speaking is fundamental to human communication * Dealing with the arguments against teaching speaking skills *...

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English Speaking

englishbanana.com’s Talk a Lot Spoken English Course by Matt Purland A Great New Way to Learn Spoken English Elementary Book 1 Complete 12-week spoken English course All materials, instructions and answers are included Brand new and unique learning method Learn and recall questions, answers and negatives using 8 common verb forms • Learn 400+ essential vocabulary words • 100% photocopiable • • • • englishbanana.com’s Talk a Lot Spoken English Course Elementary Book 1 This book...

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Public Speaking

Christine Jewel Shi Public Speaking: A Paramount Skill to Success Thesis Statement: In a world filled with so much information, knowing how to effectively organize and present one’s ideas through oral communication is paramount to success in and out of the classroom. I. Introduction A. Public speaking in the twenty-first century is an art and a science. B. The emphasis on ethics in communication is very important across the field. C. Improving your English speaking skills will help you communicate...

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India and English

India and English From 1857, when English was introduced by the Imperial Government as the only medium of education, the English language has played a significant role in the lives of Indian people. After a long struggle by national leaders, in the 1920s, the British rulers reluctantly permitted school education through the medium of Indian languages (designated as vernaculars). In 1947 when India gained independence from the British rule, English was to have been replaced by national languages...

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MINUTES OF ENGLISH PANEL MEETING (15 Jan 2013 @ 1.35 pm, Physics Lab) Attendance : 1. Puan Adila bt Ahmad (Head of Panel) 2. Puan Julaila bt Yahya (Senior Teacher of Language Department) 3. Puan Zuraini bt Abdullah 4. Puan Suhaila bt Kayat 5. Puan Syazrin Syimee bt Sharifuddin 6. Puan Zuhira @ Suria bt Ghazali 7. Puan Asmaton bt Mohd Nawawi 8. Puan Robitah bt Nordin 9. Puan Santhi Nair a/p Baskaran Nair 10. En Mohd Azlan b. Mohd Ali Secretary : En.Azlan bin Mohd Ali Absentees...

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of English

1330017006 The advantages and disadvantages of English as a global language English become more and more common in our daily life, English movies, novels and science papers are a part of our life. At the same time, English play an important role in national society. 95 of 126 U.N. member countries use English to communication, about a quarter of countries and regions use English as official language or lingua franca. English is becoming to a global language. Everything has two sides, and English as a global...

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Cell Phones Advantages&Disadvantages

Malaysian students which is learning more than one language. Our country students usually learned more than three language likes national language, mother language and etc. Our ministry of education set English as a second language in Malaysia, so Malaysian English Language Instructors and ESL (English as second Language) requires learners tend to use more than one code of language in the context of formal classroom. Now, we wants to discuss the factors that cause ESL learners to code switch and how...

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English as a World Language

English as a World Language The English language is the most popular language in the world. This is because of many reasons which include the that fact that it is the international language which is used between states. In many countries located in Asia children begin to learn English from elementary school. They will usually study for more than three hours a week studying English (Advice for you, 2010). For some time people thought that artificial languages could be used however a total of...

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Effective Ways to Improve English

English is important since it is a well known language and has frequently been referred to as a world language. Comfort with English is almost a prerequisite for success in the world today. Regardless of the industry, proficiency in English is an important factor in both hiring and promotion decisions.Being a student in College, English is the major language to communicate with our lecturers, friends and strangers in college.Most of the subjects are written by English too. We must practice...

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The Role of English

Background of the problem English is connecting language between people in entire world on earth. Almost developing countries include our beloved country Indonesia use this language as general communication, we can find everywhere everyplace people talk in many words in English, not only student but we generally often speak with it. Open wide mind to see how feasible of English is nowadays, to be learn or to be ignored? Our youth generation still, keeps stuck in reverse that said English is difficult to be...

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Importance of English

The Importance of English in the World of International Business ‘English is now a global language that belongs to all those who speak it.’ (Nigel Newton, publisher) It is the technology that allows people to travel further and faster than ever before. It is the Internet that links people regardless their nationalities and countries they live in. And technology is also the reason why lots of business people are active globally and why more and more entrepreneurs are on the move than...

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Using Fun Activities to Improve Speaking Skill

by : enisa cahya . chamilanisty@yahoo.com Using Fun Activities to Improve speaking skill for senior high school learners There are many definition of speaking. Speaking is one of the skills that have to be mastered by students in learning English. It is important for students to known definition first. Many experts define speaking in different ways. Brown and Yule (1989) stated in their book. The speakers say words to the listener not only to express what in her mind but also to express what...

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English Speaking Proficiency of Ip Student in the University of Mindanao

singe, and presently pursuing the degree of Education major in English. She is one of the Indigenous Student in the University of Mindanao as one of the privilege scholar in the said institution. She belongs to the Uvo Manuvu tribe. Subject/respondents two (2) is also an Indigenous student in the University of Mindanao, she’s proud to represent her tribe as Ata. She is 20 years-old, taking up Bachelor of Secondary of Education major in English as one of the Government scholar in the said institution....

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Advantages of the Virtual Classroom

Advantages of the Virtual Classroom More than one person can view and attend the lesson. A whole family or group can watch and learn together from one lesson. A whole Class or University can attend the lesson, and follow the lesson as a review or replay as the lesson is recorded and the recording available, at no charge, to the attendees. This is bringing the classroom into the home, school and world, and making Education an International Experience.   The Online English Lesson is fully interactive...

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Choral Speaking

ASSESMENT 2 (B) Micro Skills Presentation Choral Speaking Choral speaking is an activity which involves an oral presentation of a text, using expression to perform and enhance a text. This is done by emphasising particular words, sounds or phrases to help make the text become a performance than a reading. Choral speaking in encouraged to be presented in a small group using different voices to play different parts of a dialogue. Also by varying the pace, the volume of the voice and changing the...

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Global Language--English

A Discussion of the Advantages and Disadvantages of English As A Global Language A widely accepted definition of global English which can be found at "www.reference.com" is "English as a global means of communication in numerous dialects, and also the movements towards an international standard for the language, it is also referred to as world English, common English or general English." In regard to history and why English developed into a global language, Crystal(1977) points out that the current...

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Seminar Group: SEM003 WRITTEN AND SPOKEN ENGLISH Giving effective presentations is one of the essentials when competing in the business world and taking up leadership positions. Yet, I was used to be a shy person, and afraid of public speaking before. I felt extremely nervous when making presentations in front of crowds. This year, being an Aiesecer member of the external relations team, it helps me to boost up my confidence in speaking English. I was given many opportunities to meet the...

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English as a Lingua Franca and Some Implications for English Teachers

ENGLISH AS A LINGUA FRANCA AND SOME IMPLICATIONS FOR ENGLISH TEACHERS Penny Ur TESOL France Colloquium 2009 Initial Concepts and Assumptions Probably between two and three billion people speak English. These may be defined according to Kachru’s three circles: inner, outer, expanding (Kachru, 1992). expanding circle outer circle inner circle Kachru, 1985 Probably between two and three billion people speak English. These may be divided into Kachru’s three circles: inner, outer...

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Importance of English in Business Communication

Importance of English in Business Communication By Evelyn Trimborn, eHow Contributor Print this article Learning English can be the cornerstone of success in the business world due to the fact that English has become a global language in many industries. English has emerged as the global language of trade and commerce in the past few decades, affecting many key aspects of business in the modern world. The English language first spread as the result of colonial expansion, and has become...

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Importance of English Language

“IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE” CRISTINA MARTÍNEZ SIERRA DECEMBER 03/2012 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATIONEnglish is critical for countries’ successful participation in the global economy, that it provides individuals with access to crucial knowledge, skills and employment opportunities and enables organisations to create and sustain international links.” (Council, 2011) Recently I was in a well-known hotel for a conference...

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learning english

1 Learning English Summary : Why learning English is important? Because English is the language for doing international business and to communicate with others around the world, so that’s why learning English in a school, college or institute of further education is a must. To increase your English skill, you must always learn as often as you can and practice as well. Try to use proper grammar when you write, pronounce well when you speak or something like that. As you know, English has plenty...

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English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language It is a struggle to adapt to a new culture and language, which may be completely different from the ones young child may have already learned. This can lead to inner conflict, confusion, and even anger. One way to handle the conflict is to cut ties with the first culture including language. But is this the answer? Doing so can create a sense of loss. In the essay “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood”, Richard Rodriguez shares his personal experience with learning...

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