• Text Messaging: Means of Comunication or Means of Lowering the Level of English Literacy Among Lpu Students
    LYCEUM of the PHILIPPINES UNIVERSITY CAVITE CAMPUS Governor’s Drive Gen. Trias, Cavite Text Messaging: Means of Communication or Means of Lowering The Level of English Literacy among LPU Students Submitted by: Malabanan, Jill Justine E. Paras, Juran Jither I. Salonoy, Roy Jerus J. Sum
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  • does modern day communication via social network put an end of true and sincere relationship?
     Nowadays, people could not live without a social network as they are using social network for their daily activities. Social network gives us access to information and resources that we want. Social network is convenience to people as it provides us in doing business, homework, making new...
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  • modern means of communication
    According to Webster’s Dictionary communication is “a sending, giving or exchanging of information, ideas etc.” Thus talking about modern means of communication I would mention two things – mobile phones and the Internet. When I use all these things everyday I sometimes recollect people who...
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  • Efficient Business Communications in Companies Today Means Full Use of Social Media and Modern Technologies
    Introduction Communication is one of the most important factors in any organization or relationship. It is “the process of people sharing thoughts, ideas, information and feelings with each other in commonly understandable ways” (Hamilton, 2011, p. 3). When you can communicate properly in a b
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  • Letter Is the Most Popular Means of Communication
    LETTER IS THE MOST POPULAR MEANS OF COMMUNICATION It’s a pity but modern society is not so close to traditional kinds of communication as It must be. Not everyone will agree on proposal to go for a walk or go to the cinema. People prefer watching television to spending time in open air. And it
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  • Efficient Business Communications in Companies Today Means Making Full Use of Social Media and Modern Technologies
    Ⅰ. Introduction Communication is one of the most important factors in any organization or relationship. It is “the process of people sharing thoughts, ideas, information and feelings with each other in commonly understandable ways” (Hamilton, 2011). When people can communicate properly in a b
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  • Drama as a Means of Improving the Advocacy Skills of Non-English-Speaking-Background Students
    Drama as a Means of Improving the Advocacy Skills of Non-English-Speaking-Background Students Chamkaur Gill Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Bond University, Australia cgill@staff.bond.edu.au This paper will discuss the problems facing overseas-Asian students who study law in Wester
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  • Nuclear Power Means Green in More Ways Than One
    Nuclear power means “green” in more ways than one. Several ugly, industrial grey cooling towers squat in the distance as plumes of white vapor billow from their tops. Concrete walls and chain link fences surround the scene, punctuated by yellow signs that are strangely foreboding despite thei
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  • Advantages of Living in a Modern Family
    Modern Family Nowadays, it seems that the traditional family structure is disappearing and the modern family is replacing it. The family used to be formed by the grandparents, the parents, their brothers and sisters and their kids, living together in the same house, but now the nuclear fami
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  • Privatisation as a Means of Solving Nigerian Social Economic Probelms
    CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION All over the world, the public service as a matter of experience, has not been known for their capacity to create wealth. Consequently, public enterprises have usually been perceived as drain pipes for government budget, thus creating budgetary strains and avoidable
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  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Internet in Communication
    Perceived Benefits of the Internet to Culture and Society The benefits of the Internet that are mentioned most frequently are its perceived benefits as a means to information, communication, commerce, entertainment, and social interaction. These are all functional aspects of the internet: most of it
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  • Communication in a Modern World
    The communication has always been the crucial part of mankind’s social life. The means of communication has changed according to the changes in people’s living conditions and all other circumstances such as technological developments. We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how f
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  • A Study on Working of Modern and Traditional Retail Formats
    A STUDY ON WORKING OF MODERN AND TRADITIONAL RETAIL OUTLETS: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS Thesis submitted to the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN AGRIBUSINESS By HEMASHREE, A.S. DEPART
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  • Marketing - an Explanation to What It Means
    Through much research I have found 3 advertisements for popular companies that range from well done to tasteless. Introduced first will be an ad that is done well and with taste. Following, an advertisement that seems to be done poorly and has a message that could be misunderstood by some people. Fi
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  • The Church Serving the Ecumenical Community Through the Use of Information and Communication Technology and Modern Customer Care Principles.
    | The Church serving the ecumenical community through the use of information and communication technology and modern customer care principles | | by Clifford Stanley Ferguson MBA (Management) SRU (Recognition for Prior Learning); BTH (Theology) UNISA BCS (Computer Science) SRU (Recognition
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  • Only One Way to Heaven? Is Jesus Christ the Only Means to Reach God?
    Frequently people profess that many roads or religions lead to the mountaintop—to God and heaven. Evangelical Christians are accordingly accused of appalling arrogance for asserting that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Should we accommodate our exclusive evangel to the popular view? Is our be
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  • How Does Internet Marketing Communication Differ from Traditional Marketing Communication?
    1) How does internet marketing communication differ from traditional marketing communication? Internet marketing differs significantly from conventional marketing communications because of the digital medium used for communications. The internet and other digital media such as digital televisi
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  • An Analysis of Traditional and Modern Human Resource Practices.
    Research Thesis An Analysis of Traditional and Modren Human Resource practices. Abstract This study compares and contrasts how Human Resource Management activities implemented in different organizations to achieve organization prosperity. The finding reveals that there were significant differ
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  • Resistance to Change, Traditional vs. Modern Perspective
    Handling Resistance To Organizational Change A framework for companies, showing the preeminent method to handle resistance to change By Ilona van Rooij, Michelle Hieltjes and Sophie Peeman Abstract This paper has a clear aim at creating a framework for companies, showing the preeminent metho
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  • Analyse the Similarities and Differences Between Contemporary Corporate Visual Identity and Traditional Heraldry. Be Sure to Take Into Account the Similarities and Differences Between Modern and Medieval Organisations.
    1.0 Introduction Traditional heraldry and contemporary corporate visual identity (CVI) are the two systems that communicate the idea of identification. Identification is not only for modern world, as far back as during medieval ages, identification already started in the form of heraldry. Tradition
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