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Advantage Of Using Powerpoint Presentation

College Material Appendix C Microsoft® PowerPoint® Tutorial In the online classroom environment at Axia College of University of Phoenix, you will create Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations. (If you do not already have the software, make sure you get access to it.) This tutorial gives you the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open Microsoft® PowerPoint®. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation, then OK. • Choosing a slide layout:...

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Academic Services Learning Development Course Code: PP0701 An Introduction to PowerPoint 2007 Version 1.0 www.istraining.bham.ac.uk What’s New in PowerPoint 2007? PowerPoint 2007 is very different from previous versions of the program. The table below gives you an overview of what to expect. Table 1: What’s New in PowerPoint 2007 New user interface Live Preview Themes Create a custom layout Presenter view Save as PDF Digital Signature Allows you to preview how a formatting change...

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powerpoint presentation

barely hidden anger, hatred etc… 3. Ruin: completely spoil or destroy something. 4. Debris: scattered items or pieces of rubbish. 5. Ceased: come or bring to an end. 6. Doffed: remove your hat when greeting someone. 7. Clambering: climb or move using your hand and feet. 8. Rubble: rough fragments of stone, brick or concrete. 9. Inconspicuous: not noticeable. 10. Frail: weak and delicate, easily damaged or broken. 11. Callous: insensitive and cruel. 12. Aloof: not friendly or showing an interest...

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Presentation Powerpoint

Quarter -Research, Questions, Solutions Tracy Chisolm ITT Tech Information Systems Security 2nd Quarter -Research, Issues, Solutions Background and Context Biometrics refers to the automatic identification or identity verification of living persons using their enduring physical or behavioral characteristics. A single biometric, taken from a subjects fingerprint or iris scan can obtain information such as name, address, social security number, telephone number, e-mail address, booking and/or border...

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2013

Introduction Presentation programs allow users to develop graphic presentations and are widely used by professionals and students alike. PowerPoint slide shows can help report progress in a meeting, define key elements in a training session, pitch a marketing plan, or organize ideas in a student report. Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool that allows users to create professional computer slide shows, transparencies, or printed handouts quickly and easily. This study targets or aims to determine...

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Powerpoint Presentation

I have deeper knowledge on how to help improve my ways and make the most out of what I have learned while attending my classes. Axia offers many aspects to help students learn in a variety of different ways that makes this very resourceful. Using Axia’s educational resources are easy, fast, and enjoying. The option to download materials from a computer to a portable device, such as, cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, etc… This helps make it more convenient for their students to study for an...

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Tips for Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

Axia College Material Appendix B Tips for Creating a PowerPoint® Presentation Your Week Three assignment requires you to use the Microsoft® PowerPoint® graphics presentation program. This lecture provides you with the very basics for starting up with the program. Getting Started • Open the Microsoft® PowerPoint® program. • Start a new presentation: Click on Blank Presentation and then click OK. • Choosing a slide layout: Click on Format and then click Slide Layout....

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The presentation highschool of san jose Interesting Ideas for School Project Presentations Presentations for school projects must be prepared in a manner that their content is easily understood by the audience. School projects can have a wide variety of subjects like science, history, geography, etc. Many different ideas for the respective subjects can be used for presentation of school projects. The ones that are commonly used include activities like preparing models, creating charts, etc. in...

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BIS 220 Week 5 Social Media and Networking Presentation

220 Week 5 Social Media and Networking Presentation Scenario: Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant for a university that wants to leverage social media and networking technologies to encourage the collaboration of students, and improve their overall sense of community. Analyze how the university might integrate at least two social media and networking technologies to accomplish their goals. Your analysis must cover the advantages and disadvantages of social networking...

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Advantages of using IM in the workplace

Advantages of using IM in the workplace Traditional ways of communication has been shown to serve many important functions in organizations, including complex coordination, problem solving, and social learning. Early days there were attempts to build tools to support informal communication focused on audio and video environments. However, these attempts have not been widely adopted for several reasons, including the lack of support for core user tasks, cost, privacy concerns, and implementation...

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Five Tips to Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective

Make PowerPoint Business Presentations More Effective Using PowerPoint in a Business Presentation? These five tips will make your communication more effective It is almost expected today that you will use PowerPoint in business presentations. It can be used to add visuals to the message and is an easy way to create a leave-behind handout or e-mail the presentation to others later. But too often business presenters aren’t as effective as they could be when delivering a PowerPoint presentation. Here...

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Business Presentations

other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. Your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start. Fortunately, you have a mentor to whom you can turn for help. Using a business-like tone and format, compose a 2-3 page letter (Word Document) that would be suitable to send as an email to this mentor. Address the following so that your mentor can be of assistance to you: 1.) Analyze the audience (be creative and...

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The Pros and Cons of Powerpoint

Topic : the pros and cons of powerpoint Student : Outline: I. Introduction II. Pros and Cons : 1. Pros : * Catch audience’s attention * Easy to follow * Able to review 2. Cons : * Too shorted * Focus too much on the slide show * Wasted time I. Introduction: PowerPoint is presentation software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity programs. PowerPoint is designed to allow people to create a series of single-page slides that contain...

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Powerpoint Presentations

Lesson 9: PowerPoint presentations 243 9 POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS Creating slide shows and related materials teaching LEARNING OUTCOMES This lesson introduces you to the basic features of PowerPoint which are particularly valuable in the teaching and learning environment. You will learn how to use PowerPoint to capture your ideas in outline form and convert those ideas into multimedia presentations. You will also learn how to use the application to create your own presentations both from...

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The Writing Process Powerpoint Presentation

senses sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch to create details. Know what the purpose is from the beginning. It is important to tell the history in exact order. | Illustration | Clearly demonstrates and supports a point through the use of evidence using the controlling idea within the thesis. A writer can use different types of evidence to support his or her thesis. | Thesis or controlling idea is at the beginning and the thesis statement is one sentence long. The evidence is presented in the body...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Internet

easy. Though internet has made people lives simple and convenient its has also wreaked havoc in their lives. The writer will show the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet. Oxford dictionary( ) has defined internet as ‘a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols’. Therefore one can say internet is a network that promotes people to research and communicate easily...

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Authors Purpose Powerpoint Presentation

week. They are interesting pets and you will enjoy having one. They are only $ 17.99 this week. Come and buy yours today! to Inform to Entertain to Persuade Calligraphy is a form of handwriting . A special pen must be used. Letters are formed using up and down strokes. Old documents are usually written in this form. Diplomas , certificates and other awards are written in calligraphy. It is an interesting form of handwriting. to Inform to Entertain to Persuade Katina and her brother, Jess were...

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 This semester I’ve been giving a lot of presentations and it has been helping me get over the fear of speaking in front of a group of strangers. Through this whole process I’ve learned many ways to cope with the stress of delivering an oral presentation. In this article I’m going to talk about different things that I believe are important to consider when giving a presentation. First, I’ll talk about preparation, then visual aids and handouts. Next I’ll touch on practicing before you deliver...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cad

Advantages and disadvantages of using CAD Advantages * Can be more accurate than hand-drawn designs - it reduces human error. * You can save and edit ideas, which makes it easier and cheaper to modify your design as you go along. * You can modify existing ideas, which saves time. Disadvantages * The software itself can be expensive so initial costs are high. There are free software packages though. * Staff need to be trained how to use the software, which also adds to costs...

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An Inventory of the Effects of Using Powerpoint Presentation on Students' Development of Confidence Philippines Setting

An Inventory of the Effects of Using PowerPoint Presentation on Student’s Development of Confidence The Problem and Its Setting A. Introduction “Technology can become the “wings” that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before –if we will allow it.” Jenny Arledge. Technology is utilized for the upliftment of modern styles and is also applicable in education; it satisfies both visual and auditory senses of the students. With the spread and development of technology...

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Advantage and disadvantage of using computer

A computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations. There are many types of computers that we are using now like personal computers (desktop), mobile computers and mobile devices, game consoles, servers, mainframes, supercomputers, and embedded computers [1]. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem[2]. Every day, people around the world rely on different kinds of computers...

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Advantage of Using Mobile

whopping million dollar fine for talking on phone while driving, on a Texan driver. It is the highest fine imposed in the world, for someone using mobile phone while driving. Many accidents can be averted if people are cautious, and avoid cell phone usage while driving. Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in Business Here are some advantages of mobile phones in business. • It's easier to contact employees, staff members and clients. Mobile phone is useful in sales and marketing...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet

 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet Information and Preparation Sheet Vocabulary: global village, a plethora of options, services, dissemination of information, silver bullet, Babel, rambling, reliability, veracity, ascertain the reliability, rapid pace of change, information overload, landmines, at the click of a mouse, maligned, comfort of home, assimilated, indispensable, pervasive, rife, program vs programme, having access to, beyond reproach, estranged, Be careful of one/you/we/I ...

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The Educational Advantages of Using Internet

Educational Advantages of Using Internet Mr. K.V.Deore PVDT College of Education for womens, SNDT women’s University, Mumbai-20, Maharashtra, India. Abstract Internet is defined as a collection of various services and resources. Although, many people still think e-mail and World Wide Web as the principle constituents of Internet, there is a lot more in store than e-mail, chat rooms, celebrity web sites and search engines. Internet makes more easy to teach nay content using LCD player it...

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Advantages of Using Computers

Advantages of Using Computers Computers obviously wouldn’t be as popular as they are now if they did not offer advantages over doing tasks manually. Some of these advantages are: Computers can perform calculations much more quickly and accurately than humans. For example, modern computers can perform hundreds of millions of calculations per second. Large amounts of data can be stored in a small amount of space. For example, hundreds of pages worth of text can be stored on a 31⁄2inch floppy...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft

Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft. Nicole Hartman- Vasquez I have researched the different alternatives to products besides using the very familiar Microsoft Product line. There are many different products, and names to choose from for home and office and Each has had great feedback as well as not costing as much to maintain or costing nothing at all. Before Starting this information, I thought that Microsoft was really the only...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Skype

registered users around the world. I.2 Problem 1. What is Skype and what are its features? 2. How to operate Skype? 3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Skype? I.3 Purposes The purposes of writing this paper is to know more about Skype and its features, how to operate on this software, and to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using Skype. II. BODY II. 1 History and Background of Skype Generally, Skype is a voice-over-Internet Protocol service that allows...

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FIN 415 Week 5 Presentation

415 Week 5 Presentation contains: Risk Administration Plan: A Suggestion Business - Finance Learning Team Assignment: Risk Management Plan Proposal and Presentation Resource: Corporate Risk Management Obtain facilitator approval for your organization before beginning this assignment.  Make reference to the risk management plan in Section 3.6 of Corporate Risk Management . Prepare a 1,750- to 2,100–word risk management plan for your organization, using work from...

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ACCT461 Final Course Presentation Instructions 2

Final Course Presentation Instructions Background In the ACCT461 senior project, students submit an extensive amount of written analytical work addressing six case studies carefully selected from the course textbook. The course Doc Sharing tab contains a document titled “ACCT461 Case Study Instructions” explaining the detailed requirements for these case studies. In addition to the six case studies, students must also separately complete and individually deliver one graded oral presentation, listed...

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CGD 218 Week 5 Assignment Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message Presentation

This archive file contains CGD 218 Week 5 Assignment Final Project Using Visuals to Communicate a Message Presentation General Questions - General General Questions Final Project: Using Visuals to Communicate a Message Assignment Instructions: Visual media can have significant impact on how effectively a message is communicated. Appropriate and strategic visuals can inspire the audience, lend clarity to a message, and, in general, say things that words alone cannot. For this project...

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Effect of powerpoint presentation on students' learning

 Effects of PowerPoint Presentations on Students’ Learning Project Report By: Dinesh Kumar Veloo PGP/17/248 K Parvathy PGP/17/213 Sourav Dhal PGP/17/242 Table of Contents Acknowledgement ……………………………………………………………………………….…… 2 Executive Summary …………………………………………………………………………………... 3 Purpose and Scope ………………………………………………………………………...………..... 4 Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………………… 5 Literature Review …………………………………………………………………………..…………. 6 Methodology...

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HND Presentation Skill Outcome 1

 BNU Presentation Skills / F84E 35 Candidate Name: Tou Jiangtao Class: BS SCN: 135681237 Event 1 The one presentation method could be audiotapes, which is such a convenient and effective way when audience enjoy their tour in museum, villages and rural communities. Storage of data on tape left by their ancestors will help audience obtain further information and deepen the audience's understanding of their ancestors. Meanwhile, audiotapes also take into account those audiences with visual...

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311 Deliver a Presentation write up

Deliver a Presentation 1. Understand the purpose of preparing for and evaluating a presentation. 1.1 Different types of presentation can be used to provide a range of different information. The different types can be used to inform, instruct, persuade or to facilitate decision making. Presentations have various formats depending on what is supposed to be achieved. Different types of equipment also provide different information and may facilitate different styles of learning such as using a white board...

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Presentations Organizational Communication 410 In today’s society there is a need to provide the masses with valuable information. From small businesses to massive corporations. Presentations can be given in a multitude of ways, written in an email or memo, face to face interaction or on a larger scale in an auditorium to a group. “Communication, both spoken and written, is always addressed to an audience, a set of listeners or readers you are intending to convey information to or have...

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Controversial Issues Presentations

issues from more than one perspective Project Explanation (100 points):  Each group will research a current controversy and teach a full class period on that issue. Presentations must be balanced, rather than biased. Students must give equal time to opposing views on the issue. Students will give a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation describing the controversy in detail, and then lead 20 minutes of class activities and/or discussion on the topic.  Students will also create a wiki page for their project...

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The advantages and disadvantages of using Facebook

can be sustained. Apparatus and Materials: Apparatus Justification Quantity Boiling tubes It is essential to fill in 20 ml of each of the soft drinks 3 500 ml beaker It is essential to fill in 250 ml of water bath once it is measured by using 100 ml measuring cylinder. 1 100 ml measuring cylinder It is used to measure the volume of the water bath and as well as the volume of soft drinks 1 Bunsen burner This allows the heating process of the water in the beaker. Stop watch Stop...

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Presentation Skill

| | Department: | School of Management | Course Number: | BUSM 1500 | Course Title: | Business Presentation Skills | Credits: | 3 | Semester Year: | 201320 | Section: | A01 | Days: | M/T/W/TH | Hours: | 12:30 – 14:20 | Classroom: | B 254 | | | ------------------------------------------------- Instructor Contact Name: Ron | Ron Velin, BAA, MSOD | Phone: | 778-867-1578 | Office: | B 029 0 | Email: | rvelin@langara.bc.ca | Office Hours: | Mondays 10:30 – 12:00Tuesdays 9:00...

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advantages of using computer in high education

 Advantages of using computers in high education To any society, new technologies can greatly improve the standard of people’s lives. In human’s long history we have learned that two important technologies, the printing press and the steam engine, resulted in life changing advances in the seventeenth century. With no doubt, advancement in technology improved people’s lives. In the past century, due to using new technologies, such as automobiles, airplanes, TVs, cell-phones, as well as computers...

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Outline of the Product Presentation

Outline of the Product Presentation 1)      Introduction - This is normally just a title slide where the speaker introduces themselves, and the point of the product presentation.  This is where you want to hook your audience and tell them what is in it for them. If you are not going to be giving the presentation you may want to have a note slide with the point on it. (1-2 slides) 2)      Agenda - An agenda is optional, but provides you with an your opportunity to tell your audience what you are...

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to be following the progression from capitalism to socialism to communism hypothesized by Karl Marx. Strangely enough, all of them get stuck in the socialist phase and never actually get on to the communism part. Sociocracy a system of governance using consent-based decision making among equivalent individuals and an organizational structure based on cybernetic principles. Stratocracy a system of government in which there is no distinction between the military and the civil power. Technocracy ...

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Multimedia Presentation

Multimedia Presentation The e-learning lesson presented by Kristin to other teachers focuses on student learning styles and differentiated learning styles uses several e-learning principles to promote critical thinking skills in teachers. Kristin uses an assessment to enhance the worked example with the teachers through collaboration and feedback. She follows the guidelines that should be applied in a presentation in order for the learner to benefit most from the presentation. Kristin’s presentation...

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Week 4 Learning Team A 7Cs PowerPoint Presentation

7 C’s PowerPoint ® Presentation: Personalize Your Pop Learning Team A MKT/552 July 6, 2015 Prof. Ron Rosalik Introduction • A description of the company’s approach to developing targeted marketing communications as they relate to Coca-Cola Personalize Your Pop campaign • An explanation of the 7Cs of customer interface • An explanation of the goal or purpose behind each interface and how Coca-Cola will address that need for each C • An explanation of the approach Coca-Cola plans to take and how...

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PowerPoint Evil

Derek Putthoff Dr. Eastman English 1011 2 October 2013 PowerPoint In the passage, “PowerPoint s Evil Power Corrupts PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely,” by Edward R. Tufte, he makes very clear his opinion that PowerPoint is a very ineffective public speaking tool. His very first sentence creates a metaphor for us, PowerPoint is like a prescription drug that has promises of making us beautiful, but instead the drug only had side effects of stupidity, boring everyone, wasting time, and degraded...

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Abstract Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

ABSTRACT Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology Based on the Perception of 2nd Year BSAMT Students in PATTS College of Aeronautics Gabriel Anselmo Renz Bautista Adrian Borja Wilfredo Buhayo III Gino De Jesus Patrick Domingo Statement of the Problem This study sought to identify the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology based on the perception of 2nd year BSAMT students. Specifically it answers the following questions 1. What are the reasons of the students in...

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Power Point Lesson Previewing, Rehearsing, and Showing the Presentation

Lesson I 1 Previewing, Rehearsing, and Showing the Presentation Once the presentation is done, the next thing that you should consider is how the presentation should run. Therefore, it is important to preview and rehearse a presentation before the final show. While rehearsing a presentation, timings may be set to see how long its running time is. Slide timings can be set in two ways: automatically through rehearsal or manually in the Slide Transition task pane. Adding Timings through Rehearsal ...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers. Summary

and memory cards. 5. Communications Devices is a hardware component that enables a computer to send (transmit) and receive data, instructions, and information to and from one or more computers or mobile devices. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Computers Advantages - Speed : When data, instructions, and information flow along electronic circuits in a computer, they travel at incredibly fast speeds. Many computer process billions or trillions of operations in a single second. ...

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and make sure everyone feels comfortable speaking. Encourage outbursts. Passionate people with new information often react emotionally, let them. 3. Speed – Your group has more enthusiasm and knowledge than the big guys, and these advantages create the advantage of speed. You correct problems more quickly. You see opportunities first. While the big guys are writing a cross-functional team charter to develop a new product, you have your entire company huddled around a pizza listing the features...

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Planning and Conducting Formal Presentations

Planning and conducting formal presentations Planning presentations Planning presentations, involves more than simply jotting down a few points of what you are planning to say and show to your audience. There are at least five or six different presentation formats depending on what you want to achieve and the type of audience you’ll have. These are * Inform employees about recent departmental changes. * Motivate a sales team. * Explain why a project is running over budget. ...

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PSYCH 555 Week 6 Learning Team Assignment Social Psychology in Action Presentation

Psychology in Action Presentation Psychology - General Psychology Select one of the following areas of within which social psychology can be applied:Education Business Criminal justice Health and medicine The media Diversity Conduct a comprehensive literature review of your selected application area finding peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, and books that focus on the intersection between social psychology and your selected application area. Using your research...

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Problems Faced in Oral Presentation and Ways to Overcome These Problems

faced in oral presentation and ways to overcome these problems” to the Sales and Marketing staffs. 1. Write your speech based on the following headings: 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Problems 3.0 Ways of solving these problems 4.0 Conclusion 2. You can write using the guidelines below: • 1.0 Introduction – Problems identified in oral presentation o The importance of learning oral presentation skills ...

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Giving a Presentation

Giving a Presentation A quick guide Giving good presentations is a requirement of university study and of work. Almost every RMIT subject will require you to give a presentation of some kind, and then when you graduate and move into your chosen career, you will need to give presentations to both clients and colleagues. So, developing good presentation skills is important. This guide covers the very basics of good presentations.      In this handout… Presentation objectives Structure...

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Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

industry, the emergence of computer intelligences is going to affect all the players in the industry in a variety of ways. Richard Worzel is not only a Chartered Financial Analyst and best-selling author, but is Canada’s leading futurist. In this presentation, he provides an overview of how these developments, plus other tech-related matters, will change the industry and the way things are done, including: Crowd sourcing – The rating of houses, real estate companies, and legal services will move even...

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Presentation On The Survey Of Washing Powder — Presentation Transcript 1. PRESENTATION ON THE SURVEY OF WASHING POWDERPRESENTED TO: PRESENTED BY:Prof. Vijay NagraniIsha JainRahulOjha Satyam BarkatakyVinayYadav 2. Introduction to the different brands of washing powderSURF EXCEL: Surf Excel, launched in 1954, is one of the oldest detergent powders in India.Advertisement like “Lalitaji to DoondhteRehJaaoge”Now the advertisement is “DaagAccheHain”ARIEL:Introduced in India in 1991.leading...

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Powerpoint Presentation Rubric

PowerPoint Presentation Rubric | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | Content/ Accuracy | All content throughout presentation is accurate. There are no factual errors | Most of the content is accurate but there is one piece of information that seems inaccurate | The content is generally accurate, but one piece of information is clearly inaccurate | Content confusing or contains more than one factual error | Sequence of info | Info is organized in a clear, logical way. It is easy to anticipate the next slide...

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these cards. Generations of Computers   Vacuum Tubes (1940-1956)   Transistors (1956-1963)   Integrated Circuits (1964-1971) I   Microprocessor (1971)   Artificial Intelligence (Present and Beyond) antages and Disadvantages of Using Compu ADVANTAGES  Speed  Reliability  Consistency  Storage  Communications DISADVANTAGES Categories of Computers 1. Personal Computers – A personal computer is a computer that can perform all of its input, processing, output, and storage activities...

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Powerpoint Charts and Graphs

Making PowerPoint Charts and Graphs clear I found this link to some before and after slides. One thing one needs to be careful of is to make sure that the information that one chooses to portray on a chart or graph or table is clear to the audience. The first 5 or 6 slides here are examples of slides that were at first unclear, followed by the "cleaner-looking" and clearer revisions of those slides. Hope it helps. http://www.slideshare.net/garr/sample-slides-by-garr-reynolds Funny and Helpful...

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using internet anonymously?

Title: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using internet anonymously? Internet freedom is a controversial issue nowadays, and there are some findings discovered that using internet without registered their real name will cause some critical problems as cyber bullying, stealing or intimidating since users do not need to have any responsibility about what they said. However, using internet anonymously are also some advantages which gives an essential protection to internet users. In this...

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How would you solve this problem using Maslow's motivational theory

   Being able to use a program like PowerPoint to express ideas with words and pictures is a great way for various types of learners to understand information better.  Using pictures, graphics, animation, and text styles also makes the slides fun.  In your textbook, there are General Project Guidelines which should be considered when developing a PowerPoint project. These guidelines are recommended as a general formatting aid, to assist the presentation developer in achieving successful audience...

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Advantage of Ict

Topic 1: Advantage of using ICT as tool for teaching and learning process in higher education institution.. What is ICT?According to Oxford Dictionary ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology as is defined for “the study of the use of computers,internet,video and other technology ” (Mclntosh & Turnbull, 2005). ICT originally is applied to serve as a means of improving efficiency in the educational process (Jones and Knezek,1993) as cited in The Turkish Online Journal of Educational...

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Review on presentation Zen Book

A review based on the book entitled Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds The book is all about how to approach presentation design as a visual aid rather than a document. Rather than do a review of the book, on how presentation developers might apply some of the rules. Presentation Zen was the book that bridged the gap and helped me understand that PowerPoint (or any visual aid for that matter) shouldn't be a means of present lots of information, but rather...

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