• Organizational culture and performance – evidence from the fast food restaurant industry
    Blackwell Science, LtdOxford, UKFSTFood Service Technology1471-5732Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 20055••2334Original ArticleCulture and performanceT. Øgaard, S. Larsen & E. Marnburg Peer review Organizational culture and performance – evidence from the fast food restaurant industry Torvald
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  • Walmart's organizational culture
    Wal-mart For most companies, identifying what a learning organization should be and actually becoming one is tricky at best, impossible at worst. One way that manager's and companies can promote the concept of being a learning organization is to assess whether the company is in need of a short-ter
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  • Organizational culture
    Ms. Denise Danford Strategic Review Committee Head November 29, 2005 Re: Implementing changes to increase success Dear Ms. Danford, Upon reviewing your case, it is evident that, while a very successful company, many changes must occur in order to continue MACHO's success into the future. The
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  • Organizational culture
    Organizational Culture & Leadership "Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em" Shakespeare, Twelfth Night ________________________________________ • Culture a phenomenon that surrounds us all. • Culture helps us understand how it is created, em
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  • Creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture
    There are many different definitions of rganizational culture. Most of them suggest basically the same principle, that the oganization's culture is the shared values, beliefs and assumptions of how the members should behave. The purpose and function of the culture is to understand how organizations
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  • Organizational culture change
    The fact and fantasy of organizational culture management: a case study of Greek food retailing Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Colum Drive, Cardiff, CF10 3EU, UK Abstract The management, manipulation or interference in organizational culture has become central to many theorie
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  • Organizational culture at apple inc
    Organizational Culture at Apple Inc. In the year 1976, it was a dream for most people to buy a computer for their homes. Back then the computer community added up to a few brainy hobbyists. So when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs sold a van and two programmable calculators for thirteen hundred dollars
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  • Organizational culture
    Organizational Culture Organizational culture is the workplace environment formulated from the interaction of the employees in the workplace. Organizational culture is defined by all of the life experiences, strengths, weaknesses, education, upbringing, and so forth of the employees. While executiv
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  • Organizational culture: how to measure it
    E-Leader Tallinn, 2009 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: HOW TO MEASURE IT - A CASE STUDY Dr. Léo F. C. Bruno, Professor of Leadership José O. P. de Sousa, M. Science Dom Cabral Foundation Nova Lima, Brazil Abstract The current study sought to analyze the aspects of Brazilian organizational culture fou
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  • Google organizational culture
    Journal of Social Sciences 6 (1): 99-112, 2010 ISSN 1549-3652 © 2010 Science Publications Cultural Issues in the Business World: An Anthropological Perspective Michael P. Lillis and Robert Guang Tian Department of Business, Medaille College, New York Abstract: The significance of cultural infl
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  • Organizational culture
    Organiztional Culture A description of organization culture given by Robbins, (2005) as the mutual understanding held by associates distinguishing themselves from other organizations. Each member, supplier, customer, shareholder, and public sharing in the organization communicated cultur
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  • Organizational culture
    • Anadarey klanzwposser .• .• M. Vol It tic 4 Diagnosing cultural barriers to knowledge management David W. De Long and Liam Fahey Executive Overview Organizational culture is increasingly recognized as a major barrier to leveraging intellectual assets. This article identifies four ways i
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  • Organizational culture can be one of the most important means of improving organizational performance.
    Organizational Culture can be one of the most important means of improving organizational performance. Organizational Culture has become very important in the last 25 years. Even though it is intangible in nature, it plays a role that is significant and affects employees and organizational operat
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  • Organizational culture
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  • Research paper on organizational culture & mentoring
    Research paper On Organizational culture & mentoring SUBMITTED BY: Anora Muriel dsilva Class: MBA (IB) INDEX TOPIC | PAGE NUMBER | Introduction | 2 | Why do we study organizational culture | 2 | Levels of organizational culture | 3 | Consequences and implication of organizat
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  • Four organizational culture types
    Four Organizational Culture Types Bruce M. Tharp ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE WHITE PAPER 04.09 ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE WHITE PAPER Four Organizational Culture Types Acknowledging that organizational culture is an important aspect for space planners, this paper provides an overview of four
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  • Organizational culture and the development of organizational culture
    ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE 1. INTRODUCTION One of the significant elements while discussing about organization development is to discuss its own existing culture as the culture itself is part of organization behavior that gives significant rol
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  • Organizational culture change
    Get a group of CLOs together and ask them for a list of the topics they are most interested in, and the relationship between enterprise learning and organizational culture change is likely to be near the top. What’s behind this interest in driving culture change through learning? Many CLOs str
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  • Competitive advantage and disadvantage between minorities and women in the workforce
    COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGE BETWEEN MINORITIES AND WOMEN IN THE WORKFORCE Kelvin Wong April 26, 2011 MGT 295 Professor Berry “It’s a small world.” How many times do we hear this in our everyday life? The internet, mass media, telecommunications, and mass transportation have
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  • What’s the advantage and disadvantage about single regulator
    What’s the advantage and disadvantage about single regulator After the minibond debacle, it might be a favorable time to look at an new arrangement that whether single regulator could be a right way in the long term if financial institutions were providing unified multiple financial services. H
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