"Additional Mathematics Project Work 2013 The Household Expenditure Survey Hes" Essays and Research Papers

Additional Mathematics Project Work 2013 The Household Expenditure Survey Hes

DEPARTMENT MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MALAYSIA ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) was first conducted in the year 1957/58. Beginning 1993/94 it was carried out at an interval of five years and the recent survey was undertaken in 2009/2010. The survey covered private households in urban and rural areas. The main objective of HES was to collect information on the level and pattern of consumption expenditure by households on a comprehensive range of goods and...

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ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS HOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURE SURVEY (HES) PROJECT WORK 2013 NAME: AMIR HUSNI BIN KAMALUDIN CLASS: 5 AWAM 1 I/C NO: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | APPRECIATION INTRODUCTION Household Expenditure Survey The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) was first conducted in the year 1957/58. Beginning 1993/94 it was carried out at an interval of five years and subsequently in 1998/99. The...

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Add Math Folio 2013

SMK CONVENT BATU PAHAT JEB: 0017 ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 THE HOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURE SURVEY (HES) NAME : KUA YU CHAN I/C NO. : EXAM REGISTRATION NO: JA017K016 GROUP MEMBERS: 1) KUA YU CHAN 2) DHARSHINI A/P NEELA MEHAN 3) LIM HUI LING 4) SHEE HUI CHIEN 5) REGINA LEONG ZHI LING OBJECTIVES We students taking Additional Mathematics are required to carry out a project work while we are in Form 5.This year the Curriculum Development Division, Ministry...

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RUBRIC FOR ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 Name: ………………………………….………….. Form 5:………………… | | |Range of |Marks |Subtotal | | | |marks |Awarded | | |A. REPORT PRESENTATION ...

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Additional Mathematics Project Work 2013

thank my Additional Mathematics teacher, Puan Siti Rafida Bt. Md Rejab as she gives us important guidance and commitment during this project work. She has been a very supportive figure throughout the whole project. I also would like to give thanks to all my friends for helping me and always supporting me while completing this project work. They have done a great job at surveying various shops and sharing information with other people including me. Without them this project would never...

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Add Math Project

INTRODUCTION The Household Expenditure Survey (HES) was first conducted in the year 1957/58. Beginning 1993/94 it was carried out at an interval of five years and the recent survey was undertaken in 2009/2010. The survey covered private households in urban and rural areas. The main objective of HES was to collect information on the level and pattern of consumption expenditure households on a comprehensive range of goods and services. This information served as the basis for determining the...

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Analysis of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey

The Household Income and Expenditure Survey of 1993 carried out by the Government Statistical Bureau estimated that the Amerindian population of Guyana counted 50,222 upon an overall population of 707,458 people. With other words, the Amerindian population is good for approximately 7 % of the Guyanese population. The majority of the Amerindian communities are located in the hinterland regions, where the Amerindians form up to 90 % of the population, in hilly and mountainous areas that aren’t easily...

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Smk Tun Mamat


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Additional Mathematics Project

    1 ± 0.81n = 0.59779 0.40221 = 0.81n og0.81 0.40221 = n n=    n = 4.322 therefore, n § 4 REFLECTION In the making of this project, I have spent countless hours doing this project.I realized that this subject is a compulsory to me. Without it, I can¶t fulfill my big dreams and wishes«. I used to hate Additional Mathematics« It always makes me wonder why this subject is so difficult« I always tried to love every part of it« It always an absolute obstacle for me« Throughout...

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family average monthly expenditure

complete this report .Firstly, I would like to thank my additional mathematics teacher, Puan Rohana bt. Dalmen for her guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the project and also for her support in completing the project. I would like to express my gratitude towards my parents and family members for their kind co-operation and encouragement which helped me in the completion of this project. Lastly, I would also like to thank my fellow friends...

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Additional Mathematics. Essay

ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 * Name : Shika A/P Ranjendiran * Class : 5 Alfa * IC Number : 961202-14-5332 * Title : Index Number * Teacher’s Name : Encik Remi Bin Isa SIGNATURE ________________ _________________ (SHIKA A/P RANJENDIRAN) (ENCIK REMI BIN ISA) Contents Content | Pages | Acknowledgement | 3 | Objectives | 4 | Introduction |...

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Additional Mathematics Project Work 2012

Reflection Additional Mathematics Project Work 2012 1|Page OBJECTIVES The aims of carrying out this project work are: i. ii. iii. iv. To apply and adapt a variety of problem-solving strategies to solve problems. To improve thinking skills. To promote effective mathematical communication. To develop mathematical knowledge through problem-solving in a way that increases student’s interest and confidence. To develop positive attitude towards mathematics. v. Additional Mathematics Project Work...

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Addmath Project Work 2013 for Johor

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Molek Johor Bahru, Johor. Additional Mathematics Project Work Year 2013 Title: Household Expenditure Survey Name: Form: 5 Science 2 I/C Number: 961223-01 Teacher: Mr. Koh   No Content Page Remark 1 Introduction 2 Part A FAMILY MONTHLY INCOME AND ITS MONTHLY ALLOCATION Statistical graphs Mean and standard deviation Comments 3 Part B FAMILY MONTHLY INCOME AND ITS MONTHLY ALLOCATION FROM 5 OF MY FRIENDS Data in table form Compare...

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Additional Mathematics Work Project 2013 Index Number

had collected a large amount of price data going back hundreds of years. Fleetwood proposed an index consisting of averaged price relatives and used his methods to show that the value of five pounds had changed greatly over the course of 260 years. He argued on behalf of the Oxford students and published his findings anonymously in a volume entitled Chronicon Preciosum. Usually, a composite index has a large number of factors which are averaged together to form a product representative of an...

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Economic Survey 2013

ECONOMIC SURVEY 2013 India's economy is likely to pick up pace in 2013-14 and could grow at 6.1-6.7 per cent according to the Economic Survey tabled in Parliament on Wednesday. Here is a summary of the key points in the Survey: • More than 6 per cent growth forecast for next fiscal considerable enhancement for social sector spending. • India on verge of creating quality jobs to seize 'demographic dividend'. Indian economy is likely to grow between 6.1 per cent to 6.7 per cent in...

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Market Survey-Hispanic Consumers And Household Products - US - March 2014

to take good care of their clothing and household. Brands that can partner with them to facilitate these objectives at an adequate value have a significant opportunity to succeed in this market. Browse Full Report With TOC: http://www.marketresearchreports.biz/analysis-details/hispanic-consumers-and-household-products-us-march-2014 Table of Content Scope and Themes What you need to know Definition Data sources Consumer survey data Expenditure data Abbreviations and terms Abbreviations ...

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dialoge betweewn 2 friends


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Surveys with a side of Scanning

expertise in CAD, GNSS, and reflectorless/robotic total stations, but until late 2013, they hadn’t done much with laser scanning. “We’d tried renting scanners, and subcontracting LiDAR work, but it didn’t work out particularly well,” said WestLAND’s Vice-President of Geomatics Mike Angelo, EIT, PLS. “We also found that purchasing a conventional scanner was just not cost-effective, as we did not have scanning projects lined up and it seemed difficult to market scanning to existing clients without an...

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Add Math Project Work 2

20 Additional Mathematics Project Work 2 Written by: ALVIN SOO CHUN KIT I/C Num : Angka Giliran: School : Date : Alvin Soo Chun Kit Additional Mathematics Project Work 2 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Num. 1 Part I Part II ~ Question 1 ~ Question 2 (a) ~ Question 2 (b) 2 ~ Question 2 (c) ~ Question 3 (a) ~ Question 3 (b) ~ Question 3 (c) 3 4 Part III Further Exploration Question Page Alvin Soo Chun Kit Additional Mathematics Project Work 2 2011 PART I History of cake baking...

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Prospering the Nation, Enhancing the Well-Being of Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled, 2013 Budget

According to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is also Finance Minister, at the Dewan Rakyat on Friday, September 28 tabled that the Budget 2013 themed "Prospering The Nation, Enhancing Well-Being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled" . 2013 budget was formulated with a focus on improving the living standards of people across the country, ensuring sustainable economic growth, prudent spending and reduce the country's fiscal deficit with the overall goal of focusing on the welfare of the...

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Add Maths Project Work

PROJECT WORK FOR ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS 2012 POLYGONS IN OUR LIFE Name: Class: Teacher: I/C number: CONTENT |No. |Title |Pages | |1 |Objectives | | |2 |Introduction ...

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Work-Related Project Analysis

Work-Related Project Analysis Part 1 The analysis of a project is the breakdown of how a system interacts and works within all related components. A project analysis is the first step to designing any new changes for an organization. Systems analysis is (1) the survey and planning of the system and project, (2) the study and analysis of the existing business and information system, and (3) the definition of business requirements and priorities for a new or improved system. A popular synonym...

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Contract and Additional Work

Fox Construction, Inc. to complete the project. For the soil and ground work Fox Construction, Inc. subcontracted with Gary Porter Construction. Gary Porter Construction, Inc. performed their work based on specific plans as well as some work outside of the plans. The combined total from the planned project was $146,740. The additional work completed at Fox’s request cost Gary Porter construction additional costs and Fox refused to pay for the additional work done outside the subcontract. Procedure:...

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Creating A Statement Of Work Project Part 1

 Creating a Statement of Work Project Part 1 David Buckley PT2520: Database Concepts 07/13/2013 ITT Technical Institute Stephen Gregg Creating a Statement of Work-Project Part 1 History Vince Roberts owns and runs a vintage record shop. Over the years he has kept track of his inventory via a spiral notebook behind his counter or by simply relying on his memory. His inventory consists of primarily used records that he has purchased from customers, yard sales or discount stores. Vince also...

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Household Expenditure and Savings

of personal savings and expenditure to changes in the interest rates is a central to many issues in the economic policy. If personal savings decline as a result, the overall increase in the national savings would be less than the reduction in the budget deficit. Alternatively, contractionary monetary policy generally causes interest rates to rise. It personal saving increase as a result, the corresponding fall in consumer expenditure helps to slow the economy. Household behaviour is the lifecycle...

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Creating Project schedule

 Curtin University Project Time Management 641 Semester 2, 2013 Faculty of Humanities Department of Construction Management Assignment 1 Creating a Project Schedule Student Name: Student Number: Email Address: Date Submitted: Lecturer: Word Count: By submitting this assignment, I declare that I have retained a suitable copy of this assignment, have not previously submitted this work for assessment and have ensured that it complies with...

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Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics Project Work 2012 Sculpture for the Additional Mathematics Corner of Sekolah Tinggi Muar, Johor Name : I/C No : School : Sekolah Tinggi Muar Integration Contents 1. Title : Sculpture for the Additional Mathematics Corner of Sekolah Tinggi Muar page 1 2. Appreciations: ...

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of the project of thirteen storey building project. This project will cover an estimated six years of construction. This first phase is going to take about four years for completion. Every storey has at least six floors and a maximum of nine floors. Each floor has a minimum of four rooms and a maximum of six rooms, each room has a back corny and a washroom. This project commenced on the 1st of September 2012 and I had the chance to have my attachment with the company on the 27th May 2013 to 2nd...

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Case Study on Project Management

Assignment# 14 Payal Swami (000395494) Tarleton State University Question: In Chapters 11 and 13, you learned about the network design project for Klamath Paper Products. Develop a high-level project schedule for Klamath’s design project. Include the dates of completion for major design, testing, and implementation tasks. You may not know the exact nature of all the tasks or how long they will take, but based on what you have learned in this book, try to include realistic tasks...

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Additional Mathematics

ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT YEAR 2011 FORM5 NAME : ONG KAH HONG FORM : 5 CEMERLANG NO I/C : 940422-06-5075 TITLE :Crude Oil TEACHER : MISS PHUA CHUI CHUI CONTENTS 1. Introduction Introduction of project……………. Introduction of integration………... Definition of integration………….. History of integration…………….. 2. Problem Solving Part1………………………………. Part2………………………………. Part3………………………………. Part4………………………………. Part5………………………………...

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Additional Mathematics 2013

JOHOR EDUCATION DEPARTMENT MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MALAYSIA ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 SOLUTION OUTLINE PART A Monthly Income (RM) Number of Family Members Categories Allocation of Income (RM) Allocation of Income (%) 3000 6 Food 900.00 30 Utility 660.00 22 Transportation 450.00 15 Education 300.00 10 Recreation 150.00 5 Others 540.00 18 Total 3000.00 100 (i) Example : Pie Chart, Bar Chart and Line Graph. (ii) Mean METHOD 1 = RM...

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International Projects TransCanada PipelinesAdiari Acuna 300740767Carlos

 International Projects TransCanada Pipelines Adiari Acuna 300740767 Carlos Hernandez 300 Karem Martin 300 Caroline Lara 300 Professor: Patrick Ellwoo International Banking and Finance INTL 702 Section 102 October 2014 Table of Contents Purpose of the Report 1 Indexes per Country 1 Russia 1 Purpose of the Report This report is intended to TransCanada Pipelines employees that will be involved in international projects in Brazil, Russia, Japan and Kenya. As they are...

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Mathematics Year 2012

2012-The Year of Mathematics P.Bhattacharyya [pic] [pic] (GH Hardy , Ramanujan and Littlewood) The great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on the 22nd of December 1887 in Erode, Tamilnadu. In a function held in the Centenary Hall of Madras University on the 26th of December 2011 marking the 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh proclaimed: “Our...

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The Trophy Project

Trophy Project The ill-fated Trophy Project was in trouble right from the start. Reichart, who had been an assistant project manager, was involved with the project from its conception. When the Trophy Project was accepted by the company, Reichart was assigned as the project manager. The program schedules started to slip from day one, and expenditures were excessive. Reichart found that the functional managers were charging direct labor time to his project but working on their own “pet” projects. When...

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Importance of Mathematics

Why study Mathematics? The main reason for studying mathematics to an advanced level is that it is interesting and enjoyable. People like its challenge, its clarity, and the fact that you know when you are right. The solution of a problem has an excitement and a satisfaction. You will find all these aspects in a university degree course. You should also be aware of the wide importance of Mathematics, and the way in which it is advancing at a spectacular rate. Mathematics is about pattern and structure;...

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The Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work/Life Balance

The Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work/Life Balance 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Background The AMTA/ARC study is an exciting collaboration to provide an evidence-based understanding of the social impact of the mobile phone on work/life balance. It is the first study that is specifically designed to provide nationally representative data on how mobile phones have become integrated into the everyday lives of Australians. This innovative project employs a purpose-designed questionnaire, a phone log...

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Malaysia Budget 2013: Strengthening Education

Malaysia Budget 2013: Strengthening Education. According to the Malaysia Budget 2013, there are 5 key focus areas. One of the focus areas is strengthening education. There are 5 sub allocations from the Malaysia Budget 2013 to strengthening education which including Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, enhance teaching skills, development of the education sector, strengthening the Role of Pre-Schools and Pilot project for TASKA OKU. Since the Malaysia government has view education as the...

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Knowledge of Mathematics in Engineering Context

1. The use of knowledge and understanding of mathematics in engineering context. Mathematics is science of pattern that engineers seek out whether found in numbers, space, science, computers, imaginary abstractions, or elsewhere. Knowledge and use of basic mathematics have always been an inherent and integral part of engineering. In our previous semester, basic mathematics was applied in almost every module. From stress analysis of simple machine components to numerical description of various...

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Capstone to Business Management Final Project

AB299: Final Project Section 1 July 16, 2013 Amanda Bender Executive Summary Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is located in Sunnydale, Illinois. Sunnydale is a mid-sized city with a busy business district and a large university and Tim’s is located smack dab in the middle of all the traffic. Tim’s Coffee Shoppe is in need of some much needed improvements and needs things to run more smoothly. Some of Tim’s problems were customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and marketing. The following pages have...

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Work-Related Project Analysis

 Project Analysis Part 1 BSA 376 University of Phoenix Project Analysis Part 1 System Analysis is a formal investigation that is done to help someone or a company to make better decisions of what could have been done without a specific system (Principia Cybernetica Web, n.d. ). Included within an analysis of the system is the identification of the underlying issue or the head of complaint made by the customer or the person. Assessment of the problems and alternative methods that...

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Team Work Plan

Introduction/Scope/Objective Group 2 has been formed to complete the project of constructing and a plan to open the new Acme Mexico City (AMC) facility. This includes creating a team work plan (TWP), a project charter (PC), and a project management plan (PMP) for the facility. B. Team Goal: Group 2 is committed to working together as a cohesive unit in an effort to provide the best quality work, which demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and understanding of project management so we can achieve our academic goals...

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Final Project MM150

FINAL PROJECTMM150: SURVEY OF MATHEMATICS Paula Simpson- 6/11/14 FUTURE POSITION- C.I. MANAGER My Responsibilities as a C.I. Manager would include the following: • Facilitate teams to drive improvement and measurable goals • Gather, analyze data to forecast where improvements or systems need to be set 1,2,3… in the facility • Develop Financial justification for improvements that cost money what will the cost savings be in future state • Measure KPI’s and 100 % (Do it right the first time) mentality...

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Project Proposal


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History of mathematics A proof from Euclid's Elements, widely considered the most influential textbook of all time.[1] The area of study known as the history of mathematics is primarily an investigation into the origin of discoveries in mathematics and, to a lesser extent, an investigation into the mathematical methods and notation of the past. Before the modern age and the worldwide spread of knowledge, written examples of new mathematical developments have come to light only in a few locales...

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alone but can also work as part of a team. I am self motivated and enjoy a challenge. I have recently returned from a 1 month expedition to Malawi. I worked with a team performing various beneficial projects including helping to build a nursery. This experience taught me valuable life skills and lessons. Work Experience 2012-Date A1 Stickers Direct Listing products on Ebay and Amazon. Dealing with customer enquiries. Packaging and sending out orders April 2013 Nandos St Davids...

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Project Management

Leading Teams – Part one Introduction to Project Management January 11, 2013 Effective project management requires that the project manager possess the following characteristics: knowledge, what the project manager knows about project management; performance, what the project manager is able to do or accomplish while applying their knowledge; and personal, how the project manager behaves when performing the project activity (PMI, 2008). As Kay Roman (2011) discusses in Five Critical...

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Projek Addmath 2013

Sekolah Menengah Agama Persekutuan Kajang, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. Curriculum Development Division Ministry Of Education Malaysia Additional Mathematics Project Work 2/2013 Name I/C Number Class : Ummu Aina Nabilah Bt Shaiful Azmi : 960325-10-6304 : 5 Zuhal Teacher’s Name : Madam Siti Azzah Bt Yaacob Date : 10 Jun 2013 CONTENT NO. TITTLE PAGE 1. Acknowledgement 2. Objectives 3. Part I 4. Part II 5. Part III 6. Part IV 7. Reflection 8. ...

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Grant Project

tobacco prevention education. This will be done through classrooms and school/community presentations. Youth Engagement – Develop a program that will invite groups of youths from all over the state to compete for grants to support community awareness projects and better advocacy for tobacco policies. There will be training workshops and ongoing support for those who receive the grants. Youth Cessation – Train adult facilitators in schools and communities to address the unique needs of smokers under the...

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Scope Of Work

Scope of Work:- In this section we will discuss about the work to be undertaken as a project manager. A construction project manager sets up the estimates, the budgets and the construction timetable for the client and develops the construction strategy for a housing colony. He selects the subcontractors and workers, and provides required explanations for the builders and other professionals associated with the project, coordinating and collaborating with the architects, engineers and specialists...

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project management

ASSIGNMENT 3 Project managers are the people responsible for coordinating actions of the project team member to attain project objectives. This includes scheduling, implementation and direction the people, resources and capacity of the project. They have the authority to create clear and realistic objectives and to look them through successful completion. To meet the project desire project management is the appliance of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities. Project managers...

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Project Guideline

Synopsis / Project Report You are requested to submit your Synopsis / Project Report as per the following time frame Project & Viva (Session): June – 2013 (ETE) | Synopsis submission (ONLINE ONLY) | 1st week of January, 13 to 15th March’ 13 | Resubmission Synopsis | 18th March to 15th April 2013 | PROJECT REPORT submission (OFFLINE ONLY) | 1st May, 13 to 31st  May’13 | 1st June’ 13 to 15th  June’13 with late fee (Rs. 1000/- DD) | Project Viva Schedule...

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Statistics - Types of Surveys

Types of Surveys QNT/561 In the following situations, decide whether you would use a personal interview, telephone survey, or self-administered questionnaire. Give your reasons. 1. A survey of the residents of a new subdivision on why they happened to select that area in which to live. You also wish to secure some information about what they like and do not like about life in the subdivision. A self-administered questionnaire is the survey I would choose...

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Survey Plan

       How to Create an Effective Survey Project PlanWhy do I want to plan a survey?A survey usually originates when an individual or institution is confronted with a business problem and the existing data are insufficient. At this point, it is important to consider if the required information can be collected by a survey. If you need input from a number of people, must get results quickly, and need specific information to support business decisions, then a survey is the most appropriate technique...

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Project Management

IEE04 : Project management Feb 2013 A. Explain the following four major components of cost of project…………. aug12,feb12 1. Material Cost 2. Utilities cost 3. Labor cost 4.Factory overhead cost Ans: 1. Material Cost: the most important element of cost, the material cost comprises of the cost f raw material, chemical, components and consumable stores required for production. It is a function of the quantities in which these materials are required and the prices payable for them. While estimating the...

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Diamond Chemicals Plc (a): the Merseyside Project

a year ago, proposed a £9 million expenditure plan as a solution. The solution is aimed at developing new methods for the production of polypropylene. Capital-expenditure Diamond Chemicals evaluate its capital-expenditure by four different categories. (1) New product market, (2) product or market extension, (3) engineering efficiency or (4) safety for environment. Merseyside Project goes under category (3) which is engineering efficiency. With this project comes some concerns and that is why...

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Sandwip Project

Several non-government organizations (NGOs) have been providing off-grid electrification solution in the household levels through ‘solar home system’ units in Sandwip under a program run by state-owned financial institution.namedLighting Rural Bangladesh “LRB”. LRB was established by the Government of Bangladesh to catalyse the development of private sector infrastructure and renewable energy project. Observing the demand patterns in the commercial areas, the NGOs came up with an idea of installing...

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The Greatest Public Works Project in History

The Greatest Public Works Project in History Interstate Highway Systems have been a part of our culture since day one, and have played a great role as transportation in our daily lives. Nearly every citizen has been influenced, if not directly by traveling on the interstate, then indirectly because every item we buy has been on the Interstate System at one point. Eisenhower, who was stationed in Germany, had been an Army General in World War II, and was fascinated by the network of high-speed...

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HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS The history of mathematics is nearly as old as humanity itself. Since antiquity, mathematics has been fundamental to advances in science, engineering, and philosophy. It has evolved from simple counting, measurement and calculation, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects, through the application of abstraction, imagination and logic, to the broad, complex and often abstract discipline we know today. From the notched bones of early man...

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Project Managment

some degree in R&D projects. These employees are assigned primarily to engineering, finance marketing and production. Electran organizes its R&D effort by functional area within the division. Engineers, scientists, and technical and grouped separately. Additionally, within each of these technical specialties, employees are grouped and housed together. Electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and merallurgical engineers, for example, are each grouped and located together. Projects rotate from group...

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LUMPUR KEMENTERIAN PELAJARAN MALAYSIA ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PAPERWORK 2015 The survey of household spending (HES) conducted for the first time in 1957/58. Beginning in 1993/94 survey has been conducted every five years and the most recent studies was conducted in 2009/2010. The survey was made against private households in urban and rural areas. The main objective of HES is to collect information on the level and pattern of consumption expenditure by households in the country on various goods and...

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