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Achievements Of Ramon Magsaysay

is to determine if there is a significant relationship between math anxiety and the achievement of the students. The researchers also aim to find out if math anxiety has a significant relationship with the performance of the students. However, the investigators wish to seek more about math anxiety--- its symptoms and the significant difference in the levels of math anxiety of males and females--- and the achievement and performance of math anxious students. It is hoped that the results of this...

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Ramon Magsaysay

the public service, and in such a short time, as did Ramon Magsaysay. No public figure – not even Dr. Jose Rizal, acclaimed as the greatest hero of the Filipinos, or Andres Bonifacio with his plebeian origin, or Manuel L. Quezon, the political wizard of his era – has aroused among Filipinos the same fanatical enthusiasm that Magsaysay did during his brief term of three years and three months as the nation’s acknowledge leader. Ramon Magsaysay commanded the admiration, respect, and afftection of...

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Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay | | 7th President of the Philippines 3rd President of the Third Republic | In office 30 December 1953 – 17 March 1957 | Vice President | Carlos P. García | Preceded by | Elpidio Quirino | Succeeded by | Carlos P. García | Secretary of National Defense | In office 1 January 1954 – 14 May 1954 | President | Himself | Preceded by | Oscar Castelo | Succeeded by | Sotero B. Cabahug | In office 1 September 1950 – 28 February 1953 | President | Elpidio Quirino...

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Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay was the third president of the Republic of the Philippines after World War II. His life had great impact not only in his country but on many people in many lands. He was one of the outstanding leaders of his time. Ramon Magsaysay commanded the admiration, respect and affection of people because he was a simple, humble man; because he cared for all people as individuals and believed in their dignity and importance; and because he had the courage of his convictions. His objective...

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Ramon Magsaysay

RAMON MAGSAYSAY (1907-1957) Magsaysay, Ramón (1907-1957), Philippine statesman, born in Iba, and educated at the University of the Philippines and José Rizal College. From 1942 to 1945, during World War II, he organized and led the guerrilla force that fought the Japanese. He was elected (1946) and re-elected (1949) on the Liberal party ticket to the Philippine House of Representatives. An advocate of stronger government action against the Communist-led Hukbalahap (Huk) guerrillas, he was appointed...

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E Quirino And Magsaysay

epoch." – E. Quirino Elpidio R. Quirino First term: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1949 (succeeded) Second term: December 30,1949-December 30, 1953 (elected) November 16, 1890 – February 29, 1956 Elpidio Rivera Quirino Accomplishments/Achievements: 1. The establishment of the Agricultural Credit Cooperative Financing Administration (ACCFA) to help farmers market their crops and save them from usurers. 2. The establishments of rural banks in the provinces to give load to farmers at low...

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Ramon Magsaysay

Travelogue Last Thursday, November 29, 2012, this is the day that were waiting for. I was so excited to have our last field trip as a high school. This field trip is very memorable for me because Clare, Alaica, Kim, Ray, and I are first time to be late in our last field trip. We arrive at south supermarket at 5:25am, and almost 5 minutes when the bus left us. There’s no extra bus for the late comers like us. I feel nervous at this time because we don’t know what were going to do. No one knows...

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Ramon Magsaysay Essay

Ramon Magsaysay Essay "Change starts from within." This is a motto that I bear in mind and try to live up to in my everyday routine. I believe that if we want something to happen, we should have self-initiative and must not always rely on other people to do things for us. But making a difference is not a rapid process. It is a gradual progression from the simple changes we make into finally achieving our ultimate goal. This belief of mine, is what made me choose 2002 Magsaysay Awardee for Government...

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Nikki Slesin Ms. Marshall-Fleenor History 9-1 November 17, 2007 Islamic Achievements made by the Muslims during the Golden Age In less than a century after Muhammad created the Islamic faith and state, Muslims and the new cultural power of Islam controlled half of the civilized world. Expansion that started with the rule of the Rightly Guided Caliphs continued under the Umayyad Dynasty, which ruled from A.D 661 to 750. Islam gained political control and influence from Spain to the borders...

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Jacky Hou Period 6 Cause and Effect: Achievement Grade Attempting: A Word Count: 1045 With the advancements made in modern society, the desire to make an impact grows tremendously as historical figures rise and fall. What causes the passion to pursue achievement is the constant pressure for wanting to rise out and above the seven billion. We can choose to live the gloomy mediocre life or we choose to push ourselves to be the best of the best and live the “American dream.” When life gives...

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Ramon Magsaysay - Conclusion

and industry flourished, the Philippine military was at its prime, and the Filipino people were given international recognition in sports, culture and foreign affairs. The Philippines ranked second in Asia's clean and well-governed countries. Magsaysay achieved to suppress the Huk as Luis Taruc surrendered to his administration. Majority of his programs that were implemented helped a lot in the fulfillment of this action. True to his words, this became reality during his term, the Filipinos most...

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Factors Affecting the Reading Interest of Fourth Year Students of Ramon Magsaysay(Cubao) High School

FACTORS AFFECTING THE READING INTEREST OF FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS OF RAMON MAGSAYSAY(CUBAO) HIGH SCHOOL Statement of the Problem This study aimed to determine the factors affecting the reading interest of the Fourth Year High School students in RAMON MAGSAYSAY, (CUBAO) QUEZON CITY. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions: What is the demographic profile of the students according to: a. Gender b. Age c. Family Income d. Parent's Educational Attainment What are the factors...

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Ramon Castillo

Manila Philippines Tel No. (02) 734-8831 to 39 www.sscrmnl.edu.ph Institute of Graduate Studies A Case Study on Ramon Ilejay Castillo In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master in Business Administration By: Marie Karla De Leon Ralph Michael Licaros To: Dr. Roberto Gabiola October 23, 2012 I. VIEWPOINT Ramon Ilejay Castillo II. TIME CONTEXT 1987 III. Statement of the Problem Major Problems - No definite business plan...

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The Achievement Gap

The Achievement Gap in the United States Schools December 15, 2010 Since the mid sixties we as a nation have been studying the achievement gap between minority students, low-income, and middle income students. I plan to present data regarding this issue that has plagued our country for decades. Being an employee in the education system and working with students from these subgroups, I have had firsthand experience with this issue. With the achievement gap growing rapidly, our country has...

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Academic Achievement

Size and Academic Achievement Name: DABHI KRISHNA KANAKSINH ID: 16241196 ENGLISH LANGUAGE BRIDGING COURSE The question of “class size and academic performance” has generated a strong debate among academics stakeholders, teachers, administrators, parents and as well as researchers. The issues create strong arguments because of the powerful common sense that small classes model appeals. We can understand that class size influences on students’ academic achievements whereas some well...

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Achievements of Venice

Chapter 3: The Achievements of Venice (written by BS) Venice had many achievements by the 15th Century, mainly, building a maritime empire, social transformation and also economic prosperity. The most significant achievement, would be building a maritime empire, followed by social transformation and economic prosperity. Firstly, the most significant achievement would be building a maritime empire. As a maritime empire, Venice possessed territories along important trade routes, especially around...

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Academic Achievements

their goal of being part of the honor roll. Balancing these two is one of the problems honor students of today are facing. This process is intended to know how important co-curricular involvement is and what its effects to the students’ academic achievements are. Since 1985, Colegio San Agustin (CSA)- Biñan has been providing its students quality Catholic education that enriches their knowledge academically. Besides, CSA- Biñan has been offering several co- curricular programs like authorized student...

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Achievement Motivation

Highly competent children often do not display patterns of achievement motivation (Phillips, 1987). Research has shown that a child's perception of his or her competence is a better indicator of achievement motivation than the reality of his or her ability. (Bandura, 1977; Covington, 1984; Nicholls, 1982, Weiner, 1979). Not only does the child influence his achievement motivation but teachers and parents have a significant impact and influence on how the child views his or her abilities. Research...

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Achievement Gaps

Achievement Gaps Reading, writing and the ability to solve simple mathematical problems are a part of the necessary tools needed to survive in America. Consequently, such learning tools are used numerous times throughout the day without recognition. However, reading, writing and basic knowledge of mathematical problems are not equally achieved by all social groups. It is clear that education plays a major role in the future of an individual, yet there are achievement gaps between Black, White...

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Achievement Essay

Achieving Results How is achievement defined, and what are the values behind achieving? People can have different ideas and personal definitions about what achievement means, which explains why the dictionary’s definition is very broad. Achievement is defined by Webster’s dictionary and thesaurus as simply being “a result gained by effort” (“Achievement”). The definition of achievement in my discipline of Environmental Science is certainly linked to the dictionary definition, but the results of...

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India's Achievement

India-it's achievements in 60 years of independence The foundation of independence laid before 150 years in 1857 , which is described As First war of Independence got success after 100 long years of struggle & On 15th August 1947 when a new Democratic country which has taken over the attention of the world with it's principles of Non-violence & peace & above all had many challenges before it to stand in the world scenario. Today we have achieved a milestone by completing 60 years of...

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The Achievement of Desire

Hoggart's story? 5. Does Rodriguez believe that a good balance can be maintained between home life and a successful educational life? 6. How does Rodriguez feel about his parents, and the role they have played in his life? In his essay "The Achievement of Desire," Richard Rodriguez writes about his experiences as a student. While writing about his education Rodriguez makes several points out of an abstract personality model. Originally conceived by the author Richard Hoggart, Rodriguez identifies...

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Magsaysay Memorial College

our dishes and even making a cross-stitch he make it. Many people admire his ability to making their things. Although he has this indisposition he show to us that he can make it. He finish his high school in Magsaysay Memorial College (MMC) and he take up commerce major in management in college and he finish his course for only three (3)years and one (1) semester. Architecture is his first choice but suddenly there is no architecture...

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An Analysis of Ramon Muzones' Margosatubig

naturally separate(s) us. In more contemporaneous times, this “religious division” has brought about disparities and wars within our own country. But what is the root cause of all of this disparity and disagreement? Through his novel Margosatubig, Ramon Muzones answers this question especially through his main character, Salagunting, who is representative of this diversity within our country in his being a Christian-Muslim hybrid. In a way, he asks his readers, why do we always have to look at this...

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integration in 2013. Discuss the achievements of CARICOM in light of the statement and make suggestions for future development. Kerri Mc Neil Happy fortieth anniversary to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)! An establishment which has transgressed shared colonial history; propelling its fifteen member states and five associate member states to economic integration and social development. The achievements will be discussed in ascending...

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academic achievement

Investigating the effects of social class origins on educational achievement and attainment has a long history, particularly on the K-12 level. Scholars have found that students from low SES backgrounds have lower educational aspirations, persistence rates, and educational attainment than their peers from high SES backgrounds prior to and during college e (Astin, 1993; DiMaggio & Mohr, 1985; Lareau, 1993; McDonough, 1997; MacLeod, 1987; Pascarella & Terenzini, 1991; Tinto, 1987, 1993) http://www...

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Lenin's achievements

Source A: Lenin was a great leader yet the most humble of men. For his achievements in the October revolution, in defending the foreign invaders and destroying the whites, in bringing peace and prosperity, we are forever in his debt. (A Russian view of Lenin written at the same time of his death in 1924) Was this an accurate assessment of Lenin and his achievements? One man with a gun can control 100 without one." Lenin, Vladimir Ilich 1917 Lenin was a man with principles that tried his best...

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Educational Achievement

Muller English 101 March 1, 2013 Educational Achievement and Upward Mobility In many cities throughout the United States, people live in a state of poverty, lacking the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter needed to survive. Governments have tried numerous policies to life people out of poverty, from financial aid to affirmative action programs. Yet, Government aids are not enough to guarantee educational achievement. Educational achievement is the single largest influence on an individual’s...

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Achievement of Desire

The Achievement of Desire Growing up is something inevitable to all cultures and people. We have all gone through that time in our lives when we move on from being a child and become an adult. However, in the reality that education is the fact that starts this transition, Richard Rodriguez brilliantly focuses on the realization that education itself gives us the “ways of speaking and caring” about this transition. In the essay "The Achievement of Desire", Rodriguez explains how his own life can...

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Girls and Achievement

Girls and Achievement Girls are now appearing to have a higher ability to succeed in education than boys in today’s schooling system. There are many issues concerning this area and these have been supported by a range of theorists using key studies and concepts to establish this further. The impact of feminism on the female population has gradually increased since the 1960’s when feminist sociologists highlighted the idea of an education system filled with gender inequalities. These sociologists...

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gain a higher status of living. Well, again, society dictates that the idea of living is always going up and achieving more. And so, as I was growing old, I was taught to compete and be the best of whatever there is. Indeed, I have earned many achievements during my schooling years. As I was growing in age and much more in height (I was almost 6 feet before college), my idea of choosing a course is neither on what I feel like doing nor on what my heart tells me (Nah! What a thought) but on how I...

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Philippine presidents and achievements

January 13, 14 Name of President: Sergio Osmeña Full Name: Sergio Osmeña y Suico Term: August 1, 1944 – May 28, 1946 Birthdate: September 9, 1878 Family: Mother - Juana Osmeña y Suico Son - Sergio Osmeña Jr. (Philippine Senator) ACHIEVEMENTS: ~Launched and Edited the newspaper El Nuevo Dia together with Jaime de ~Veyra and Rafael Palma in 1900 ~Allowed by the Supreme Court to take the Bar Examination even though he only completed 3 years in Law School ~Placed 2nd among the Bar...

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The achievement of desire

Richard Rodriguez’s essay “The Achievement of Desire” can be described as an autobiographical text in which the author includes some self analysis in comparison to what he describes as the only description of “myself”(Rodriguez p.547): The Uses of Literacy by Richard Hoggart. What Rodriguez is doing by writing this essay is to add further notion of the “scholarship boy syndrome” for future scholarship boys. His motif for doing this could be to make the reader reflect on the advantages and disadvantages...

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Psychology and Specific Achievement Motivation

Achievement Motivation What is it? This links personality with the degree of competitiveness shown by an individual. Its main focus is the extent to which an individual is motivated to attain success. Some Theories about it Murray (1938) indicated that it was natural for individual to strive to surpass another (genetically) like trait. Bandura (1977) believed that a competitive drive was a product of learning (social learning). Atkinson and McCelland (1976) has the view of an interactionist...

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Student Achievement Success

Running head: Student Achievement Success Student Achievement Success Johanna Billingsley English Composition II Mr. Randy Baker November 5, 2009 All students deserve the opportunity to be successful in school. Improving the academic learning of students in schools is a major concern of American education. Large amounts of resources are used each year to help close the achievement gap and level the playing field for students in our educational system. Without academic success, this...

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 “The Ethics of Multitasking” (How multitasking is effecting work ethic, privacy, and the lives of many people.) By For Phil Howard BL 260 I. “The Ethics of Multitasking,” By Bruce Weinstein was published on September 4, 2009 by Bloomberg Businessweek Companies & Industries. II. This article written by Bruce Weinstein, talks about the relationship of Ethics to multitasking and how Multitasking negatively effects a person. At the beginning of the article...

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The Achievements of Elizabeth 1

reason the Elizabethan era has taken on the name “The Golden Age”. Elizabeth’s reign lasted until the year of her death in 1603 . In that time she had many achievements majorly in areas of religion, survival, exploration, expansion and thwarting rebellion and invasion. She was seen as an intelligent and powerful female leader and her major achievements can, to some extent, be attributed to her prowess as a ruler along with her personality and connection to the people. “I do not so much rejoice that God...

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On the Achievement of Catharsis

On the Achievement of Catharsis In Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the authors bring about catharsis through classic tragic devices such as the recognition and scene of suffering. The recognition is typically defined as “a change from ignorance to terrible reality, a scene depicting the revealing of a terrible event or secret, while the scene of suffering occurs through a “calamity” or other “destructive or painful act.” Oedipus’ recognition...

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Language Deficiency and Science Achievement

Class Size and Its Impact on Students’ Achievement Introduction Class size has been discussed extensively in the literature due to pioneering studies conducted by several scholars in states and countries addressing the issue of student academic achievement. The primary locus of their study had centered on the question of which provides the better academic achievement- the smaller or larger class. The two sides had provided evidences on their claims. This proposed study aims to contribute to...

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Birth Order and School Achievement

Birth order and School Achievement There has always been an attempt to figure out why some people do better in school than others. Is it due to financial stability? Is it attributed to parents' own success as students? Very importantly, one's birth order plays a role in one's school achievement. I. Theory Growing up with siblings or the absence of siblings can be a major factor in determining academic success. Being the oldest, middle or youngest child does not necessarily determine academic...

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Achievement Gap in Schools

Heading: ACHIEVEMENT GAP IN SCHOOLS The Achievement Gap in Schools and What Can Be Done to Close it Laura L. Pandiani Assumption College Abstract This paper explores the struggle of the achievement gap in schools. The achievement gap refers to the inequality in educational achievement among groups of students determined as disadvantaged minorities and those of less disadvantaged, usually white. The gap is a constant battle with no clear way as to how to fix it. The achievement gap can...

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National Achievement Test Articles

EFFECTS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENE ON STUDENTS PERFORMANCE ON NATL ACHIEVEMENT TEST In the beginning, psychologists focused on cognitive constructs like memory and problem solving in their first attempt to write on intelligence. This did not last when researchers begun to challenge this orientation and recognized that there are other non-cognitive aspects of intelligence. For instance, Robert Thorndike wrote about social intelligence in 1937. And as early as 1943, Wechsler,D. (1943) proposed...

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Gender Achievement Gap

Running Head: The Gender Achievement Gap 1 The Gender Achievement Gap Clint Overstreet 2 The No Child Left Behind Act requires that states bring students up to the "proficient" level on state tests and individual schools have to meet state “adequate yearly progress.” This mandate targets not only all “typical” students, but students from all demographics. With this factor of accountability, as well as school success, many researchers...

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Debut Albums and Greatest Achievement

my records have fallen, long after my rings have tarnished. Whatever you got to do to make sure you chase your legacy. Every second of your life. How will you be remembered? How will you be remembered? Why wouldn't you fight for the greatest achievement ever? Leave your mark to endure forever." "To be the best and stay there sweat is necessary. I'm older. Of course I'm older. That's the beauty of it. Sixteen years plus different level of wisdom. Different level of understanding. Different...

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Academic Achievement - Document

Introduction: Academic Achievement is the most important skill in every student’s life. It helps us to discover more about the theories and certain known facts and also to develop our personal growth. Academic study is a way of exploring, addressing and expressing ideas and a way of communicating results and enjoys learning. The aims of Academic Study are to focus in becoming a well qualified degree holder, developing skills, knowledge and even to enjoy learning. It requires hard work, self-discipline...

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at the five peso coin. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's face used to grace the five peso bill (which is not used anymore). The back of the bill shows him holding the Philippine flag at the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. Contributions and Achievements: first (and only) president of the First Republic (Malolo Republic) signed the Pact of Biak na Bato known as the President of the Revolutionary Government fought against the Spanish and Americans to retain Philippine independence youngest president...

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The Gender Gap Achievement

RMIT University 11 The Academic Achievement Gender Gap in Mathematics in the USA Research Report Full name: Le Hong Nhung Student number: L9916863 Email: L9916863@rmit.edu.vn Class code: H71110A Class teachers: Gavin Johnson & Ronald Tierney Contents 2 Abstract 2 3 Introduction 2 4 Findings 3 4.1 Recognition of the academic achievement gap 3 4.2 Explanations for the gender gap in Math 5 4.2.1 Natural differences 5 4.2.2 Differences in nurture process ( Social...

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Achievement Motivation Theory Analysis

Achievement Motivation Theory Analysis University of Phoenix PHY/320 Elizabeth Riegner December 19, 2012 Achievement Motivation Theory Analysis Every manager has a theory on how to motivate employees to perform his or her job. One of the oldest motivational methods is the Carrot and Stick method, which is a combination of rewards and punishments to bring about a desired behavior. Although this method of motivation can still be found in one form or the other in many organizations today, managers...

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Roman Achievements and Contributions

Roman Achievements Jigsaw Background: The period of great cultural achievements for the Roman Empire is referred to as the Pax Romana, or “Peace of Rome.” Beginning after the Republican Wars in 27 B.C., and lasting to about 180 A.D., this era was marked by general tranquility and unity across the empire. By this time, Rome had overtaken most of the Mediterranean world and had spread its culture. Family & Religion The family was the basic unit of Roman society. Under Roman law, the male head...

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James Marcia Identity Achievement

and it takes a lot of effort. James Marcia delved beyond Erik Erikson’s stage of identity achievement and created four different levels of this achievement. These levels were distinguished by crisis and commitment. Crisis is defined as a period of identity development during which the individual is exploring alternative, while commitment is personal investment in identity (Marcia, 2003). Identity achievement is obtained when an individual searches for different alternatives, explores those alternatives...

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Achievements of Agrippina the Younger

ACHIEVEMENTS OF AGRIPPINA THE YOUNGER Agrippina’s powerful family lineage allowed her to excel beyond the role of women in Roman society and become successful in the terms of wealth and power. Agrippina’s achievements include the marrying Claudius, successfully removing others, ascension of Nero, and having honors and powers given beyond other women of Rome. It is difficult to assess the extent of Agrippina’s achievements because of the gender bias that derives from the Ancient sources Dio Cassius...

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Elpidio Quirino

Quirino succeeded to the presidency and was elected to that office in 1949. His administration was plagued by the Hukbalahap insurrection. Although ill, Quirino ran for reelection (1953), but he was overwhelmingly defeated by Ramon Magsaysay . Programs and Achievement: - Quirino's six years as president were marked by notable postwar reconstruction, general economic gains, and increased economic aid from the United States. - Quirino attempted to introduce the policy of economic nationalism...

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Effects of Overstressing Academic Achievements

Overstressing Academic Achievement by Kalman Heller TSL 012 COLLEGE READING MOHD SUFI AMIN BIN SALMEE 2012228174 MPI020 2D For MISS EMY SYAFIKAH BINTI NORDIN FACULTY OF EDUCATION SUMMARY: Based on the article written by Kalman Heller, there are a few negative effects of overstressing academic achievements on students that needed to be reviewed. One of the negative effects is the depression and suicide rates among teenager increases. Secondly, overstressing academic achievements also causes...

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National Achievement Test in Philippines

 FACTORS AFFECTING THE NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST PERFORMANCE OF FOURTH YEAR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN MATATALAIB HIGH SCHOOL Chapter 1 Introduction: Achievement test is a form of evaluation that includes the techniques for determining whether or not students reach the goals specified by the teachers based on the Philippine Secondary Schools Learning Competencies (PSSLC) For several years now the researcher have observed that the students in Fourth Year of Matatalaib High School have been struggling...

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ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE AQUINO ADMINISTRATION HIGHLIGHTS Revolutionary Government Proclamation No. 3, which established a revolutionary government, was issued by President Aquino after assuming her presidency. Abolishment of 1973 Constitution led to the promulgation of the provisional 1986 Freedom Constitution. This allowed Aquino to exercise both executive and legislative powers. Landmark Legislation Aquino promulgated two landmark legal codes: Family Code of 1987. This reformed the civil law on family...

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Academic Achievement Essay

It has been argued that the use of the internet is linked to poor academic achievement. Is this true? Excessive use of the internet impairs the student’s academic achievement. This becomes a problem when it comes to impaired functioning of the body. Some people may experience psychological problems such as social isolation, depression, loneliness, etc. People are sleep deprived due to staying up online. Is internet use good or is it bad for you? Studies have shown that the eight graders internet...

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National Achievement Test

POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES National Achievement Test Result of Grade VI Pupils of SY 2012-2013 and SY 2013-2014: An Analysis (RESEARCH STUDY) BY: Introduction “Bear in mind that the wonderful things you learn in your school are the work of many generations produced by enthusiastic effort and infinite labor in every country in the world. All this is put into your hand as your inheritance in order that you may receive it, honor it, add to it, and one day...

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Asessing and Reporting Students Achievement

Assessing and Reporting Student Achievement Purposes of the Assessments * to assist in student learning * to identify students strengths and weakness'' * to assess the effectiveness of the instructional strategy * to assess and improve the effectiveness of curriculum programs * to assess and improve teaching effectiveness * to provide data that assist in decision making about a student's future * to provide data in order to communicate with/involve parents in their child's...

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Agrarian Reform of Magsaysay

President Ramón Magsaysay enacted the following laws as part of his Agrarian Reform Program: Agrarian Reform Programs 1. Republic Act No. 1160 of 1954 • LASEDECO was abolished and established the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration • Main goal was to resettle landless farmers, and aimed at the rebels who returned to provide them with lots for home and farming in Palawan and Mindanao 2. Republic Act No. 1199 (Agricultural Tenancy Act of 1954) • Created the court...

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Graduate Admission Achievements Essay

The achievements I consider most important are: securing world-class distinction in O Levels, mentoring my cousin to acquire higher education, and designing operations of a start up restaurant. These achievements are special because these experiences have been instrumental in teaching important lessons and allowed me to grow professionally and personally. One of the most important academic achievement in my life has been the World Distinction I received for scoring the highest marks in Geography...

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