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Accounting Internship

César Ritz Colleges Internship February 13 2013 by: Carlos Iyorgui Florez Arango 203574 523 Submitted to: Angharad Williams English composition HOW TO BE PREPARED Carlos Iyorgui Florez A. Everybody is looking for internships nowadays, some because is an obligation in the university program and other ones because of the great opportunity offer, but they don`t really know what is the internship about. Is it worth it? What should they know? What are the employers looking for...

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Report: Employment and Internship

I must confess the sense of relief I had when I realized that I was enjoying accounting, since graduation was just around the corner. My internship reaffirmed my decision to become an accountant. I found that nobody expects you to know everything and that mistakes can be tolerated if learned from. The experience has given me confidence in myself that was severely lacking beforehand. I have realized that I want to continue working in the area of auditing. Experience And Academic Benefits...

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Internship Argumentation

October 22, 2012 Internship Argumentation Internships are opportunities that many students take before graduating from college. Whether paid or unpaid, they’re beneficial to students, nonetheless. They provide experience that can’t be learned elsewhere, and also gives them an edge in comparison to students that don’t take the opportunity. Of course, internships can have their downfalls in which they may not be taken as seriously as a ‘real world’ job but the pros that internships offer outweigh...

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Internship Letter

 08/06/2012 [ Company representative] [Company Name.] [Address] Dear [ Company representative] Thank you for offering a work experience Internship for our Diploma in Information Technology (Level 7) student, [YourName ], for the period 16th Sep 2013 to 11th November 2013. The internship is the final part of the diploma programme and is a very important part of the programme [YourName ], is enrolled on andto provides the student withhim an opportunity, prior to graduation, to...

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The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability

The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability Executive Summary Are internship programs an opportunity for students and fresh graduates in the search of employment or are they a corporate excuse to optimise a cost-effective, pro-active, and eager human resources’ capital without fees and benefits? Are internship programs beneficial and relevant for students and fresh graduates to leverage themselves to limited opportunities in a highly competitive market? This paper is a critical review...

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Internship Report

 Bus- 489 Report On Internship Introduction Internships provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field. Internships are relatively short term in nature with the primary focus on getting some on the job training and taking what’s learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world. Interns generally have a supervisor who assigns specific tasks and evaluates the interns overall...

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The Importance of Internships

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERNSHIPS Growing up in school, students are constantly reminded that a college education is necessary to make a decent salary. Over the years, it has become evident to many young adults that this statement is indeed true. However, as the need for jobs increases, so does the necessity of being more competitive in a work field. Since our generation has grown up knowing that graduating from college is a necessity, a college education is no longer enough to be competitive in...

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Internship Experience

Health Care Management Internship Experience Labovitz School of Business and Economics University of Minnesota Duluth Description of the Program The purpose of the internship program is to provide juniors and seniors with an opportunity to enhance and apply what they learn in their academic program while working in a health service organization. Students are pursuing a degree in business administration and are majoring in health care management. Those that enroll in the Labovitz School of Business...

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Internship Journal

Page 1 of 2 Tips and Thoughts for your Internship Journal Your journal entries do not have to be lengthy, but should capture your general thoughts and reactions to your work. Ideally, you should maintain your journal on a daily or weekly basis to ensure that you capture details as well as your feelings and reactions to the day-to-day events and your responsibilities while interning. Benefits of keeping a journal • Your journal entries will prove quite useful when updating your resume in the fall...

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Internship Report Format

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Department of Management Sciences Internship Report Format Report should be composed and written in M.S. OFFICE (Microsoft word, Excel etc) Report writing instructions: Page size: A4 Font size: 12 Font name: Arial Font color: Black Line spacing: 1.5 Margins: 0.75” (Left & Right) Header & Footer: 0.75” Gutter: 0.5” Footnotes: Where ever applicable Index: Must include copy of the original forms used in the organization...

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Form A Internship Proposal Or Endorse

English Program of the TSU-College of Arts and Social Sciences, students are required to have an on-the-job training (OJT) or internship of two hundred (200) hours in a company; and we have chosen Tarlac State Universityfor this purpose. The objective is to expose the students to an actual work environment and learn to apply what they have learned in the academe. The internship experience that we propose involves activities or tasks where our students are provided with a better idea of what they can...

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Internship Report

1.1 Introduction The internship was completed at Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd, to give a firsthand experience of client servicing in a Public Relations firm and thereby enhancing my professional skills. Adfactors PR is one of the world’s top public relations firms with more than 20 years of experience in the Indian marketplace. 1.2 Objective of the internship  To provide a firsthand experience at a Public Relations firm.  To know about the young and developing PR market in India.  To be trained...

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Internship abroad is good for students

Introduction. (Monique) In the latest centuries a lot of students are going abroad to do an internship for their study. They go (for example) to Spain, America, England or Australia and work (approximadiatly) for 5/6 months to gain experience in the work field. When they get back to the Netherlands they will start their 'normal study life' again. An internship abroad is good for the students because it is good for their development, it is good to get knowledge, and last but not least it is good...

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Summer Internship Project

Module Manual: Summer Internship Academic Year: PGP 2010-12 CONTENTS Summer Internship Policy 1. Summer Internship 1. Pre-Requisites 2. Objectives of Summer Internship 2.1 Orientation in the Company 2.2 On Job Training 2.3 Summer Training Report 2.4 Expectations from the summer intern 2.5 Documentation and Presentation of the Final Report 3. Interns – In the Organization 3.1 Attendance Policy 3.2 Conduct of interns 4. Role...

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Internship Progress Report 1

“Progress Report #1 – 40 hours” Submitted by Romalyn Lintag BA482 Business/Research Internship “Hyatt Regency Guam” Spring 2015 I. Name and title of supervisor I am interning under the Sales & Marketing department at the Hyatt Regency Guam. I am under the primary supervision of Mrs. Medel Cosico who is the Director of Sales and Marketing. Besides Mrs. Cosico, I am also being guided by Miss. Susan Navarro who is the secretary of the department, alongside Miss. Shasta Cejoco...

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Final Internship Evaluation Form

Internship Evaluation Form Student: ________________________ Field Supervisor: ________________________ 1 Unsatisfactory – never demonstrates this ability/does not meet expectations 2 Uncomplimentary – seldom demonstrates this ability/rarely meets expectations 3 Fair – sometimes demonstrates this ability/meets expectations 4 Commendable – usually demonstrates this ability/sometimes exceeds expectations 5 Exceptional – always demonstrates this ability/consistently exceeds expectations ...

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Are Unpaid Internships ethical?

Are Unpaid Internships ethical? Slide 1: Background Many Interns are constantly being abused. Many employers see internships as a way to use college kids to do the work that no one else wants to do for free. Companies take full advantage of college students in need of internships because they know that it today’s world it is nearly impossible to get a job without having some type of prior experience in their field. A majority of unpaid internships are legal, but are they ethical? This is...

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IJCDSE, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2012 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Win-Win Dual internship model for turning graduates employable Rajesh Subramanian Botho College, Botswana Aarthi Nagappan Botho College, Botswana Abstract There seems to be a growing concern about the skill set needed in university graduates which is a factor inhibiting numerous students from acquiring ...

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Narrative Report

Bachelor of Science in Accountacy General de Jesus College Poblacion, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija Narrative Report In partial fulfillment of Internship under GM Bank of Luzon Inc., San Isidro Branch by Sarah Jane G. Cucio presented to Jeffrey Franco, CPA March 30, 2011 MEMORABLE MOMENTS The 40 days I have spent in GM Bank of Luzon was lavishly full of hilarious, crazy, yet fruitfull moments. But my favorite part had occured on my earlier days in the Bank. It was then the most exhauting...

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Internship in Accounting Department Fin

 INTRODUCTION The following report describes the activities carried out during a 6-week, Full-time internship at the American university of lebanon, Finance Department. The document contains information about the organization and the responsibilities performed throughout the period between: the 1st of July until 31st of July, 2014. The first part of the report offers an overview of the organization, and then describe the process which has been implemented by finance department according to...

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GIP Report

STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY AIESEC STRATHMORE 11TH SEPTEMBER 2013 GLOBAL INTERNSHIP PROGRAM PORTFOLIO Table of contents Executive Summary………………………..1 Goals………………………………………..1 Objectives…………………….....................2 Organizational Structure……………….......2 Achievements………………………………3 Challenges…………………………………..3 References…………………………………..4 Executive Summary Global Internship Program in short having the commonly known mnemonic GIP is an exchange...

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Summer FInal Paper

Joseph Garofalo Summer 2014 Intern Final Paper As the summer of 2014 comes to an end, and my co-op internship also fades away in the next couple days I would like to recap the last few months spent working for The Pep Boys-Manny, Moe, and Jack. Over the last three months I spent 40 hours per week working in the Account (Gross Margin) department taking on a few different responsibilities and in this paper I will explain each as well as analyze and reflect on my experiences. Coming into this...

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intership essay

 Internship Essay 4/24/13 Interning was a very different experience for me, sometimes I enjoyed being there while other times I wished for a crazed drug head to show up just so there could be a little excitement. I always imagined interning as working alone someone in a field in which you wish to enter, where they offer advice to help you reach your goal of your future occupation. However, during my internship this was not the case, I felt as though I was just a free worker at their disposal;...

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Student Interns and Sexual Harassment

I. Narrative I started by analyzing the problem by listing key facts and possible search terms. Possible key facts include that she was in a school-sponsored internship, that Pepper supervised her in several areas, that she was not paid, and that she received various benefits including use of the company car, participation in the firm’s life insurance policy and training. Possible Google search terms might include “intern(ship),” “Title VII employee,” “unpaid,” and “workplace.” Because this...

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Experience as a Credit Suisse Operations (Settlements) Intern

resource manager, Carolyne Philips, gave a comprehensive overview of the organization, the behaviour expected of an intern, and the attitude to bring forth during the internship. We were briefed on the dress code suitable for CS’s corporate culture, (which was mainly business casual), and how to get the most out of this internship, (by asking questions to clear your doubts during appropriate times). Upon the move to One Raffles Quay, it was all work proper. There was initially a steep learning...

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Action Plan in Becoming a Manager

try to impress on students how phenomenally important it is that they complete at least one internship, and preferably several. But since we still hear from students facing the how-can-I-get-experience-if-I-have- no-experience dilemma, some students are probably wondering why they should complete internships. Let's start with the No. 1 reason and work down the list of reasons you must do an internship: 1. Employers increasingly want to see experience in the new college grads they hire....

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The Impact of Internships on Graduate Employability Module: BKEY501, Research and Professional Practice Module Leader: Stanka Winch Seminar Teacher: Lorna Brooks Author: Kavita Bhakar Student ID: W13289483 Date: 5th November 2012 Word Count: 1,798 University of Westminster Contents Executive Summary 2 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 The current graduate labour market both general and specific 4 2.1 UK general graduate labour market 4 2.2 UK retail labour market 5 3...

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Personal Strategic Plan

applicants now with the advancements in technology you are in a way competing with other applicants globally. IV. Goals/ Strategies Goals: I plan to get into an internship program later this summer or next summer. There are many companies that offer internships to college students. There are many benefits when you participate in an internship program. It gives you a look into what exactly happens in the workplace. Along with experience it also gives you your first shot to show a potential employer what...

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Just Intro

SCHEME FOR INTERNSHIP FOR PG/RESEARCH STUDENTS AIM ▪ To familiarize the interested and willing PG/Research students with the overall process of Planning at the apex planning body of the Nation. ▪ It is neither a job nor any such assurance for a job in the Planning Commission. GUIDELINES/SALIENT FEATURES OF THE SCHEME ➢ Applicable to ‘ Indian Nationals ‘ only. ➢ Internship available to PG and Research students during their holidays, who are willing to have an exposure/familiarization...

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Do's and Don'Ts of an Intern

similar to an apprenticeship. Interns are usually college or university students seeking skills for a new career. Student internships provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their field, determine if they have an interest in a particular career, create a network of contacts, and gain school credit. Here are some Dos and Don’ts to be observed during your internship: The Do's: Do dress to impress. Don't look at how the other interns there are dressed; you are not trying to impress...

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Five benefits of completing an internship Internships are where higher education meets employment; they allow students to gain experience working in an organization while studying at university. They can be paid or unpaid and allow you to work in an organization for a set period, which could be anything from one intensive week, to interning once a week for twelve months. In some courses, such as medicine, nursing and education, which require access to hospitals and schools, industry placements are...

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Employment and Beneficial Work Experience

Deserve Income Even though internships are still viewed as beneficial for students, some are beginning to argue that internships have become an easy source of free labor in tough times. Since job openings for young adults are quite scarce, the number of unpaid internships has sky rocketed over the years. For these reasons, federal and state regulators have been lead to believe that more employers are illegally using internships for free labor. The purpose of internships is to allow them while in college...

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Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Employee

industry average, as shared by the hotel. 1 ACTION PARTNERING HOSPITALITY SCHOOLS FOR LOCAL AND OVERSEAS INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Since 2006, the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore began offering structured internship opportunities for students from established hospitality schools such as Temasek Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic, among others. The Four Seasons also runs an Overseas Student Internship Programme (OSIP) which sees students dispatched to the chain’s 9 locations in Asia. With the OSIP growing...

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Questions 1. How does AIESEC differ from other providers of internships? AIESEC does not define itself as provider of internships only. Rather, AIESEC offers you many diffe rent opportunities to discover and develop your potential. Although an internship abroad is an essential part of the experience you can gain in AIESEC, it is closely linked to other experiences rather than separated from them. Those who only want to do an internship to develop professionally will most probably find a more suitable...

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The Internship Report (Eng 498/698) Rationale Because the student who does an internship receives credit from the university, graded credit determined by the technical writing faculty, there needs to be documentation in addition to the site supervisor's evaluation as a basis for that graded credit. Submitting an internship report not only provides the faculty with a document which qualifies the student for graded credit, it also provides the faculty with in-depth information about the profession...

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Affairs) ':,.*** New Delhi, 8th January, 2013. Subject: Internship Scheme ofthe Department of Economic Affairs for 2013-14. Department of Economic Affairs has the mandate to carry out riot only the economic diplomacy but also to build and maintain the economic health of the country, which essentially envisages close interaction with various financial institutions, both domestic and international. , 2. The need for an Internship Scheme for the Department has been felt for quite sometime...

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ECO 372 Week 5 Summary

clothing company (importer) ·  GDP Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the results.   While you are in college, look for an internship. An internship gives you experience and an opportunity to try out your career choices while still in school. You may even get an offer of a job from the company you intern with! Ask about internships at your school. This file comprises ECO 372 Week 5 Learning Team Fiscal Policy Paper General Questions - General General Questions ...

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How Is Working Experience Beneficial to Future Career?

and internship experiences are required by 80% of these college-level jobs (Gualt, et al. 2000). Therefore, some people argued that work experience is an aid and beneficial to their future career. However, to some extent, work experience is not necessary for future career. If the graduates enrolled at famous universities, they might find a job easily because of the universities’ good reputation. And it is hard to determine whether the graduates have got any useful experience in internship. So...

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The Partnership Development Committee

mentors while using their training in a real world environment. Length of Program The first set of internships will be completed during the PSCC Fall 2013 semester that runs from August through December. During this time, the Partnership Committee will be working continuously with the mentors in order to ensure the most beneficial experience as possible. At the end of the internship period, the Committee will conduct a full report to management regarding the overall success of the program...

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Beating the Odds

University of Oregon. Today she lives in New York City and works as a customer communications associate for Rent the Runway. Danielson interned for the clothing rental company her senior year of college and was offered a job upon graduation. Her first internship was on the marketing team at her dad’s architecture firm her sophomore year of college. Two years later she found the Rent the Runway position and jumped on it. At the end of the year she went to a networking event with the company in the hopes...

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Mbbs Cover Letter

mmedical@gmail.com DO NOT COPY: You are advised not to copy this sample, but to use it to generate ideas to create your own resume. 15 June 2015 Manager HMO Support Unit Bayside Health Commercial Road Prahran Vic 3127 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Medical Internship 2015 It is with great enthusiasm that I apply for the position of Intern at Bayside Health. I am in the final year of Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at Monash University and looking for the best possible start for a successful medical...

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Narrative Report

Internship Experience Narrative Report I have had the pleasure of experiencing two different unique counseling internships. The practicum experience I received in both placements has been rewarding, educational, and challenging. Though both experiences differed greatly in environment they both possessed the same qualities which assisted me in the process of becoming a counselor. RESPOND Inc. is New England’s first Domestic Violence agency and the only the second one in the nation to be established...

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Industrial Placement Report

report is about my internship at Casa Priority Sdn. Bhd. covering the period of three (3) months from May 2012 to August 2012. During the course of my internship in the company, I am assigned as admin assistant where I have to assist and manage in any of the departments when needed. In this report I am to write about the various tasks and position that I was given as well as my experience or skills that I have gain for the whole duration in this company. My objective from this internship is to gain valuable...

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Using One or More Extra-Curricular Curricular Activities You Have Been Involved with: Choose Three Skills and Tell Us How Those Skills Were Developed Through Participating in the Activity.

with over 300 students competing for the cricket team trials. In 2007, I also did an internship for 2 months in a local packaging company called ‘MacPak’. During my A’ levels, a group of us 6 friends organized a concert in which I was responsible for distributing flyers, putting up posters, advertising online on social networks and selling tickets. Additionally, during my gap year from 2009-2010, I did an internship for 6 months at Deutsche Bank. Being involved in such activities helped me further...

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THE PARTIAL FULFILMENT FOR THE AWARD OF BACHELORS IN MASS COMMUNICATION AT UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY, MUKONO DECLARATION: I Nayebare, Peace declare that this report is my original document from my own effort during the internship training that lasted for two months at Mbarara University of science and Technology (MUST) Nayebare Peace…………………………………………………………………………Date…………………………………… Submitted with permission of the following people Dennis T. Lukaaya ...

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The House of God

The House of God is a satirical novel by Samuel Shem (a pseudonym of the psychiatrist Stephen Bergman), published in 1978. It portrays the psychological harm done to medical interns during the course of medical internship in the early 1970s. Storyline Dr. Roy Basch is an intelligent, naive intern working in a hospital called the House of God after completing his medical studies at the BMS ("Best Medical School"). He is poorly prepared for the grueling hours and the sudden responsibilities without...

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Career Investigation Report

the Sport Industry because it has all of the marketing aspects and has to do mostly with players and directly with teams. I have always wanted to be a sports agent ever since I was a little boy and by researching all of the different jobs and internships there are out there, it made me even more interested in that career field. There were so many jobs that had to do with working with players and working with teams in their front offices, that it just excites me even more to pursue a job in the...

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Questions on the Topic Unit 1

example, some unwritten rules. (см. BVIU u.46)+p.12 №2 2. What is internship? What is the difference between work placement and probationary period? What advice can you give to an intern or a recruit when they just join a company? What kind of information should they learn about the company and its rules? Is there anything you would rather not tell them and why? Internship is a system of on-the-job training for white-collar jobs, similar to a apprenticeship. Interns...

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Narrative Report

SUBMMITTED TO: MR. MARVIN TEPORA HRD ASSISTANT SUBMMITTED BY: CARLA MARYEL M. FACUNDO BS IN INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT MAJOR IN HOTEL AND RESTAURANT ADMINISTRATION The purpose of this report is to explain what we did and learned during our internship period with the Tagaytay Country Hotel. The report is also a requirement for the partial fulfillment of Tagaytay Country Hotel. The report focuses primarily on the assignments handled, working environment, successes and shortcomings that the intern...

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Hotel Intern Report

a front office intern, I have to rotate among 7 departments of the front office including the operator department, business center, Traders Club Lounge department, Mini Mart, Concierge, Reception and finally Guest Relation Officer Department. My internship period was 2 months so I was assigned at one department at least 1 week according to my supervisor’s evaluation upon my hard work. Since the first day of work, my training manager Jimmy Phyo Min Thein welcomed me warmly and introduced me to all...

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Internship Satisfaction

....................................................................................................................... Making the Most of an Internship: An Empirical Study of Internship Satisfaction CAROLINE P. D’ABATE Skidmore College MARK A. YOUNDT Skidmore College and University of Vermont KATHRYN E. WENZEL Caturano and Company Since internships are becoming more widely used as learning tools for students to help fill the gap between classroom learning and the practice of business, it is...

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Internship Template

Internship Template Insert type of internship (marketing, public relations) Insert name of interning organization Insert street address of interning organization Insert city, state, zip Insert phone number (if applicable) Insert web site (if applicable) Internship objective: About the interning organization: Interning organizations mission: Semesters interns are needed: fall, spring, summer I & summer II (any or all) Number of interns needed: (specific number or range) Start date:...

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Internship: Intern and Raffles Design Institute

Raffles Design Institute Internship Programme Thank you for your interest in our internship programme. It will be a truly valuable experience for our trainees and a mutually beneficial activity for all involved. The duration of the program is 216 hours to be completed within 3 months (one term of study undertaken by the student). Please find enclosed documents listed below for your information of our internship program:- I. Raffles Design Institute Internship Agreement (kindly return a...

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Internships: an Opportunity of a Lifetime

"Internships: An Opportunity of a Lifetime" Internships are very important to a college student preparing for the world of work. It should be seen as an integral part of a student's academic career. To get relevant experience, students should intern with employers who are doing the kind of work they are interested in pursuing after college. Internships are so important because they test one's skills and interests, provide insight into prerequisites needed for employment, and develops a network...

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internship at malaysiaairlines

 INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT 1.0 INTRODUCTION. As a part of requirement of Bachelor in Accountancy Programme, an internship training programme for six months is mandatory for every student in 7th semester. Therefore, it is necessary for me to complete my internship session in any company which offers relevant job scope and experience to my area and specialization. Previously, I had experienced working in an audit firm and now, I chose to be working in industrial...

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Two sides of Unpaid Internship

Two sides of Unpaid Internship One of the most important decisions of our life is choosing a career. College students like us are starting to plan our own paths and futures. It does not take much to realize that the primary concerns for us are income, life experience and school credits.In order to choose a suitable job for ourselves and be prepared for getting to the workforce, we can get an internship. Internships are categorized as either paid or unpaid. They are programs to provide practical...

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Internship Case Study

INTERNSHIP CASE STUDY Department of English & Communication University of Texas at Brownsville Your case study must reflect excellence in research, organization and presentation. Follow the organizational format provided. Clarity of writing and proper usage, grammar and spelling are expected. The case study must be typed and double-spaced, using a standard term-paper format of 1” margins at the top, bottom and right and a 1.5” margin on the left. Use a 10 or 12 point typeface. Case...

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Effectiveness of Internship in Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Effectiveness of Internship in commercial banks in Bangladesh Abstract The purpose of this study is to measure the effect of the structure of internship program, coordination between academic internship supervisor and bank official who supervises interns in bank, cooperation of bank employees with interns, and student quality on the performance of interns during their internship program in commercial banks in Bangladesh. BBA students from five private universities in Dhaka city who have just...

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Internship: Psychology and Intern

Psychology Internship Reaction Paper By Eric N. Self Liberty University Psyc-499 Abstract The following paper will be a reaction to the experiences within the Psychology Internship. Several topics will be covered to include behaviors that were observed as well as reasoning for said behaviors. This paper will also encompass what the overall benefit was to the intern and what, if any, changes could be made to the experience to allow a more well rounded experience. The intern involved in the...

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Outline of Internship Report

OUTLINE OF THE INTERNSHIP REPORT 1. Title Page 2. Acknowledgements 3. List of Contents 4. List of tables & illustrations, if any 5. Introduction 6. Overview of the organization 7.1 Brief history 7.2 Nature of the organization 7.3 Business volume 7.4 Number of employees 7.5 Product lines 7. Organizational structure 8.6 Main offices 8.7 Organizational structure 8. Critical analysis of the theoretical concepts...

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