• Academic Resilience
    Academic resilience presents factors that are involved in the enrollment of a student. Different factors contribute to the effect. The importance of understanding, accepting, and working at the goals to achieve academic resilience is essential. Below are five different studies that each explains the
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  • Academic Resiliency
    My vision for the community I live and work in is based on the Resiliency Theory-- the belief in the ability of every person to overcome adversity if important protective factors are present in that person’s life. The Resiliency Theory is founded on the proposition that if members of one’s fami
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  • English Academic Study
    雅思作文范文大全(含小作文) 好的东西,和大家分享,看这个帖子的人肯定比较多,大家别冒险背诵,了解一下范文的思路好了。 这样好的东西,可惜不是我整理的,是一个叫landfish姑娘收集的,厉害! v105  some people cl
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  • The Academic Achievement of Impoverished Adolescents;
    The Academic Achievement of Impoverished Adolescents; Understanding the Factors Faculty Name Abstract Children and adolescents make up a large number of the impoverished in the United States. Poverty is a significant predictor of poor academic outcomes, and the academic achievement of impoveri
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  • Drawing on Academic Literature and Theory and Considering the Points Raised in the Case Study, Critically Assess the Role of Competency in Global Leadership and International Culture.
    Drawing on Academic literature and theory and considering the points raised in the case study, critically assess the role of competency in global leadership and international culture. We now live in a global era, where the need for global leaders to act with global-centric leadership behaviours h
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  • Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Organisational Commitment of Library Personnel in Academic and Research Libraries in Oyo State, Nigeria
    Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction, and Organisational Commitment of Library Personnel in Academic and Research Libraries in Oyo State, Nigeria, Adeyinka Tella, C.O. Ayeni, S.O. Popoola. Library Philosophy and Practice 2007 (April) 1 Library Philosophy and Practice 2007 ISSN 1522-0222 Work Moti
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  • L2 Teacher Characteristics as Predictors of Students’ Academic Achievement
    Abstract There is a substantial research base, mainly in mainstream education, acknowledging that teachers have a great impact on student achievement. However, as far as we know, little if any empirical evidence exists to enable us to determine which set of English as a foreign language (EFL) teach
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  • The Effect of Socio-Economic Factors on Academic Performance of Primary Seven Pupils- a Case Study of Kirika Sub-County in Kibuuku District- Uganda
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  • Resilience
    Resilience Theory: A Literature Review with special chapters on deployment resilience in military families & resilience theory in social work by Adrian DuPlessis VanBreda October 2001 RESILIENCE THEORY: A LITERATURE REVIEW Author: Title: Date: Report No: Institution: Adrian DuPlessis V
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  • Lack of Parenta Support and Academic Support of Under Aged Pupils
    ENDORSEMENT I hereby endorse that this research has been carried out by, WOMEI BRIAN YUH, a student teacher of Saint Andrew,s Bilingual Teachers Training College, Bamenda, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a teachers grade one certificate . I find it complete
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  • Explain the Importance of Resilience in Children and Young People
    Explain the importance of resilience in children and young people Resilience is a mixture of nature and nurture. Attributes that some children are born with, such as good intellectual ability and a placid, cheerful temperament, are associated with resilience. Children who are born prematurely and/o
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  • Concept Analysis: Resilience
    Resilience: A Concept Analysis The concept resilience has been the interest of many disciplines over the years, and is utilized by all people at some point in their lives. Concepts are building blocks that construct theories. A concept analysis will clarify the meaning, theoretical and operationa
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  • Academic Writing
    Sample #1 My interest in International Relations and my decision to continue my education in this field is the outcome of my profound interest in Asian studies. Majoring in History of India, during my final year I became especially interested in the sphere of International Relations and Foreign Pol
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  • Discuss the Impact of Chronic Medical Conditions on Adolescents and Identify Ways of Promoting Resilience or Positive Development
    Discuss the impact of chronic medical conditions on adolescents and identify ways of promoting resilience or positive development The Australian department of health and aging (2013) defines a chronic medical condition as one that has persisted or is likely to persist for at least 6 months. This es
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  • Academic Attitude
    Academic Attitude During the course of a student's progression through academia, he must learn that the teacher cannot think for him. It is essential for a student to free his mind, allowing thought to flow. Instead of waiting for the answers to be handed to him on a silver platter, he w
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  • The Fairness of Academic Evaluation
    The Fairness of Academic Evaluation American students used to pass from grade to grade with few complications. Getting into a college was effortless and acquiring degrees was a piece of cake. In 1983, A Nation at Risk was published and Americans realized how inferior their education systems re
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  • Gender Differences in Students' Academic Performance
    Gender Differences in Students' Academic Performance Students with urban and suburban backgrounds consistently outperformed students from rural and small-town areas. Parental education levels correlated with academic success. Considering the background of the study's female participants one could r
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  • Academic Cheating
    Academic knowledge is the basis on which future prosperity, and financial security has been determined. As a consequence, students feel inclined to perform above average in school. Now, as students perform less and less, they sink to obtain good grades by cheating. This method to acquire the desire
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  • Perceptions of Administrative and Academic Support Services by Student
    Perceptions of Students in MSA Courses "Perceptions of Administrative and Academic Support Services by Students Taking Courses in the Master of Science in Administration Program" Abstract This paper focuses on the analysis of empirical data relating to the perceptions of students curr
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  • High Academic Standards
    An Avenue to High Academic Standards By Lynn Olson In her article "An Avenue to High Academic Standards," Lynn Olson argues that "A prominent misconception surrounding school-to-work is that it downplays intellectual achievement," and that "school-to-work can encourage young people to pursue ed
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