• Abstract on Nursing and Midwifery Council
    Abstract BACKGROUND: The United Kingdom and the United States are among several developed countries currently experiencing nursing shortages. While the USA has not yet implemented policies to encourage nurse immigration, nursing shortages will likely result in the growth of foreign nurse immigrat
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  • Nursing Shortage
    Running head: NURSING SHORTAGE Nursing Shortage Lori Jay Augsburg College Nursing 330: Trends and Issues in Nursing Abstract The nursing shortage that the United States is facing today is quite different from the nursing shortages in the past. Some of the differences that make this shortag
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  • To Disclose or to Not Disclose: Nursing and the Ethics of Nondisclosure in the Dying Patient
    To Disclose or To Not Disclose: Nursing and the Ethics of Nondisclosure in the Dying Patient Kally L. Price Samuel Merritt University Abstract In nursing, the practice of nondisclosure is an ethical issue that calls into question the founding principles of trust, integrity, and autonomy in t
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  • Nursing Theory and Medicine
    Running head: NURSING THEORY Nursing Theory and Medicine Kelli M. Simmons DeVry University Chamberlain on Line RN to BSN Abstract In nursing today not only is it important for the nurse to be aware of what one believes but also why one believes it in order to become a better nurse. In devel
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  • Nursing Shortage
    Cause and Effects of the Nursing Shortage Abstract The nursing shortage is a growing concern for the nation. The aging population is causing more demand for qualified healthcare professionals. At the same time, healthcare professionals are retiring faster than they can be replaced. This sh
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  • Nursing: Lifting, Transferring and Positioning of Patients
    Nursing: Lifting, Transferring and Positioning of Patients Lab Report Student No. {xxxxxxxxx} Group No. {x} Marker's Name: {xxxxx xxxxxxxx} ABSTRACT Lifting, transferring and positioning of patients is frequently undertaken by nurses on each working day. This is necessary for patient comfort, m
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  • Is Nursing a Profession
    Running head: Does Nursing Qualify as a Profession? Does Nursing Qualify as a Profession? Abstract Nursing will be compared to common characteristics of a profession to determine if nursing qualifies as a profession. Does Nursing Qualify as a Profession? "There are six characteristics c
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  • Complexity Theory as Applied to Nursing
    Complexity Theory as Applied to Nursing, 2005 Abstract Many conventional ideas about the world we live in have been shaken to their foundations by the emerging concepts of chaos and complexity. Insights are now being gained from the application of complexity theory into phenomena varying in s
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  • The Performance of the Nursing Schools in the
    THE PERFORMANCE OF THE NURSING SCHOOLS IN THE PRC NURSING BOARD EXAMINATIONS A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the College of Nursing Our Lady of Fatima University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing By Murielle Vissia O. Ramo
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  • Nursing Care Plan
    N.C.P 1 Nursing Care Plan Catherine Traylor F.H. January 31,2007 Karen Ruffin Mercer County Community College 2
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  • Nursing
    Maxine Adegbola, RNy MSN Abstract: Chronic illness presents challenges and opportunities to the person affected. Persons with chronic illness have identified spirituality as a resource that promotes quality of life. Few authors and researchers have considered spirituality as a factor in quality o
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  • Research Paper for Nursing Class
    Running head: Correlates of Quality of Life Correlates of Quality of Life in Older Adult Veterans Kumar Achaibar April, 17, 2007 Professor A. Yarcheski, PhD, FANN The Research Process in Nursing 705:390 I. Introduction, Problem Statement, and Definition of Terms 1. Discuss h
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  • Employment Trends: Nursing Shortages
    Employment Trends: Nursing Shortages Introduction The United States is in the midst of a nursing shortage that is expected to intensify as baby boomers age and the need for health care grows. Compounding the problem is the fact that nursing colleges and universities across the country are struggli
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  • Nursing Shortage
    Introduction Did you know that there is 126, 000 nursing positions unfilled in hospitals across the country ( Jackson, 2006) and the average nurse is 46 years of age? ( Alexandra, 2006). The public needs to see that the shortage of nurses is a major issue that is only going to get worse if somet
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  • Nursing Diagnosis for Postpartum Hemorrhage
    Nursing Care Plan Nursing care plan. Karisa M. Young April 28, 2005 Nursing 374L Nursing Care Plan Twin ‘B’ was born on Monday February 14, 2005 at 35 ... Nursing Care Plan Nursing Care Plan. NCP 1 Nursing Care Plan Catherine Traylor FH January 31,2007 Karen Ruffin Mercer County Community Coll
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  • Psychiatric Nursing
    PSYCHIATRIC NURSING 1. Mental health is defined as: A. The ability to distinguish what is real from what is not. B. A state of well-being where a person can realize his own abilities can cope with normal stresses of life and work productively. C. Is the promotion of mental health, prevention o
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  • Nursing Research Critique
    RESEARCH CRITIQUE Research Critique of Adherence to Walking or Stretching, and Risk of Preeclampsia in Sedentary Pregnant Women Ana H. Corona Western University of Health Sciences CGN 5306: Biostatistics and Epidemiology August 1, 2009 Research Critique of “Adherence to Walking or Stret
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  • Do Resuscitate Status: a Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing
    Do Resuscitate Status: A Legal and Ethical Challenge for Nursing Shawn Wolkart Senior Integrative Seminar Spring A semester, 2010 University of Saint Mary Abstract A status of do resuscitate in those critically ill patients may result in a slow code. A slow code is a situation whe
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  • Transforming Nursing Home Facilities in Industrial Psychology
    Transforming Health Care United into Leading Elder-Care Facility Recommendations and Theories Abstract This paper explores the problems Health Care United is facing with their direct staff. MPG consulting firm was hired to assist Health Care United become the leading elder-ca
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  • Personal Philosophy of Nursing
    Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nursing is a profession that I aspired to be a part of because nurses represent the very core of love, compassion, and caring. When I began working as a Supervisor in a Skilled Nursing Facility, I then developed my personal philosophy and set of values regarding nursi
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