"A Valid Measurement Is Reliable But A Reliable Measurement May Not Be Valid" Essays and Research Papers

A Valid Measurement Is Reliable But A Reliable Measurement May Not Be Valid

Introduction  Wrong or inaccurate measurements can lead to wrong decisions, which can have serious consequences, costing money and even lives. The human and financial consequences of wrong decisions based on poor measurement being taken in matters as important as environmental change and pollution are almost incalculable. It is important therefore to have reliable and accurate measurements which are agreed and accepted by the relevant authorities worldwide. Metrologists are therefore continuously...

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Basic Concepts of Educational Measurement and Assessment

“Basic concepts of educational measurement and assessment.” Summary Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment, this are the three important things that a learner undergoes for the facilitator to determine a valid and reliable result of achievement. But what is the difference of the three? Can we really measure achievement? If yes, then how can we make sure that it is valid? There are different kinds of evaluation and assessment, it is not just a series of test, continuous quizzes, seat-work and...

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Measurement and Asseeement

Research Institute Book Reviewed Measurement and Assessment in Teaching (8th Edition) Reviewed by Sun-Geun Baek Robert L. Linn & Norma E. Gronlund (2000) Prentice-Hall Inc. ISBN: 0-13-878356-X This book is essential reading for elementary and secondary teachers, college instructors, and anyone interested in educational measurement and assessment. Perhaps the most difficult and yet most important aspects of teaching are the elements of measurement and assessment. Pressures from the administration...

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Theory The first experiment focused on the concept of errors and uncertainties that are obtained during measurements. For an experiment to be successful, especially those that involve measurements, the number of significant figures must be known. Significant figures are the digits required to express a measured quantity and thus reflect the accuracy of the measurement. Uncertainty is defined as the smallest increment that can be measured and is defined by the instrument used. An error is defined...

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1411 Lone Star College - Kingwood Khare MEASUREMENTS LAB OBJECTIVES  Review the correct use of different pieces of laboratory apparatus and understand the accuracy each is capable of  Provide experience in making measurements to the proper number of significant figures, perform calculations from the measurements and report results to the proper number of significant figures.  Do calculations and conversions using significant figures. MEASUREMENT OF MASS TRIPLE BEAM BALANCE What is the decimal...

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Does the scientific method necessarily always produce reliable and valid knowledge?

procedures, rules, techniques and modes which exist in theoretical research, applied research, development and promotion of scientific activities. This essay aim to prove that although the scientific method does not necessarily always produces reliable and valid knowledge, it is stills a most reasonable inference to help human understand natural phenomena. Therefore, at the first, the basic steps of the scientific method will be introduced. Then the objectivity of the scientific method will be discussed...

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Is Wikipedia a Reliable Source

Is Wikipedia A Reliable Source In this paper I will be discussing the debate between pro Wikipedia’s Dwight Reed, and Rachel R. Wright, and con Wikipedia’s Nicole Irwin, Michelle Douglas, and Ivy Leigh. During the debate between Learning Team B members we debated over different points of views regarding Wikipedia as a reliable source. Debating Wikipedia Almost everyone knows about Wikipedia. Heck, every time you use a search engine like Google, Wikipedia shows up as a source for information...

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Evaluate the Assessments You Have Carried Out, Stating Whether You Believe They Were Fair, Valid and Reliable.

TAQA Assignment T4 Evaluate the assessments you have carried out, stating whether you believe they were fair, valid and reliable. During the Skype assessments I carried out on 2 learners, who are studying the nvq level 2 in customer services. My job was to observe the 2 learners and assess their ability, and then match against the criteria set for the units which I was observing them for. For both of my learners there are a number of assessment methods I have tried, in order to understand their...

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Performance Measurement

Performance Measurements Name University of Phoenix Performance Measurements   Performance measurement tools have been used by many organizations or companies these days as one of their strategies in achieving success. Specifically, this tool is useful for detailed evaluation of the production process of one company, provide extensive guidance for the decision making process, and assess the performance of the company departments and individual employees.   In general, measurement...

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Measurement Scales Paper

Marketing Research University of Phoenix Introduction A poorly designed questionnaire may not obtain the results the firm or organization is looking for. There are four categories in which numbers are generally grouped. In increasing order of sophistication, they are (1) nominal numbers, (2) ordinal numbers, (3) intervally scaled numbers, and (4) ratio-scaled numbers. This paper will examine each briefly and how they can be used effectively in the design of a survey questionnaire. Qualitative...

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Should the Standardized Test Be the Only Measurement for Students’ Ability in Learning?

Should the Standardized Test be the only Measurement for Students’ Ability in Learning? Part of our future is determined by how good we are in a test. Over the past decade, schools use standardized test for several purposes. For example, to pass students from the schools, to know their learning progress in schools, to place them in a class suited their abilities, or to measure their worthiness to enroll to a university. “A standardized test is a test that is administered and scored in a consistent...

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performance measurement

the perspective of the HR function, a good system provides protection from litigation.  Poorly designed and implemented performance management systems can have disastrous consequences for all those involved. For example, employees may quit, those who stay may be less motivated, and relationships (e.g., supervisor–subordinate) can suffer irreparable damage. Also, poorly designed systems can be biased, resulting in costly lawsuits and wasted time and resources. In the end, low-quality and poorly...

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Review of Ic Valuation and Measurement: Classifying the State of the Art, by Daniel Andriessen

Intangible Assets or the Intellectual Capital of companies has produced a plethora of proposed methods and theories. This paper is intended to provide an overview of four methods of measuring intellectual capital as illustrated in IC Valuation and Measurement: Classifying the state of the art, by Daniel Andriessen, published in: Journal of Intellectual Capital, Vol 5 No 2 pp.230 – 42 . Andriessen's article is intend to clarify by classification of existing IC concepts, motives and proposed methods;...

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Intelligence Definition Measurement

Intelligence Definition and Measurement April Mena PSYCH 525 Gary Moore March 11, 2013 There are many definitions for intelligence and with these definitions comes assessments and achievement test to verify the information found in the definition. This paper will cover some of the various definitions and which one relates to the achievement test and assessments reviewed. One must first understand that the definition of intelligence is still highly debated and has been for a very long time...

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Measurement in science

 Measurement in Science Jackie Science 110 Mr. Denslow December 15, 2013 Measurement in Science Direct There are 3 direct problems with astronomy. Examples are, charting and mapping difficulties, military range finding targets, and gauging distances to any solar object. A researcher cannot measure something directly if it is not in the grasp of his devices. In which, a scientist will have to use geometry to find his answers. However, there are boundaries...

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Reliable Source

Associate Level Material Appendix J Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate two sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for both sources. Source 1 • Author: Kaylin , Lucy • Date: Dec2011 • Title: The Family Man • Publication: Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: • Is the source reliable? How do you know? Yes, the source is reliable it explains exactly what your looking for as in the...

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Four General Types of Measurement

There are four general types of measurement scales: sorting, ranking, rating, and categorizing (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). The data collected by the survey team at Insuratel used a rating scale. The surveys where used to measure employee job satisfaction across departments. The Likert Scale was used to collect the data for all the questions in the survey. The questions asked in the survey studied the attitudes of the employees and their satisfaction. The surveys provided valuable feedback and...

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Ijiri And Jaedicke Reliability And Objectivity Of Accounting Measurement

Reliability and Objectivity of Accounting Measurement, Author: Y.Ijiri and R.K.Jaedicke, The Accounting Review, Vol.41. No.3, 1966, 474-483 Summary: Accounting is a measurement system in which number of alternative measurement methods are available. Criteria for choosing best measurement alternative is an issue over the life of accounting. The user groups and the purpose for which data will be used are important, however, the use or purpose of the data is simply too broad and general a criterion...

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Valid Contracts

Valid Contracts Victoria Glaser American Intercontinental University Abstract A contact is a legal binding agreement made between two parties. A contract is only enforceable if both parties involved in the contract have agreed to give or receive something of value. When going into an agreement or contract it is important to know the type of contract. This paper will explore the various types of contracts and the meaning of each. Express or implied contracts, unilateral...

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Human Performance Measurement

Human Performance Measurement 1105685 16/11/2011 Human Performance Measurement For modern business, human in company doesn’t only indicate labour, but also represents as an asset. It is well known that a company without human hasn’t existed at all. So it’s vital to get ample information from this indispensible asset, especially for managers. Hoskin and...

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Reliable Cars

Reliable Cars, Inc. I. Summary of Facts A) Market – Used automobile industry 1) History of Reliable Cars, Inc. a) Honest Carl’s Cars – Established in 1945 by Carl and Mary Lou and within the next five years, became the highest volume, single location used car dealership in California. Mary Lou made a point of employing the disabled and providing a friendly work environment. b) Reliable Cars, Inc. – Honest Carl’s Cars changes their name to Reliable Cars, Inc. They target...

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Acounting Information in Performance Measurement

ACCOUNTING PERFORMANCE MEASURES Discuss the uses of accounting info in performance measurements. What are the limitations of accounting information? Accounting provides companies with various pieces of information regarding business operations. Management often reviews this information to determine how well their business is operating. A common use of such information is measuring the performance of various business operations. Financial ratios use the accounting information reported on the...

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Valid Contract

Essential features of a valid contract Contracts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are verbal, some are written. Some are formal, some informal. The use of the internet and electronic technology is also becoming increasingly common in the context of forming contractual relationships.  It is, therefore, important to understand the essential features which make a contract valid, binding, and enforceable. What is a contract? A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that is intended...

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reliable resources

University of Phoenix Material Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate three sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for each sources. Source 1 Author: Ellen L. Landgraf, Brian B. Stanko and Darcia Jinkerson Date: October 1, 2012 Title: Preparing for the Profession: The Accounting Job Search and Beyond Publication: Unknown Peer Reviewed? No What words did you use to find this article? Accounting careers What type of article...

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Reliable Sources

University of Phoenix Material Deborah Massey Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate three sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for each sources. Source 1 Author: Ted Yanak and Pam Cornelison Date: 1993 Title: Hepburn, Audrey Publication: The Great American Fact Finder Peer Reviewed? No What words did you use to find this article? Audrey Hepburn What type of article...

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Reliable sources

This project is being wrote in ...... This work is about reliable sources so I, to come up with the problem statement, thought about which subject is more general and after that it was easy to come up with the problem statement. This report is being wrote for the subject writing skills that is inserted on the module Media in its context. This is the report that every student should do for this discipline. The report is about reliable sources and every aspect that can be involved in that subject...

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Balance Sheet and Relatively Reliable Documentation

Chapter 7 # 30 a. Give three examples of relatively reliable documentation and three examples of less reliable documentation. What characteristics distinguish the two? Examples of relatively reliable documentation are: vendor statements, bank statements. And signed lease agreements. Examples of relatively unreliable documentation are: copies of customer invoices, internal memoranda and other communications, and a listing of fixed asset additions. The difference between the two is whether they...

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Performance Measurement

 Performance measurement/incentive system: Canadian REd Cross Executive Summary: (CRCS) is the one of the largest charity organization and 2nd largest brand in the world. Its mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. Its vision is to lead the organization through which people voluntarily demonstrate their caring for others in need. In this report I will perform a review of the internal performance measurement...

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measurements while drilling

vteMWD stands for Measurement While Drilling, it is also known as Logging While Drilling and other names. In its most basic form (Survey or Directional Measurement) a measurement is taken of the wellbore (the hole) inclination from vertical and also magnetic direction from North. Using basic trigonometry a three dimensional plot of the path of the well can be produced.Essentially an MWD Operator measures the trajectory of the hole as it is drilled (for example, data updates arrive and are processed...

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Performance Measurement & Information Management

on page 375.) (7 points) * Does the measurement support our mission? * In order to fully answer this question, we need to know what the mission and measurements are and how the processes or levels being measured relate to the mission. As we figure out which processes and levels are being measured, we can determine if they create value to support the mission. * Will the measurement be used to manage change? * The measurements that “change the business” are those used to...

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Measurement and Uncertainty

Measurement and Uncertainty When recording data, each entry should be given a corresponding estimated error, or uncertainty. The uncertainty gives the reader an idea of the precision and accuracy of your measurements. Use the following method for finding the uncertainty associated with any measuring device used in lab. First, find the least count, or the smallest printed increment, of the measuring device. On the meter sticks, the least count is 1 mm. On the double pan balances, the least count...

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Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement in a Modern Business Environment________________________________________ In the past, performance measures were primarily based on financial measures (Bruns, 1998) where the double entry accounting systems was used to avoid disputes and settle trades between traders (Johnson, 1983). As businesses began to grow, their nature and structure also began to change, reducing the control and the close relationship that existed between the owners and management. Consequently, the...

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Reliable Resources

Material Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate two sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for both sources. Source 1 • Author: Dan Caspi and Nelly Elias • Date: August 2009 • Title: Don’t Patronize Me: media-by and media for minorities • Publication: Ethnic and Racial Studies Vol. 34 No. 1 January 2011 pp. 62_82 Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: • Is the source reliable? How do you...

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wikipedia is a reliable?

Is Wikipedia a Reliable Source? In the editorial, “Wikipedia” (2001), Wikipedia explains that Wikipedia is freely edit, multilingual, and free internet cyclopedia that it is supported by nonprofit Wikipedia foundation. Wikipedia supports its assertion by explaining how Wikipedia is an effort to create, and volunteers worldwide freely write their articles and using their own language. The websites purpose is to explain how Wikipedia can be used as reference data in order to anyone who can access...

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Measurement and Capillary Tube

3 1.4 State a hypothesis for this investigation. Name the apparatus used in this investigation. What is the significance of the tap? Explain TWO precautions that the learners must take to ensure that the results are reliable. In the investigation on transpiration, measurements of the distance travelled by the air bubble in the capillary tube were taken every minute. The opening of the capillary tube had an area of 4 mm2. Study the table below of the results obtained, and answer the questions that...

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Measurement System

| KaBoom! | Memo To: Darrell Hammond, CEO and co-founder of KaBoom ! From: Ningyu Hou (April)-9565130, Wenyi Li (Lily)-9558764 Date: [ 10/4/2010 ] Subject: Prepare a performance measurement system for KaBoom! Introduction The primary objectives of this case were to create a performance measurement system by balanced scorecard in order to understand how the company has performed and its impact on performance. The analysis considers internal and external factors of the scorecard to the company...

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The Valid Contract

A valid contract consists of all essential components which present and the court will enforce as a legally binding promise . One of the elements contract to create a contract is agreement which included an offer and acceptance. “Acceptance is a final and unqualified assent to the terms of the offer, made in the manner specified or indicated by the offeror” . Acceptance may be express orally, in writing, occasionally, or even by implied from the offeree’s conduct. In communication of acceptance,...

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Productivity Measurement at National, International and Firm Level

Productivity Measurement at International, National and organization level. PRODUCTIVITY MEASUREMENT Productivity measurement is the quantification of both the output and input resources of a productive system. The goal of productivity measurement is productivity improvement, which involves a combination of increased effectiveness and a better use of available resources. While productivity can be given the sort of short hand definition as the ratio between output and input USE OF PRODUCTIVITY...

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Performance Measurements

Performance Measurements To ensure that the organizations goals and objectives are achieved, organizations are now using performance measurement tools to achieve them. To improve the process of production, to evaluate and control it is a good idea to have performance measurements in place. Performance measurements also can be useful in making decisions and judgments. An organization will also be able used to compare the performance of departments, teams and, individuals. Any measurement systems...

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Critically Assess The Claim That Conscience Is A Reliable Guide To Ethical Decision Making

conscience is a reliable guide to ethical decision making In order for conscience to be consistently and absolutely reliable, infallible, it must stem from an infallible source - God. Alternatively, conscience might have a potential of ultimate reliability, if the faculty of conscience was dynamic and capable of solving problems i.e. if it was an innate part of human nature. St.Paul, Newman, Aquinas, Butler and Freud all argue on their ideas of what the conscience is and how reliable it can be towards...

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Measurements in Chemistry

Measurement in Chemistry Assignment, Due 22 March, Surname A-D Instructions: All questions must have the correct units and correct number of significant figures. Show all calculations and carry the units throughout. Submit your answers on a new page. Include your name and student number. Q1. Report the number of significant figures in each of the following: a. 0.20 b. 9.05 c. 164300 (1 mark) Q2. Report each of the...

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Measurement Lab

Measurements Lab Name Length Measurements – Follow the Instructions in the Lab Manual and fill in your data in the tables provided. Data Table 1 – Length measurements |Object |Length (cm) |Length (mm) |Length (m) | |CD or DVD |12.00 |120.0 |.1200 | |Key ...

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Data Measurement

attention to the units. Since you do not have a metric scale, we will provide you data to work with. A) Baseball Mass (measurement 1): ____.145__kg Mass (measurement 2): ____145.05_ g Mass (measurement 3): 145,750.77 mg Mass (average): __________g Convert: ___________kg B) Piece of fruit Mass (measurement 1): ____310____ g Mass (measurement 2): ___0.318____kg Mass (measurement 3): __309,143___ mg Mass (average): __________cg Convert: ___________ g Determine the volume of the following objects...

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Performance Measurement

performance measurement should broader its measurement scope from external to internal, long-term as well as short-term and “soft” as well as “hard” measure (Slack and Lewis, 2008). Implicitly, a more complex aggregation of performance target model is needed to perform a more detail and organized performance measurement. Significant effort has been established to develop criterion for each performance target which is a core assessment area for Detailed Performance Measures. The measurement for each...

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Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement: Sections 1.4-1.5 Physical Quality Name of Unit Abbreviation Mass Kilogram Kg Length Meter m Time Second sª (Sec) Temperature Kelvin K Amount of Substance Mole mol • Système International d’Unitès (used in the science community world wide) • Uses different base unit for quantity Velocity m/s (two base units build velocity = derived unit) {g/sec, kg/min} Metric System Prefix Abbreviation Meaning Mega M 106 ...

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Measurement Scales

 Measurement Scales Paper MKT/441 Donald Reinhart Measurement Scales Paper Market research in business is important by keeping up with the everyday life of consumer society. Market research helps businesses study what are the likes and dislikes of consumers, what is popular, and what products are already out in the market. Market research collects data and information about the products and services from the past, present and potential use from the customers...

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Valid contract

entails the potential to increase the knowledge concerning the biological production progression as well as their reliance on the functioning environment. In the present food system, the most societies are reliable on the distant agro-ecosystem through the trade and they are no longer directly reliable on the local ecosystem for supply of food as well as foods (Gatto, 2009). The policy makers such as the legislation, economic incentives and cooperation with the actors in food sector might be powerful...

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Measurement of Construction

20.00 2)50.00 25.00m Clearing site of undergrowth, bushes, scrub and the like and grubbing up their root. D8 Alternative method of measurement Cutting down trees and removing tree stumps and grubbing up their roots, which shall be deemed to include their disposal, may be given as an item stating the area. Clearing of undergrowth within such areas and grubbing up their roots shall be given in the description. Any existing trees and tree stumps...

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Measurement of success

in areas such as computing and communications (Hatry 208). According to Hatry performance management will be greatly affected by technology, and it will be used increasingly by public administrators with considerable training in both performance measurement and performance management (211). Technology can also help the organization lower its cost which can improve employee performance. Corporations can lower administrative costs, third-party consulting costs and typical services costs by better managing...

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Television Audience Measurement and TRP Ratings

that indicates the popularity of a channel or programme and this data is very useful for the advertisers who bid their advertisements for a particular television slot based on the TRP of a program being aired at that slot. Television audience measurement (“TAM”) or television rating points (“TRP”), essentially calculate the popularity of a television programme by measuring the number of viewers a programme enjoys at a specific time. TRPs are invaluable in media planning since allocation of expenses...

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Performance Measurement Systems

Performance Measurement Systems Performance measurement systems are an integral part of the management control systems. Management control is a process through which management ensures that resources are obtained and used effectively and efficiently in accomplishing the organization's goals. To be most effective performance measures should be tied to the strategic objectives of the organization. Two key principles of performance measurements are; measurement of performance and compensation based...

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Linear Measurements Page

Linear Measurements Purpose How thick is one of the hairs on your head? Could it be measured accurately with a standard inch scale? If the smallest increment on an inch scale is 1/16 inch, then 20 average size human hairs could fit within the space of a 1/16 inch gap. The required degree of accuracy needed is dependent on the application. If you were to build a home, a standard inch scale is perfect for laying out walls and locating window openings.A dial caliper is a precision measurement tool...

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A Review of the Internal Performance Measurement

 REVIEW OF THE INTERNAL PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT / INCENTIVE SYSTEM Prepared for Ed Quinlan Regional Director H & R Block Canada Inc. Prepared by 1029450 Senior Tax Professional November 21, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary 3 introduction 4 mission 4 vision 4 values 5 incentives 5 individual goal setting 6 Compensation structure 6 strengths 7 weaknesses 7 success in strength 7 training 8 office goals 8 conclusion...

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Performance Measurement Paper

Performance Measurement Paper Steven G. Staples Jr. MGT437 February 23, 2012 Dr. William Dickie Introduction The topic of contrast and comparison contained within this paper consists of the evaluation of three individual performance measurements that exist in management. The individual performance measurements are broken down in order to better understand the inner workings of such measurements goals. Therefore the end result will be measured by how important performance management actually...

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Tests and Measurements in Psychology

Alicia Tucker – 55362 PSY 312 – Tests and Measurements in Psychology 1. What is the Lake Wobegon Effect and how does it arise? In Garrison Keillor’s fictional town of Lake Wobegon, “all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.” (Gregory, 2011). The Lake Wobegon effect is a natural tendency to overestimate one’s capabilities and see oneself as better than others. Research psychologists refer to this tendency as self-enhancement bias and have found...

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Benefits of Work Measurement

Benefits Of The Work Measurement Methods Manufacturing better, more durable and less-costly products has always been an important part of the industrial process for the designers to think about and the developing technology nowadays helps the corporations to design better technics, better methods and these help the corporations to reduce the costs, increase the products by decreasing the time that is necessary to manufacture those products. People working in industries try to find more efficient...

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Evaluation of Approximate Level of Measurement

establish the appropriate level of measurement for variables being measured in a study, because level of measurement impacts…? A.  How long the study will run B.  How often measurements should be made C.  The number of participants that must be recruited D.  The assumptions underlying the quantitative methods of analysis chosen 2) The principle of “parsimony” in research may be reflected in measurement efforts by…? A.  Selecting long and complex measurement strategies to ensure full coverage...

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Chemistry and Measurements

Chapter One: Chemistry and Measurements Describe the “scientific method” in terms of hypothesis, experiment, theory, and law. • The scientific method begins with observation (a woodpecker is make a hole in a tree). • Followed by hypothesis (because the tree has termites) • Followed by experiment (a collection of woodpeckers is observed in a setting in which trees have no termites). • Leading to a refined hypothesis and further experiment to a possible theory (woodpeckers only...

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Elements of a Valid Contract

attempt to identify and explain the four elements of a valid contract, explain what the objective theory of contracts is and define and explain how the objective theory of contracts applies to the Unit 3 IP. This paper will also explain why I think the court held that there was not a valid contract in the scenario of the unit 3 IP as well as explain why advertisements are generally considered not to be valid offers. The four elements of a valid contract are: * There must be an agreement in all...

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Reliability and Validity

observation and/or measurements taken under identical circumstances will | |first-hand data |yield the same results. | When discussing the accuracy of measurements a dictionary definition such as that provided in the Australian Oxford Dictionary is appropriate: |accuracy |The exactness or precision of a measurement; relating to the degree of refinement in measurement or ...

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