"A Situation Where Managers Face A Challenges Motivating Employees" Essays and Research Papers

A Situation Where Managers Face A Challenges Motivating Employees

Why motivating employees is becoming increasingly challenging. The study of motivation is concerned basically, why people behave in a certain way or why people do what they do? Generally motivation can be described as the direction and persistence of action. However different items such as work environment or internal and external forces can influence the person’s choice of action. Managers face a significant challenge in finding ways to motivate their employees. Some employees can often if hard...

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Management Challenge of Motivating Employees

One of the major challenges management faces is motivatingemployees to do their best at work. Successful organizations have motivatedand enthusiastic employees. In this paper I will summarize three articles I’ve found in Harvard Business Review and relate them to chapter 16 from our text on motivation. In this summary I will show the relationship between a motivated workforce and corporate performances. I will then apply the concepts from the articles and the text to management in a personal organizational...

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Challenges That Managers Face

Managers are people who combine different types of resources and coordinate them efficiently and effectively to achieve goals set by their organisations. The term “efficient” in the aspect of management means the managers employ the resources wisely and cost-effectively, whereas the term “effective” means the managers make the right decision and strive hard to achieve the objectives by performing planning, organising, leading and controlling functions. These four functions are extremely important...

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Motivating Employees

While working as a manager in an organization, his job is to make sure that the employees are doing their jobs and they are doing it in the most productive way. But employees are not machines that we could just program their task in their brain and they will do it automatically, they require motivation to actually do their job properly. This is easier said then done, to understand the ways of motivating people we first need to understand human nature, which is the fundamental nature and substance...

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Motivating Employees

 Strategies for Motivating Employees Strategies for Motivating Employees I. Introduction II. Motivation III. Strategies for Motivating Employees A. Employee Involvement B. Providing Performance Expectations C. Providing Feedback D. Implementing Professional Development E. Employee Recognition F. Giving Incentives IV. Establishing Relationships VI. Conclusion Introduction There was...

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Motivating Employees

Motivating Employees Motivation is defined as the reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Motivation is one of the most important factors in employee performance and in keeping a business afloat. Workers with hourly wages are motivated to work more hours because working more hours means more money in their pocket. Motivation is an abstract concept, one can not see motivation in another person, only the results of it. Why is motivation important? Well there would be no reason...

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Challenges and Opportunities of a Manager

MANAGER’S CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE VARUN ADITYA MURALINATHAN 4071817 In the current economic climate, most of the countries are facing recession for the past few years. Apart from the effective...

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five challenges of human resource manager

Table of Content No. Title Page/s 1 1.0. Five Challenges faced by Human Resource Manager in Organization and Ways to overcome 1.1. Finding and Retaining Talent 1.2. Change Management 1.3. Investigating Employees’ Complaints 1.4. Relationship Management 1.5. Managing Cultural Diversity 2 3 3-4 4 5 2 2.0. References 6 1.1. FIVE CHALLENGES FACED BY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER IN ORGANIZATION AND WAYS TO OVERCOME 1.2. Finding and Retaining Talent Human resource is an important resource of...

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Challenges Operation Managers Face

According to the Operation Managers textbook, “Operations managers have the difficult task of ensuring that goods and services are created and delivered successfully to customers.” (Collier &Evans, 2000). When done on a global scale, operation managers encounter many obstacles when overseeing the supply chain. Building relationships with different suppliers is important. Globally, this can prove difficult because of cultural barriers. Operations managers also have to take into consideration international...

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BIGGEST CHALLENGES AND BIGGEST OPPURTUNITIES INTRODUCTION In this we are going to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the managers while entering the industry in the current economic climate. what is the type of source? It is an online publication and it is mainly for the things faced by the managers entering the industry.in this we will discuss about the skills and the acceptance of the managers while entering the industry. In the current economic climate...

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Motivating Employees Case Study P

 Motivating Employees Case Study Penny Abate MGT/312 07/06/2015 Kathy Maas Motivating Employees Case Study Managers at SAS recognize that employees are SAS’s most valuable asset; and if they keep their employees motivated and satisfied with a good work/life balance it will increase efficiency, quality, and productivity. In order to do this a company must utilize both intrinsic (internal or intangible rewards) and extrinsic (external or tangible rewards) motivations. Most people have a combination...

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Globalization Challenges Face by Managers

the UKFIET conference Sept 15-17 2009 Angela W. Little Political Will  Development agencies regularly appeal to ‘political will’ as a key requirement for progress towards EFA and the MDGs. Research Questions What is Political Will and where/how does it operate? How does Political Will interact with the Non Political Dimensions of Reform?  • Case study Sri Lanka 1997 General Education Reforms EFA achievements, high levels of political will and donor support for EFA policies...

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Motivating Part Time Employees

Motivating an organization’s employees is not amongst the easiest of tasks for a manager to accomplish. Even more challenging is motivating part-time employees whom are usually forgotten and ignored by the organization (Inman & Enz, 1995, p. 1). According to Statistics Canada, nearly 19% of the workforce constitutes of contingency workers who are not being utilized to their full potential (Statistics Canada, 2008). It is noticed that the number of contingency workers is almost one fifth of the workforce...

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New Managers

biggest challenges and biggest opportunities facing new managers entering industry?’ In today’s economic condition that always changing, very complex challenges and opportunities are facing new managers when entering workplace in any sectors of company. The new managers who are looking for jobs in the market are either experienced or fresh graduates. It is important for them to have competency and set of skills, as globalisation and competitiveness continue to grow. Thus, managers have bigger...

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Project case analysis on Motivating for effective people

 Case Analysis on Motivating Employees Motivation key for Success: The Case of Xerox BBA310: Management Deborah Witt Jones International University, (JIU) Instructor: Dr. Ina-Ann Freeman 04/12/2014 Case Analysis on Motivating Employees Xerox was able to motivate its employee through the crisis it faced in 2000? Xerox faced in 2000, the company was able to maintain employee motivation. However, I am sure it was not an easy task. I think the...

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Hr Managers Challenges

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.1 MNCs Overview1 Human resource and human resource management concept.1 Multinational companies in Tanzania..2 Challenges facing HR managers in managing HRs in MNCs in Tanzania.3 The Challenges of Workplace Diversity 3 Retention challenge 4 Loyalty challenge facing HR managers 5 Challenge of employees high Expectations5 conclusion6 Reference…………………….………………………………………………………………………..7 Introduction. (Sharon, 2005) views Multinational Corporation as an enterprise...

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Becoming a HR Manager

Human Resource Manager   I will be talking about becoming a Human Resources Manager. In my current role I am an Office Manager, where I focus on the basic aspect of the human resource field. I would like to further my career in this field since there are so many. I plan on becoming a HR manger and/or HR director. With the extremely high competition in the business world, corporations are looking to recruit the best and the brightest in employees. To keep these employees happy and to reduce...

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The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Today’s Leaders and Managers

Leading and managing people and resources BSB10351-5 The challenges and opportunities facing today’s leaders and managers Submitted by: Kevin Broe 28/05/2013 Introduction This assignment looks into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s leaders and managers. The assignment is broken down into four simple parts. * What are leaders and manager and how do they differ? * The challenges and opportunities that face both in today’s world * Three different leadership and management...

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manager roles

Managers are responsible for ensuring that tasks are performed by people or employees in an organisation. There are three ways to understand managers. A classic way of analysing the task of management is by examining management from the point of the functions performed by managers. The second approach is to observe the roles of managers while the third is to analyse the skills required by managers. A manager is a person whose job it is to oversee one or more employees, divisions, or volunteers to...

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Challenges Facing Hr Managers in Kenya

Resource functions as reference, discuss the challenges facing Kenyan managers in the process of employees procurement, development and motivation. (20 Marks) Human resource management is a term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. Armstrong, M (2006). This is a vital and significant department in an organization for it is mandated with the responsibility of; recruiting and selection of employees, training and development, dealing with employee...

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Training Managers to Motivate Employees

development. With there being so many styles, can training help managers adopt a more autonomy-supportive motivating style toward employees. Will the employees of these managers in turn show a greater workplace engagement? Research shows managers that participate in training, have a more significantly supportive management style. This paper will discuss the managersmotivating styles and the benefits to employees when managers become more autonomy supportive. One of the most challenging...

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challenges to manager

and exports continue to rise as companies expand across the global marketplace. Understanding the basic overview of the global economy underlines highly relevant managerial and business level applications that provide useful insights to modern-day managers. In general terms, globalization is the international integration of intercultural ideas, perspectives, products/services, culture, and technology. This has resulted in large scale interdependence between countries, as specialization (arguably...

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Challenges Faced by Management

Challenges Faced by Management Managing and supervising people are not an easy job. Every day we are facing different problems and challenges. Maybe a small or big problems that we must enhance or motivate our people, talk with them and even sometimes help them to solve their day to day problems. Every individual has his own characteristic to portray. Variations of people should take into consideration in managing them. Factors like timing, place, and situation would work well for the managers...

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Factors for Motivating Employees

Yufei.sun | English Name (optional) | Stellar | Student ID Number | 1201232 | Class (e.g. Y1_BUS_A1) | Y1_BUS_D5 | Programme | Business and Management | Module Code | | Assignment Title | ‘Salary is the most important factor in motivation employees’. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss with reference to appropriate theories and support your argument with examples. | Submission Deadline | 14th December | EAP Tutor’s Name | Ellen Touchstone | Which draft is...

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Greatest Communication Challenges for Managers

Greatest Communication Challenges for Managers Because the role of manager is so similar across industries and communication is at the heart of the managerial role, it stands to reason that the communication challenges faced by managers are common to the majority of them and stem from similar issues. By grouping the manager’s various roles into “interpersonal, informational and decisional,” (Mintzberg, The Nature of Managerial Work) we can evaluate the specific challenges as they apply to each...

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Leadership Challenge

Trust and Employee Empowerment My Personal Leadership Challenge Prepared For: Dr. Carolin Rekar Munro, CHRP, CTDP TRMN 501- Individual Assignment #1 Prepared by: Ivan Mansanet Date: February 10, 2013 Table of Contents Table of contents…………………………………………………………………………………...

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Motivating Employees

BUS 520 Week 4, Chapter 6: Motivating Employees Slide # Slide Title/ Topic Slide text/Narration 1 Introduction Welcome to Leadership and Organizational Behavior. In this lesson, we will discuss Motivating Employees. Please go to the next slide. 2 Objectives Upon completion of this lesson, you will be able to: Identify the key factors affecting individual motivation and explain the application of a variety of motivational theories and job design considerations. Please go to the next...

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Diversity between a manager and its employees

disability (McGuire & Bagher 2010).In my opinion, it makes a job of manager much easier if he is working with similar group of people, but it may not produce the best results for the organization as a whole. Also, as part of this essay I seek to discuss how the reasons such as better communication and understanding because of similar values shared between manager and employee, leads to better organizational productivity, thus making managers job easy and how lack of diversity can impact organization...

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Leading and motivating a team effectively

Leading and motivating a team effectively 1.1 Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of propose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organisation Leaders draw people into a shared sense of purpose by creating a distinctive well crafted and compelling vision of the organisations future. This is done in the following ways: High levels of employee engagement A sense of purpose leads employees to feel motivated and committed to the organisation. Employees in organisations...

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Motivation and Employees

goal.” Where “directing” refers to the selection of a particular behavior; and ‘maintenance” refers to the inclination to behave with consistency in that manner until the desired outcome is met. Motivation is the force that transforms and uplifts people to be productive and perform in their jobs. Maximizing employee’s motivation is a necessary and vital to successfully accomplish the organization’s targets and objectives. However, this is a considerable challenge to any organizations managers, due...

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Motivation and Employees

the one thing that makes people productive in their jobs. It is necessary for a manager to motivate staff since unmotivated employees could cost you your business. More concretely, when workers are not inspired, you are apt to see complacency, declining morale and discouragement, reduction in productivity, increased absenteeism which will eventually result in an organisation losing potential employees. Employees need that something extra, however small to feed their esteem and self-worth, so...

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Motivating and Rewarding Employees, Leadership and Trust

Motivating and Rewarding Employees, Leadership & Trust Introduction In this paper, we are going to talk about motivating and rewarding employees leadership and trust, how to motivate employees and keep them motivated, how to reward your subordinates when they have done a good job and what are the essentials of a good leader. Before speaking about ways to lead or motivate employees, we would like to focus on the definitions of leadership, motivation and reward. According to a study...

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If You Were a Manager How Would You Motivate Your Employees?

What motivates employees? Motivation is the inner power or energy that pushes toward acting, performing actions and achieving. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, motivation is absent too. The topic of motivating employees is extremely important to managers and supervisors. Motivation strengthens the ambition, increases initiative and gives direction, courage, energy and the persistence to follow one’s goals. A motivated person takes action...

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Zappos Faces Competitive Challenges

advantage over other online retailers. What challenges discussed in Chapter 1 pose the biggest threat to Zappos’ ability to maintain and enhance its competitive position? How can human resource management practices help Zappos meet these challenges? Despite the high levels highlighted of the Zappos, certain challenges remain a threat towards the process of maintaining its position. The global economic and financial recession that led to downsizing of its employees in order to keep up the competition in...

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Situation Leadership

one of the major issues was behavioral imbalance of reporting managers with their staff. As it was quite clear from complaints, some managers were very harsh and others were over generous. Huge task was to develop a leader out of them, as they did not practice true characteristics of a leader. It was inevitable for the company to overcome from this as in the long run due to lack of these critical components an organization may face inadequacy in terms of human recourse and productivity. Moreover...

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role of the human resources manager in an organization

the interviewee is working for. Jennifer Horne is HR manager generalist, and the interviewee. She is the HR manager of Krug Inc and she has been doing the HR job for six years already. This informational interview was an opportunity for me to improve my communication skills with a professional; to know how people in this field are doing and gain knowledge that I will help in my resume. It was also an opportunity to know some of the challenges encountered by the HR department within an organization...

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Motivating Employees Simulation

 Motivating and Compensating Employees Simulation HRM558 July 12, 2014 Attrition is something that a company may experience at any time with or without notice. The company must be prepared when such a situation arises within their organization. During the interview process, key questions can be asked in order to understand the thought process of the interviewee. These questions can be related to future plans, past employment and details about specific duties...

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Managers Roles

organizational unit, every manager must perform some ceremonial duties as well as greet dignitaries, attend weddings, or take out customers. As figurehead of an organization managers need to take responsibility for actions of the employees such as taking blame for a mishap that may have occurred Leader Managers are responsible for the work of their respective people of their unit. They must partake in leadership roles such as motivating and encouraging employees. As a leader, the manager must empower their...

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How Best Can Managers Ensure Employees Are Motivated at Work?

How best can managers ensure employees are motivated at work? There are two reasons why people do things, first because they want and willing to do, or second because they have no choice. If people do things when they have to, it is likely that they will do no more than necessary, and they will stop doing as soon as they can. Therefore, the term “motivation” is introduced, in order to make people want and willing to do things. This essay will be looking at how best managers can ensure their employees...

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Seminar on Challenges in Human Resource Management in 21st Century


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Motivating and Rewarding Employees

Professor Gerry Grotberg Project 29 April 2013 Motivating and Rewarding Employees I chose this particular chapter to present my project on this because I am a strong believer when it comes to motivation in the workplace. Some employees will go out of their way just to see if things are done correctly and never get any type of recognition from the manager or supervisor. The definition of motivation is the process by which a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining...

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How can Caribbean Managers enhance the motivation of their Employees

How can Caribbean Managers enhance the motivation of their Employees At first we will look at what is motivation, Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s willingness to exert high levels of effort to reach organizational goals, conditioned by an effort’s ability to satisfy some individual need. What does motivation mean to me? One word “inspiration”, its providing with a reason to act a certain way. One’s desire to do or an interest a drive/ a driving force by which we the...

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Setting Expectations as a Manager

*Explain how managers can set effective expectations for their employees to increase organizational performance* Slide: * Join * Remain * Work * Perform * Citizenship Speakers Notes: It is important for managers to set effective expectations for their employees and do so in a way that will build strong employee relations and increase the performance of the organization. Setting effective expectations consists of learning behaviors and using motivation. Managers use motivation...

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How Economic Climate Affects the New Managers Entering Any Industry

In the present day, our global economic has stepped back and faced with many situations which affects with numerous organizations for many years ago. Many of huge companies were bankrupt and collapse, for instance, Lehman Brothers, the fourth-largest US investment bank was collapse in 2008 from incurred losses of billions of dollars in the US mortgage market (BBC 2008). However, the global economic restoration plans have occurred immediately and it seem that they needs support from all levels...

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dependent upon professional managers, who can bring success to an organization. Becoming a successful manager is not an easy task; a manager should make the right decisions for the company and have the ability to create a good working team between them. This essay will identify the qualities of a successful manager by referring to the difficulties faced and how to overcome them, personal experience and finally a conclusion. According to Rosemary Stewart (1960s), “a manager is someone who gets things...

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Financial Remuneration: The Key Motivating Factor for Employees

key motivating factor for employees? Motivation in the workplace has been paid more attention as a result of the increasing competition in the global market.Motivation is defined as a needs-satisfying process,which means that when a person’s needs are satisfied by certain factors,the employee will put more effort to achieve organizational goals.(Robbins cited in Tan Teck-Hong,2011)Financial remuneration,as an extrinsic motivating factor,is important in the workplace,but not the key motivating factor...

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Case Study: Google Hr Challenge

report involved with the identification and evaluation on the main HR challenges to Google in attracting and motivating staff, recommendation of related human resource practices to those challenges with reasons, and an implementation plan for the changes. The major findings in Google’s HR challenges are the issues of work-life balance, high-rate retirement, maintenance of original spirit, and recruitment. Then, those challenges are solved or released by some HR strategies, such as forming virtual...

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How Caribbean Managers Can Enhance and Motivate their Employees

How Caribbean managers can enhance the motivation of their employees Templar, R (The Rules of Management, Pearson Prentice Hall 2005, p.66) concludes that “If your staff do something good, tell them. And then tell them again. And again. Keep it up. Put it in writing. Send them a memo – something they can keep. Put it in the company newsletter. Add a note to their file. Whatever, but make it widely known they did good. This is a quick and cheap method of praising and motivating your team and it lets...

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Challenges Faced by Female Managers in the Banking Sector

CHALLENGES FACED BY FEMALE MANAGERS IN THE BANKING SECTOR OF NIGERIA A Case Study of Diamond Bank Lagos INTRODUCTION For a long time, women had to contend with a plethora of challenges in the execution of their duties. The patriarchal nature of the majority societies militates against women to ascend organizational hierarchy. Most organizations are systematically organized for male supremacy; hence, they are not gender neutral. Women find themselves playing second fiddle to men because the...

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Management Challenges

Management Challenges Management Challenges Managing a business and its employees is and art and a skill. In today's business environment, companies make millions one quarter and file for bankruptcy the next. The business climate is volatile at best. The challenges for a business and its managers are many indeed. Any business and the managers in that business today will have to deal with, technology, diversity and multicultural employees and customers, globalization, the economy, ethics...

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Global Manager - Challenges and Responisibities

Question 1. Constrains and Challenges for the Global Manager. As our organization we chose a humidification called ‘Climanova’ in Eede. It’s often interacted with because Jolien works there often in the weekends. The physical design: The organization is located in Eede a small town in Zeeland. Climanova lies on an industrial area surrounded by multiple European organizations. There is a big parking lot in front of Climanova where all the clients and employees get to park for free. The building...

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Management-Challenges and Solutions

MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS Managers spend their days juggling projects, people, and problems. Good managers have learned how to balance them. They complete projects successfully and on time, guide and support their employees, maintain good relationships with customers, and solve problems quickly and decisively. Less effective managers often get bogged down and sidetracked. A good manager recognizes challenges and finds ways to solve them. Less effective managers may not even recognize...

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Evaluate the ‘challenges’ faced by service managers when attempting to manage quality”

part when it comes to the organisation of a business and possible the most important and complex component of business strategy (Golder et al. 2012: 1). It can be argued that the success of a business is down to the management of quality. This means managers must deal with meeting both internal and external expectations set in order to excel. Quality is a concept that has to be applied throughout the business and must involve everyone within the organisation and it is through this we see the implementation...

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Critically Reflect on the Statement “Management of the Employee/ Customer Interaction Presents a Challenge to the Manager of a Service Operation That Is Absent in the Field of Production/Manufacturing” (Yeoman, 2004)”

the statement “Management of the employee/ customer interaction presents a challenge to the manager of a service operation that is absent in the field of production/manufacturing” (Yeoman, 2004)” it is necessary to understand what customer interaction is. Heskett, Sasser and Hart (1990) define how at the heart of the service is the service exchange – when the customer comes in direct contact with the business employees and whilst Muhlemann, Oakland and Lockyer (1992) agree with the statement, they...

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What General Managers Really Do

WHAT GENERAL MANAGERS REALLY DO Assessment 1:Essay by Louisa Cindy General managers are top of employee, who hold major problems and play a big role behind the organization or business. Being a manager takes a great deal of hard work, leadership, and dedication. They have responsibilities to take control, motivate, and monitoring each part of the organization. The pressure of being a manager is not as easy as what people think, they tend to be efficient and effective in the same time. In an...

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The Realities and Challenges of Organizational Behavior

"The realities and challenges of organizational behavior" Behavior is a function of a continuous, multidirectional interaction between the person and the situation. The situation consists of the environment the person operates in, and it can include things like the organization, the work group, personal life situation, job characteristics, and many other environmental influences. The ability to understand behavior is a prerequisite for effectively managing an organization. But to fully understand...

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challenges for ob


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Functional Roles of a Manager

 Functional Role of a Manager Kristen Pinkney Management/521 August 28, 2013 Dr. Andrea Diese Functional [Possible incorrect indentation] Roles of a Manager The fundamental managerial roles are crucial in the feat of a manager. The roles of a manager are vital in setting the functionality of a business. Possessing a proactive approach to running a business will set a manager well ahead. The functionality of a manager depends highly on four aspects: planning...

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Identify some challenges that diversity at the workplace might bring.

QUESTION 2: Identify some challenges that diversity at the workplace might bring. ANSWER There are challenges to managing a diverse work population. Managing diversity is more than simply acknowledging differences in people. It involves recognizing the value of differences, combating discrimination, and promoting inclusiveness. Managers may also be challenged with losses in personnel and work productivity due to prejudice and discrimination and complaints and legal actions against the organization...

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Challenges & Opportunities of Organisational Behavior

CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR OB: Responding to globalization: * Increased foreign assignments. * Working with people from different cultures. * Coping with anti-capitalism backlash. * Overseeing movement of jobs to countries with low – cost labour. Managing workforce diversity: * Embracing diversity. * Whereas globalization focuses on differences among people from different countries, workforce diversity addresses differences among people within given countries...

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