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A Road Accident

Road Accident Road accident | Not a single day passes off these days without the news of road accidents claiming lives of the people. No sooner had the Karnali road accident happened in Jajarkot in which several dozen people were killed a fortnight ago, a bus accident claimed six lives in Prithvi Highway the oth Car accident injuries The most common type of personal injury suffered in car accidents is whiplash and it is estimated that as many as 250,000 Britons are affected by it every year...

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Road Accident

Road Accident Road accident is a global tragedy with ever-raising trend. In Malaysia, it represents a major public problem because of the high number of victims involved and also the seriousness of the consequences for the victim themselves and to their families as well. Accidents are generally classified as single vehicle accidents in which the vehicle is either colliding with fixed objects or with pedestrians or the vehicle may fall in a ditch and multiple vehicle accidents in which two or more...

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Road Accidents

Road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction. With over 130,000 deaths annually, the country has overtaken China and now has the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide.This has been revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in its first ever Global Status Report on Road Safety. The report pointed to speeding, drunk driving and low use of helmets, seat belts and child restraints in vehicles as the main contributing factors .Every hour, 40 people under the age of 25 die in road...

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Essay on Road Accidents

Essay on Road Accidents !! Lack of road-sense has further complicated the matters. Driving licenses are given on illegal gratifications to the authorities and traffic rules and regulations are thrown to the winds. Overloading is one of the major factors of road- accidents and deaths. The condition of the vehicles is hardly found road-worthy. The unmanned railway level-crossings further add to the chaos and confusion. The multiplicity of authorities and utter lack of coordination among them is another...

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countries. But if we observe past years’ and recent road accidents statistics/reports, we can perceive that the propensity of road accidents in Malaysia is on the rise. Now I think, Malaysia really requires an investigation in the geographical distribution and regional variation of accidents rather than looking at the accidents in a national perspective. There may be certain geographical areas where accident proneness may be higher. These variations in accidents can be analyzed by developing a set of geographical...

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Road Conditions & Auto Accidents

Road Conditions & Auto Accidents The following factors affecting road conditions may play a role in a motor vehicle accident: Road Design The design of a roadway can contribute to accidents, by making it more difficult to see other vehicles, creating hazardous pinch points, presenting dangerous obstacles for drivers, or increasing susceptibility to weather conditions. Inadequate signage or signals, or their poor placement, can confuse drivers or make it more difficult to anticipate potential...

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Causes of Road Accidents

Road Accident 2.1. The Causes of Road Accident Road accident is becoming more and more common in today’s society and contributes to a significant number of deaths as the result. The following are some causes that lead to road accident. 2.1.1 Human Error One of the leading causes is driver error. These are careless and unnecessary mistakes such as falling asleep at the wheel, following other cars too closely, unsafe overtaking, speeding, not stopping at the red traffic light and other common...

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Road Accident in Kerala

SLIDE 1- ROAD ACCIDENTS IN KERALA Traffic accidents are a major cause of death and injuries world wide, but while they are declining in many parts of the developed world, fatalities are still on the rise in many developing countries including India. In our state more than half of the road accident victims are in the age group of 20 to 55, the key wage earning and child raising age group. The loss of the main bread winner and head of household due to death or disability can be catastrophic, leading...

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Road Accidents as a Health Issue in Australia

Health Care services to address these health issues. Accident is one of the several pertinent health issues currently affecting Australia. Particularly road traffic accidents are on the record for causing massive deaths in Australia. W.H.O ranks Australia at number 162 world wide contributing to 1.29% of total death resulting from road accidents in the country (W.H.O, 2005). This essay explores analysis and discusses the issue of road accidents and how it impacts the Australian population and the...

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Personal Injury Compensation in Relation to Road Traffic Accidents

Australian Road Traffic Accidents: Legislation and Insurance Road traffic legislation in Australia is governed by each State individually. This paper will be focused on the legislation as it is in the state of New South Wales (NSW). The relevant legislation concerned include Road Rules 2008 (NSW), Road Transport General) Act 2005 (NSW), Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999 (NSW) and the Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 (NSW). Similar to other areas of tort law, case law...

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Road Transport and Road Safety

existence of the problem strongly in Egypt which will be discussed by (tony ) Tony:(summary proof of problem) Road traffic accidents pose a global health, economic and social crisis. Each year, road traffic accidents kill more than a million men, women and children around the world. Tens of millions more are injured, some of whom become permanently disabled. In Egypt, road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for persons aged 5 to 25 years. Each year; more than 5000 citizens are killed...

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Accident Factor

Topic : Accident car in Malaysia General Purpose : To inform Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about the causes of accident in Malaysia Central Idea : Road accident has become one causes of death in Malaysia every year due to the few factors such as the Human factor, the vehicles factor and the road condition Introduction I. Road accidents are horrific events that usually involve the collision of two or more vehicles on the road or highway ...

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Accident Prevention

Accident Prevention What is an accident? An accident, mishap, or a misadventure, is an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with lack of intention or necessity. It usually implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence. Some may even call it an act of god, an accident can occur any time an anywhere. It is our job to be able to prevent an accident...

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Traffic Accidents

Traffic Accidents The world of today has a lot of accidents for many reasons, such as car accidents, fire accidents, or water accidents. Accidents are very common in big cities as there are many modes of transport and road are narrow and overcrowded. We hear of them and read about them in newspapers almost daily. There are few causes of traffic accidents. In Malaysia, one of the surest means of putting into practice the "Rakyat Diutamakan" (People First) policy of our prime minister is through...

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Road Safety

ESSAY ROAD SAFETY Road safety continues to be one of the most serious public health and social issues in Trinidad and Tobago—it affects everyone, whether you drive, walk or cycle. The aim of road safety is to reduce the harm, injuries, death and property damage resulting from crashes of road vehicle traveling on our nation’s roads. I believe with goverment intervention, educational programs and law enforcement this social problem can curb the increasing levels of road accidents and fatalities...

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Traffic Accident

The Effects of Traffic Accidents on the Emergence of Psychological Disorders among Drivers of "3Rd' Category": Private License in Jordan "A Field Research" By Ghoneem, Khowla Abd Al Raheem Academic journal article from Studies in Sociology of Science, Vol. 3, No. 2 Article details Beginning of article INTRODUCTION Traffic accidents are considered modern problems which are causing enormous human and material losses to many people and resulting of them many temporary and permanent injuries...

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Road Safety

Road safety is the process of learning how to be safe and sensible when driving a vehicle on a road and how to reduce accident causes on road for proper driving. It aims to reduce the harm (deaths, injuries, and property damage) resulting from motor vehicle collisions. Harm from road traffic crashes is greater than that from all other transportation modes (air, sea, space, off-terrain, etc.) combined I- Driving license To make roads safer, driving licenses exist, so we compare two European...

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Road Accident

Road Accidents Malaysia Nowadays, road accidents are very common in Malaysia. Everyday we read newspaper we also can saw many news about there are many peoples involved in the road accidents. First of all, what is means by road accidents? Road accidents are means that when some automobile crash together or the vehicle crash on the side of the road or the peoples at the road. According to the sources from Royal Malaysian Police (n.d), there is a statistic mentioning the number of the road accidents...

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Prevention of Vehicular Accident

1 Traffic Accident Common Reasons and Solutions August 10, 2010, Posted by lzl at 11:02 With the development of science and technology, car is a very common vehicle and can be seem everywhere. Driving is becoming more and more significant in our daily life now. Also the traffic accident is increased day by day. However, letting your car equipped with some safe car gadget, your driving life will be more easy and smooth. In driving, there are always some common issues for safe driving and parking...

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Tram Accident and Drunken Driving Submitted

A Report on Road Accidents - Role of Cell phones and Drunken Driving Submitted to Dr. Naval Bajpai Submitted by Arnab Roy Pousali Chakrabarti Shashank Badre Prateek Singh Section A Quantitative Techniques Indian Institute of Management Raipur ...

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Road Accident

Car accident injuries The most common type of personal injury suffered in car accidents is whiplash and it is estimated that as many as 250,000 Britons are affected by it every year. Whiplash is basically the overstretching of the tissue in the neck and spine and can result in weeks, months or, in severe cases, years of pain and discomfort. Speed is not necessarily a contributing factor to a whiplash injury as it can be caused by a car accident at speeds of as little as 5mph. It is, instead, the...

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Technical Problems & Traffic Accidents

Report Final Draft Technology Traffic Accidents in KSA Name – Mohammad Ba-Azeem Outline Thesis: This report will discuss technical causes, effects and solutions of traffic accident in KSA. Also, it will compare and contrast the solutions, then, recommend the best solution and show how it can be applied in KSA. Introduction I. Causes & effects of technology car accidents. A. Causes of technology car accidents. 1) Tires. a) Underinflated...

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Road Accident

A car accident is perhaps the last thing that you think could ever happen to you. But regardless of how careful a drive you are, you do not know just when you might come across a reckless driver and get into an accident yourself. Knowledge about your rights and the motor vehicle accident law might come in handy should you or anyone you know meet a road accident. In the unfortunate event that you get involved in road accident, you should contact a lawyer right away. A legal representative will...

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Road Traffic Awareness

people expectations with regards to road traffic accidents Road accidents have earned India a dubious distinction. With over 130,000 deaths annually, the country has overtaken China and now has the worst road traffic accident rate worldwide according to the experts at the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NTPRC). Number of road accidents in India is three times higher than that prevailing in developed countries. The number of accidents for 1000 vehicles in India is as high...

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Road Accidents

            GOVERNMENT OF INDIA  MINISTRY OF ROAD TRANSPORT AND HIGHWAYS  TRANSPORT RESEARCH WING  NEW DELHI    FOREWORD Road safety is both a health and development issue of concern considering its magnitude and gravity and the consequent negative impacts on the economy, public health and the general welfare of the people, particularly those with low incomes. Although we have undertaken initiatives and are implementing various road safety improvement programmes, the overall situation...

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Road Accident

A SURVEY OF RISK OF ACCIDENTS IN MALAYSIA Nurulhuda.J1, Ho.J.S2, Jamilah.M.M.3 Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) Lot 125-135, Jalan TKS1, Taman Kajang Sentral, 43300 Kajang, Selangor,MALAYSIA ABSTRACT Background: Traffic accidents rank fifth among the leading cause of deaths in Malaysia. The country is burdened with more than ten billion ringgit of losses due to traffic accidents every year. Despite implementation of various intervention measures over the years, the number...

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

destination, a life threatening danger awaits drivers, that is motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents occur everywhere at anytime. In order to understand the result that causes deaths on motor vehicle users, three areas of analysis should be considered. These areas are magnitude, distribution and determinants of motor vehicle accidents. A factor that can lead to an increase in the awareness behind motor vehicle accidents is the comparison of a high-income country to a middle-income country. Not...

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Tram Accident and Driver Vision Enhancement

at: http://www.readersdigest.com.au/reduce-road-accidents#sthash.XCG3rbZ3.dpuf 6. What is the main point of this article? Use complete sentences.(10points) The main point of this article is that the writer describes the main causes of road deaths which are speed and alcohol. In addition ,how the new technologies reduce it. These new technologies are (Intelligent Speed Adaptation , Alcohol locks ,Driver vision enhancement ). The main causes of road deaths are the same everywhere: speed and...

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Distracted Drivers Cause More Accidents

Debbie Lim English 105 Ms Cree Writing Assignment #2 March 20, 2011 Drunk and Distracted Drivers are Top Causes of Accidents Drunk and distracted drivers cause more accidents on America’s roads and highways than any other reason. In August 2009 Diane Schuler, made national news when she caused an accident that killed eight people on the Taconic State Parkway in New York. She had a blood alcohol level of 0.19 percent and was also under the Influence of marijuana at the time she drove...

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Pragmatic ways to prevent road crashes

 Pragmatic ways to prevent road crashes M S Siddiqui Legal Economist and pursuing PhD in Open University, Malaysia e-mail: shah@banglachemical.com The global policy is prevention of road crashes, not the punishment of drivers, one of the road users. Our problem lies with the failure to implement the laws. This is an inefficiency of the management writes M S Siddiqui http://www.thefinancialexpress-bd.com/2014/01/05/12204 Driving may be the most dangerous activity with which we are...

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Road Safety Essay

Road Safety Essay Firstly, I want to briefly explain what traffic collision is. It is commonly known as a car crash. A car crash takes place when two cars, or more, collide, hitting each other. It might be a severe car crash or only a minor one, but the repair is always an excruciating process, which involves a lot of wasted money and time. There are many causes for car accidents and there are many hurdles in the path to implement road safety. * The condition of roads: the poor infrastructure...

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Teenager Cause Higher Number of Car Accident

Teenager Cause Higher Number of Car Accident Generally we know teenager is the future generation of our humanity which in term of leadership, knowledge, creativity, innovative and of course crime as well. Even at this moment as we relaxing sitting on a comfortable chair at home there’s a crime happening which cause by teenager, this would greatly affect their prospect life and for next generation thus creating a cycle life of problem. However, teenager not the only one to blame on...

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Explanatory Synthesis Essay of Car Accident

many causes of car accidents. Teenage drivers are involved in numerous crashes because of their immaturity. The radio, electronics, or other people can distract the driver. Accidents are also associated with bad weather. Even though speeding is against the law, individuals do it anyway, leading to lose of control over their vehicle. Drinking and driving is a very dangerous cause of car crashes. Traffic accidents can harm or possibly kill someone. People involved in these accidents may have to face...

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Regulate Use of Cell Phones on the Road

people are irritated, but at least lives are not endangered. When on the road, however, irresponsible cell phone users are more than irritating: They are putting our lives at risk. Many of us have witnessed drivers so distracted by dialing and chatting that they resemble drunk drivers, weaving between lanes, for example, or nearly running down pedestrians in crosswalks. A number of bills to regulate use of cell phones on the road have been introduced in state legislatures, and the time has come to push...

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Saudi Arabia's Number One Enemy: Traffic Accidents

Number One Enemy: Traffic Accidents 1. INTRODUCTION Traffic Accidents are the main cause for the death and injury of many people and account for huge property damages in the world in general and developing countries in particular. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no exception to this world-wide problem. Traffic accidents are in fact, the first major death rate in the country where 6,485 citizens have died and more than 36,000 were hurt in over 485,000 traffic accidents during 2008 and 2009 (Benjamin...

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Tram Accident and Province

Introduction: Car accidents is one of most causes that happen in Omani society, we see every day in Oman more accident, actually it is a global problem every country in the world suffer from this problem and now nobody can find a solution for this problem because it cames from the behavior of the driver when he driving a car, in Oman more people was died and the reason from accidents. The Omani government is trying to reduce accidents by making signboards to indicate places that require mitigation...

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Reflective Journal: The Car Accident

(Revision B) 06 - Assignment 1_6 When I got into a terrible car accident last year, I thought it was the worse time in my life. Little did I realize that this experience would help me grow, and even inspire me – not despite the horrific nature of the event, but because of what happened. Most of the time when people go through huge things in life whether it’s good or bad, the outcome is them learning something from whatever happened. My accident has changed my life for the better and honestly I don’t regret...

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Road Accidents in Saudi Arabia

Literature Review: Road Traffic Accidents 9/17/2011 Student Name: University: Table of Contents INTRODUCTION TO ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS 4 Safety 4 Safety of Roads 4 Safety condition of Vehicles 5 Road Traffic Accidents 5 Major Causes of Road Traffic Accidents 7 Improper maintenance of vehicle 8 Red Light Running 9 Use of Mobile Phones while driving 10 Drunk driving 11 Avoiding Seat Belt or Helmets 11 Youth races and careless driving 11 Improper road structure 12 Effects...

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Analysis of Road Accident

a literature review of road traffic accidents and casualties in Bangladesh and comparisons with developing-developed countries worldwide. The review identifies and reports on, the findings from studies carried out in this area and worldwide. A discussion is provided on the importance of data considerations, particularly with respect to discrepancies that are existed in casualty data from different sources. Everyday thousand of people are killed and injured on our roads worldwide. Men, women or...

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Road Traffic Accidents

manuscript The research study has been made possible by grants from the following three organisations: the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund, the Department of Transport, and the Anglo-German Foundation. We are most grateful to them for their support. The conclusions drawn and the views expressed are, of course, those of the authors. Contents List of Figures Preface Introduction 1. Danger on the roads 1 9 2. 3. 4. The surveys in English schools The surveys in German schools Discussion The role of personal...

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Causes of Road Accident

Road Transport and Road Traffic Accident Statistics (Island of Mauritius) January – June 2011 1. Vehicles registered as at June 2011 As at 30 June 2011, the number of vehicles registered at the National Transport Authority (NTA) was 392,276. This represents a net increase of 8,161 (2.1%) vehicles as compared to the end of December 2010 when the number of registered vehicles stood at 384,115 (Table 1.1). 2. Net increase between January and June 2011 Between January and June 2011, the fleet...

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Safety of Teens on the Road: Raising the Driving Age from Sixteen to Eight-Teen Speech

leading cause of death among teens in the U.S. Teenagers have these car crashes due factors such as immaturity, high risk maneuvers, drinking, and distraction from teen passenger, and the underestimation of hazardous situations on the road such as black ice and wet roads, and by raising the driving age from 16 years-of-age to 18 years-of-age the numbers of teen drivers would go way down and potentially the numbers of fatal car crashes would also. Compared to 18 year olds, 16 and 17 year olds have...

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early marriage

TOPICS THESIS STATEMENT POINTS REFERENCES Road accident Title : Causes, consequences and prevent. Road accidents also called traffic collision are caused by humans when they overlook laid down rules and regulations governing the use of roads. There are three causes of road accident that are individuals neglect or refuse to follow road signs and regulations, over speeding, and alcohol taken. 1st point : individuals neglect or refuse to follow road signs and regulations. 1st supporting detail...

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On Teenage Smoking

Road Traffic Accidents Introduction Every year we successfully recover compensation for thousands of clients who have been injured in road accidents, whether as drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists or pedestrians.  We specialise in all road traffic litigation, acting for client’s who have suffered minor injuries such as bruising and whiplash, right through to clients who have suffered serious and life threatening injuries. We also act for client’s who have lost family members in fatal...

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2012 Riyadh Oil Truck Explosion

M. AlAwami I. INTRODUCTION Traffic accidents are one of the most dangerous events as they can cause a large number of casualties and property damages. These accidents may happen anywhere in the world and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no exception to this universal problem. As noted by Joffe-Walt, during 2008 to 2009 traffic accidents were the first main cause of road fatalities, it was more than 485,000 traffic accidents. In facts, more than 36,000 were injured and 6,485 citizen...

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Don't Gamble with Life

Good morning everyone, today I’m going to talk about road accident. And the title of my speech is “Don’t gamble with life”. Road accident is a global tragedy with ever-rising trend. In Malaysia, road accidents represent a major public health problem, because of the high number of victims and the seriousness of consequences. Based on the statistic from Road Safety Department Malaysia, there were 397,330 cases of traffic accident happened in the year 2009. That means there are around 1000 cases are...

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Talking Phone While Driving

Traffic accident becomes one of the hottest issues in Cambodia. Some people drive carelessly without thinking of their safety as well as others. They usually pay less attention on the road while they are driving. It is because they tend to do something else rather than focusing on driving. Talking phone at the same time of driving is the most serious one among all of the activities that disturbs people attention on their driving. Because of this reason, some people say that talking phone while driving...

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The effect of music tempo on driving behavior

million people die on the road traffic accidents and other 50 million are injured worldwide. However, road traffic crashes can drive a family into poverty as crashed survivors and their families struggle to deal with the long-term consequences of the event like the cost of medical care and rehabilitation (world health organization, 2009). The major causes of road accidents are almost driver related. According to Goos, chairman of the International Organization for Road Accident Prevention, “More than...

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The Role Played by Wheather

The role played by weather and road conditions in accidents When you drive in bad weather it usually takes longer and can be stressful. Leaving earlier can allow you to reach your destination without worry of running late. If possible, take an alternate route to avoid weather systems that can affect your driving. You should drive more slowly and carefully than normal while driving in bad weather. This can reduce the possibility of accidents from skidding. When you are driving in rain...

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TRAFFIC ACCIDENT IN CAMBODIA The study areas are limited to both cities and provinces where traffic crashes have become a very serious problem. As noted by government, NGOs, world bank, and other related agencies, the road causalities are now a second leading cause of death in Cambodia. This is the highest rate in ASEAN, so it must be taken into concern. Many reliable and recent sources are the same way proposed the four leading causes of traffic accident including such as human errors, road environment...

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Drivers' Bad Habits

phenomenon. Nowadays, more and more people are driving without paying enough attention to what they are doing. Each day an estimated 135,000,000 cars are on the roads in the U.S. Driving should not be taken carelessly. Incredibly, statistics show that car accidents that involve injury occur every 14 seconds, and every 12 minutes a car accident will be fatal. Society knows the risks about driving without paying attention but they still practice bad habits while driving. Driving demands a high level of...

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Causes of road accident in Kelantan Malaysia

Evaluation of Leading Causes for Road Accidents in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Road safety is a primary concern and goal of highway and traffic engineers worldwide. The road network in Pengkalan Chepa Kelantan exhibits relatively high traffic volumes particularly in rural areas. Kelantan is one of the state in terms of having higher numbers of road accidents leading to a relatively high number of fatalities and injuries. In the past few years in particular, the number...

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DUIs and Police Error

When you got to the scene of the accident, it was still raining, wasn’t it? And because of this, you weren’t able to take notes like you wanted to, were you? But you still included all the info that you gathered that night in your FCT report, didn’t you? Despite the fact that you had to remember all of this information without notes? And despite the fact that Mr. Hopson, the person you interview, was injured and bleeding while being interviewed? Now, you also preformed a field sobriety...

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Cell Phone Regulation While Driving

and more annoying the way people use their phones out in public or meetings. But, this is not the worst cell phone use; the worst would be using your cellphone while driving. Many people have witnessed or have had their family member involved in an accident due to cellphone use while driving. Using cellphones while driving is not just a hazard to the drivers but also, you are putting other people’s lives at risk. For instance, knocking a pedestrian who was walking down the sidewalk. There have been...

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texting while driving

not on the road but on our phones, this problem has become more common in young adults. We all have bad habits, as Americans we adapt to all the wrong habits. We make some of the worse decisions that put our lives and the lives of others in danger. The site, “Don’t Text and Drive Because Texting and Driving Kills”, states that in 2011, 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones which is equivalent to 1.3 million crashes. Texting while driving has increased the risk of a car accident by 23 times...

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My First

Accident Have you ever been in a car accident? I can imagine it was very unpleasant, especially at a young age when you don’t know what you need to do depending on the situation. I mean, any little fender bender is a simple swap of information, but have you ever been in a real car crash? It isn’t the easiest thing to go through, especially if you don’t have insurance. Luckily that wasn’t the case for me. On Monday, September 17th, 2012, I was in my first car accident. I would never thought with...

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Dangerous Driving

There are about 160,000 road accidents in Canada every year. According to the Transportation Safety Board approximately 2800 to 2900 people are killed on Canadian roads each year. So, I don’t really see why so many people are afraid to fly, when in reality, it’s a lot safer than driving. You don’t hear about plane crashes in the news very often, but every day you hear and read about hundreds of thousands of car accidents that happen daily. Almost all of these accidents are caused by dangerous driving...

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Teenage Driving

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in teens ages 15 through 20. The licensing process should be much more restricted. Teens should be sufficiently educated on the rules of the road and should be trained to respect traffic laws and learn to drive safely. Teens should also begin driving instruction at earlier ages in controlled areas. There is evidence that the longer a person drives the safer and less prone to accidents they are. Even though new teen drivers only make up 7% of...

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Cell Phones and Driving

Considering that crashes are the number-one cause of accidental death in the U.S., it is important to pay close attention to our driving habits and those of other drivers (National Safety Council, 2009). Practically every minute of the day a traffic accident occurs. These are most commonly caused by driver’s who are distracted by a tiny, little gadget that has become a very popular tool to us all: the cell phone. In recent years, more and more people have become dependent on cell phones, and...

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Distracted Driving

a button. New generation smartphones are now constantly glued to every hand or head that passes by. The result of this obsession is the ongoing issue of distracted driving. This issue started when drivers would get constant phone calls while on the road causing them to lose focus on their surroundings. Now texting, emailing, messaging and status updating has added a new concern to the issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2008, driver distraction was the cause of 16...

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