• A Complicated Kindness Summary Sheet
    A Complicated Kindness Summary Sheet Core Mennonite Beliefs * First and foremost: Christians * Specific Mennonite philosophies * Non violence * No circumstances * Mennonites are exempt from going to war * Rejection of the world * Should focus on
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  • Forrest Gump Plot Summary
    Plot Summary Forrest Gump is the story of an incredibly kind and gentle person who is also what some people might call "mildly retarded." It's true that he is not too smart, but he is very fortunate, because he has a mother and friend who love him dearly. Forrest is born and raised in rur
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  • Great Expectations Summary
    Summary: Chapter 1 As an infant, Philip Pirrip was unable to pronounce either his first name or his last; doing his best, he called himself “Pip,” and the name stuck. Now Pip, a young boy, is an orphan living in his sister’s house in the marsh country in southeast England. One evening, Pip s
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  • Da Vinci's Summary
    Full Review Plot Summary: This book is at first about simply a murder mystery in which Robert Langdon, a symbologist in Paris for a conference, is suspected by Bezu Fache, the Paris chief of police. Langdon is then kidnapped/rescued by the murder victim's grand daughter. Following a miraculously
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  • Ishmael Plot Journal
    4/15/2010 Plot Summary The book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn is one that questions man’s purpose on earth. The story begins with the narrator answering a newspaper ad that reads “TEACHER seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.” The speaker is convinced that
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  • Summary of a Passage to India
    A Passage to India Passage to India, published in 1924, was E. M. Forster's first novel in fourteen years, and the last novel he wrote. Subtle and rich in symbolism, the novel works on several levels. On the surface, it is about India — which at the time was a colonial possession of Britain — a
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  • Woman at Point Zero Summary
    Woman at Point Zero Summary Table of Contents BookRags Encyclopedia Entry....................................................................................1 Woman at Point Zero............................................................................................1 Copyright Information...
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  • Chromosome 6 Summary
    Summary of Chromosome 6 by author Robin Cook: Chromosome 6 begins with the murder of an infamous Mafia figure, Carlo Franconi. His Mafia competitors are the number one suspects for the shooting, and these suspicions rise when Franconi’s body disappears from the morgue before the autopsy is car
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  • Beowulf Summary
    PLOT SUMMARY Hrothgar is the King of the Danes in southern Denmark. Through success in battle he has become rich and mighty. As a symbol of his power and prosperity he builds a magnificent mead-hall, called Heorot, in which he and his loyal warriors can feast, drink, boast, and listen to the tales
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  • Oliver Twist Summary
    Diction in Discourse Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens Plot Summary This story began when Oliver was born in a workhouse in 1830s England. Oliver’s mother died right after giving him a birth. She was found lying in the streets the night before, the surgeon notices that she is not...
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  • Great Expectations Summary
    Pip, a young orphan living with his sister and her husband in the marshes of Kent, sits in a cemetery one evening looking at his parents’ tombstones. Suddenly, an escaped convict springs up from behind a tombstone, grabs Pip, and orders him to bring him food and a file for his leg irons. Pip obeys
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  • Summary of "The Political Genius of Abraham Lincol"
    Summary of The Politcal Genius of Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was a great and inspiring man. Even after many years of his death many writers and historians still uncovered new documents in search of a greater understanding of the sixteenth president of the United States, as did the author of Th
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  • Marketing Research for Dummies Summary Highlighted
    g Easier! Making Everythin ™ rketing Ma ch Kit Resear Learn to: • Design surveys and questionnaires • Identify, obtain, record, and analyze marketing data • Improve existing products and services • Use the forms, templates, checklists, and video included on the DVD Michael R. Hy
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  • Reality Is Broken Summary
    REALITY IS BROKEN | WHY GAMES MAKE US BETTER AND HOW THEY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD | JANE MCGONIGAL | Summary Zhang Huijing Fashion Marketing English 2nd Year We always regard “GAMES” as “pastimes”, but in reality the functions of games are more than that. First Part_ Introduction
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  • Summary
    Book Summary – Management and Organizational Behavior • Cook, C. W. & Hunsaker, P. L. (2001). Management and Organizational Behavior (3rd edition). Chapter 1 – Managing People and Organizations TOPIC: Personal Effectiveness / 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Covey, S. (1990). The 7 Habi
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  • Othello Summary
    Othello is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare around 1603. The play tells the story of a powerful general of the Venetian army, Othello, whose life and marriage are ruined by a conniving, deceitful, and envious soldier, Iago. Othello is possibly the most famous literary exploration of the war
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  • Plot Overview of Huckelberry Finn
    This PDF has been brought to you by . . . The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain ©2007, 2002 by SparkNotes All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, re
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  • Short Summary of Romeo and Juliet
    Short Summary The play is set in Verona, Italy, where a feud has broken out between the families of the Montegues and the Capulets. The servants of both houses open the play with a brawling scene that eventually draws in the noblemen of the families and the city officials, including Prince Escalus.
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  • The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison: Summary and Analysis of Prologue and Autumn
    The Bluest Eye by Tony Morrison Summary and Analysis of Prologue and Autumn The Bluest Eye opens with two short untitled and unnumbered sections. The first section is a version of the classic Dick and Jane stories found in grade school reading primers. There is a pretty house, Mother, Father, Di
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  • To Kill a Mocking Bird Summary Essay
    To Kill a Mocking Bird Summary Essay Scout Finch is growing up in a hot, tired Alabama town, where there is nothing to buy and nothing to buy it with. She and her older brother, Jem, live with their father, Atticus, the local lawyer, and their cook, Calpurnia, close to downtown Maycomb. They're a
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