"5 Ways In Which The Human Or Environmental Problem Impacts On The Community" Essays and Research Papers

5 Ways In Which The Human Or Environmental Problem Impacts On The Community

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The Environment is the major resource for tourism. Tourism depends on the environment because environment is a major tourist attraction. The quality of the environment, both natural and man-made, is essential to tourism. It involves many activities that can have adverse environmental effects. Many of these impacts are linked with the construction of general infrastructure such as roads and airports, and of tourism facilities, including...

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Sengupta* INTRODUCTION Economic activity is one of the prime drivers of environmental change. All economic activities affect the environment in some way whether it is done intentionally or unintentionally. These could be positive or negative effects. Most of the time, they are negative. Most activities usually end up harming ecosystems or just polluting the environment. Economic activities can range from mining all the way to farming. The first effect on the environment is the over harvesting of...

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Environmental Impacts of Tourism

Environmental Impacts of Tourism * The history of tourism closely shows that the environment has contributed to the birth and progress of tourism. * The term “environment” connotes both human and physical characteristics. Speakers and writers often refer to human environment, physical environment or a combination of both. * A term that describes the human and physical characteristics of an area is preexisting forms. BENEFITS 1. Environmental Awareness Tourism has created environmental...

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Environmental Impact Of Rwandan Refugee

not able to protect the environment very well. This was very important because a neglect of environmental factors could have caused further population displacement. This essay will talk about each of the different environmental problems caused by the Rwandan refugees in Zaire. Refugee movements tend to lead to serious disturbances of ecological systems. Unquestionably, the most serious environmental problem created by the Rwandan refugees was deforestation within and around all the refugee camps...

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environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment is a formal process used to predict the environmental results, both negative and positive of a plan, policies, and programs, it propose measures to adjust impacts to acceptable levels or to investigate new technological solutions. Although an assessment may lead to difficult economic decisions and political and social concerns, environmental impact assessment protect the environment by providing the basis for effective and sustainable development. Environmental...

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Environmental Impacts and Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism

Environmental Impacts and Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism The paper intends to study the environmental impacts and sustainable development of rural tourism. As Wall (2006) mentions, there are large quantities of research papers on economic impacts of tourism. Besides, considerable statistics greatly ease the analyses and measurements. The environmental impacts of tourism have been paid more and more attention in recent years; but due to debate on indicators and some other objective barriers...

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De Beers Environmental Impacts

Unit Title: Communication in Business 100 Assessment: Critical Essay Company: De Beers Essay Title: Corporate Environmental Obligation: An examination of the performance of De Beers Student Name: Arkar Kyaw @ Kevin Student Number: 1160001 Semester: 1 2011 Campus: Bentley Tutor: Simon Teoh Corporate Environmental Obligation: An examination of the performance of De Beers Nowadays, diamonds are one of the most precious luxury items where people are purchasing...

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Environmental Impacts of Tourism

AAP Report: Environmental Impacts Due to Tourism By Olivia Hazell Year 11, Dundas Due Date: 10/05/12 INTRODUCTION Environmental impact refers to the direct effect of socio-economic activities and natural events on the components of the environment. These impacts can be planned such as afforestation or due to tourism can be totally accidental such as littering. Environmental impact is the change in the environment culturally, and physically which can be due to tourists both negatively...

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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact Analysis Anthony Anderson 3/1/2012 Sanchez and Hudson opened small pediatric office in Riverside, California is an example of having a dream come true without planning for the future. The building has become too large for the staffing that the Two Doctors /entruenpuers have been in for five years, Records are being lost, and waiting rooms packed medical...

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Environmental Impacts Rich vs Poor

Suppose you wanted to study the environmental impacts of a rich versus a poor country. What factors would you examine, and how would you compare them? There are many factors that have an effect on whether a country is rich or poor. The environment has a very significant impact on a countries wealth. People care for the environmental not only for their fear of upsetting Mother Nature but also because it has an important role in our economy. Three factors of the environment that have an effect...

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Environmental Problems

What is the impact of human activity on the natural environment? Answer: Humans are a part of the natural environment. Unfortunately, we have not yet learnt to moderate our activities in such a way as to help the environment. Human activities often lead to degradation of the environment. Impacts of humans include: • pollution - land, freshwater creeks and rivers, seas and oceans, and air • deforestation and destruction of habitats • endangerment and extinction of flora and fauna species ...

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Environmental Crimes

Defining Environmental Crimes Environmental crime is a serious and growing concern at national as well as international level, and one which takes many different forms. Environmental crime in broad terms means an act which is committed with the intention of damaging or causing damage to the ecological and biological systems to ensure business or personal benefit. The types of acts commonly recognised as environmental crime are: pollution or other contamination of air, land and water; illegal discharge...

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Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy

Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy Published by Macmillan Reference USA The field of environmental ethics is a new but now well-established sub-discipline of philosophy. Emerging in the mid-1970s, the field coalesced with the inaugural volume of the journal Environmental Ethics in 1979 and developed rapidly. By the turn of the century, most colleges and universities offered courses, if not major programs of study, in this important discipline. The Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics...

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Top 5 Environmental Issues

TOP 5 ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES 1. Population Explosion Whether we like to admit it or not, our very own rapidly multiplying presence on this planet is the biggest environmental problem there is, and it’s getting bigger by the minute. We voraciously consume resources, pollute the air and water, tear down natural habitats, introduce species into areas where they don’t belong and destroy ecosystems to the point of causing millions of species to become endangered and, all too often, go extinct. It...

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Human Disease & Environmental Degradation

What is Environmental Degradation? The deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources, such as air, water and soil. The destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. When natural habitats are destroyed or natural resources are depleted, the environment is degraded. There are two factors that lead to environmental degradation: Natural factors includes droughts, storms on sea, land and deserts such as hurricanes, tornadoes, catrina and volcanic eruptions. These factors...

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Fundamentals of Environmental Science

Environmental science is the branch of science that deals with the physical, chemical and biological components of the environment and their effects on organisms. Environmental science encompasses various aspects of biology, chemistry, economics, hydrology, physics, law, and other social sciences and topical environmental issues like climate change, conservation, groundwater and soil contamination, ozone depletion, use of natural resources, waste management, air and noise pollution. Environmental...

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Impacts Of Tourism In Bali

 Impacts of Tourism in Bali - Table of Content: 1. Table of Content 2. Introduction 3. Tourism Impacts (Economic) 4. Tourism Impacts (Socio, Environmental) 5. Tourism Impacts in Bali (Social Cultural) 6. Tourism Impacts in Bali (Environmental & Economics) 7. Ways To Mitigate The Negative Impacts 8. Conclusion 1 - Introduction Bali is located in the Indian Archipelago, a chain of approximately 17 500 islands. Known for its tropical climate, sunny beaches and volcanic mountain peaks, Bali is...

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The Impacts of Tourism on the Local Community in Tung Chung

Intro Tung Chung is an area which is located on the Lantau Island. Right after the opening of the Hong Kong International Airport in 1998, it was developed as part of the Airport Core Programme. The government decided to make Tung Chung the first new town on an outlying island. First, the government began with the infrastructure there, housing is also built to attract more people move in. In 1998, the Tung Chung line of MTR was opened. It provided a much easier access of the region and thus rose...

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Social and Cultural Negative Impacts of Tourism in Turkey

is mostly interaction between two different cultures and international people. Tourists as the guests and local community as the hosts are affecting each other also the destination in negative or positive ways. (David Weaver, Laura Lawton-2002) The characteristics, aspects, attribution and the quality of residents are altered by consequences of the development process when a community becomes target destination for tourism. The success and the maximized benefit depend on the attraction and service...

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Impact of Environmental Incidents on Communities

the major incidents on people, communities, environment and the wider impacts they may have had. Short Term Effects: The short term affects are that they would have no food which would cause the mass of Haiti to starve which would cause either great illness or death. They would have no clean water which could lead to getting diseases EG. Typhus! It is dangerous to drink unsafe water as it could lead to death. All communications were down which causes affect because there would...

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Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychology Olubunmi Ruby Akinsanya Environmental Psychology/460 10/5/2010 Richard Hill Title of Paper Why do individuals act differently in different social settings? Environmental Psychology is the field of psychology which studies the way human behavior is affected by their environment. Environment refers to an individual’s social setting, which can change consistently.  (Fisher, 2007). Social settings and educational settings, professional settings and home...

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Discuss the Environmental Problems Britain Is Facing Today. Is It the Government's Responsibility or the Individual to Solve These Problems?

Discuss the environmental problems Britain is facing today. Is it the Government's responsibility or the individual to solve these problems? ENVIRONMENT Every country has many different problems which they are facing today or have been facing for a long time. In this essay, the environmental problems, which Britain is facing nowadays, are going to be discussed in some ways. Mostly, discussion about the climatic changes is going to be mentioned that is not only in Britain, also the...

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Humans Impact on their Surroundings

 Humans Impact on their Surroundings SCI/275 January 25, 2014 Maria West Humans Impact on their Surroundings Human beings have inhabited the Earth for six or seven million years ("Natural History Museum", n.d.), but that is merely a fraction of the existence of this planet. Human beings have a penitence for gathering into groups and forming cities where industrial developments take place. The Industrial Revolution in America brought jobs and new products...

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Human Impact of Climate Change

normally induced by different vibrant processes on Earth but recently it is caused by human activities. This is the reason that in our everyday talks the term climate change refers to climate change caused by global warming. The most disposed signs of climate change are glaciers that are presently melting at rapid level which entails climate change has already began. This time, climate change is only due to the recent human activities and had resulted in global warming process. Today, Global warming has...

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 Define the following: Ecosystems perspective: Ecosystem perspective it is significant means of conceptualizing and understanding human behavior. Serves as an "organizing framework" to help social workers comprehend people interactions with various systems in the macro social environment. Major concepts in the ecological perspective are: the social environment, energy, input, output, interface, adoption, "person-in-environment fit" (Gitterman and Germain 2008), stressor, stress, cooping...

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Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Course Description:  Ecological framework of sustainable development; pollution environments: water, air, and solid; waste treatment processes, disposal, and management; government legislation, rules and regulation related to the environment and waste management; and environmental management s...ystem. Pre requisite: General Chemistry Course outline: 1      Ecological Concepts 1.1   Introduction to Environmental Engineering 1.2   Ecology of life 1.3   Biogeochemichal...

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Role of Religion in Environmental Conservation

 A Role of Religion in Environmental Conservation Submitted by: Sara Mahmood Submitted to: Dr. Rao Nadeem Alam DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY QUAID-I-AZAM UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD 2013 Introduction: The current assignment is about the role of religion in environmental conservation. Every society of the world follows certain religion or has a particular set of beliefs. Religion is the basic instrument which patterns the behavior of the people...

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AP Environmental Science Q&A

conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates; the natural world affected by human activity. 2. Environmental science is the study of the interaction between living and nonliving, physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment including their effects on all types of organisms but most often the impact humans have on the environment. Ecology, conservation biology, forestry, soil science, forest technology and physics are related to environmental science. 3....

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Impact of Tourism on the Environment

Impact of Tourism on the Environment (Negril) Negril is situated on the western end of the island of Jamaica. It is known as the 7 mile beach even though it is slightly longer than 6.4 km in length. Negril is also called the tourism capital of Jamaica. Tourism is travel for business, leisure or recreational purposes and therefore has many impacts on the environment: as natural habitats both aquatic and terrestrial are being destroyed and damaged when hotels and roads are being built, causing pollution...

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Human Behavior

 Human Behavior LeeAnne Valentine PSY/460 February 10, 2014 Human Behavior Environmental cues are signals that are derived from memories when in an environmental setting. Environmental cues have ways that can alter an individual's perception of the world, and can affect memory recalls, decision- making, and human behavior. There are different reactions from any individuals concerning environmental cues that would lead him or her to behave differently. How Environmental Cues Shapes...

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Analysis of the Negative Environmental Impacts of the Glastonbury Music Event

Negative Environmental Impacts of the Glastonbury Music Event It is clear that when large numbers of people gather in one place, this will have a negative impact on the local community and on environment. As the Glastonbury Festival is one of the largest music events in Europe, which gather about 140,000 people in one small area, it causes serious pollution problems, which include air pollution, water pollution, land pollution (Pow, 2009, p.11) The most wide-spread pollution problems include the...

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Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts in Tourism

The large scale impacts of Tourism include environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts. Impacts can be positive, as well as negative, but should never be underestimated. The concept of sustainability is factored into these tourism impacts, when the size of the impacts become large enough to drastically alter economic, socio-cultural and environmental areas of a tourist destination. The importance of these impacts will be analysed and evaluated in this essay, keeping in mind that this will...

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Sustainability and Environmental Standards: Seeking Competitive Distinction at Damai Lovina Villas

Sustainability and Environmental Standards: Seeking Competitive Distinction at Damai Lovina Villas . Executive Summary Throughout this analysis, my purpose is to clarify and condense the information so the reader will have a better understanding at the end of the analysis. This analysis will be broken up into six categories; the executive summary, issue statement, alternatives analysis, recommendations, actions and implementations, and data analysis. In the issue statement, there will be...

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THE VIRTUE OF HUMAN HEARTEDNESS: ENVIRONMENTAL SALVATION By: Jalton G. Cartel 2 BS Medical Technology I.Introduction This term paper aims to discuss what people do in order to save our environment. This also aims to help to discover how Che’ng Hao principle of virtue in human heartedness saves our environment. And also what people should embodied in order to save our environment. “The truth is: the natural world is changing. And we are totally dependent on that world. It provides our food,...

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Environmental Pollution

City Term Paper on Environmental Pollution Prepared by: Joeren S. Rapista Submitted to: Mrs. Nena Visto Environmental Pollution Introduction I – Environmental Pollution A. Definition B. History II – The kind of pollution and their effects A. Air Pollution B. Water Pollution C. Solid Waste Pollution D. Noise Pollution E. Lead Pollution Effects Solution Bibliography “What is Environmental Pollution?” With Philippine...

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Environmental and Social Impacts of Tourism in the Uk

Discuss the environmental and social impacts of tourism in the UK and consider whether the benefits exceed the costs. Tourism is a fast growing industry and a valuable sector, contributing significantly to the economy (“The Social & Cultural Impacts of Tourism”, n.d.). It has been generally accepted that tourism is, for the most part and with relatively few exceptions, beneficial to both generating and destination countries (Holloway, 2009, p. 114). Some researchers are less sure that this...

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The Similarities and Comparisons in Community Psychology and Public Health to Social Problems.

The similarities and comparisons in Community Psychology and Public Health to Social Problems. Contents: 1. Introduction…………………………………………………………………..Page 3. 2. Historical Background…………………………………………………….Page 3. 3. The different Approaches/Models to social problems……Page 3. 3.1. Community Psychology…………………………………………...Page 3. 3.1.1. Mental Health Model………………………………………Page 3. 3.1.2. The social Action Model………………………………….Page 3. 3.2. The Public health approach………………………………………Page...

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Environmental Pollution

Environmental Pollution Samantha Arrieta SCI/256 November 5, 2013 Analila Lucero Environmental Pollution As an associate-level environmental scientist, many concerns have risen in regards to the environmental, climate, economical and social consequences. Because of overpopulated cities, there have been some negative factors. The focus to address these issues could be in addressing the weaknesses in already existing laws with stronger enforcement. In the following, I will present a summary...

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Human Impact on the Mesquite Woodlands

Did you know that every person hiking along a recreational trail in a forest setting has a potential impact on wildlife? Not all wildlife reacts the same way to human disturbance. In fact, some species are so highly sensitive that any human activity along a trail can affect their territory selection, their reproductive success and the time and energy they need to go about their daily business of survival Large-scale native woodland loss in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas during the 20th century...

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Community Environmental Issue

Community Environmental Issue Tamara Harrison Environmental Science/ SCI/275 January 20, 2013 Instructor: William McIntosh Camden, South Carolina is the town that I live in; it is very small and quiet. We are well known for a lot of famous things such as The Carolina Cup. The Carolina Cup brings business to our very small town, hundreds of people travel to Camden, South Carolina to watch the horse race on that day. Even though this special day brings in a lot of people along with the visitors...

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Environmental Problems in El Salvador

inappropriate land tenure and ownership practices date all the way back to colonialism. Even more strikingly, “sixty percent of El Salvador’s population is expected to live in the capital by 2010.” As a result, El Salvador has to deal with continuing environmental problems. The fact that the nation lies along the Pacific Ring of fire doesn’t help either, which subjects the country to frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. The environmental problems that El Salvador continually struggles with are deforestation...

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Impacts of Tourism in Host Communities

IMPACTS OF TOURISM IN HOST COMMUNITIES Tourism is one of the most important worldwide activities; it is also of great importance to the socio-economic and cultural development of a country. Tourism is a vital tool for conservation of natural systems, contributes to sustainable development of local communities and creating communities about sharing experiences. But if this activity is disorganized, uncontrolled and poorly planned can cause damage to both, environmental and cultural. People started...

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Environmental Pollution by Solvents and Its Impact on Human Life

been becoming a concern due to health risks to human and animals. Several methods are already being used to clean up the environment from the soil contaminants, but most of them are costly and far away from their optimum performance. Phytoremediation is an efficient and sustainable way to remove the pollutants from the soil. It consists of using plants that is an effective and environmentally friendly method complementary technology for environmental restoration (Salt et al., 1998; Barceló and Poschenrieder...

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Community Environmental Issue

Jeanesha Bryant Sci/275 Community Environmental Issue The issue I chose to write about is health and the significant impact that it has on millions across the world in our society. In relation to the environment, there are certain types of health risks that can play a major part such as: cancer, mortality, certain disabilities, and how all of these things are managed on a consistent basis. These environmental issues affect everyone, not just one particular person or type of group amongst us all...

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Psy 460 Human impact on the environment

 RUNNING HEAD: Impacts of Human Behavior on the Environment 1 Impacts of Human Behavior on the Environment Psy 460 Impacts of Human Behavior on the Environment 2 Environmental psychology is the study of the link between human behavior, the direct impact on the environment, and the psychology of humans. The physical or manmade environment such as building houses or workplaces, and natural environments...

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Environmental Ethics

process. It is a topic scholars have been studying and theorizing on for centuries. This is not the case when we talk about environmental ethics. The study of environmental ethics has only really been studied for the past forty years or so. Ethics is defined as the study of right and wrong conduct. (Ruggiero, (2008), pg. 5) This translates to the environment by how we as humans do right or wrong to the environment. For many years people have gone about their every day business not giving much thought...

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Environmental Pollution

Pollution - Environmental pollution is any discharge of material or energy into water, land, or air that causes or may cause acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) detriment to the Earth's ecological balance or that lowers the quality of life. Pollutants may cause primary damage, with direct identifiable impact on the environment, or secondary damage in the form of minor perturbations in the delicate balance of the biological food web that are detectable only over long time periods. Until relatively...

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Environmental Factors of Human Growth

Environmental Factors You often hear the word environment, but do you stop to think what it really means, what it contains, and how it affects you? The actual definition of environment is the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded (Merriam-Webster dictionary). Your environment greatly impacts the way you are as a human being. Each and every one of your life experiences are influenced by your environment. Your environment determines if or how your potential to develop...

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what are top ten environmental problem

WHAT ARE OUR TOP 10 ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS? by Whit Gibbons March 26, 2006 Listing the top 10 of a group is always appealing. Ten most-wanted fugitives by the FBI. Top ten songs, books, and best-dressed celebrities. And David Letterman, with his list of items such as Top Ten Reasons You Are Not Looking Forward to the NBA Playoffs. So why not list the top ten environmental problems facing America and the world? I asked two dozen ecology graduate students what their list would be. If anyone...

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Discuss How Gao Daya’s Diary Helps You Understand the Environmental Problems China Faces.

Discuss how Gao Daya’s diary helps you understand the environmental problems China faces. Seven year old Gao Daya’s diary compares life in Bejing to that of the forest commenting on the noise as well as the “dirty things in the air that are bad for our health” (U116, Block 4). Presenting Bejing as a microcosm of China, it provides insight to the environmental problems facing a developing nation. Gao directly comments on air pollution from cars, but industry as well is a contributory factor to...

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Human Resource Officer Job Description

Job Description Human Resource Officer Human Resource Officer 5/30/2005 Page 1 PURPOSE OF THE POSITION (The main reason for the position, in what context and what is the overall end result) The Human Resource Officer is responsible for providing support in the various human resource functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling. SCOPE (The way that the position contributes to and impacts on the organization) ...

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Environmental Injustice

Environmental InjusticesDevry University Environmental Injustice Introduction Environmental justice is a concept that emerged in the United States and has two distinct uses: the first is that it describes a social movement focusing on the fair distribution of environmental burdens and benefits. It is also defined as the fair handling and significant participation of all people with respect to the improvement, execution, and enforcement of ecological laws, rules, and policies. Any act that violates...

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The Environmental Impact of Tourism

The Environmental Impact of Tourism 1. Tourism and the Environment The term ‘environment’ is a generic concept. It encompasses different contexts including the cultural, social, political and economic. The most often assumed meaning of environment is that of nature. However, we must also remember that how we use nature carries with political, economic and social implications. We know that the impacts of human activities upon nature have implications for its biodiversity and the welfare...

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Environmental Health and Health Effects of Environmental

 Environmental Health and Health Effects of Environmental Abstract Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors impacting behaviors. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments (WHO, 2001). This is what the several articles and videos provided...

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Community Problem: the Stigmatization of Mental Illness

Community Problem: The Stigmatization of Mental Illness Kimberley Perry University of New Brunswick Fredericton Campus Illness is something that is an inevitable part of our lives. It is rare that you could find an individual that has not been affected by illness, either directly with their own diagnoses or indirectly with the illness of a loved one. Having any sort of illness causes immense strain on an individual as well as their family unit; but what happens when a person is suffering from...

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Environmental Problem: Climate Change

Environmental Problem: Climate Change Introduction This report sets out to show that climate change is currently the leading environmental threat to the Earth and requires people to tackle this long-term and global problem with worldwide cooperation. Climate change is the build- up of gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane in the atmosphere; this means the world is warming (Lewis et al, 2004). Pakenham (2004, pp.217) states that climate change has chain effects leading to global...

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Environmental degradation and climate change

 A report on Environmental degradation and climate change Submitted to Abul Khayer Lecturer Department of international business University of Dhaka Submitted by Nurul Hudda 61 Md fahad hossain 94 Md shahriar shorif 90 Md. Abir hossan 71 Sadman sakib safollo 251 ...

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Problems with Little Tokyo Community

is a historic community with a strong sense for Japanese culture; however, as the housing developments and transit projects continue to grow making Little Tokyo a residential and business oriented neighborhood will Little Tokyo lose that sense of historical community and culture? If community activists in Little Tokyo continue to have a prominent influence, they can preserve the history and culture while providing the neighborhood with social change and developmental reform, which is an integral...

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Environmental Education

Environmental education From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Environmental education (EE) refers to organized efforts to teach about how natural environments function and, particularly, how human beings can manage their behavior and ecosystems in order to live sustainably. The term is often used to imply education within the school system, from primary to post-secondary. However, it is sometimes used more broadly to include all efforts to educate the public and other...

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Environmental Degredation

Definition of environmental degradation Environmental degradation describes the erosion of the natural environment through the depletion of resources, the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of plant and animal species. It is caused by direct or indirect human activity, and has increased significantly since the Industrial Revolution. The United Nations has listed environmental degradation in its top ten list of high level threats faced by the planet to date. Environmental degradation is...

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