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3 Stanza Poem About Nature

He Had Such Quiet Eyes By: Bibsy Soenharjo 3.1 SYNOPSIS OF THE POEM The poem is about a woman who has been deceived to think that she was loved by a man with ‘quiet eyes’. She suffers for this and only learns on hindsight not to trust or give in to men who seek women only for pleasure. The poet gives an advice on being able to recognise what is true and what is not, when a person is truly friendly and when he is not. You may lose in the game of love and give your heart away, but knowing the truth...

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About a Poem

It’s A Woman’s World “It’s A Woman’s World” written by Eavan Boland is a poem about how woman should embrace their strengths. It’s a Woman’s World” focuses on issues of female identity and how the contributions of women have been overlooked. The speaker of Eavan Boland’s poem, seems to intend irony with the title of this poem, she is not saying this is a woman’s world, but rather speaks of the world from the woman’s point of view. Boland shows her views that women, who are placed in less harsh...

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Thomas Hardy's Poems: Meaningful Word Choice

collection of poems. Out of all the poems studied, “During Wind and Rain” “Afterwards” and “Backwards Spring” are chosen to tackle my belief that ‘the power poetry relies primarily on meaningful word choice’ because of the language assortment of the poems, its naturalism themes and techniques. ‘During Wind and Rain’, Hardy contrast the happiness of his now dead wife’s childhood with the inevitability of time’s victory. Its structure has each stanza with seven lines and a total of the four stanzas in the...

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poem analysis

Term             The terms that are used in this writing are: 1.      Theme is the idea or thought that stays in our minds when we think about the meaning of the work as a whole (The Literary Heritage, p. 733). 2.      Tone is the writer’s or speaker’s attitude toward his subject, his audience, or himself (Literature: Structure, Sound and Sense, p. 702). 3.      Image is the representation through language of sense experience (Literature: Structure, Sound and Sense, p. 599). 4.      Figurative...

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Nature in Poem

Nature in Poem Introduction to Literature (ENG 125) Nature in Poem DRAFT 1 Poets have a way with words. They can create emotion, mood, and ambiance. They can paint emotionally moving pictures with nothing more than words. Poets can make the seasons change, the weather shift, and the day turn to night. Poetry, as an art, is the mastery of words and meanings. Nature has a way with color. It can turn the green of a leaf to the gold of a sunset. It can paint the mountains purple...

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An analysis of Act 3 scenes and 3-4 poems.

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Scene 5 shows the key relationships between Lord and Lady Capulet and their daughter Juliet. It concentrates on the conflict between them. This scene contrasts and compares strongly with three poems I have studied about parental relationships, which are; Catrin, Father to Son and This be the verse. In Catrin we see a mother’s love and also the conflict between her and her daughter, relating to Romeo and Juliet, with the relationship of Juliet and Lady Capulet...

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Portrayal of nature and natural world in Plath's poem 'Tulips'

Plath presents nature and the natural world in her poem ‘Tulips’ ‘Tulips’ is a poem that was written by Sylvia Plath in 1961 and was published after her death in 1965. Plath wrote this poem while recovering in hospital after recently having a miscarriage and having an appendectomy. This poem, set in the hospital, expresses Plath’s feelings and emotions at this time in her life. Nature and the natural world are themes, which are portrayed, in a negative light in many of Plath’s poems, ‘Tulips’ included...

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Mary Oliver Nature Poems

1. Discuss the way Oliver's nature poems can be read as political- questioning the hierarchies and dualisms underpinning Western cultures. Mary Oliver's poems that explore nature can also be read as political as they question the dualisms and hierarchies that form strong foundations in Western cultures. Through the emergence of the patriarchy (a Western ideology) over 5000 years ago, traditional epistemological paradigms of Western society have been based on dualisms. Through patriarchal ideology...

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Poem Comparing

and fellow classmates, I have researched about 2 poems and made a comparison between the two. I’m here today to talk to you about them and see what you think at the end of the speech. The two poems I researched were (on the sea, author John Keats) and (sea fever, author John Masefield). as you can see from the title of the poems that they are bot about the sea but don’t be confused, they’re both completely different stories. Both of these poems talk about the sea, they are both referring to the...

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Meaning of Life and Poem

carpets soiled. The papers always are mislaid, Who had them last but he? There's no one tosses them about But Mr. Nobody. The finger marked upon the door By none of us are made; We never leave the blind unclosed, To let the curtains fade. The ink we never spill; the boots That lying round you. See Are not our boots they all belong To Mr. Nobody. SYNOPSIS:  The poem is about a person,Mr. Nobody, who does notexist, but who is created bythe persona to take theblame for all kinds...

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Stylistic Analysis of the Lost Baby Poem

Student number: 12056010 A Stylistic Analysis of « the lost baby poem » by Lucille Clifton In this stylistic analysis of the lost baby poem written by Lucille Clifton I will deal mainly with two aspects of stylistic: derivation and parallelism features present in the poem. However I will first give a general interpretation of the poem to link more easily the stylistic features with the meaning of the poem itself. In this poem Lucille Clifton is telling the experience she had when she had an...

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Questions on Poems

describe the setting of the poem? (the weather, atmosphere) 2. What effect does Porphyria have on the atmosphere in the cottage? 3. Why can’t Porphyria give herself to the narrator completely? 4. What does the narrator realise and how does this make him feel? 5. What does the narrator do and why? 6. What happens at the end of the poem? (Think about the lover’s frame of mind?) An Investigation into Porphyria's Murder Remember: • This poem is a dramatic monologue. •...

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The Daffodils and Composed Upon Westminster Bridge: Depiction of Nature

between two poems by Wordsworth Q. Compare and contrast how Wordsworth depicts nature in ‘The Daffodils’ and ‘Sonnet : Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’. (2-3 pages) The question asks you to compare how Wordsworth illuminates and expresses nature in the two poems written by him, ‘The Daffodils’ and ‘Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge’. There are some similarities and differences in the two poems, and these create different atmosphere even though both poems are about nature. For example...

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How does Clive James write about the subject of death in Japanese Maple?

emotional poem written by Clive James as he contemplates his own death. He has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer - leukemia - and also suffers from emphysema. The Japanese Maple tree that this poem is based on was a gift from his daughter, and he talks about it in most of the stanzas of the poem. Although he is explicit about his death further in the poem, he isn’t very explicit about how he feels about dying. Clive James uses an English quintain rhyming scheme in his poem of five stanzas. The...

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The Connection Between Man and Nature

The Connection between Man and Nature The poem, "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud," tells of a poet's wanderings and his discovery of a field of daffodils by a lake. In the poem the speaker is able to escape reality through nature because it is his memory that is being written about. The reader can use the poem to escape reality through nature because of the imagery and figurative language Wordsworth uses. This poem also deals with the speakers state of mind as he wanders and discovers the field...

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How Does Hughes Present Nature in ‘Hawk Roosting’?

How does Hughes present nature in ‘Hawk Roosting’? Ted Hughes, the author of this poem, is trying to convey that nature isn’t always pretty thing. The hawk is a metaphor of humans because humans dominate the world as does the hawk in this poem. This poem has been written in 1st person so its like the hawk is speaking. The hawk’s tone of voice is proud, arrogant, confident and boastful. He also sees himself as the centre of the world and the best of creation. His whole life is spent awake; hunting...

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Bhatt's feelings about the oppresion of language and culture. 2)Pied Beauty- - Explore what you find most striking about the imagery in 'Pied Beauty' or 'The Woodspurge' - What is God being praised for? What do you find so striking or original or beautiful in this poem which celebrates the breath-taking variety of nature in its many forms. 3)Continuum- - Explore the wasy Allen Curnow builds up the image of his depression, originated from a poetic block, in this poem. - Some poems tell a story...

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Steel and Poem

Analysis of Pat Mora's "La Migra" Pat Mora's "La Migra" is a poem presenting two speakers, one female and one male, who are playing the game "La Migra" which means "border patrol agents". Mora creates a snapshot of the dangers of living near the Mexican border through the narrators' "game". The poem is written with childish language, but includes ambiguity of whether the players are children approaching a disturbingly mature theme or whether they're adults trying to minimize the stress of the...

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Daddy Poem Analysis

Questions for the poem Daddy 1. Discuss the poet’s use of apostrophe in its direct address to the father figure. How does Plath stage that address as a kind of declaration of independence in the decisive tone with which she at once judges and dismisses the father? The poem Daddy, written by Sylvia Plath, is a text which reveals to the reader, the nature of the persona's relationship with her father as well as the impact that her father's death had on her. Being a confessional poem, the reader...

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Whitman with Nature

collection. The first section of the poem, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself”, consists of 4 stanzas and 13 lines. The major theme in this section is “All humans are from nature, thus we shall all return to nature”. Walt Whitman discusses the fact that all of us will reunite back to where we came from. In “Song of Myself” Whitman believed that nature could not be owned and was more important any human. Walt Whitman discusses the natural phenomena of life cycle in the poem. “I celebrate myself, and sing...

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Explanation of the poem by stanza

Explanation of the poem by stanza TO THE FILIPINO YOUTH Hold high the brow serene, O youth, where now you stand; Let the bright sheen Of your grace be seen, Fair hope of my fatherland! In the beginning stanza, Rizal encourages the youth, by telling them to hold their heads high for they possess talents and skills and abilities that would make their country proud. Come now, thou genius grand, And bring down inspiration; With thy mighty hand, Swifter than the wind's violation, Raise the eager mind...

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Australian Poems

can be represented in various ways and can be spotted in a range of Australian poems. These poems are written by Australian poets who try to portray the Australian lifestyle and depiction of Aussie culture and experiences. Good morning/afternoon fellow audience members, I have selected two poems titled “My Country” and “Australia” to deconstruct and explain how they reflect on the Australian representation. The poem "My Country" was written by Dorothea Mackellar in 1908. She first wrote this literary...

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The Nature of Things

The Nature of Things Michelle Davis ACI1248F Introduction to Literature 1/17/2013 Using nature to symbolize feelings or thoughts in a poem or short story gives the reader an idea of what the author is describing, but it also gives them a picture to imagine as they read. The Oak by Tennyson might symbolize strength and wisdom and uses simile style to describe an object. The Road not Taken by Frost might symbolize the way certain choices affect our lives and uses a persona...

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Explore the Ways Strong Feelings About Love Are Presented in 'in Paris with You' and 'Quickdraw'

Poems are commonly used to convey strong feelings about the true nature of love. However, these feelings can take many different shapes which articulate positive as well as negative perceptions of love. The four poems that embody these different features are ‘Hour’ by Carol Ann Duffy, ‘Sonnet 116’ by William Shakespeare, ‘In Paris with you’ by James Fenton and ‘Quickdraw’ by Carol Ann Duffy. Two poems that share similar feelings about love are 'in Paris with you' and 'Quickdraw' as they both explore...

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Piano and Drums Poem Analysis

In Gabriel Okara’s poem, “Piano and Drums”, Okara expresses his feelings and thoughts of a primitive society in contrast to a western society. Being an African himself, and having studied in a western society, the poem reflects the confusion in his emotions as well as the loss of self-identity. The title of the poem itself, “Piano and Drums” displays a sense of dissimilarity and contrast as the instruments are so unalike in terms of sophistication. Throughout the entire poem, Okara incorporates...

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yeats poems

merchant’s minds Form: - Ballad, has a clear chorus - Popular form in Irish Culture - One of Yeats’ most sarcastic poems, he chooses this form in order to mock - ABAB Rhyme Scheme, simple structure and strong rhyme carry political messages better. John O’Leary - died in 1907 - Founder of Young Republic Brotherhood - Yeats was influenced by him- revolution could be born of art Stanza 1: - Against the apathy of business owners in Dublin A direct retaliation to the general strike He is disgusted...

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Notes on Poem Childhood

this poem, the poet, Markus Natten wonders when and where he lost his childhood. In this quest to find the moment he grew up, Markus highlights the innocence and faith he lost even as he gained rational individuality. Adolescence is usually a confusing time for a child who is unable to immediately come to terms with the physical, hormonal and psychological changes in his or her personality. He no longer feels like a child but is not quite ready to call himself an adult either. In the poem, 'The...

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an analysis of the poem 'Monsoon History'

your response to the poem. Suggest one or two activities that you might ask form 5 Malysian students to do in connection with the poem. The poem is about the persona is reminiscing her childhood memories. It describes the persona’s “Peranakan” household during the monsoon season. In the “Monsoon History”, the lines are arranged in a particular way to create effect and the choice of words that the poet is focused on engaging the audience to interact with the poem. ...

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Comparing Poems about Death

Comparing Poems about Death Felicia Farmer ENG125: Introduction to Literature Ashley Dornbusch 8/6/2012   The two poems “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” written by Dylan Thomas and “Dog’s Death” written by John Updike are very good poems to compare and contrast to each other. They are both about losing someone who is important to you. One is about losing a pet and the other about a person. In “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night” the author is trying to convince his father to...

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Shakespeare Poem

masterpieces. William Shakespeare who wrote during the 15th century, created many plays, lyric poems as well as sonnets. Known as a well respected master of his craft, Shakespeare wrote many fine lyrics which can now be found in his plays, poems, and sonnets. Similarly, Thomas Hardy, a realist poet in the 19th century, is best known for his pessimistic style and tone used in many poems and novels. The poem It Was a Lover and His Lass by Shakespeare and The Ruined Maid by Hardy contain several devices...

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Conventions of the Epic Poem with speci

Conventions of the Epic Poem with special reference to Mahabharata:In origin both ballad and epic have the same sources. Ballad is the simplest form of narrative poetry and epic is sophisticated and more complicated. R.J.Rees comments on this difference, “The difference between them is like the difference between two sisters both born in the same quiet, country place. One of them has stayed there and kept all the charm of her natural simplicity while the other has gone to the big city to find sophistication...

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Analysis of Blake's poem London

he shared with the sans-culottes. His poem "London" is a rare example of a violent, revolutionary indictment of both the Establishment and the Industrial revolution. This poem is an indictment and a battle cry. Not only does it present images of human suffering observed on a stroll around London, but it also suggests a certain vision of humanity as Blake defended it, for example in his Songs of Innocence a few years before (1789). The analysis of the poem will revolve around two aspects. First...

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Changes: Creative Writing Project Writing a Poem In this project, you'll be writing a poem which deals with any aspect of family discussed in the readings from the Changes unit. It could be a poem about your favorite family member (or your least favorite family member); it could be a poem about changes occurring in your family; it could be a poem about losing or gaining family members; it could be a poem about cultural traditions in your family. Writing a poem is a creative project, so be sure to use...

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Analysis of Poem- Ways of Love

Chong’s poem “Ways of Love” under the theme of relationships, the poet intends to express her emotion intensely through words and to emphasize the ways of love between man and woman, or specifically, between the persona and her lover. The poet wants to stress on the contrasting desires between man and woman – both physical and emotional love. The poet also implies the issue of gender inequality - male superiority and female subservience, especially in a love relationship. The poem implies...

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Carefully Read the Poem Simon Lee by William Wordsworth (Romantic Writings: an Anthology Pp.60-63). Write an Essay of Not More Than 1,500 Words in Which You Analyse the Poem and Comment on the Poetic Form and Language

Old Huntsman is a poem which occurs in Lyrical Ballads and was written in 1798, belonging, thus, temporally to the Romantic period (1780-1830). Romantic writing is commonly identified with some key elements, which concern imagination, nature, symbolism and myth (although there have been writers of this period who were not as ‘mainstream’). William Wordsworth has been characterised as a canonical author of Romantic Poetry in that his work is highly attached to the notion of Nature and plenty of reference...

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Comparison of Poems

Both the poems start with 'suddenly' which makes the poem sound explosive and means that it has impact right from the very beginning. As well as this, in each poem a change in stanza shows a change in the poem - in ‘Belfast Confetti’ it goes from past to present tense and in ‘Bayonet Charge, it goes from action to inaction and allows us time to reflect. Both poems also use lists; in ‘Belfast Confetti’, the use of the list ‘Balaklava, Raglan...' show how the conflict has affected everywhere. The...

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Critical Analysis of Wilfred Owen's poem Arms and the Boy

of Wilfred Owen's poem Arms and the Boy I. Introduction: 1. Introducing what is going to be discussed in the paper (analysis of Arms and the Boy , its relation to one of Owen's poem). 2. Thesis Statement : Wilfred Owen's poem Arms and the Boy can be discussed to represent the horror of war. II. Body: 1. Owen was a soldier and a modern poet who was known as anti-war poet. A. A summary of Owen's poetry in general . B. His representation of the horror of war in his poems. 2. Arms and the...

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A Kitchen Poem

A Kitchen Poem Now the land shawls itself in gloom. The mountain puts enchantment on. I sit in this plain-spoken room, and soon the cares of day are gone: crows, starlings, eelworm, codlin moth, all nature's murderous hosts are sweeping from thought upon night's tide like froth. Now tired with light my son is sleeping. Too great with child to sit at ease beside the window stands my wife dreaming herself away from these four walls to scintillating life, where brats and all thier...

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With Reference to at Least 2-3 of Amichai’s Poems, Identify the Main Stylistic Elements of His Work and Comment on Their Effectiveness.

With reference to at least 2-3 of Amichai’s poems, identify the main stylistic elements of his work and comment on their effectiveness. The main stylistic elements of the work of Yehuda Amichai greatly reflect the time in which he was writing and the place in which he was located whilst writing. Being born in Germany in 1924 and then living in Israel in the 20th century meant that Amichai was exposed to a turbulent stage in world history as Israel had only just been created as a separate state...

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Ah Sunflower Poem

aspire, Where my Sunflower wishes to go! I think that Blake is going to talk about a plant resembling the sunflower, with all of living-things and nature around the flower, and I think he is going to say something about his construction of the Sun-flower rather than the sunflower itself. Analysis: 1. Predict:- look at the title and predict what you think this poem is about. 2. Question:- Read the poem and write three questions to help you understand what you are reading. * Who...

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What do you find most striking about the poem Kubla Khan?

What do you find most striking about the poem Kubla Khan?''Works of imagination should be written in very plain language; the more purely imaginative they are the more necessary it is to be plain.'' - Samuel Taylor Coleridge. In this essay I am going to discuss one of the most famous and very striking poem Kubla Khan which was written by Coleridge. The poem is about the nature of creativity. Coleridge describes the dome of pleasure which he sees in his dream while he is opium- induced. While he...

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Stanzas Written in Dejection: Explication

JK 9-19-2013 Poetry Explication: Stanzas Written in Dejection by Percy Shelley Written in 1818, Stanzas Written in Dejection was penned directly in the midst of the English romantic era. Shelley, though not thought to be at the time, was one of the most incredible poets of his age, composing unique poems to capture the vibrant emotions of everyday life. Due to this fact, it almost goes without saying that his poem, Stanzas Written in Dejection, is a very descriptive and emotional piece that...

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The Significance of Spring and Summer in Thomas Hardy’s Poems

And Summer In Thomas Hardy’s Poems - Document Transcript 1. The Significance of Spring and Summer in Thomas Hardy's Poems, If It's Ever Spring Again, and It Never Looks Like Summer Mehdi Hassanian esfahani (GS22456) The Victorian Age (BBL5101) Lecturer: Dr. Wan Roselezam February 2009 2. Introduction: Reading about Thomas Hardy, and as the master students of English Literature, we all know that Hardy had a pessimist view on life and love, was watchful about relationships and interested...

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My Summer Poem

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost Outline Thesis Statement – More than one interpretation can be made of Robert Frost’s work. For example: nature being an escape from civilization, philosophical thinking of the human mind, and death as an escape from life. Main Point – Nature is seen as a beautiful peaceful escape from civilization. The woods are a place where you can be alone and hear yourself think. In the woods you won’t find your homework time being interrupted by the...

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Analysis of the Poem: the Darkling Thrush

Darkling Thrush Paraphrase and analyze the poem: Speaker: The speaker in the first two stanzas is portrayed as pessimistic and dark, but this changed in the two last stanzas. In any case, the speaker is conveyed to have strong feelings for nature. Form: Rhyming scheme is clearly visible giving to poem a rhythm. The 3rd stanza’s rhyming scheme seems to have been modified, if not a little disturbed having a not as good phonetic ending at the end of each stanza conveying the speaker’s disturbance and...

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to the people who live and breathe inside. It is "home, sweet home". This popular cliché sheds a warm and comforting light on a home, giving it personality and feeling, the main factors that distinguish it from a house. However, in Philip Larkin's poem "Home Is So Sad", the speaker describes a home with a personality different from the "sweet" stereotype, portraying it as a place of loneliness and longing after its inhabitants have long deserted their dwellings. No longer is home thought of as sweet...

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Poetry and Nature

Nature is the pre-dominant source of theme and techniques in poetry in society. We see evidence of this within the works on Thomas Hardy. Nature is an important aspect of Hardy’s work. He uses nature in order to set the atmosphere of the poem, and uses external elements to mirror the internal emotions of the protagonist. Nature acts as a tool for Hardy to enhance imagination and reflect events and emotions. Nature also provides the poet with inspiration. Using nature to symbolize is one technique...

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Poem Comparison

Poems: Piano, Poem at thirty-nine & Once Upon a time Paragraph 1 - Introduction Nostalgia is the desire of things from the past, feeling homesick or remembering a person. This is the central Idea of the three poems; D.H.Lawrence’s ‘Piano’, Alice Walker’s ‘Poem at Thirty-Nine’ & Gabriel Okara’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ convey that they miss their earlier life or wish for a better past. Paragraph 2 - Write the theme of the first poem. D.H. Lawrences ‘Piano’ is a representation of longing of his past...

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Syntax and Morphological Analysis of the Poem

Syntax and Morphological Analysis of the Poem “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams Accordingly, the rhetoric idea learnt in writing poetry is found in the work of Williams. Analysts found that the author believes that localism aline may lead to culture. Ideally, the factor of imagism is well designed in The Red Wheelbarrow, giving credit to the poem under discussion. In this paper, the author will analyze various features of this poem, giving phonological, lexical, syntactic, and sematic...

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Describe the aspects of the poem "Half-Past-Two" by U.A.Fanthorpe

Half Past Two I will use the method of explaining every stanza to write about this poem in detail. 'Half Past Two' is a poem in which Fanthorpe describes how a young child is given a detention for an unspecified misdemeanour and is forgotten by his teacher. Fanthorpe draws on her experience as a teacher to describe the scene as seen through the child's eyes. The Title of the poem tells me a lot of information even before I read the poem. The information it puts across is that: A boy is told to...

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An Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s Poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death”

An analysis of Emily Dickinson’s Poem “Because I could not stop for Death” The background of Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886) Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was an American poet of the 19th century. Her writing style is quiet weird at that time. Here is a description of Emily Dickinson from the book The recognition of Emily Dickinson: selected criticism since 1890[1], “Her poetry is not like any other poetry of her time; it is not like any of the innumerable kinds of verse written today.” Therefore...

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Comparing Two Poems

work on two poems. The first one being ‘There is a garden in her face by Thomas Campion and the second ‘She walks in beauty' by George Gordon and Lord Byron. I will be deconstructing both poems and commenting on them with reference to the techniques used by the author when writing them. The first poem by Campion has a Sesta Rima form, meaning a six line stanza composed of a quatrain and a couplet and rhymed a-b-a-b-c-c. It is clearly a love poem. One, where the author writes about a woman and...

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John Donne's Love Poems

to his own ends. Each of the secular poems "The Flea", "The Sunne Rising" and "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning" shows Donne's verbal dexterity, manipulation of the conventional form and the use of a variety of textual features. For the secular love poem "The Flea" the conventional form is that the flea is to be used as a symbolism of love. Donne subverts this form and uses the flea for the key point to his argument and to symbolise sex/marriage. In the poem Donne conveys meaning through the rhyming...

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Analysis of the Poem "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth

Ефимовой В., гр.02174 “Daffodils” analysis The poem “Daffodils” is also known by the title “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”, a lyrical poem written by William Wordsworth in 1804. It was published in 1815 in 'Collected Poems' with four stanzas. William Wordsworth is a well-known romantic poet who believed in conveying simple and creative expressions through his poems. In English literature, Wordsworth was one of the pioneers in the development of the Romantic Movement, or romanticism, a movement that...

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Comparison of Whitman and Dickenson Poems

during the mid 1800's. New technologies and ideas helped the nation grow, while the Civil War ripped the nation apart. During this tumultuous period, two great American writers captured their ideas in poetry. Their poems give us insight into the time period, as well as universal insight about life. Although polar opposites in personality, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman created similar poetry. Dickinson's "Hope is a Thing with Feathers" and Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!" share many qualities. <br> <br>"Hope...

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Emily Dickson's Portrayal of Man vs Nature

World Emily Dickinson conveys a variety of representations of the world, and the human depiction of the natural world. In two of her poems, Dickinson contrasts different ways in which the human ideal interpretations of the world differ from the reality. With "'Faith' is a fine invention" Dickinson portrays Faith as something that is made from man himself. Her poem begs the question of whether humanity sees Faith as a metaphysical factor in their lives, created independently from the likes of men...

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Poem Analysis of 'Fire and Ice' by Robert Frost and 'The Day They Came For Our House' by Don Mattera

the idea of the destructive nature of power, the poems are both concerned with Mortality of Age. The ideal readers of these poems are people old enough to understand how harsh and cruel this world can be. Furthermore, people who can appreciate the sense of grief portrayed in these poems, as both poets investigate deeply the potentially devastating capability of humans to destroy themselves and others. 'Fire and Ice', written by Robert Frost, is a carefully constructed poem, which carries a straightforward...

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Cathy Song 3 Poem Analysis

Kaitlin Duffy Professor Warnke 7/30/13 Paper 2-Poetry Cathy Song is a 60 year old woman who resides in Honolulu HI with her husband and 3 children. Along with being a wife, mother, and daughter, Song is a developed poet as well. Although Song does not particularly like being classified as an Asian-American poet, her ethnicity largely influences her poetry as well as her family life. Concerning her ethnicity, Song states “I am just a poet who just happens to be Asian-American.” Ethnic background...

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Poem and Song Evaluation

19th century. The wars in the Victorian era , produced its fair share of casualties, in contrast, producing some of the most in depth, meaningful poetry of all time. Alfred Tennyson was one of the famous writers that was renounced for his beautiful poem called, The Charge of the Light Brigade, that displays bravery and courage of somewhat normality, instead of a trait that one may wish to adopt. A perfect example of bravery at its peak, and the damages that war can do. This will be followed by a...

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Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe‘S Poems

Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe‘s poems „Annabel Lee“ „Annabel Lee“ was the last E.APoe‘s written poem of all. An author expresses personal experience in this poem, because his wife died in the flush of her youth. Here is linked warm feelings towards heroine of the poem Annabel Lee (or we may think of E.A.Poe’s wife). His emotions are shown physically and mentally. Poet shows his physical experience by going to his love grave and lying near it. He feels not so far from her. We may see that poet...

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