"3 1 Explain Why It Is Important To Work In Partnership With Others" Essays and Research Papers

3 1 Explain Why It Is Important To Work In Partnership With Others

Unit M2c Working in partnership in health and social care or children and young people’s settings 1. Understand partnership working 2.1 Identify the features of effective partnership working. One key motivation for working in partnership is to achieve more than could possibly be achieved by any stand-alone organisation – the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. Characteristics of successful partnerships: * Fill knowledge and skills gap-learning and innovation...

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1. Understand Why Communication Is Important in the Work Setting

1. Understand why communication is important in the work setting 1.1 Identify different reasons why people communicate: People communicate for different reasons, to portray their feelings, emotions, pain, opinions, etc. To work with children and young people, communication plays a very important part to make sure that the best provision is created for all. There are many different reasons why people communicate. People communicate to share information and express a need. They communicate to...

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Partnership Working

Partnership working 1.1 why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people Working in partnership with a number of services is important because it benefits families to have a wide range of services available for them to use that are all at the same location within their community. This makes it easier for families because they don’t need to be referred to different people at different locations or explain their situation a number of times and they have a wider network...

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Work In Partnership

 Work in partnership in health and social care 1.1 Identify the features of effective partnership working. A partnership is an arrangement between two or more groups, organizations or individuals to work together to achieve common aims. Features of this are that; All the parties involved have some sort of personal stake in the partnership; All the partners are working towards a common aim; The partners have a similar ethos or system of beliefs; The partners work together over a reasonable period...

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Assessment criteria The learner will: The learner can: 1. 1.1 Define person-centred values Understand person centred approaches for care and support 1.2 Explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person centred values 1.3 Explain why risk-taking can be part of a person centred approach 1.4 Explain how using an individual’s care plan contributes to working in a person centred way 2. Be able to work in a person-centred way 2.1 Find out the history, preferences...

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Unit 1 Nvq 3

NVQ 3 : Unit 6 – Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People 1. Explain the importance of multi-agency working and integrated working | When working with children it involves close working with different agencies. When children are growing up they require the use of different services, it is important for these services to work together so that they can help promote the child’s development and other life skills. Multi-agency working is an effective way of supporting children...

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Understanding Partnership Working in Service with Children and Young People

013 Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young People - Questions | | Task A Questions | 1 Why is it important for children and young people that you work in partnership with the following people/groups? | | (a) Parents, carers, guardians | | This is the most important partnership as Parents/carers need to feel confident with the setting and it’s staff. They will want and expect the highest level of care for their child. Nurturing a partnership with Parents/carers...

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CHCRF511A - Work in partnership with families to provide appropraite care for children

CHCRF511A: work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children Assessment Tool (AT2) – written/ oral questions 1. Describe some typical reactions of parents/ carers to separation from their child in child care. Crying and anxiety wanting to check up/ see their child Not wanting to leave/ sticking around Children staring at door Children repeating that they want their carer 2. Identify some strategies for involving family members in a childhood educations and care services...

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CARE ASSESSMENT 1 WORKING IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE QUESTION 1 EXPLAINE HOW A WORKING RELATIONSHIP IS DIFFERENT FROM A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP They both apply in different sphere; the first determination refers to work related aspects e.g. professional codes of conduct, employer policies and all relevant procedures according to which ''we needs to perform our daily duties'', as the second one applies to private life. In our 'working relationship' we are friendly to other colleagues, individual...

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Outcome 1 – Understand Why Effective Communication Is Important in the Work Setting

Settings Outcome 1 – Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting. 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate. There are many reasons why people communicate. We communicate to establish a relationship, we start using eye contact, smiles and general greetings such as ‘hello’. Having good relationships as a practitioner is essential because you are always meeting new parents, colleagues and students. Once established it is important to maintain the relationships...

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nvq 3

social care Level 3 Credit value 6 Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can: 1. Understand the application of person centred approaches in health and social care 1.1 Explain how and why person-centred values must influence all aspects of health and social care work 1.2 Evaluate the use of care plans in applying person centred values 2. Be able to work in a person-centred way 2.1 Work with an individual and others to find out the individual’s...

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Level 3 Diploma In Health And Social Care Docx Assignment Brief

 Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF) All Mandatory Units Knowledge and Performance Criteria Unit 1: Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Unit code: SHC 31 1.1 Identify the different reasons people communicate 1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting 2.1 Demonstrate how to establish the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals 2.2 Describe...

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Level 2 Certificate For The Children And Young People Questions 1

Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce UNIT 001 Knowledge Questions Outcome 1 1.1.1 What are the different reasons people communicate and why? People communicate so that you can tell people how you feel and what you need. You communicate to find out information. 1.1.2 Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of your work Communication from my room leader and manager needs to be clear in order for me to undertake the tasks I am asked to do...

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Partnership Working

WHAT IS PARTNERSHIP WORKING? A lot has been written about the theory of partnership working. However, translating theory into practice is not always easy. Partnerships can be formed between a number of individuals, agencies or organisations with a shared interest. There is usually an overarching purpose for partners to work together and a range of specific objectives. Partnerships are often formed to address specific issues and may be short or long term. In order to achieve a co-ordinated service...

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Features Of Partnership Working

quality focus, open and honest communication and partnership working.” – Hannah Parry Introduction I am currently Acting Manager of a 49-bedded nursing home. I manage a team of nurses, carers, domestic staff, kitchen staff, administrator and activities coordinator. Before being promoted to Acting Manager I was a trained Registered General Nurse (Clinical Lead/Deputy Manager) within the home. During this time I have gained experience of partnership working and its benefits for both service users...

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communicating effectively at work

Assignment title Communicating effectively at work Assessor John Leach Date issued 20/12/13 Interim Deadline 4 weeks Final deadline Duration (approx) 8 hours Qualification suite covered BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration Units covered BTEC unit 1: Principles of personal responsibilities and working in a business environment NVQ Level 2 Certificate Unit 4: Communicate in a business environment ...

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Standard 1 Understand Your Role

Standard 1 Understand Your Role Question 1 Understand your own role The element/s below are the main themes incorporated in my job description and role [ ] Assisting individuals in developing their skills, facilitating access and enrolment in further education/community education, college course and assisting individual to maintain and develop a range of relationships within the community including friends, neighbours and other social contact. [ ] Pursuing the individual’s desire for paid or unpaid...

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5 3 Work File

Management – Work File Read the course resources in order to complete the following tasks. Read the following quotations. In your own words, explain what each quotation means. (10 points each) 1. "The amount of time available to you never changes." I believe that this means that we have a lot of time on our hands; we just have to manage it wisely. 2. "Learning to manage time is an investment in the future." This quotation is saying that managing time wisely is very important for your future...

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Why We Work

Terrance Ellis Eng 101 TTH Ms.Tolley Rough write 1Why we work” by Andrew Curry was very informational and resourceful. So it was not hard for me to agree with him about employees being stressed out and discontent with their jobs. Andrew gives multiple reasons to agree with him. Most of the reasons come from experience from my past and present jobs. Others reasons come from economy problems. I agree with Andrew because I to was stressed out and discontent at my past job Applebee's. First the...

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John Lewis Partnership Essay

of John Lewis Motivated by Money? The John Lewis Partnership is considered to be one of the leading businesses throughout the UK (2). Some suggest that other businesses should adopt the John Lewis structure of having a Co-Owned business with its employees, as some would argue that this has greatly improved the motivation of the employees and consequently the profit(2). This raises the question of what motivates employees, money or other factors. Many people believe that the key factor for...

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Work in partnership in health and social care or children an young people’s settings

M2c Work in partnership in health and social care or children an young people’s settings 1.1. Identifies the features of effective partnership working Any information that is shared with other partnerships is for the benefit of the child and their family, by partnerships working together and gathering all the information together it builds a bigger picture of the child’s lifestyle . Each partnership may see different things in their visits to the family or when the child goes to settings and...

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Lecture 3 Unity Coherence Part II 1

UNITY & COHERENCE A good paragraph has both unity & coherence What is Unity? • Unity in a paragraph means that the entire paragraph should focus on one single idea. • The supporting details should explain the main idea. • The concluding sentence should end the paragraph with the same idea. • Thus, a unified paragraph presents a thought, supports it with adequate details and completes it with a conclusion*.  What is Coherence? • Coherence means establishing a relationship between the ideas presented...

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Why is perception important Explain the factors influencing perception

Question No.2: Why is perception important? Explain the factors influencing perception. Answer: Perception can be defined as a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. However, as we have noted, what one perceives can be substantially different from objective reality. An individual’s behaviour is based on their perception of reality, not on reality itself. It is important in communicating effectively, assessing...

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Worldview Assignment Part 1 FA12 3 1

BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW 1 (BWVW 101) Worldview Writing Assignment Part 1 Instructions Date Due: (See Course Schedule in the syllabus) Instructions: DO NOT USE ANY SOURCES OR REFERENCES, ONLINE OR OTHERWISE. Just write from your present knowledge and understanding. YOU WILL NOT BE GRADED ON CONTENT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. The only thing you have to worry about is that you carefully follow the instructions. CONTENT Possible Points: ___ /20 Instructions: Clearly address all three questions in three separate...

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Essay 3 Why Is First Consultation So Important Submitted

Module 3 Word Count 1909 Why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time? In this essay we are going to look at and discuss why the initial consultation is important and the factors that an ethical therapist should cover. So what should we expect to happen at an initial consultation? Firstly what would the therapist hope to glean from it? The first contact may be via telephone or face to face, what we initially trying to achieve is building...

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CYPOP 40 Assessment Booklet Learning Outcome 1

CYPOP 40 Assessment booklet Learning Outcome 1 Unit CYPOP 40 Engage parents in their children’s early learning CYPOP 40 1.1: Key research findings on parental involvement 1. Summarise the key findings/points of one research or policy in relation to the importance of involving parents in their children’s learning. Parental involvement in children’s education from an early age can have an effect on the child’s educational achievement which will continue to do so into...

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Unit 087 Work With Children And Young People In A Residential Care Setting

Unit 087 Work with Children and Young People in a Residential Care Setting Outcome 1 Understand the legal, policy, rights and theoretical framework for residential care for children and young people Assessment Criteria The learner can: 1. Outline current theoretical approaches to residential provision for children and young people 2. Explain the relevant legal and rights framework that underpins work with children and young people in residential care 3. Explain the influence of current policies...

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Nvq 3 Assignment 307 Avi

307 AIV Explain TWO ways of helping other practitioners to understand the different systems used to record information in adult social care settings. Answer: Explain them, let them shadow you, monitor them as they use them. 206 AI Explain THREE differences between a WORKING relationship and a PERSONAL relationship. Answer: A personal relationship is one where your personal life and extra curricular activities and social life are involved. A work relationship is another way of describing...

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Paper 1

10-point questions on it from the questions below. List 2 data sources researchers use to estimate historical standards of living and explain what they can infer from these sources. List three indicators of economic development other than National Income measures (NI, GDP, or GNP, level, growth rate, or per capita) that are of interest to economists and explain what can be inferred from each of these indicators. i. Life expectancy at birth. Unambiguous measure of welfare ii. 4. heights and skeletal...

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Work in Partnership in Children and Young People’s Settings

Unit 7: Work in Partnership in Children and Young People’s Settings Learning Outcome: 1 Assessment criteria: 1.2, 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4 The main and arguably the most crucial feature of effective partnership working are clear, concise and considered communication between all relevant parties. It is important that each person within the partnership has the best interests of the children, a shared vision and aims at the forefront of their thinking and motivation. Working together as a united team are...

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Positive Relationships Mod 1

Module 1 Pathway module 094 Level 3 _ Supporting children and young people to have positive relationships As a child grows and develops through different stages of their lives, they will encounter a range of people with whom they may form relationships. Sadly, not all of these relationships will be positive and the child may need support to deal with conflicts or to end the relationships that are causing them harm. Task 1 Complete the spider chart below to show the different relationships...

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Nvq Level 2 Unit 1

Unit 1 Introduction to Communication in Health and Social Care Identify nine different reasons why people communicate and give an example for each reason. 1 to express there needs, to explain to people exactly what it is that they need and why. 2. `to share ideas – people learn from each other by sharing ideas this can help resolve a problem or situation. 3. to reassure – if people do not communicate they can feel unsure, it is important to diffuse rumours by communicating effectively...

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Btec Level 3 Unit 1 P1

Unit 1- Business Environment Task: P1 Range of different businesses and their ownership You work as a junior researcher for a business magazine and you have been asked to prepare background material for a reporter. The reporter wants you to carry out Investigation into 2 contrasting businesses- one in private sector and the one in public sector or in voluntary sector like charity. You need to write a report covering all your investigation. Note: The private sector company must be a large supermarket...

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Understand Partnership Working in

Unit 013: Understand partnership working in Services for children and young people Task A 1. It is important to children that we work in partnership with parents/colleagues/other professionals so the children in the setting receive the best quality of care offered to ensure theirs needs are met. Good relationships between parent/careers colleagues and children are enormously important in the early year’s settings as they benefit everyone especially the children. Good relationships create...

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the joy of queuing and other reasons why netflix works

Queuing and Other Reasons Why Netflix Works Time Context: January 2013 - December 2013 Point of view: Marketing Head Statement of the problem: Can Netflix retain the status they have right now? Objectives: 1.) To ensure that by the end of 2015, Netflix can retain or improve their sales by 10%. 2.) To secure the 40% of market share they have by the end of 2015. 3.) To lessen the numbers of customers that ended their subscriptions by 35% by the end of 2015. Areas of consideration: Strengths: 1. Highly...

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6 1 work file

6.1 Advertising—The Right Turns Work File Your 6.1 Advertising –The Right Turns assignment can be completed two ways. Synchronous Assignment Contact your instructor to learn about synchronous opportunities that will allow you to interact with your classmates online, in real-time, using Web 2.0 tools. If you choose to participate in the synchronous assignment opportunity, your instructor will explain what you need to submit for grading. Asynchronous Assignment You also have the opportunity to participate...

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What is Plagiarism and Why Is it Important

What Is Plagiarism and Why is it Important? Plagiarism is an action that is most commonly used in colleges and universities. We have text books that we read daily, or are supposed to. We go to class and listen to lectures daily, or are supposed to. We participate in classroom discussions, or are supposed to. And, we pull all of the thoughts and ideas together to form our own thoughts and ideas, or are supposed to. With so much on our plates, sometimes, our thoughts and ideas may seem to...

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Public Private Partnership in the Philippines

An Overview on the Risks and Rewards of Public Private Partnership In Philippine Infrastructure Construction Submitted By: Jared Aaron R. Cruz Submitted to: Dr. Felix Aspiras Methodology The researcher used the historical research method that provided information on the value of Public-Private Partnership in Philippine Infrastructure Construction. The data provides an overview on how valuable, whether it be for the benefit or detriment of the country, PPP projects are in the socio-economic...

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1. Explain the Importance of Multi-Agency Working and Integrated Working. Type Your Answer Here: |

enable the learner to understand the importance of multi-agency and integrated working and to develop the skills of effective communication for professional purposes. It includes and assesses competence in information sharing between those involved in work with children and young people. Tasks There are two tasks to this assignment. A Short questions B Report Assignment coverage Task Task name Learning outcomes covered A Short questions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 2.1...

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Understand why communication is important in the work setting

SHC 21 1. Understand why communication is important in the work setting. 1.1 We use communication to express out thoughts and ideas eg. To share emotions such as frustration or happiness, to notify other if we need help or are in danger. 1.2 Having an effective communication system in place helps to keep the class running smoothly, besides communication and interaction with the children, having an effective dialogue with regards to an individuals welfare and progress between colleagues...

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Explain Why Human Resources Planning Is Important to an Organisation

M1 - Explain why human resources planning is important to an organisation. Human Resource management can be defined as a management of organisation workforce. It is responsible for recruitment and selection, induction and training, promotion and transfers, human resources and manpower planning, rewards and conditions of employment and appraisals and termination of employment. HRM is also a strategic and comprehensive approach to managing people and the workplace culture and environment. Effective...

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what are sole traders and partnerships

What are Sole Traders and Partnerships All About? Choosing the correct legal structure for your business is very important as it can affect your liability levels and how much taxation you have to pay. Let’s have a look at two of the more common structures: Sole traders and Partnerships. Every since losing his battle between good and evil, Darth had been looking for a new career move. He finally decided to set up his own small business. SOLE TRADER A Sole Trader...

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Why Sociology Is Important to Nursing

1) Introduction As an introduction, generally, sociology is mainly the study of society, communities and people whereas nursing is a profession which focused on assisting individuals, families, and communities in attaining, maintaining and recovering optimal health and functioning. In this assignment, I will describe the definition of Sociology, the definition of nursing and explain why sociology is very important and is relevant to nursing practice. I hope this assignment will show the relevance...

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Work Value

WORK VALUES INVENTORY Donald Super The statements below represent values which people consider important in their work. These are satisfactions which people often seek in their jobs or as a result of their jobs. They are not all considered equally important; some are very important to some people but of little importance to others. Read each statement carefully and indicate how important it is to you. _________________________________________________________________________________________ ...

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BTEC Unit 1 Assignment 1

Learning Assignment 1: Organising a business P1:“Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses” P3:“Describe how two businesses are organized” 1. Introduction Describe briefly what you are expected to do for this assignment, and how you will work out the various tasks. I’m going to learn about how a business works and how it’s all organised. 2. Theory A. List at least 4 different business types, with regards to where the company operates. Local – in a single...

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Government and Explain /or 11b.

– I, 2012 /SOCIAL SCIENCE X / Class – X 3 Time allowed : 3 hours SS2-080 90 Maximum Marks : 90 (i) (ii) (iii) 1 11 10 31 1 3 80 22 (iv) 23 30 5 120 (v) 31 4 General Instructions : (i) (ii) The question paper has 31 questions in all. All questions are compulsory. Questions from serial number 1 to 10 are Multiple Choice Questions. Each question carries 1 mark. (iii) Questions from serial number 11 to 22 are 3 marks questions. Answer of these questions should...

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Health and Social Care Level 3

Certificate L3 Communication. Outcome 1. Understand why effective communication is important in adult social care settings. 1. Use the box on the left to identify people that you communicate with. Use the box on the right to state why you communicate with them. |Parents |To update them on service users weeks/days. | |GP’s |In case...

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Why It Is Important to Be Able to Work as a Part of a Team When Working with Children and Their Families?

people who work together to meet the aims of their establishment – for example, a day nursery with the aim of providing care for an early years group (Bruce & Meggitt, 2006). As cited by Katzenbach and Smith (1993) in Effective Health Care Manager (2003), a team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves accountable. Many early childhood practitioners are required to work together with...

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cyp core 3:1

Relationship By 21062001d | June 2012 Zoom In Zoom Out Page 1 of 9 CYPOP 14: SUPPORT CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE TO HAVE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP 1. identify the different relationships children and young people may have ➢ Parents, siblings and extended family ➢ Friends, enemies ➢ Doctors, dentist, LAC nurse ➢ Social workers ➢ Teachers/tutors ➢ Carer’s Explain the importance of positive relationships for development and well-being (Learning...

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Why did Paul write to the Philippians

Essay 1 Why did Paul write to the Philippians? In examining Paul’s reasons for writing to the Philippians it is important to place the letter within the context of when it was written and whom it was written. Philippi was an ancient and major city in Macedonia, Greece. It was taken over by Philip of Macedonia, the father of Alexander the Great. Phillip of Macedonia established the city as a military stronghold in order to protect his surrounding lands which were rich in silver and gold. It was...

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“Why college education is important to me”

July 14, 2014 ! ! “Why college education is important to me” ! Malcolm X, a civil rights activist, once said, "Without education, you are not going anywhere in this world." Every year, millions of people throughout the world go to University. Getting a university education will help create so many paths and give a better life. Various kind of people go to university for different goals, ambitions and reasons. As for me, a university education is important to improve my chance of getting...

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level 3 childcare

(ERR201.2.5A) What to do if you are worried a child is being abused (2006) Local Authority Safeguarding Board Policy and Procedure Task B (025.1.5; 051.4.1/3; 029.3.2 a.b)(ERR201.2.5A) Obtain a copy of your settings Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy and critically analyse. Discuss whether the processes used within you work setting comply with the legislation. Research what the legislation is regarding the recording and storage of information both paper based and electronically. Task...

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Explain Why Companies Use Competitive Bidding and Explain the Advantage of Using It.

Title: Explain why companies use competitive bidding and explain the advantage of using it. Introduction In the modern businesses, selecting the qualified suppliers becomes more and more important activities for the companies. Lots of companies use the method of competitive bidding, which is commonly used for selecting suppliers. Transparent procurement method in which bids from competing contractors, suppliers, or vendors are invited by openly advertising the scope, specifications, and terms...

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Unit 1 Level 3

Unit 1- an introduction to working with children E1 and E2- the three different types of settings which provide care and education for children in an statutory sector, voluntary sector and private sector. Statutory sector: These have to be available for children to attend to by law without having to pay financial fee’s. This is the job of the secretary state, to make sure that the statutory services are provided and available. They are funded by the government. Examples of a statutory sector...

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Explain the Difference Between Sequence of Development and Rate of Development and Why the Difference Is Important

Task 2 CYP 3.1 (1.2) Explain the difference between sequence of development and rate of development and why is this difference important. Sequence of development refers to the normal sequence in which children learn different skills, and the rate of development refers to the speed in which a child will develop. However, according to Burnham et al (2010) the difference between the sequence of development and the rate of development is that the sequence refers to the normal or expected sequence...

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Modern System Analyst Chapter 1

HW: Ch. 1 problems and exercises 1. Why is it important to use systems analysis and design methodologies when building a system? Why not just build the system in whatever way appears to be “quick and easy”? What value is provided by using an “engineering” approach? 2. How might prototyping be used as part of the SDLC? 3. Compare Figures 1-2 and 1-3. What similarities and differences do you see? 4. Compare Figures 1-2 and 1-4. Can you match steps in Figure 1-4 with phases in Figure 1-2? How...

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Childcare working in partnerships

 Working in Partnerships TASK A Task A 1 (ref 1.1) Working in partnerships with -: Volunteers Health visitors Child development officers Staff/colleagues Social workers SALT – Speak and Language Therapist Ofsted Educational psychologists EYTA – Early Years Teaching Advisor Manager Healthcare Professionals Room Leaders Other settings – Primary teachers SENCO – Special need co-ordinator Children Chef/Kitchen – allergies, food requirements, vegetarian EAL Worker – English...

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Children and Young People Workforce Development Level 3

5: Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their care |Title |Unit 3.5: Develop positive relationships with children, young people and others involved in their| | |care | |Level |3 ...

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2 3 Work File 1

2.3 Eating Disorders, Obesity, and Fad Diets Work File Review Directions: Using the information found at the sites available, answer each question very carefully. These responses will help you to prepare for Exam 2.3. 1. What are the three most common eating disorders? a. b. c. Read the information regarding Anorexia Nervosa 2. Define anorexia nervosa. 3. Who is at risk for development of anorexia nervosa? (Include information about gender, race, socioeconomic background...

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hsc level 3

structured and works is important for those wishing to pursue a career in Health and Social Care; knowledge of the body in its normal state and when things go wrong are important when assessing care needs of individuals. This knowledge underpins the concepts studied in many other units in this course programme, The Learning Outcomes for Unit 5 are to: 1. Know the organisation of the human body. 2. Understand the functioning of the body systems associated with energy metabolism. 3. Understand...

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