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2010 Soccer World Cup

Introduction The Carmancine Travel Agency will be in charge of four Brazilian tourists (Two married couple) during their stay in South Africa for the World Cup 2010. The tour is called Herafrica and consists of eleven days in total including the first day (arrival) and the last (departure). The aim of this tour is to give the coming tourists the opportunity to watch three matches live in South Africa and be part of the cultural diversity. They will also spend three adventurous days in Mozambique...

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Political, Social and Economical Impacts on the 2010 World Cup

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010: The Social, Economical and Political Impacts Communication: Outcome 2 Summative Assessment Graeme Boyle November 2010 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Overview of the Event 3 2.1 Social impact 4 2.2 Political Impact 5 2.3 Economic impact 6 3. Conclusion 7 4. References 8 1. Introduction The FIFA World Cup is one of the largest sporting events in existence, happening every four years in different country across the world. As...

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Growing of Soccer Population

worldwide. (Harry) Soccer is without a doubt the world’s most popular, although, it is not the most popular sport in the United States. It is true soccer, or football how the rest of the world calls the sport, is not the most popular sport in the United States but its popularity is rapidly increasing. “Rich Luker, a 59-year-old baseball-loving social scientist based in North Carolina, is the brains behind the ESPN Sports Poll, the complex database that recently pronounced soccer as America's second-most...

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Goal Line Techology in Soccer

Goal line techology in soccer Content Pages Introduction The topic that I have chosen to discuss in my research paper is the emergence of the use of video technology in sports in recent years. During our lifetimes, information and computer technologies have significantly changed the world. The major technological revolution has had a very profound effect on contemporary sports over the last twenty years (Reilly, 2006). Therefore, the use of different types of technology has become important in...

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Don’t Say “Yup” to the Cup!

December 5th, 2011 Don’t Say “Yup” To The Cup! The FIFA World Cup is an international football – known as soccer in the United States of America – competition of men’s and women’s national teams of the members of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, football’s global governing body. The championship team has been award the illustrious World Cup trophy every four years since the tournament began in 1930. To host the prestigious World Cup, countries must fiercely compete against...

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Effects of Globalization on Soccer

The Impact of Globalization on Soccer Thomas Joseph Puthenmadhom 821-837-077 Humber Business School I. Introduction Innovation and continuous technological advancement has resulted in an increasing dissolution of the world’s boundaries, borders and distances. “Globalization is a process that encompasses the causes, course, and consequences of transnational and transcultural integration of human and non-human activities.” (Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan, 2006) The economic ramifications of such a...

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Soccer Fans

 Sociological Review of Football (Soccer) Fans Introduction The purpose of this paper is to understand how sociologists examine the sport institution of Football (soccer) fans. Through reading articles I have found and read about the emotions of being a football (soccer) fan and the comparison of the feelings, expressions and behavior of fans associated with support of their team. All the research I have read showed that while there are differences between...

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Soccer Economically

Industry of Soccer Economically Soccer is a sport that origin in England and develops all around the world all this years. Nowadays is considered the world’s most popular sport because of the number of people who plays, watch and also the influence that has economically. It is the national sport of most European, Latin - American, African and Asian countries, and of many other nations. Millions of people in more than 140 countries play soccer and everyone’s knows what is it about. Soccer is known...

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soccer speech

From many decades ago soccer has always been a sport where anyone is welcome to play and watch from little kids to teenagers and to elders who have had love for the game since they've been toddlers. So we will go into depth of soccer to see how it started, how its played along with the regulations/rules of the game and talk about the players that have changed the game forever and have made it so popular.... First off the sport name wasn't always called soccer till it came to the United states, it...

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Goal Line Technology in Soccer

A global audience of 3.2 billion people – about 46.4% of the world population – watched the World Cup tournament of 2010, according to FIFA, the world governing body of soccer. The final between Spain and The Netherlands alone had an audience of approximately 530 million. There is little debate about which sport is more played and watched more than any other. It unites and divides cities and countries. It sparks debate and controversy, which is discussed within families, with co-workers, and even...

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2010 World Cup Impact

Impact of 2010 FIFA World C I t f W ld Cup December, 2010 1 |Copyright © 2010 SA Tourism Overall Impact of 2010 FIFA World Cup Tourist Volume A total of 309,554 foreign tourists arrived in South Africa for the primary purpose of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup • Africa – land markets accounted for 32% of total foreign tourists, followed by Europe with 24% and Central & South America with 13% Tourist Spend The total expenditure in South Africa by tourists who came specifically for the 2010 FIFA...

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Adidas Trend Report

marketing 4) Recommendations for future marketing strategies, using the 2014 World Cup as a focal point. Ambush Marketing History Ambush marketing is a marketing technique brands use to associate themselves with a particular event. In fact, brands that use this technique do not pay for the right to be officially associated. Ambush marketing can be seen during large-scale events such as the Olympics, World Cup, and the Superbowl. Companies attempt to leverage themselves against competitors...

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NTRODUCTION Attention-Getter: According to FIFA.com, the 1994 World Cup held in the U.S.A. recorded an overall attendance of well over three and a half million making it the highest attended world cup in history; so why is it that soccer is not embraced in the U.S.? Audience Motivation: Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and it is our duty as citizens of one of the most diverse cities in America to be aware of this sport. Purpose/ Preview: In my speech, I will talk about the influence...

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Informative Speech Galapagos Islands Outline

Informative speech Can you think of a sport that, in some parts of the world, makes the fans go crazy and start riots? Or how about a sport that sets records in television coverage? It is the most played sport in the world. It’s played with around ball. Today, I hope to inform you on some specific aspects of professional soccer. First off I want to give you a general idea of the rules and regulations. Professional soccer is played with 11 players from each team on the field at once, including...

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Instant Replay Would Ruin the World’s Most Popular Sport

introduced “instant replay” into the sports world (Wired, 2009, p.1). This recording technology has slowly worked its way into professional basketball, tennis, baseball & many other sports around the world. Soccer, often called Football outside of the United States, is one of the few sports that have resisted the temptation to introduce technology to the officiating of its games. Although the implementation may make the game more precise, this resistance has kept soccer “pure,” embracing its imperfections...

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2010 Fifa World Cup Impacts

INTRODUCTION The FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup is an international football competition contested by national men’s teams. The first tournament was in 1930 and since then the championship has been held every four years (www.fifa.com, 2010). In the year 2010 South Africa will be the proud host of the FIFA Soccer World Cup. Since 2004, when South Africa was chosen to host the World Cup, there were a lot of concerns whether or not South Africa can successfully...

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Mtn Ayoba Campaign

briefly explain who we believe to be the target market and will lastly explain why the MTN Ayoba Campaign is successful. MTN is a communication company, focused on the African continent. MTN has been defined as “A global communications partner and world-class cellular network.” (http://www.mtn.co.za) They “believe that through access to communication comes economic empowerment.” (http://www.mtn.co.za/AboutMTN/Pages/default.aspx) MTN stands for Mobile Telephone Networks and was founded in 1994. It...

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Fifa world cup 2010 1. Who won the first FIFA World Cup? The 1930 FIFA World Cup was won by Uruguay against Argentina in the finals (4-2). Uruguay was also the host country at the time. Additionally, Uruguay won the 1950 FIFA World Cup as well.  2. Who scored the winning goal in the final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup? Andrés Iniesta (Spain) scored the winning goal for Spain in the 116th minute of the final match. 3. Which player scored the most goals in the 2010 FIFA World Cup? David...

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Nivea for Men Ad Campaign

campaign focusing on the England Football team leading up to the FIFA World Cup 2010. NIVEA was not an official partner of FIFA but of the England team only. The ad campaign was a massive undertaking that involved many media and strategies to fully make use of the World Cup as a vehicle for brand awareness. The FIFA world cup is touted as the largest sporting event in the world and football itself is the most widely played sport in the world. Furthermore the England football brand isn’t simply a national...

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passion for soccer? As I delve into the history of the game in North America I will also attempt to answer some of the social, political and economic reasons of why soccer has taken a back seat in our country’s sporting culture. When asked to summarize our nation’s soccer history David Wangerin (author of one of the most recent and complete books on the subject) spoke candidly; he said “history of soccer in the U.S. is more of a story of what didn’t happen than what did… American soccer has no Babe...

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Coca Cola Marketing Mix

Coca-Cola unveils its commitment to the 2010 FIFA World Cup | The Coca-Cola Company, a long standing FIFA partner, has unveiled its plans to bring the euphoria of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ tournament to every South African. The plans are part of the largest, globally integrated campaign in the history of the Coca-Cola Company and are designed to bring the passion and euphoria of the tournament to as many ordinary South Africans as possible, as well as leaving a legacy for communities long after...

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Socio-Cultural Impacts

Socio-cultural impacts Before FIFA World Cup 2010 launched in South Africa, the main attraction was mostly on gold and diamonds. The number of crime rate is what people knew about South Africa, and since the high crime, so there are not so many people come to South Africa for travel or investment. Therefore, most of the cultural in South Africa are not familiar by the world. But FIFA World Cup has been the biggest and a very successful promotion for the cultural of South Africa and it also make...

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company currently operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of France’s LVMH. Hublot is the pioneer of the distinctive fusion style which combines the gold watch body and natural rubber strap together. It currently makes the most expensive watch in the world, the “$5 million”. Position Hublot has a quite interesting logo, which is a combination of the longitudinal equality sign and an arc high on the right side but low on the left side. It represents the initial H of “Hublot”, and it is concise and...

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A Sport Divided: Men's Versus Women's Football

instant roar of the crowd with complete amazement and wonder is sufficient to know an unbelievable shot from an impracticable place was completed. Soccer or football is many countries past time. Despite the fact that the men's and women's team are on an equal playing field, they will never be the same. Going into the heart and essence of the women's soccer team, otherwise known as football to some players, an individual will see that these players are connected like a giant family; they have compassion...

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Effect Sports Play on a Person's Life

a soccer team in the Premier League in England. His life revolves around the schedule of Arsenal. At first Hornby uses Arsenal as a way of escaping his trouble because his parents got divorced, but then Arsenal starts to cause him a lot of troubles when they lose important games. Nelson Mandela in Invictus uses the Rugby World Cup of 1995 to unite South Africa. South Africa has endured many struggles with the apartheid. The South African rugby team unites the country by winning the world cup. These...

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General Knowledge

Divas. * July 11th is observed as world population day. * January 15th is celebrated as army day. * The centenary of mahatma Gandhi’s arrival in South Africa was celebrated in may 1993. * National Maritime day falls on April 5th. * Journalist day was first celebrated all over the world on October 28th, 1984. * Teacher’s day is observed on 5th September. * The world environment day is celebrated on June 5. * 31st May is observed as world no smoking day. * Birthday of...

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Nike in Brazil: a Host Country View

control that such a large company can exert on football in the country is huge. This issue was thrown into the light when in 1998 the Brazilian national team lost in the World Cup finals to France. Earlier on in the year, Nike had invested a record amount ($200 million US) for the right to sponsor the Brazilian national team in the World Cup. As a requisite for sponsorship, Nike demanded that the team play an inordinate amount of exhibition games leading up to the event. Many Brazilians, including Brazilian...

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The Beautiful Game

across the world are entered in a football competition every 4 years. This is called 'The World-Cup'. This involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of about a month; this phase is often called the World Cup Finals. A qualification phase, which currently takes place over the preceding three years, is used to determine which teams qualify for the tournament together with the host nation. When South Africa was chosen to host the 2010 World Cup, it was...

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graduated from high school in 2007. When I had finally graduated I could finally take a... Premium Happiest Day Of My Life having spent two hours which made 11th July 2010 the happiest day of my life. This day shall always be in my memory as it was the day of the 19th FIFA WORLD CUP... Premium Happiest Moment left to join the other kids who were already in the dining area having their lunch . It was my happiest moment . I 've never appreciated school...

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a successful person

achievement of one’s goals. In other to accomplish a specific goal, one must start by achieving smaller goals which will later lead to the main achievement. For example, before Germany soccer players could win the FIFA world cup, they had to go through European play offs, topped their group, made it through the world cup group stages, round of 16, quarter and seminal finals before reaching finals and winning it. Success no matter how big or small they are can only be achieved by attaining smaller...

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Audience profiling

Sample Data used for this example: User Id is : 2011143967 Tags Hits FIFA World Cup 2014 2186 Web Exclusive 1647 Football 1320 Special 1296 Brazil 1224 Uruguay 845 Argentina 775 Netherlands 756 Greece 703 Method 1 Tag Counting: In this method, we simply count the number of hits that user has generated on a tag. For example, data is stored as shown in the table above. Then we select the top 3-4 tags that the user interested in, in order to profile the user. Advantages: ...

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Fifa World Cup 2010 Mega Project

2010 FIFA World Cup Mega Project Analysis By: Liezl Troskie (32136) Project Management Lecturer: Mr Msizi Cele Index 1. Introduction 2 2. The Organisation 3 3. Major Stakeholders of the FIFA World Cup 2010 4 4. The Project Structure ...

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Sports Economics

to play, which is why people support them. In America the sports economy accounted for 434,000 jobs and a payroll of $12.9 billion. And the numbers didn’t include motor sports, another big tourist attraction. It was expected that the Football World Cup, which began in Germany last year, would generate $1billion in advertising revenue, according to leading industry observers, making it one of the most lucrative sporting events of all time. Media agency Zenith Optimedia in Germany said the amount...

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Nike case summary

better world: Put together several recycled (old) ads to make a new one Support the use of recycled and environment-friendly materials to produce light weight shoes. Shift to digital marketing 1996: Launch Nike.com 1999: First online store. 2005: Redesign online store  NIKEiD Personalize shoes Followed by NIKEiDstudios (more customization) 2006: Use social networking and online communities Using speed focused short films ‘Art of speed’ Joga.com in support of 2006 FIFA World Cup Nikes...

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Nike Case

 Founded in 1994, Nike Football has grown immensely to become one of the two market leaders in football apparel and footwear. Recognizing the vast opportunities the 2010 World Cup offers for their growth and differentiation from the competitors, they are considering a shift in their marketing strategy. Nike’s brand image is of an innovative company, focusing on the high performance of their products, while simultaneously offering extraordinary designs by partnering with many top-level footballers...

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Pakistan's Sports Industry

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY "A country is said economically fit when its exports are greater than imports" At the time of its creation Pakistan was not at all in competition with the world market. Its economy was nill. There were hardly any exports and every thing, even of daily use, was imported. But since then, it kept on improving its economic condition. Slowly and gradually Pakistan started to export home made items to other countries. Pakistan is a God gifted country. It enjoys all four weathers...

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Positive and Negative Effects of Tourism in Africa

Africa Ever since the ability to travel over vast amounts of distances around the world became easier with the use of innovative marvels such as the aeroplane, tourism started to grow in certain countries that had enough places of interest. Africa offered much that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world; from the ancient pyramids of Giza to the spectacular wildlife migration in the Serengeti. Tourist from around the world would pay a lot of money to see and be a part of this almost untouched beauty...

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What Value Has International Sports Brought in the Relation Nations?

broadcasting. International sports have brought many values in the relation among nations. Popular events such as football world cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotion in a safe way. Sporting occasions are a good opportunity for people to be proud of their country. For instance, when the Football World Cup was organized in South Africa, its citizens filled up the stadiums, cheered and waved national flags to support their...

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competitive sports teach us about life

about life Competitive Sport an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment and victory. As the report of the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003) indicated that there are around 8000 kinds of sport in the whole world. By this, football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball are good examples for expressing more understanding on competitive sport. In each sports, even though leading to play not only by different ways...

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Against a Backdrop of the Growing Political, Social and Cultural Significance of Sport, Critically Examine the Increasing Role of Nation States in the Field of Sport Policy

is the economy; the economy is gradually becoming more and more associated with sport as a whole. ”sport and sporting corporations are increasingly powerful players in the world economy” (Armstrong 2001). The second is the politics within a country; sport is intertwined within politics throughout many countries round the world. The final area is that of the civil society, this includes everything that is not directly related to economics or politics: “civility recognised as such in any one nation-state...

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Bend It Like Beckham

in costuming for the two characters highlights Pinky’s femininity and Jesminder’s lack of femininity. It also further emphasise that Jesminder is very different from the common society stereotype of female, which in turn lead into her passion for soccer that sets her apart from her cultural and gender expectations. It can therefore be seen that although it is only the beginning of the film, the use of costuming as a technique has established the main purpose of the film to the audience, that is bringing...

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Exploitation Purposes (Prostitution) in Southern Africa Before, During & After the 2010 Fifa World Cup Games

SANTAC Rapid Assessment on the possible Abuse & Trafficking of Children for Sexual Exploitation Purposes (Prostitution) in Southern Africa before, during & after the 2010 FIFA World Cup Games The case of Zambia & Namibia conducted from July to Sep. 2008 Presented at SANTAC Regional & National Conference on Preventions Interventions against Child Trafficking: Sharing Lessons Learned and Developing Ways Forward Pestana Rovuma Hotel and Conference Centre, Maputo 8-9 Oct. 2008 by Merab Kambamu...

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World Cup South Africa

Sunday at Soccer City when Nelson Mandela made a 2 minute appearance. The tournament had been missing the man who did so much to win the world cup for South Africa after a tragedy on the night before kickoff struck his family. It seems Madibas spirit is always and will always be with South Africa, particularly at times like these, so his presence at the final was celebrated by all. South Africa has achieved so much in the last month. Firstly, look at the venue of the final game, Soccer City....

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The Most Popular Sport on the Planet Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet because almost all countries have a relationship with this sport. From an early age, kids start to play this sport and soccer brings friends and families together to watch the games. Soccer creates a sense of community because when people watch the game, they cheer the team that the like. Soccer is a sport where the object of the game is to score by driving the ball into the opposing team’s goal; the team...

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Sports and Development: An Economic Perspective on the Impact of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

Perspective on the Impact of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa Jo Swinnen and Thijs Vandemoortele LICOS Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Version 2 February 2008 Introduction The relationship between sports and development can be analyzed from different angles – some of these have received quite a bit of attention in the literature, others less. An important share of the literature focuses on football (soccer), baseball, and basketball because...

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Soccer vs Basketball

he most played and watched game in the world. It is considered to be a favorite sport to many people. And, people prefer it more than any other sport. Compared to basketball and football, soccer is an interesting sport in the way it is played, its popularity, and the exorbitant amount of money paid to players. The way that soccer is played is so different than basketball and football. The whole idea of these games is scoring on the other team. Soccer is played with 11 players on each team and...

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The History of Lionel Messi

against Albacete when Messi was only 17 years, 10 months and 7 days old. That record would eventually be beaten by Bojan. At the Under 20 World Cup in Holland, Messi not only won the title with Argentina, but was also the leading goalscorer and was voted best player in the tournament. Aged 18 years, he had become one of the hottest properties in the world game. Shortly after, he made his first full international appearance in a friendly against Hungary. His breakthrough as a player came in the...

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fifa world cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup begins on June 12, when Brazil plays Croatia in the opening match. Reporters and editors for The Times will count down to the start of the tournament each day with a short capsule of news and interesting tidbits. Perhaps the biggest change at the World Cup will be the introduction of goal-line technology for those rare instances of dispute. Far more common in the game are vexing tackles from behind, which FIFA, soccer’s world governing body, has expressed new concern about...

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Proffesional Soccer in Curacao

results that the soccer national team is giving in the international competitions. Citizens often criticize that soccer player performance are poor, citizens claim that players now are not playing with their heart anymore and that the players only respond when they are paid to perform. Citizens forget that other countries have invested more money in their national team, such as Venezuela who is now growing with big steps in every competition they perform, and our national soccer team has beaten the...

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Adidas Beat Nike to Win the World Cup

Hainer, CEO Adidas, speaks openly and honestly about his efforts to knock Nike off the Top Spot in 2010 by leveraging the firm’s $200 million World Cup sponsorship push to its full advantage. Currently within spitting distance of Nike’s 2007 €11.1 billion revenue, Herbert explains how the World Cup equates to big wins for brands like Adidas in terms of sponsorship, advertising and exposure. “The World Cup is definitely the biggest event for us,” he admits, adding that football is in the DNA of the...

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soccer vs america football

between Soccer and American Football Soccer and American football are played in several parts of the world. Soccer, which has attracted many fans more than the American football. However, both games are popular, but there are many differences and similarities between the two games, even though very few people understand this. Soccer is similar to American football is some ways, but not in others. On this paper, we will identify some of these differences and similarities between the two. Soccer is...

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Football World Cup: Sport, Business or Politics?

Yamila Ohaco Urbani. Football World Cup: sports, business, politics? “What is the reason for the football World Cup to be considered such an important sporting event?” is a question that has triggered widespread debate since time immemorial. Sports, business and politics are popularly believed to be the different options that can be chosen to explain why this event is so essential worldwide. However, in my opinion the three factors should be considered to cause this tournament to be such an important...

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Popular Events Like the Football World Cup and Other International Sporting Occasions Are Essential in Easing International Tensions and Releasing Patriotic Emotions in a Safe Way.

Popular events like the Football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? International sporting occasions are very well participated by a lot of countries or nationalities around the world. One of these very popular events is called “The Fifa World Cup”. This special occasion is held every four years in a hosting country that won...

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Javier “El Chicharito” Hernandez

a Mexican soccer player who plays for Manchester United, being the first Mexican to do so. Before, he played for the Mexican team Guadalajara (a.k.a Chivas). He made his début for the Mexico national football team in September 2009 in a match against Colombia and represented them at the 2010 FIFA World Cup scoring two goals. Javier was born in Guadalajara on June 1st, 1988 and first played soccer when he was seven years old. His father, Javier Hernández Gutiérrez, an ex-Mexican soccer player, said...

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Benefit of Hosting Sporting Games

campaign to host a World Cup, the largest event in professional soccer, is intense, with dozens of countries vying for the quadrennial tournament. In 2010, the games were hosted by South Africa. While there are a number of advantages to hosting the games, such as publicity for the host country and increased revenue from tourists, there are also a number of potential disadvantages. Expense Hosting the World Cup costs the host country an enormous amount of money. For the 2010 tournament, the initial...

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Hard Rock Cafe

prepares to host the 2010 World Cup, Menzies Aviation is ready to play its part! Shongololo Lounge Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport 2010: Preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, where we expect to be the ground handler to many thousands of visiting soccer fans and VIP’s This document at all times remains the property of Menzies Aviation. Reproduction is strictly prohibited without the prior approval of Menzies Aviation. Menzies Aviation, 2010 ...

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Making Masculinity and Framing Femininity

Soccer, which is also known as football in many countries around the world, is the most popular sport in the world. According to Sudgen and Tomlinson Soccer, compromises many countries’ national sport which provides a key site for the re/production of traditional forms of aggression and masculinity at an international level. Because of this, soccer has excluded and resisted the entry of women. The portrayal of soccer in the media shows us that soccer’s world regulating organizations, FIFA, remains...

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Hope Solo Eassy

farther was her first soccer coach. Hope’s farther saw skill and potential when Hope was on the field. Hope later in life kept playing soccer and got MVP three years in a row in middle school. Later, Hope played soccer in high school Hope was an inspiring athlete. Hope, soon earned a scholarship and went off to college. The university of Washington. While Hope was in college, her father was living in a tent in the woods. Hope soon tried out for the United States women soccer team in 2001. ...

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Argumentative essay AGLE 121 G . J. Venter 22223924 0767492981 26-08-2010 Mr. Louw J1B I love Vuvuzelas / I hate Vuvuzelas The beloved Vuvuzela has become part of a rich South African soccer culture. It is the driving force of the supporters and their Vuvuzelas that motivate there teams, so the question being is it a friend or foe? The Vuvuzelas caused quite a stir in the FIFA World Cup Finals in June-Julie of this year. The soccer players were all complaining about the noise it makes. According...

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tensions between blacks and white in particular remain strong. 3. In what ways could South Africa benefit from hosting the World Cup in the long term? Answer: The 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament put South Africa in the global spotlight and brought the country much needed economic growth. More than 160,000 new jobs were created as part of the World Cup. In addition, to cope with the requirements of the tournament, the country upgraded its transportation infrastructure and its ability...

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