"1734 1736 The Evolution Of The Socio Political Milieu During The Colonial Period" Essays and Research Papers

1734 1736 The Evolution Of The Socio Political Milieu During The Colonial Period

The girls of the American colonies were educated in order to grow and become fitting wives. After a woman's homemaker education, she was ready for courtship. This took place at about 16 years of age. During this courtship, the woman did have full decision on which she was to marry. While it was ultimately up to her which man she would choose to spend her life with, her family did have some say. Before a man could date a girl, he would have to receive permission from her father. If he did not find...

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American Revolution or Evolution

Saroosh .H. Khan American Evolution or Revolution? The theme has been subject to excessive discussion over the course of more than two centuries encompassing the existence of the United States. Although it has been taught for as long in our schools and classrooms and all other educational institutions that the year 1776 Anno Domini marks the year of American Revolution, but amidst historians and intellectuals the dilemma to whether to call it a revolution or an evolution has never been out of question...

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Slavery in Colonial and Antebellum Periods

in the United States during times of enslavement. These black Americans presented their experiences and feelings to write autobiographies, short stories, novels, poems, essays, and speeches in hopes to be emancipated. The many obstacles that African Americans had to endure in order to gain this equality in the United States are expressed through these works of literature. By examining the art of literature through multiple authors of both the Colonial and Antebellum periods, these fears, struggles...

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Philippines During Different Periods of Colonization

Areas of contribution |Spanish Period |American Period |Japanese Period | | |Education |The education during this |The American introduces the public |To gain the sympathy of the | | |period is not that good. But |school system. And the American |Filipinos, the Japanese military | | |it has, and most of the...

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Colonial Period

THE COLONIAL PERIOD IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS OF US HISTORY HYLES-ANDERSON COLLEGE ONLINE SUBMITTED BY JOSHUA FINLEY APRIL 11, 2013 ! ! During the early seventeenth to eighteenth century exploration and colonization were very prominent between the European countries. Columbus had discovered North America but went south and explored and colonized parts of what is now Mexico and South America. After Columbus many groups of Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans, Scots, Irishmen...

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Socio Political Art

Socio political issues affect personal opinions; these often result in artworks, protesting authorities and sending messages to the public. Socio Political art is a conceptual expression of an idea. This style of art focuses on communication, reflecting socio political events transpiring during the time and allowing the audience to convey the artist’s response. Ben Quilty produced Captain S after Afghanistan and Self Portrait after Afghanistan 1 after being commissioned by the Australian Government...

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Colonial Period and Immigration

Colonial Period and Immigration America would forever change with the migration that swept from Europe in the 1700‘s. Each colony became its own, with strong individuality which in the later history of the United States became the birth of the concept of "states rights." From the first educational systems to the right to participate in our own government, the colonial period was a time of change. Today, the United States is the outcome of two principal forces-the immigration of European people...

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Post Colonial Period in Africa

The postcolonial period dates from 1957 to today. Many African countries achieved formal independence during the 1960’s In this post-colonial period, the majority of African states operate under some form of Presidential rule. Only a few of the states were able to maintain democratic governments permanently. As a result, many states produced military dictatorships during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The military was seen as being the only group that could maintain order in an effective way...

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Critically Assess the Political Philosophy of Socialism and Its Evolution Within the British Labour Party During the Interwar Period, 1919-1939

Critically assess the Political Philosophy of Socialism and it's evolution within the British labour party during the interwar period, 1919-1939 It was Karl Marx (1818-1883) who said: ‘Socialism moves us to take a definite position against a structure of society in which the unjust division of wealth contradicts basic decency' . Marx, often founded as the father of modern day socialism, saw a huge injustice in the division of wealth between the proletariat (working class/ruled class) and...

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Spanish Colonial Period To Philippine Revolution

SPANISH COLONIAL PERIOD TO PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION Aims of Spanish Colonization • God – propagation of Catholic Christianity • Gold – desire for economic wealth • Glory – to be the greatest empire in the world THE SPANISH COLONIAL SYSTEM Spain Retains the Philippines Despite Economic Loss • As a colony, the Philippines was a financial burden to the Spanish treasury. The Philippines as Crown Colony • In the sense that she belonged to the Spanish King. THE SPANISH COLONIAL SYSTEM The Council...

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socio anthro Philippine Education during pre spanish

PANGASINAN STATE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL Urdaneta City, Pangasinan TOPIC: Philippine Education during the Pre- Spanish and Spanish Period DISCUSSANT: Maria Cristina V. Antonio SUBJECT: Socio Anthropology Foundations of Education PROFESSOR: Dr. Corazon Mipalar Philippine Education during the Pre- Spanish Period Education in the Philippines evolved from early settlers to the present. Education in the country is in great importance because it is the primary avenue for upward social an...

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Evolution Of American Political Party S

American History 1 (HIS 121) Debbie Fair Evolution of the American Political Party Systems July 2014 Professor P. Kucsan America has seen the rise and fall of many political parties throughout its history, but the two that have managed to maintain power to this day are the Republican and the Democratic Parties. After the ratifying of the constitution in 1788, there were no official political parties and George Washington was elected unopposed. During the 1790s, two groups began to branch...

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Political Organization of Space

Notes: Jessica Medina Political Organization of Space -What is a territory, exactly? It seems to me that it's a pattern of boundaries imposed on something by individual decision or group agreement. That means an individual or group can decide or agree to change the pattern. -Political boundaries exist at a variety of scales, and these boundaries influence how goods and services are distributed, who gets represented and who does not, and how issues are confronted. -Because the boundaries...

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The American Evolution

The American Evolution Change is everywhere. Like a chameleon changing its skin color as it hides from a predator in the desert sand, we are naturally equipped to adapt to our surroundings as living beings in time of threat. This theory is no different in the realm of social history: humans are apt to change their actions, beliefs, and motives in transitional periods of sociological enlightenment or political progression; and with regard to the American Revolution, this process of social...

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The Evolution of Sanitation

Assignment 1: Comparative Article Review Due: October 4th, 2010 The Evolution of Sanitation: How 19th Century Decision Makers Influenced Today’s Innovation By: Ryan Parkinson I. Introduction By the late 1800’s, the method of sewage treatment became a heated issue of debate among members of political parties. At the time, the belief was that poor health was a matter of fate. Health promoters, however, argued that, “disease arose from correctable environmental causes.”[i] Until the mid...

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Colonial America

The colonial period of America was a time of great change to the New World. People of the colonial period had very traditional thoughts and traditions. These different ideas influenced the unique society that America is today. The people of this time period had very different political, economic, and social values than we have today. Political life during colonial America was much different than it is now. They were broken up into three types of colonies, proprietary, royal charter, and...

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Our Colonial Heritage Essay

preparation is required to adequately complete an essay responding to the quote “Historians sometimes view the first hundred years of the colonial experience mainly as preparation for the last fifty.” (White, p. 209).  This quote from Our Colonial Heritage by William White is more complex than meets the eye.  Key words in the sentence include “hundred”, “colonial”, “preparation”, and “fifty”.  Analyzing all four of these words is critical before jumping into a scholastic endeavor, for example developing...

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Literature During The Early Period Footnote To Youth Summary

Literature During the Early Period (1900-1930) The twentieth century ushered in the development of Filipino literature in English. Weeks after the capitulation of Manila, the U.S. Military Government was set up and, almost seven schools were re-opened as a necessary strategy to promote the pacification of the Philippines and the dissemination of common culture. English was first taught merely as a subject because the Spanish system of education then existing in the Philippines was allowed to continue...

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Colonial Modernity

MSA 180 SQ 2013 Analytic paper two Colonial Modernity and Human Differences Colonization is the process through which one nation asserts its sovereignty over another for the following reasons. This process is both a mental and physical process that affects both the colonizer and the colonized. The first reason mentioned here for a nation to pursue a policy of colonialism is economic incentive. The imperial state could require more resources to continue its growth. Military incentives are...

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History 221

 Timeline Part I Instructions: Complete the matrix by providing the Time Period/Date(s) in column B, and the Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History in column C. See complete instructions in the Syllabus for the Module 1 assignment entitled, “Timeline Part I.” NOTE: The timeline project does not need to be submitted to turnitin. NOTE: Please write your answers in a clear and concise manner. Limit your submission of the Timeline Part I to a maximum of 13...

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AP Advanced Placement U.S. History DBQ essay: "During the colonial period, religion provided the primary rationale for the authority of the king." Task: Assess the validity of this statement.

"God's will" during the colonial period. New waves of eighteenth century immigrants brought their own religious fervor across the Atlantic and the nation's first major religious revival in the middle of the eighteenth century brought in new vigor into American religion. New groups of people migrated to the New World with ideas of a government, parallel to that of their mother country, England in which they had based their government on religious support rather than political. Colonial America began...

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Political Culture

define political cultural and it will also discuss three major influences on political culture in Ireland. To demonstrate this, this paper will explain political culture in a simple way and it will discuss the civic culture theory and Marxist tradition which will illustrate different views on the role and nature of political culture. The three major influences that this paper will discuss are socio-economic development, cultural evolution political experience in Ireland. The notion of political culture...

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Germany experienced a period of political calm

‘Germany experienced a period of political calm, economic development and social progress in the mid-1920s’ How far do you agree with this judgement. Political Calm Throughout the Streseman years, there was a failure to rectify the structural political defects of the Weimar state. In particular, proportional representation in the May 1924 election the Reichstag demonstrated that extremist groups made political gains at the expense of moderate parties. For example, the left wing KPD won 62 seats...

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Colonial Influences of the Spaniards in the Philippines

Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus A Term Paper Entitled COLONIAL INFLUENCES OF THE SPANIARDS IN THE PHILIPPINES Presented by: Maybelyn U. Catindig, BSEM 3-1 Presented to: Prof. N. Silva I. Introduction Spain is known for its history of exploring and conquering lands during the Age of Exploration in 16th century. There were many undiscovered lands during those times and in search of the east countries of the world, Spain was able to discover the...

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Pre- Colonial Period

Ranking - The barangay was the typhical community in the archipelago. It was the basic political and economic unit independent of similar others. Each embraced a few hundreds of territory. Each was headed by a chieftain called rajah or datu. - Chroniclers noted and characterized the social stratification system of pre-colonial Filipino community organization based on wealth, political influence and social privileges enjoyed. The ranks were as follows: - The datu or the...

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Timeline part 1

William Truman March 5th 2014 Timeline Part I Major Event/Epoch in American History Time Period/Date(s) Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History 1) Describe three different American Indian cultures prior to colonization. 1421-1521 1492-1504 1541- 1937 Aztec Indians: They were located in central Mexico and they spoke Nahuati language. In 1520-1521 Small pox hit, between 10% and 5o% of population was affected. The government was a system...

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Evolution of Fashion

TOPIC: The Evolution of Fashion in the Philippines I. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY As you know, the Philippines had undergone a lot in the past generations. It was conquered by the Spaniards, Americans and Japanese. The researcher wants to know how these invasions influenced the fashion trend of the Filipinos during those times. She also wants to know the post-effects of those periods on Filipinos’ taste about fashion. The researcher also loves fashion. For her, clothes are not just used to...

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Socio – Political Situation of India

SOCIOPOLITICAL SITUATION OF INDIA Any society is a fabrication of diverse regions, cultures, religions, politics and economical overtures. India is a unique land that harbours amorous people and astounding cultures. As many would accept without doubt it is a RICH nation in every walk of life. Every Indian has something to feel proud about in its history and riches. It has ← 5000 year old ancient civilization ← 18 official languages, 325 spoken languages and 1652 dialects ←...

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During The Period Between 1450

During the period between 1450-1750, Western Europe has gone through various religious upheavals and drastic changes. Some of these changes have led to conflict, often bloody, and subsequently shifts of power within the West. In contrast, some of these changes have also led to the technological advancement of the West and the eventual world dominance of Western Europeans in economics, politics, and innovation. These revolutionary changes and eras include the Renaissance, Protestant Reformation,...

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Discuss the Process of Deindustrialisation Durning the Colonial Period

de-industrialising impact of colonial rule focused on the experience of India. Even though recent studies offer a different understanding of industrialisation and underdevelopment in India (Roy 2004: 233-34), the belief that India suffered ‘de-industrialisation’ and that the experience can be extrapolated to other Asian countries, including Indonesia. There are several problems in any quantification of the production and consumption of cotton textiles during 1825-1940. Firstly, until the...

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Newspapers During the Revolution

Period of Active Revolution Newspapers During The Revolution Journalism started in the Philippines during the late 1800’s, an age when the internet, radio and television were still non-existent. The emergence of several publications was intended to inform and awaken the people about the abuses and atrocities committed by the Spaniards and eventually by the Americans. It encourages the people to become aware of the social and political circumstances at that time. Periodicals are the most...

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Pre-Columbian Era Colonial Period

American history" redirects here. For the history of the continents, see History of the Americas. The Mayflower, which transported Pilgrims to the New WorldU.S. History v • d • e Timeline: Topics: Pre-Columbian era Colonial period 1776 to 1789 1789 to 1849 1849 to 1865 1865 to 1918 1918 to 1945 1945 to 1964 1964 to 1980 1980 to 1991 1991 to present Westward expansion Overseas expansion Diplomatic history Military history Technological and industrial history Economic...

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Despite Internal Crisis and External Threats, the Third Republic Was Able to Survive in the Period 1871-1914. Explain Why.

Third Republic was able to survive in the period 1871-1914. Explain why. After the collapse of the Second Empire, the Third Republic was set up in France. During its reign, different internal crisis and external threats had occurred which threatened the existence of the republic. However, the unrests were solvable and the republic could finally survive. Internally, it was due to the own strength of republicans, the weaknesses of the opponents and the political climate of France which guaranteed the...

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Diffusion of Christianity and Buddhism during the Classical Period

The spread of religion during the Classical Period for both Christianity and Buddhism was directly influenced by economic and social exchange, between various societies, through prosperous trade routes and political connections spawned from within individual civilizations. Over time, these persistent religions will develop into the basis of Western and Eastern culture that would eventually influence the emergence of new societies ruled with renewed political and religious structures even rivaling...

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Evolution of Sociology

EVOLUTION OF SOCIOLOGY Soculita Classical Period - Classical Political Thinkers: Plato, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Polybius, Thomas Hobbes and Giambattista Vico * according to them, political issues are only parts of the specific concerns of the society - attempts were made to find the connections of political issues with social and other physical factors * Baron de Montesquieu postulated that climate, geographic, economic and...

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Literary Periods

Periods of British Literature: 450-1066: Old English (or Anglo-Saxon) Period 1066-1500: Middle English Period 1500-1660: The Renaissance 1558-1603: Elizabethan Age 1603-1625: Jacobean Age 1625-1649: Caroline Age 1649-1660: Commonwealth Period (or Puritan Interregnum) 1660-1785: The Neoclassical Period 1660-1700: The Restoration 1700-1745: The Augustan Age (or Age of Pope) 1745-1785: The Age of Sensibility (or Age of Johnson) 1785-1830: The Romantic Period 1832-1901: The Victorian...

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The Role of Citizen Political Participation in Hong Kong and Singapore

The Role of Citizen Political Participation in Hong Kong and Singapore Both Hong Kong and Singapore are city states that traditionally have lacked broad political participation, instead political decisions were left up to a small group of leaders. Historical factors were critical in determining the role of political participation in both city states. Hong Kong's history of colonial rule and the strength of the People's Action Party (PAP) in Singapore acted to keep broad citizen participation...

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Colonial vs Common School Era

Katelyn Martinez LS 459 Ballon 29 April 2014 Midterm Essay Schooling during the colonial and common school era was vastly different than what we know of education today. Although there are some similar themes within these different educational time periods, they had their differences as well. Both time periods had their own way of establishing educational goals and social status. The colonial era began in the early 1500s and continued through the mid 1700s. Columbus had just discovered America...

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The Effects of Social and Political Changes on Literary Periods: Literature of the Romanticism Period Compared to the Realism Period

of Social and Political Changes on Literary Periods: Literature of the Romanticism Period Compared to the Realism Period Melissa DeShon Western Governor’s University IWT1Abstract To understand the effects of social and political changes on literature, one could analyze the relationship between Romanticism and Realism. Romanticism began in the early 1800’s as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution as society began to reject the social and political norms of the Aristocrats during the Age of Enlightenment...

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History 221 Timeline Part 2

Major Event/Epoch in American History Time Period/Date(s) Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History 1) Describe three different American Indian cultures prior to colonization. A) California Culture B) The Mississippian Culture C) The Clovis Culture A. Mid 16th Century B. 800 to early 15th Century C. 9500 BC to 8000 BC A. The California Culture of Native Americans contained an estimated 300,000 members (more than any other culture)...

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Soci-Political and Socio-Economic Challanges

he obtained less votes than his Democratic opponent. The recently re-elected Tony Blair, faced with insignificant parliamentary opposition, must have relished the globe-trotting opportunity that arose more for narcissistic reasons than short-term political gain. No politician objects to approval ratings of more than 90 per cent, and Mr Blair has evidently been delighted to assume the role of de facto deputy leader of the so-called free world, oblivious of the irony that he has fallen in line with...

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Europeans vs Native Americans During Colonial Virginia

was a group of older women from related families who made a majority of the political decisions for the village. Whether or not the village should go to war was decided upon by the matrons. If the village were to disagree with a war effort, the matrons ceased the production of supplies, forcing the men to return home. In these ways, the European and Native American societies were extreme opposites. The political system was another way the two societies were different. While the Europeans...

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Political Violence During Reconstruction

Samuel C. Hyde’s work, Political Violence during Reconstruction; makes it obvious that in many ways the struggles of getting along were far from over. The relationship between the white man and black man was in constant turmoil, and the political problems in the South did not help either. Harsh feelings and an extensive struggle for power was the problems which the United States faced. Many often think of the United States as peaceful after the Civil War was over, but this is far from the truth...

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Somalia: Emerging Trends of Political Islam

Somalia: Emerging Trends of Political Islam By Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow) Abdurahman M. Abdullahi (Baadiyow) is a former military officer (19971-1986), electronic engineer, Islamic scholar and politician. He obtained PhD degree in the Islamic history from McGill University in Canada and engineering degree from Somali National University. He is co-founder of Mogadishu University in 1997 and its chairman of the Board of Trustees. He is also one of the prominent political figures in Somalia who participated...

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Socio-Economic and Political Conditions in Sparta and Athens After 800 B.C.E.

Socio-Economic and Political Conditions in Sparta and Athens After 800 B.C.E. Ancient Greece was in a pretty bad shape during the period from 1200 to 800 B.C.E, which is referred as the Dark Age of the Greece. Eventually, after 800 B.C.E, Greeks started expanding their empire from the Mediterranean towards east as far as the Black Sea, and towards west as far as the Atlantic Ocean. At this time, two prominent city- states named Athens and Sparta stood as two pillars in the Greek history....

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evolution management

 1) Explain & elaborate what is the meaning of management evolution & how does the evolution benefited management today.  The definition of evolution is slow process of change from one form or level to a better or higher one, or that brings into being a superior or new order. Evolution does not occur in a straight, steady progression but is marked by false starts and dead ends, random leaps in different directions, and long periods of no fruitful activity. And, contrary to the popular belief...

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Philippines During Pre-Colonial Times

“The worst thing that colonialism did was to cloud our view of our past.” - Barack Obama The pre-colonial Philippine society has been regarded as primitive and backward from the Western point of view. Most history books, starting from elementary level, depict and portray how primeval and prehistoric early Filipino lives were. And sadly, a lot of Filipinos render this idea as true, concise, and accurate where in fact, it’s the other way around. Early Filipinos may not speak the Spanish...

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Evolution is the study of how modern organisms have descended from the earliest life-forms and of the genetic, structural, and functional modifications of a population that occur from generation to generation. The ability of a population of organisms to respond to change in their environment and survive and reproduce by developing the characteristics or modifications necessary for survival is known as adaptation. Understanding how life evolves is a central concept in biology. The incredible diversity...

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A Brief History of African Music Through the Colonial Period

A Brief History of African Music through The Colonial Period Music before the 20th century was very different when compared to the music of the 21st Century. There were distinctive occasions for each type of African music. West African music, the African Diaspora, and the music of the Colonies each had different musical instruments. West African music was the music of the African people before the Europeans captured and sold them into slavery in the Americas. It was unique in the manner in...

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US Power reflected on the global political economy

2012 The framework of global political economy has evolved through a series of historical periods. For this paper, I will be comparing the overall structure and organization of the global political economy during the Bretton Woods period (1945-1975) and the Contemporary period (1975-2010). The main objective will be the United States’ projection of political power throughout these two historical periods. By comparing, the Bretton Woods period and the Contemporary period, it can be determined that the...

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Account for the Failure of Nationalist Movements in Southeast Asia in the Period 1900-1941.

Account for the general failure of nationalist movements in Southeast Asia in the period 1900-1941. The failure to achieve political independence of pre-war nationalism in Southeast Asia was mainly due to the interplay of nationalist factors, impact of colonial response and inherent society composition. Nationalist disunity watered down mass support which was key to success, while colonial rule hindered the development of nationalism and the nature Southeast Asian society made unification hard...

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Political Parties History and Evolution

American Political Parties Although the two-party system that defines American government may seem solid and unquestionable, American political parties and their platforms have changed considerably throughout history. Even in this era of polarized opinions, there are nuances and details regarding U.S. political parties that are often overlooked. This American Political Parties Web Guide explores the historical and contemporary distinctions among Democrats, Republicans and other political parties...

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CCOT of Political Latin America

Sarah Kirk CCOT~ Political Latin America 2-8-15 Many historical events were happening in the 16th century to middle 19th. For example, Portugal began settling in Sao Tome, the Peasants’ War in Germany started, and Michelangelo started his one of his most well known sculptures, “David”. However, in an entirely different part of the world, things were happening in equal importance to human history. Exploration of the “New World” was taking place, and many changes came from European explorers in the...

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The Rise and Fall of the Colonial Empire

Fall of the Colonial Empire 1800-2000 According to the Traditions and Encounters, the process of decolonization refers to “a form of regime shift, a changed relationship between the colonizing power and colony.” Such decolonization occurred with the end of European empires in African and Asian countries after the pressures of the First and Second World War and the rise of nationalism. The period between the years 1900 to 1959 reflect a shift of power between the European colonial powers and the...

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Political Parties in Africa

Political parties in African were founded with the basic goal of being the main vehicles for African Nationalism. Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o (1992) in his book 30 years of independence in Africa correctly states that Africans were no longer a homogenous people ruled by benevolent chiefs who discussed with the elders under a tree for hours until they agreed. He (Prof. Nyong’o) points out that great division of African people into social groups and categories with different interests and different attitudes...

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Socioeconomic Structures and History in Spanish and Portuguese America from the Conquest Until Post Colonial Period

Heather Coffey HIST 3401W December 18th, 2012 Socioeconomic Structures and History in Spanish and Portuguese America from the Conquest until Post Colonial Period Throughout the entire history of Portuguese and Spanish occupation of the Americas there were evolving hierarchies, labor regimes, gender relations, sources of wealth, regions of wealth, trade routes, uprisings, economic hard times and high times, etc. A very prominent source behind this constant ebb and flow of the history of Portuguese...

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Political Parties

The Context of Political Parties in PNG A political party is defined as an organized group of people with at least roughly similar political aims and opinions, that seeks to influence public policy by getting its candidates elected to public office. Papua New Guinea has a multi-party system. The government of the day is usually described by a stiff competition between several parties to create a factionalized coalition government. The formation of national governments, since independence in 1975...

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Colonial Unity

Colonial unity in the Americas were really weak. Each colony was like a separate nation, with no central government but the parliament leading them. The colonial political unity in America has grown from the French and Indian War to the Second Continental Congress. They have struggled to keep unity between the colonies during these times. Between the end of the French and Indian War and the Second Continental Congress, colonial political unity has changed and grown. Near the end of the French and...

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Thomas Jefferson and American History

Timeline Part I NOTE: Before starting the Timeline project please refer to the "Example Timeline Matrix" document. Instructions: Complete the matrix by providing the Time Period/Date(s) in column B, and the Description and Significance of the People/Event(s) to American History in column C. See complete instructions in the Syllabus for the Module 1 assignment entitled, “Timeline Part I.” NOTE: The timeline project does not need to be submitted to turnitin. NOTE: Please write your answers in...

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The German Army During the Interwar Period

questions in military history is how was the German Army able to decisively defeat a numerically equivalent Allied Army in France during May and June 1940? One of the primary reasons for Germany’s success was their innovation in armored warfare, particularly at the tactical and operational levels during the interwar period. The study of the German Army during a period of prolonged peace and constrained resources reveals that one of the most important qualities that a military should possess to innovate...

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