• Obama's Inagural Speech Argued as a Success
    English Comp. President Obama’s Inagural Speech; Success or Failure? Have you ever considered a presidential inaugural speech to be a success or a failure? With every president’s inaugural speech, there is always debate over whether it should be considered a success or failure. The entire
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  • Analyse the Text of the Speech, Paying Particular Attention to the Following Features of Its Semantics and Lexical Structure: Use of Metaphor, Semantic Field, Text Type, Register, Intertextuality.
    In no more than 2, 250 words, analyse the text of the speech, paying particular attention to the following features of its semantics and lexical structure: use of metaphor, semantic field, text type, register, intertextuality. Martin Luther King was one of the main leaders of the American civ
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  • Freedom of Speech and Expression in Journalism
    Freedom of Speech and Expression and Journalism Problems faced in the industry, and the solutions and guidelines to the problem. A report done by Ooi K.L Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman *Note: This is an undergraduate individual assignment report. It might not be the best report, yet it is still
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  • Fm Speech on Gst
    GST Council not to Disturb or Alter Primacy of Legislature in the area of Taxation: FM Finance Minister’s Address at meeting with Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers 18th August 2010 The Union Finance Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee had a meeting with the Empowered Committee
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  • Speech Outline
    ORGAN DONATION: They need it as much as you do Audience: Those who are in doubt and reluctant to make a contribution in organ donation. General speech purpose: To convince the audience in donating an organ. Specific speech purpose: After hearing my speech, the audience will be able to cite the
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  • The Speech Community.Pdf
    The Speech Community Peter L. Patrick Dept. of Language and Linguistics University of Essex Wivenhoe Park Colchester CO4 3SQ United Kingdom Email: patrickp@essex.ac.uk http://privatewww.essex.ac.uk/~patrickp/ This article will appear in JK Chambers, P Trudgill & N Schilling-Estes (eds.), Hand
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  • Chapter Outline Apush Ch.15
    Chapter 15: Crucible of Freedom: Civil War, 1861-1865 Both North and South were ill prepared for war in 1861. Initially dependent on volunteers, the Confederacy established a draft in 1862, and the Union did so the following year. At first the South relied on imported arms and munitions but soon
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  • Informative Speech on the Environmental Movement
    Informative Speech Outline Introduction Attention Getter: Did you know in 1969 there was a giant oil spill in Santa Barbara? Topic Revelation: This oil spill caused the environmental movement that has lead to our current environmental movement. By environmental movement, I mean what the peo
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  • Speech of Advocacy Rhetorical Situation Proposal
    Speech of Advocacy Rhetorical Situation Proposal Exigence 1. The problem I want to address in the speech is that whether colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores. It’s an actual exgience because colleges are currently relying a lot on standardized test scores as a base for their a
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  • Traffic Jam Speech of Igp
    Speech of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic Jam in Dhaka City: Challenges and Possible Solution January 15:2008 (12:30 pm) Mr. President- American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen Assalamu Alaikum and Good Afternoon Let me first
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  • Degree Speech
    Michelle Brown Speech Title: Using my B.A. Degree within the United Postal Service. Topic: Postal Inspector. Specific purpose: To inform the possible advancement in my career. Thesis statement: Finishing my degree will allow an opportunity for me to further my career in the postal s
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  • Informative Speech
    Preparation Outline Speech Title: Behind the Throne Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about drumming. Central Idea: Types of drums. Styles of professional drummers and personal experience Introduction: I'm sure we've all had a beat in our head that we couldn't get rid of. A rhy
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  • Articulary Speech
    ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Bottom of Form Articulatory Speech Synthesis Today, we'll temporarily move away from assembly programming. It's time to discuss a theme that I like a lot:articulatory speech synthesis. Simply put, speech synthesis comprises all the pr
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  • Paparazzi Policy Speech
    Being a celebrity means putting up with people wanting to take pictures with you and signing your autograph all the time. Everyone understands its in the job description to be followed and stared at. But when does a person taking a harmless picture cross the line into harassment? Yes its sad to thi
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  • Inaugural Speech
    Comparative Analysis of Language Used in Inaugural Speech of Barack Obama and Abhisit Vejjajiva Presented to A. Kemtong Sinwongsuwat Mr. Steffen Ruholl By Nattawan Trakarnmethakul ID. 5011110059 Nihaslinda Hayiwangoh ID. 5011110096 Netsai Netpukkana ID. 501111009
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  • Major Persuasive Speech
    Table Number 8 Major Persuasive Speech Luis Salamanca October 30, 2010 Topic Cars Title To Drive or Not to Drive General Purpose To persuade Specific Purpose To explain to my audience the problem of cars that give off too much carbon emissions, and to persuade them to start using
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  • Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, & Talk Radio
    Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, & Talk Radio Brice Hinchman Freedom of Speech, Hate Speech, & Talk Radio What is Freedom of speech? Well, the definition for freedom of speech is the ability to speak freely without being subject to censorship or without fear of retaliation from a governing
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  • Speech Act
    STRATEGI PERMINTAAN DALAM BAHASA INDONESIA (Kajian Komunikasi Lintas Budaya) Ike Revita Universitas Andalas Abstract This study is an atempt to observe the request strategies used in Bahasa Indonesia( A Cross Cultural Study). There are three problems analysed, namely (1) the kinds
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  • David Cameron's First Speech as Prime Minister
    This political speech made by United Kingdom’s new prime minister David Cameron in May 2010 could be considered the beginning of a new era in the politics of the country because, for the first time after World War II, Britain would have a coalition government. David Cameron (born in London in
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  • Speech Analysis from Act 2
    Rome and Juliet William Shakespeare Literary Response Journal from Act II: “Romeo and Juliet” written by William Shakespeare deals with an array of different types of themes. Obviously, the main theme is love; although it is not just love itself, it i
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