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10 Point Agenda Of Pinoy

PNOY’s Ten Point Agenda in Basic Education 1. 12-year Basic Education Cycle (K+12) Our President is planning to expand the basic education cycle, from a 10-year cycle to a globally-comparable 12 years, for our public school children. At present, we are the only country in Asia that has a 10-year cycle for basic education. Those who can afford basic education get into the best universities and the best jobs after graduation. 2. Universal preschooling for all All public school children will...

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Swot Analysys- First Point in Gma's 10 Point Agenda

billion which were divided among the MSMEs with Php 63.1 billion and the development of 2 million hectares with Php 249.8 billion. The active participation of the SUCs, NGOs and farmer’s group were also of great help in the implementation of this agenda. WEAKNESSES There has been reports and studies by labor groups stating that the jobs created were seasonal and short-term in nature – street sweeping, construction and demolition work. Most of the jobs were characterized by low productivity...

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------------------------------------------------- Agenda (meeting INTRODUCTION : An agenda is a list of meeting activities in the order in which they are to be taken up, by beginning with the call to order and ending with adjournment. It usually includes one or more specific items of business to be discussed. It may, but is not required to, include specific times for one or more activities. An agenda may also be called a docket. Contents ...

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10 point service Plan

 Name: Catherine Bradley Report 10 point Service Quality Plan and Evaluation Introduction The following 10 point plan has been devised as a result of the SWOT and PEST analyses carried out on the organisation I work for. The research methology used a broad quantative approach and consists of a sample of 10 staff members and 10 service users. (See Appendice A). The questions relate to both sectors and Consent was agreed from all the...

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The 10 Point Basic Education Agenda

10-Point Education Agenda The principles of the current administration on education are guided by the 10 Point Basic Education Agenda: Details 1. A 12-year basic education cycle The implementation of the K to 12 Program will be phased to make the country’s education system at par with international standards. Under this program, Universal kindergarten is already being offered this SY 2011-2012. By SY 2012-2013, the enhanced curriculum will be offered to incoming Grade 1 as well as to incoming...

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sample agenda

 Meeting Agenda Notes Kick Off Meeting: The first Partnership Team kick-off meeting is critical to the early functioning of the group. It serves as an official launch, setting the tone for the work of the team and how the team will work together. There are four main objectives of the kick-off meeting: 1. Provide an overview of the program. 2. Introduce the team members to each other. Distribute the Partnership Team Member Roster to the group. 3. Model how the team is going work together...

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AGENDA Class #3: Take personal notes on these questions when reading the chapter (they are NOT handed in); however, there MAY be an unannounced and open note quiz on them at the beginning of the next class. If not, they are also for discussion purposes. Gillon Chapter 17: The Western Frontier, 1862-1900 • Who were the new immigrants to the West and why did they come? • What were some of the ironies regarding the Native Americans defeat of Colonel George Custer? • Explain...

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Pinoy Fiesta

Pinoy Fiesta Fiesta is very popular in every corner of the Philippines; it usually means honoring the Gods well basically like Sto. Nino in Cebu etc. every Barangay or district has their own Santo that’s why the Fiesta are not all the same date. Actually it is our Final Exam for the Filipino Cuisine and because Fiesta really features what is Filipino Cuisine and the tradition really. Event Details Date: March 30, 2012 Location: CCA Podium and Market Café No. of pax: Theme: Pinoy Fiesta ...

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Pak-India Dialogue: Single-Point-Agenda: Kashmir

PAK-INDIA Dialogue: Single-Point-Agenda: KASHMIR By Atiq Durrani KASHMIR Conflict: One of the oldest unresolved problem pending in the United Nations dates back to 1947. According to the resolution adopted by UNCIP (United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan) on 13 August 1948, the question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan was going to be decided through a free and impartial plebiscite, but that never happened. At present India administers 43% of...

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10 Point Plan to Reduce Federal Debt

The TenOC 10 Point Plan to Reduce the Federal Debt: Are you interested in a plan to stop the growth of the Federal Debt? If so please review the 10 point TenOC plan below. If you like it (or even if you do not like it) forward it with your comments to your email buddies, facebook friends, your talk show host, your congressman, tweet about it, bog about it, post it on your websites, and you are free to send or copy it to anyone else you can think of. We need to start an ACTIVE conversation about...

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The Ten Point Agenda

paper interesting to read.. I mean to for this to be appealing?? Lagyan nyo ng eye-catching introduction, di kasi ako journalist nung HS.. so kung sino man senyo ang journalist nung HS.. make this.. hehe) President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's 10-point Agenda ________________________________________ 1. The creation of six million jobs in six years via more opportunities given to entrepreneurs, tripling of the amount of loans for lending to small and medium enterprises and the development of one...

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Agenda Setting

By: Trevor Agenda Setting in the Internet The 2000 Presidential Elections are upon us and who do we turn to for information regarding the candidates? What issues will be the hot topics for the election race? For that matter, what will be the hot topics in the media for next week? Just as this paper must be structured, organized, and center around a main idea, so must all information presented to an audience. Information can only be easily processed if it contains some kind of structure. This...

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Seven Point Agenda

SEVEN-POINT AGENDA OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMET OF NIGERIA: THE IMPLICATIONS FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BY K.U. OMOYIBO (PH.D); O.L. ODEH AND M. NDISIKA. SHORT BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES ON AUTHORS: Dr. K. U. Omoyibo is a Senior Lecturer, in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Benin, P.M.B.1154, Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria. Mr. Odeh, L. O. is a Postgraduate student in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Benin. While Mr. Ndisika...

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Agenda and Power Point Presentation

of the managers will present using power point presentation. As the organiser of the meeting, I will make a list of all the people who are expected to attend, let us say, all of the five production managers, the general manager, the President and Vice-President of the company, the chairperson and the minute taker. The company has a meeting room complete with comfortable chairs and tables to accommodate twenty people. It also has a computer for power point presentation and a big screen, a whiteboard...

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Agenda Setting

1. Agenda Setting Theory the creation of what the public thinks is important History and Orientation Agenda setting describes a very powerful influence of the media – the ability to tell us what issues are important. As far back as 1922, the newspaper columnist Walter Lippman was concerned that the media had the power to present images to the public. McCombs and Shaw investigated presidential campaigns in 1968, 1972 and 1976. In the research done in 1968 they focused on two elements: awareness...

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anonymous way to share such material with the world. The ability for anyone to publish anything online could clearly do considerable harm to society, which would have otherwise been much less prevalent and easier to control and regulate. Counter Point The Internet gives millions of people access to information they would not otherwise have had, which is a huge benefit. People who read the news, offline or online, are not inherently dupable, they like all people do not simply accept messages they...

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Unit 10 Assignment 2: The Endocrine System: Diseases and Age-Related Changes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that can be detected in the urine or blood of both males and females. It is more often seen in pregnant women but can also be found in cancerous tumors of the uterus and testicles. HCG aides in establishing pregnancy and has also been used here lately in some forms of weight loss programs although not always approved. Cushing’s Disease Cushing...

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Technology: VCR/DVD player, CD player, Overhead/LCD projector Pacing: 50 minutes National Standards 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2 State Standards TX NOV 1.A, TX NOV 1.B, TX NOV 1.C, TX NOV 2.A, TX NOV 3.B, TX NOV 4.A, TX NOV 4.B 1. WARM-UP/ASSESS (10 minutes) Targeted Resources Writing Activity 11 Assign Writing Activity 11 for in-class work. Homework check Review the previous day’s homework assignment. Go over any recurring errors that students may have made, reteaching as necessary. Writing...

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Melting Point

Mixture Melting Points Abstraction Determining the melting point is very significant in order to identify an unknown. In this experiment, measuring the melting point was done by using melting point apparatus. The melting point of the unknown sample #10 was 111.5˚C. There were two possible compounds which were dibenzoyl ethylene and o-Toluic acid because their melting points were 111.2˚C and 109.8˚C when each compound was mixed with the unknown. Therefore, the unknown #10 was dibenzoyl ethylene...

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10 Presentation Skills Top Executives Live by

"10 Presentation Skills Top Executives Live By" In summary of Author Rob Sherman's article "10 Presentation Skills Top Executives Live By" has noted that effective presentation skills is not granted based on a professional title but is an acquired talent based on ones desire to learn to become an effective communicator. Sherman's article defines ten presentation skills that top executives must have to develop a successful career. He believes that while many top executives run successful corporations...

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Freezing point and melting point

 Title Freezing and Melting Point Objectives 1. To gain proficiency in constructing a graph and plotting data points. 2. To determine the freezing points of a compound from the graph of decreasing temperature versus time. 3. To determine the melting points of a known and unknown compound. Introduction Physical changes are the changes in the physical properties of a substance (Moore, Stanitski & Jurs, 2009). Freezing point is the fixed temperature at which a pure liquid converted into...

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Agenda Setting Theory. Summary

Agenda Setting Theory I. The original agenda: not what to think, but what to think about. A. Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw regard Watergate (American political scandal – 1970’s. It ended in President Nixon resigning from office) as a perfect example of the agenda-setting function of the mass media. B. They believe that the mass media have the ability to transfer the salience (importance) of items on their news agendas to the public agenda. II. A theory whose time had come...

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Agenda Setting 3

Agenda Setting Patricia Wigington Grand Canyon University COM 126 Introduction The mass media today, no longer reports public opinion, it drives it. This paper discusses how mass media sets the agenda, and what impact this had on the issues that emerged during the 2008 presidential election. According to Donald Shaw and Maxwell Combs, agenda is a theory to describe now the news media can have a considerable impact on shaping the publics opinion of a social reality, on influencing what...

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Randomness and Points

STAT 200 Section 6388   Spring 2015 `  Quiz #2   Please answer all 6 big questions.  The maximum score for each question is posted at the beginning of the question, and the maximum score for the quiz is 100 points.  Make sure your answers are as complete as possible and show your work/argument.  In particular, when there are calculations involved, you should show how you come up with your answers with necessary tables, if applicable.  Answers that come straight from program software packages will...

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lab 10

Name Lab Section GTA Station # 10. X2 Addition to Alkenes: Bromination of trans-stilbene Post-lab report Fill out the appropriate sections below. Results Amount and unit Initial Weight of trans-stilbene (g) 0.205 g Initial Amount of trans-stilbene (mol) 1.14 x 10^-3 Initial Volume of 47% hydrobromic acid (mL) 1 mL Initial Weight of 47% hydrobromic acid (g) (density!?) 1.49 g Initial Amount of pure HBr (mol) 1.84 x 10^-2 Initial Volume of 30% hydrogen peroxide (mL)...

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10 questions

answer. Press Tab to enter the content editor. For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). Path: p Words:0 10 points    Question 2 1. In structuration theory, every individual through his own actions possesses a degree of power and influence on how the organizational structure operates. Provide an example from your own experience that illustrates this concept....

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Agenda of Meeting

Agenda of Meeting Definition: A meeting agenda is the list of items that participants hope to accomplish at a meeting. The agenda should be distributed to participants several days in advance of a meeting, minimally 24 hours, so that participants have the opportunity to prepare for the meeting. In combination with meeting minutes, the documentation that participants receive following a meeting, the agenda is the plan for the meeting and the reported follow-up for the prior meeting. When you develop...

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Tale 10

Table 10. Functions of COOP - PESOS Do you find the following functions of COOP-PESOS effective assessing your coop’s performance? | FUNCTIONS OF COOP-PESOS | 5(highly effective) | 4(adequately effective) | 3(somewhat effective) | 2(least effective) | 1(not at all) | MEAN SCORE | DESCRIPTIVE RATING | | R | RF | R | RF | R | RF | R | RF | R | RF | | | as a Supervisory and Regulatory tool | * ensures the safety of contributions of cooperative members who typically belong to the low...

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Melting Point

Introduction The melting point is defined as the temperature at which the solid is in equilibrium with its liquid, and this characteristic is very unique, so a substance can be determined by the melting point. Determination of the melting point is very important technique in many areas of chemistry especially, in organic chemistry area because the melting point is really significant in order to identify the purity and the identity of a substance. Measuring the melting point is a fast and cost-effective...

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Virtues in Pinoy

VIPinoy (Virtues In Pinoy) A Filipino with the exemplary practice of the four cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and the three theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love over an extended period of time out of just and worthy service by contributing to ecological balance, cultural cohesiveness, and moral-spiritual consensus. METANOIA VIRTUES • Virtue ( Latin virtus) is moral excellence of a person; a trait valued as being good. In...

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case 10

Week 10: Case Study: Promotional Novelties, p. 549 Write a 1-2 page paper answering the two questions (explain your answers) in the following case study: Promotional Novelties (below and on p. 549 in your textbook). Your paper does not need to be in APA format; however, if you choose to use any outside sources, references and/or citations, APA format would need to be included. Review the scoring rubric below for further details regarding how your paper will be graded. When you’re finished please...

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Melting Point

the melting point of an organic substance is a practical and efficient way for scientists to identify an unknown substance or determine a known substance's level of purity. When organic substances are mixed together in varying degrees they take on a melting characteristic that is lower and broader than in its pure form. This property was manipulated in the lab to observe the various melting points of Naphthalene and Biphenyl when the percentage of composition was altered. A eutectic point of 45 °C at...

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Doha Agenda

national trade policies - Provides technical assistance and training for developed countries - Co-operation with other international organisations Decisions in these areas are made by consensus among the entire membership. The Doha Development Agenda was the latest trade negotiating talks round of the W.T.O. These began in Doha Qatar, in 2001 and were ongoing until earlier this year. The key priority of these talks was to aid both developed and developing countries by further liberalising trade...

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Larong Pinoy Games

we are engaging in an activity that is part of our heritage. Buhayin Natin Ang Mga Larong Pinoy! Magna Kultura Foundation revived Larong Pinoy to give children in schools and barangays the opportunity to learn more about the popular Filipino street games . We’re bringing back the fun in neighborhoods. Games that have been played by generations of Filipinos with treasured childhood memories. Larong Pinoy are fun games that are easy to play. They are challenging, daring, physical, and intellectually...

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Cloud Point and Pour Point Determination

temperature at which movement of the specimen is observed is recorded as the pour point. INTRODUCTION In the cloud point experiment, waxes will appear and thickens the oil and clogs fuel filter and injectors in engines. The wax also accumulates on the cold surfaces and forms an emulsion with water. The appearances of cloud point determine the first cloud of wax crystals in a liquid when it is cooled. Whereas,  pour point experiment is to determine the minimum temperature of the oil which will continue...

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Carbohydrate and Points

following. (3 points) a.COOH temp b.COH temp c.COH temp 2.List whether each of the following substances was positive or negative for reducing sugar, as indicated by the Benedict's test. (6 points) a.corn syrup (1 point) b.table sugar (1 point) c.unknown 1 (1 point) d.unknown 2 (1 point) e.unknown 3 (1 point) f.unknown 4 (1 point) 3.List whether each of the following substances was positive or negative for starch, as indicated by using iodine. (7 points) a.onion juice (1 point) b.water...

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Money and Points

Assignment on Sun 10 Feb 2013 2:33 AM PST. You got a score of 50.00 out of 100.00. You can attempt again, if you'd like. ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Please read all questions and instructions carefully. Note that you only need to enter answers in terms of numbers and without any symbols (including $, %, commas, etc.). Enter all dollars without decimals and all interest rates with up to two decimals. Read the syllabus for examples. The points for each question...

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Occupational Safety and Health and Committee Meeting Agenda

Joint Health and Safety Committee MEETING AGENDA FORM (Sample) MEETING AGENDA: Agenda Focus: Workplace Specific Training DATE: ITEM 1. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING June 15 2007 TIME: 10:00 am PLACE: Training Room A APPROX. TIME (MIN) PRESENTER Joe Davis 2. INCOMPLETE PROJECTS 10 mins. – Workplace inspections – Develop WHMIS specific training Abila Brown 10 mins. 3. REGULAR REPORTS – Sandy and Mike will be completing inspections of 2nd, 3rd floor of Admin Bldg...

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Chapter 10 Homework

• Question 1 10 out of 10 points Which of the following statements about purchasing enterprise system packages is false? Answer Selected Answer: ERP systems typically involve a lot of custom interfaces to legacy systems. • Question 2 10 out of 10 points Which criterion should a firm consider when evaluating candidate software packages? Answer Selected Answer: all of the above • Question 3 10 out of 10 points Which of the following is a factor...

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10 Points on Energy

lThe 10 points which i've picked up from various kind of informative books i borrowed are:  A wind turbine is a product that converts wind energy into electrical energy that is use to distribute to the homes of people. Benefits of a wind turbine: It does not release any harmful gases into the air when powered and it is also affordable in many different countries for supplying electricity to homes, by converting the wind energy to electricity for distribution. A hydropower is a production of...

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Hunters Point

Prof. Tiso Urbanism Final Project Essay 12/13/12 Alternative Project for Hunters Point Hunters Point is a neighborhood on the south side of Long Island city in Queens. The East River waterfront defines the neighborhood through its amazing views of the Manhattan skyline. Hunters Point’s history is mainly based on its industry that is currently not as prevalent as it once was. Several problems for hunters point exist and need to be addressed in order for the neighborhood to meet its potential...

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Agenda 21 Essay

important enough to be seen for centuries as turning points in history. What will future generations remember about 1992? Bill Clinton's election? Hardly. They will remember an event that far too many Americans don't even know occurred -- UNCED, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro. They won't remember that UNCED was the largest environmental gathering in the history of the world; they will remember that Agenda 21was adopted by most of the world's nations. They...

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Melting Points

Chem 234 02/17/13 Lab 2: Melting Points Purpose: To determine the purity of a substance using melting point as physical property. We must also learn how to identify an unknown compound using its melting point. We got to identify an unknown compound using mixture melting point and finally we must learn to obtain an accurate melting point using Mel-Temp apparatus. Procedure: Set voltage to obtain the desired heating rate at the anticipated melting point range. The voltage control controls...

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Point of Sales

1. Inventory Management 2-2 2. Point of Sales 2-2 3. Microsoft Visual Basic 2-3 4. Microsoft Access 2-4 5. Database Normalization 2-4 1. First Normalization 2-5 2. Second Normalization 2-5 3. Third Normalization 2-5 4. Non-IT Theory 2-5 6. Re-order Point 2-5 5. Summary 2-6 3. Point of Sales with Inventory Management System and...

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Agenda Setting in Presidential Election 2008

Victor Ramirez 4/12/12 COM-126 Agenda Setting in the Media In 2008 Political front runner Barack Obama won the presidential election. During this time, America had swayed into a recession which the economy suffered massive cutbacks and drowning in debt. America was also at war currently with Iraq which stirred up many other problematic issues to come about during this year. The media was and still is the main door way to the public to address these issues. The agenda setting function during this...

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Motivation and Points

_______________________________________________________________ 1. (2 points) False: Effective managers are always true leaders.  2. (4 points) Upper management at Tupelo Foods determined that there would be no end-of-year bonuses due to declining sales. Sherry, a department manager, let her staff know that even those high-performing employees would not get bonuses this year. This change limited what type of power for Sherry?  A. Legitimate B. Reward C. Coercive D. Referent E. Expert 3. (4 points) Which of the following traits...

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The Tipping Point

The Tipping point: how little things can make a big difference by Malcom Gladwell is a novel that reveals how ideas, messages, products, and behaviors spread, which is explained through three rules heavily influence the Tipping Point and are required for one to consider a scenario as the Tipping Point. The Tipping Point is described as the moment of critical mass, the threshold or boiling point that results in change (Gladwell, 2000, p.12). To explain the Tipping Point Gladwell informs the reader...

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Assignment 10

Assignment 10: National and Global Finance (16.0 points) 1. Choose an example of a type of new company you could start, and then use this company idea to answer the questions below. You might choose a pet store, a restaurant, a tutoring business, or something else. This can be the same type of company you chose in assignment 8 or 9, or it can be different. a. Describe the type of business you chose. (1-2 sentences. 0.5 points) The type of business I would start would be for family or friends...

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Boiling Points

Experiment 1: Simple Distillation and Boiling Points- Separation of Liquids February 24, 2014 Analysis In this experiment, the distillation of three groups of two miscible liquids was performed. First, Ethanol and 2-Propanol were distilled. The boiling points of ethanol and 2-propanol had a difference of 5°C. The percent recovery for both ethanol and 2-propanol were both 0%. The percent recovery of the intermediate was 96%. The percent efficiency calculated of ethanol and 2-propanol...

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journal|last=McCombs|first=M|author2=Shaw, D|title=The agenda-setting function of mass media|journal=Public Opinion Quarterly|year=1972|volume=36|issue=2}}By comparing the salience of issues in news content with the public's perceptions of the most important election issue, McCombs and Shaw were able to determine the degree to which the media determines public opinion. Since the 1968 study, published in a 1972 edition of ''[[Public Opinion Quarterly]]'', more than 400 studies have been published on the agenda-setting function of the...

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Economics and Points

Which of the following is true? (Points : 1) Efficiency refers to the size of the economic pie; equality refers to how the pie is divided. Government policies usually improve upon both equality and efficiency. As long as the economic pie continually gets larger, no one will have to go hungry. Efficiency and equality can both be achieved if the economic pie is cut into equal pieces. 2. Pete receives $50 as a birthday gift. In deciding how to spend the money,...

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The Creation of Pinoy Rock

Overview,” separates the history of Filipino music into three traditions: Indigenous, Spanish-European Influenced, and American Influenced. This paper will discuss how the Filipinos used westernized music to invent their own style of rock n’ roll called Pinoy rock, which has become internationally acclaimed genre. Some of the artists have even won awards in the United States. (MTV) Nowadays Filipinos turn to music typically for leisure. Most social gatherings involve a guitarist while the others sing along...

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Corporate Finance and Points

2009 WS 2009/10 Final Examination Principles of Corporate Finance I Dr. Kinga Niemczak 14.12.2010 Name: ___________________________ Student No.: ______________________ 1. a. Calculate the value of a 4.65% five-year €1,000 bond, if you know that the bond is rated AAA and the typical YTM for such bonds is 6.25%. (6 points) b. How will the value of this bond change (in %) if yield increases to 7%? (use duration) (10 points) ...

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Business Ethics and Points Question

person's view is most accurate? Answer A. Adam B. Beth C. Charlie D. David . 10 points Question 2 Which of the following is NOT true about law? Answer A. Law should be demonstrably fair to all concerned. B. Law should accurately reflect the beliefs of the majority of citizens. C. Neither of the above is true D. Both of the above are true . 10 points Question 3 When faced with the possibility of wrongdoing, which of the following is most appropriate...

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Agenda 21 in South Africa - Essay

Agenda 21 in South Africa The authority of all national Agenda 21 strategies is the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs even though the Agenda incorporates a wider variety of fields and sectors than those associated with this department. The Agenda 21 areas that enjoy attention in South Africa include trade, financing, technology, industry, transport and sustainable tourism, with an additional area that focuses on changing consumption patterns. Trade The Departments of Foreign Affairs...

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The Citizenship Agenda

The Citizenship Agenda In this excerpt written by Bruce Ackerman, it is obvious he trying to persuade his readers to be engaged and active American citizens. His opinions and ideas illustrate his exhausted feelings towards the Supreme Court’s and conservatives interpretations of the Constitution. Ackerman’s goals are to prove to his readers that citizens need to play a greater role in American democracy through a set of institutions. Ackerman is promoting “aim for realist and practical frameworks...

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Points of Parity and Points of Difference

calories. Many companies are in the market with their products as complete health products; such as Complan, Bournvita, Horlics etc. but the parent is always wondered which is the best health drink to buy for their kids? COMPAN VS HORLICS Points of Differentiation: Product wise: Essential nutrients for kids: Look for these components when choosing any nutritional supplement for kid. * Calcium- Required for building strong bones and sustaining a normal development of the body.  ...

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Point Slope, Intercept method

Blaine S. The Intercept Method: -The x-intercept of a line is the point where a line crosses the x-axis. Its coordinates are (#,0). -The y-intercept of a line is the point where a line crosses the y-axis. Its coordinates are (0,#). 1- Find the x-intercept by letting y=0. 2- Find the y-intercept by letting x=0. 3- Plot the intercepts and graph the line. (If the x and y intercepts are both 0, use a table to find the second point.) Ex: x-int: 5x-3y=-30 y=0 5x-3(0)=-30 5x=-30 –– –– 5 5 ...

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Chapter 10

CHAPTER 10: COST OF CAPITAL HOMEWORK 1. The Dempere Imports Company’s EPS in 2009 was $2.82, and in 2004 it was $1.65. The company’s payout ratio is 30%, and the stock is currently valued at $41.50. Flotation costs for new equity will be 15%. Net income in 2010 is expected to be $15 million. The market-value weights of the firm’s debt and equity are 40% and 60%, respectively. a. Based on the five-year track record, what is Dempere’s EPS growth rate? What will the dividend be in 2010? ...

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14 Points

The 14 points of getting a girl with a boyfriend to sleep with you. Fuck you Wilson! * Lie all the time * Sex = love (in her mind) * Cheating/fucking is the goal * Never mention an ex girlfriend * Make her feel like the “only girl in the world”- Beyonce (John Moran’s contribution) * Let her talk a lot, chicks like talking 1) Niceness a) Don’t be too nice b) You have a dick. Don’t chop it off and attach a pussy. c) You’re not her girlfriend and...

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