"1 5 1 5 Explain The Importance Of Clearing And Disposing Of Food Waste Promptly And Safely" Essays and Research Papers

1 5 1 5 Explain The Importance Of Clearing And Disposing Of Food Waste Promptly And Safely

accreditation number: Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals HSC 2029 2 2 15 T/601/9450 Unit purpose and aim This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. It provides the learner with the knowledge and skills required to meet food safety requirements when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food. Learning Outcomes The learner will: 1 Understand the importance of food safety measures when providing food and drink for individuals Assessment...

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Understanding the Importance of Food Safety Measures

CU2646 Meet Food and safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals 1.Understand the importance of food safety measures when providing food and drink for individuals 1.1 Identify potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink When preparing food, you must be sure the area is completely clean and free of bacteria before starting. Clean the cutting board after each use, using bleach or disinfectant solution cleaning up after meats...

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Unit 4222 233 Meet Fo 1 1

Unit 4222-233 meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individual 1.1Workers should be aware of and practice personal Hygiene - eg, hand washing. Food stored at correct temperature Food stored in correct conditions - eg raw meat not contaminating cooked meat & veg Not using same utensils for raw meat and other foods Food should be served at the correct temperature, temperature should be monitored if food is kept in warming trays. 1.2. Potential food safety hazards when...

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Food Hygiene

2 Unit 233 Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible, and use a different colour to make your answers stand out. Put your name and date on the completed work and send to your assessor. 1. Identify potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink Potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink are contamination...

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Cooking and Food Safety Measures

Task 1 Q1 – Identify potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink. People can get sick if the food they eat has harmful chemicals or microorganisms. This is called food-borne illness. The goal of food safety is to prevent the hazards that cause food-borne illness or injury. Most of the hazards in food are things you cannot see, smell, or taste. - Physical hazard: Hard or soft objects in food that can cause injury. For example...

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Unit 69 meet food safety requirments

assignment: Assessment Criteria Question it has been covered in HSC2029 – 1.1 Question 1 HSC2029 – 1.2 Question 2 HSC2029 – 1.3 Question 2 HSC2029 – 1.4 Question 3 HSC2029 – 1.5 Question 3 HSC2029 – 1.6 Question 4 HSC2029 – 2.1 Question 2 HSC2029 – 2.2 To be covered in observation HSC2029 – 2.3 To be covered in observation HSC2029 – 2.4 To be covered in observation HSC2029 – 3.1 Question 1 HSC2029 – 3.2 To be covered in observation HSC2029 – 3.3 To be covered in observation ...

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Question Chapters 1 5

 Chapter 3 1) What levels of meaning can be found in Genesis 1.1-2.4a? This section of the bible explains about Genesis is the book of ‘beginnings’ because the the lines of the opening words are literally translated to “In the beginning of God’s creating.” The first chapter of Genesis therefore rightly contains an account of the creation of the world in ‘six’ stages or days and on the seventh day he rested, which is called “Sabbath”. 2) What are the similarities and differences between the biblical...

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Chapter 5 Govt 1

Objective 1: Explain the guarantees of civil liberties in the Constitution and the process by which these guarantees became binding on state governments. 1. Summarize the protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. a. Freedom of expression b. Rights of the accused c. Religion d. Bear arms e. Civil liberties 2. What other protections are guaranteed by the Constitution in addition to those found in the Bill of Rights? f. Habeas corpus g. Ex...

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Wk 5 Individual 1

 The Importance of Handwriting RDG/201 October 19th, 2014 JoAnna Racuya UOPX The Importance of Handwriting Handwriting is important for everyone to know how to complete regardless of their age or grade level. Throughout a child’s school years they will be required to write legible handwriting. When a student’s handwriting is illegible words might be mistaken for other words or misunderstood all together. (Ogle & Beers, 2009, chapter 9 para 1). When students are writing for others to see it is...

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Food Waste

better understanding of the importance of composting To consider Putting Food scraps into good useTo gain knowledge on how composting eliminates organic wasteTo consider how composting can generate income through p-patch projects, since organically grown food is in high demandTo encourage Donations of edible food, as this can reduce waste, mitigate climate impacts and provide cost savings for individuals and businesses alike | Specific Purpose: | Sending edible food or food scrap to landfills is not...

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The Pearl Chapters 1 5

The Pearl Chapters 1-5 Chapter 1 1. In what ways does Steinbeck show the depth of feeling between Kino and Juana? Steinbeck shows the depth of feeling between Kino and Juana by saying that they can communicate with each other without even speaking to each other. They can tell what the other one is feeling just by simple signs such as sighing and facial expressions. 2. Why do you think that no new songs were being added to the old songs of Kino’s people? I think that no new songs were being added...

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Volleyball 5-1 Rotations

Volleyball: The 5-1 Rotation Introduction A team’s success in volleyball is directly linked to each player’s ability to understand his or her position on the court. The 5-1 rotation—1 setter and 5 hitters—provides the greatest flexibility and consistency for a team’s offense and defense. The following document describes the basic serve-receive set-up and a basic defensive posture. The diagrams are only a starting point. In both serve-receive and defense, players should be able to adapt...

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meet food and safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals

meet food and safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals 1.1 food safety hazards when preparing, serving, storing and cleaning away food and drinks are of three types, namely, biological and chemical hazards. 1.2 this is important because it prevents food poisoning for the individual for e.g. if i don't take all the necessary precautions when preparing food or drink, the service user may get food poisoning which could end with the service user going into hospital....

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Week 5 Psy304Document 1

Week 5 Quiz 5 Return to Assessment List Part 1 of 1 -15.0 Points 1.0 Points The basic colors in the color circle are  A.red, white, and blue B.black, white, and gray C.red, green, and blue D.red, green, blue, and yellow Answer Key: D 1.0 Points The trichromatic theory of color vision is also known as the _________ theory.  A.Suerat-Signac B.Hering C.Young-Helmholtz D.Young-Adhart Answer Key: C 1.0 Points By changing _________ only, we can create about a million (or more) discriminative...

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Week 5 quiz 1. In the U.S. current account, most of the trade deficit results from an excess of imported B. merchandise 2. What is the difference between the balance of trade and the balance of payments? A. The balance of trade is only part of the balance of trade. 3. If a government has implemented significantly higher trade tariffs, but does not want this action to affect the value of its currency, it will B. buy foreign currency because the tariffs will tend to make the domestic...

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mth 211 week 1-5

7/19/2014 MTH 221 Week 1 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions - Page 2 - Wattpad Discover Create Community zhangziyi777 English Complete your account registration. Verify your email 2 of 3 Manage Share MTH 221 Week 1 - 5 All Assignments and Discussion Questions 52 reads 0 Week 2 DQ 3 votes Using a search engine of your choice, look up the term one-way function. This 0 comments concept arises in cryptography. Explain this concept in your...

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Food waste

Studies Research-Based Expository Essay Food Waste Problem in Hong Kong: The current situation and the possible solutions Introduction Renowned as the Food Paradise, people all over the world come to Hong Kong for the food here. This definitely creates lots of economics benefits for Hong Kong. Nevertheless, this makes the problem of food waste ever more serious. As mentioned by the Environmental Protection Department, “In recent years, the amount of food waste arising from the C&I sectors has increased...

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Cypop 5 Task 1

CYPOP 5 Task 1 Information sheet for Parents outlining the following A) Current legislation for home based childcare B) The Role of regulatory bodies I would like to let you know as Parents with some very important information regarding up to date home based childcare legislation and the registered bodies to ensure your children get the best care possible whilst in my care, I have done so in a simple question and answer format, please do ask me if you have further questions. Q WHAT CURRENT...

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Re: Re: Re: Module 5 Dq 1

peoples environments. Notes on Essay 2 Essay 2: Write a thoughtful and, where appropriate, critical review of Jared Diamond’s explanation of why civilizations develop where they do as presented in Ch 10 of Guns, Germs, and Steel. You should explain the author’s argument, and how he constructs it in this chapter, while adding your own thoughts as you go along and in your conclusion Set Sept 26th and 3rd or stick to these dates. I’ll check with you in the morning. Essay hints: Suggested approach...

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Exam Chapter 1 -5

1. A symbol used to convey feeling is called ___________ EMOTICON 2. A _____________ is a series of questions that ask customers to provide feedback on their perception of the support services being offered. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY 3. A _____________ transfer only occurs when you stay on the line only long enough to ensure that the call has been transferred successfully. COLD 4. An abbreviation formed from the first letters of a series of words is called _____________. ACRONYM ...

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Unit 1 Level 5

EDI Level 5 Care, Leadership & Management. Unit 1 CU2941. 1:1 Review the range of group individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. In my job role I communicate with many varied groups. On a daily basis communicate with clients and their families in order to deal with any queries or concerns regarding the support we provide. I have frequent communication with external agencies Social Services, CPN other support agencies to...

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chapter 1-5 review

Review #1 1. The basic unit of structure and function for life is atoms 2. The levels of organization for an organism are: atoms, molecules, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organisms, population, community, ecosystems, and biosphere 3. The characteristics of living organisms are; a. Life is organized b. Life uses materials and energy c. Life reproduces d. Life is homeostatic 4. The major driving force behind evolution is; natural selection (brings about adaptation to the environment) 5. Eukaryotic...

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1. Disposing of Waste - Teachers should be aware of the appropriate method of disposal for any chemical used in the school laboratory. When in doubt, refer to the MSDS, a disposal manual, or the source of the chemical. a. Classification of Hazardous Waste The Environmental Protection Agency classifies wastes as: Ignitable: has a flash point below 140°C, is an oxidizer, or is an ignitable compressed gas.   Corrosive: has a pH equal to or below 2.0 or a pH equal to or greater than 12.5.   Reactive:...

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Cypop 5 Assessment 1

your setting moved to England only 3 months ago. Yours is the first setting that they have used for 18 month old Anjum. They have very little understanding of the legislation covering home based childcare or the role of the regulatory body. QUESTION 1 • Consider 4 pieces of legislation that are important for home based childcarers and how you would outline these to Anjum’s parents? There are over 20 pieces legislation currently used to protect children and their parents whilst using home based...

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Cypop 5 Task 1

which lead to Every Child Matters & subsequently this Act. * Integration of Children’s Services to ensure concerns are passed on & a clear picture ‘comes together’ ASAP to prevent child abuse, neglect & promote early intervention * 5 ECM outcomes: * being healthy * staying safe * enjoy & achieve, * make a positive contribution * achieve economic well-being * ensure children’s safety from bullying & homelessness * tackle child poverty ...

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ICO1Outcome 1 Understand roles and responsibilities

ICO1 Outcome 1 Understand roles and responsibilities in the prevention and control of infectionsExplain employees’ roles and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection. 1. It is the employee’s role to prevent infection. This can be done simply by observing standard infection control regulations, for example by washing hands after interacting with service users, wearing the correct PPE when interacting with service users, and disposing of all waste products correctly...

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Understanding by Design - Chapters 1-5

UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN CHAPTERS 1 - 5 CHAPTER 1 – EXPLORES GOOD DESIGN IN GENERAL AND WHAT THE TEMPLATE SPECIFICALLY CALLS FOR Page 14 2nd paragraph under Why “backward” is best: “Our lessons, units, and courses should be logically inferred from the results sought, not derived from the methods, books, and activities with which we are most comfortable.” Twin sins: 1) Hands on without being minds-on 2) Coverage Three stages of backward design: 1. Identify desired results 2....

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Mis Case Study 1-5

planning: 1. Make provisions in the systems plan for taking small steps rapidly. “Don’t have a plan with goals extending so far into the future that there is no way of tracking it.” 2. Develop alternative plans when significant contradictory trends are discerned in business objectives or technology. 3. Interface the systems plan with the corporate plan, modifying both appropriately. 4. Document the systems plan in a format intelligible to top management and arrange for personal presentation. 5. Establish...

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Case 5-1, 6-1 (MKT 201)

 MKT 201 Assessment III Case study 5-1 ; 6-1 Semester III (Sep 2 – Dec 17) Viktoriia Lebedieva Case 5-1 America’s Cuban Conundrum : The Assignment 1) What was the key issue that prompted the EU to take the Helms-Burton dispute to the WTO? The key issue that prompted the EU to take the Helms-Burton dispute to the WTO is the theory that law argues against the governments’ authority and the principle of International Law. Another words, in...

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Chapter 5 Quiz 1

Chapter 4—Quiz TRUE/FALSE 1. Business writers normally use active voice more frequently than passive voice because active voice conveys ideas more vividly. 2. Slow, deliberative writing is recommended when drafting a business message. 3. Passive voice is used in the following sentence: “The stockholders read the annual report.” 4. Active voice is used in the following sentence: “The report on current fundraising efforts was made available to the committee.” 5. The imagery in a passive...

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Miller Case 5-1

Case 5-1 1. How does Miller fit the profile of the average fraud perpetrator? Miller does seem to fit the profile of the average fraud criminal. This is because he worked his way up to gain inside information and trust from his bosses. He spent the money to support his lifestyle which was above his means. He also was not violent and he tried to use the money to pay back the stolen funds from his previous employers. How does he differ? He was different because he owned...

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Unit 5 Assesment 1

Manager Console (GPMC) to deploy security policies across the domain. You also generated policy audit reports from the GPMC and the Windows Command Prompt to analyze the existence of and effectiveness of the GPO. Lab Assessment Questions & Answers 1. Is using the option to Store passwords using reversible encryption a good security practice? Why or why not? This information he need to be saved on text document and one of this risk is it for any situation you lost that you can't have access to all...

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Unit 5 Assignment 1

Baldeo Persaud NT 1210 Unit 5 Assignment 1 Ethernet LANs: A collection of devices, including user devices, LAN switches, routers, old hubs, and cables, all of which use IEEE Ethernet standards at the physical and data link layers, so that the devices can send Ethernet frames to each other. 802.3: The name of the original IEEE Ethernet standard, as well as the overall base name of all IEEE Ethernet LAN working committees. Fast Ethernet: The informal name for one particular Ethernet standard, originally...

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Finc534 Chap 1-5 Quiz

Chapter 1: 1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? a. One of the disadvantages of a sole proprietorship is that the proprietor is exposed to unlimited liability. 2. Which of the following would be most likely to lead to higher interest rates on all debt securities in the economy? d. Corporations step up their expansion plans and thus increase their demand for capital. 3. Which of the following statements is CORRECT? d. Both Nasdaq "dealers" and NYSE “specialists” hold inventories...

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Unit 5 Lab 1

Physical Networking (NT1310) Unit 5/Activity 1 Wired and Wireless: Wired networking has traditionally been deployed for stationary computers and machines which do not require mobility. Wireless networking allows the user to roam wire free where the wireless network exists while never dropping the connection to the network. Traditionally, wired connections have been the primary means of access to the network, with wireless connectivity offering a secondary means of connection for mobile devices....

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Unit 5 Assignment 1

Unit 5 Assignment 1: Implementing Comprehensive Human Resources Risk Management Plan Human Resources Risk Mitigation: Objective • Human resources policies and practices should reduce the human risk factors in information technology (IT) security and information access controls. Decrease the risk of theft, fraud or misuse of information facilities by employees, contractors and third-party users. Scope • the organization’s human resources policies, taken as a whole, should extend to all the persons...

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Romans 5:1 Word Study

Running head: WORD STUDY FROM ROMANS 5:1-5 Word Study from Romans 5:1-5 Darren J. Rogers Pittsburgh Theological Seminary New Testament Exegesis NT 05 Prof. James Platt September 28, 2014 Word Study from Romans 5:1-5 - καυχώμεθα καυχώμεθα - verb: Present, Deponent, Indicative, Contract verb, first person, plural from lexical form of καυχάομαι meaning to boast, boast about, take pride in; rejoice, be glad. With the exception of two passages, each in James and Ignatius...

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UNIT 5 ASSIGNMENT 1 EIGRP versus OSPF Jason Houlden Table of a side by side comparison: EIGRP OSPF EIGRP forms adjacencies and exchanges routing updates with neighbors OSPF forms adjacencies with DR/BDROSPF can be more efficient than EIGRP for large meshed networks EIGRP uses metric based on bandwidth and delay OSPF uses interface cost (inversely proportional to bandwidth)EIGRP may provide more flexibility in selecting best path EIGRP by default limits usage to at most 50% of link bandwidth in...

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cypop 5 Task 1

CACHE level 3 understand how to set up a home based childcare service Task 1 Produce and information sheet which outlines the following Current legislation for home based child care. In this section I will discuss the legislations that are current for home base childcare. There are several legislations that are currently set in place that childminder have to adhere to. The Children’s Act 2004 – This act provides the basis for how social services and other agencies deal with the issue relating...

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Pad500 - Assignment 1 - Centralia No. 5

Centralia No. 5 Mine Explosion Centralia No. 5 Mine Explosion On March 25, 1947, a blast in Centralia Coal Mine killed 111 workers. Centralia Coal Mine No. 5 had been operational since 1907 and had never suffered a major disaster. Prior to this event only four shotfirers were killed in 1921 (Fleege). Because of the safety record of the mine, it was considered relatively safe and a disaster seemed remote. The United States had just ended a war and the economy was picking up and production...

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Project 1 Mod 5

skies and sunshine in summer months, mild winter temperatures and hot summers, and rain primarily during winter season from the mid-latitude cyclone. Extreme summer aridity is caused by the sinking air of the subtropical highs and may exist for up to 5 months. Locations of Mediterranean climates in North America are from Portland, Oregon to all of California (www.eoearth.com). The average temperature of the coldest month is less than 18°C (64°F) but above -3°C (27°F). The wettest winter month has about...

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5 Written Assignment 5 Unit 5001V1 Revision 1

 Chartered Management Institute Approved Centre Level 5 Extended Diploma in Management and Leadership Written Assessment – 5 Unit 5001V1 Instruction Sheet Assignment: Unit 5001V1 – Personal development as a manager and leader Level: 5 Lecturer: Ian Laing Date of Issue: 13th May 2015 Date Due In: 26th June 2015 Format: Word Document submitted to: ianlaing@ihlassociates.karoo.co.uk ...

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Assignment 5-1

flow smoothly from one to another and are clearly linked to each other.(5 points) | | Uses concrete language. | Inadequate or minimal use of proper terminology in the field(s). Provides no specific examples or uses inadequate examples. (0-3 points) | For the most part, uses proper terminology and provides specific examples.(4 points) | Consistently uses proper terminology and provides specific examples to support ideas. (5 points) | | Criteria | Unacceptable | Acceptable | Proficient | Student...

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food waste

Food Waste? Too valuable to waste! According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Department, in Hong Kong, solid waste generated daily weighs around 17000 tones, of which around 30% is organic matter (2700 tones) which is roughly equal to 120 double-deck buses in size. Compared this to the US where, revealed by the Environmental Protection Agency, only 12% of waste stream was scrap of food in 2005. Extra care in disposal is required for these putrescible wastes, otherwise nuisance...

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PSYCH 555 Week 5 DQ 1

This paperwork of PSYCH 555 Week 5 Discussion Question 1 contains: What is a group? To what kind of groups do you belong? What group has the most influence over you? Psychology - General Psychology PSYCH 555 Week 1 Individual Assignment Social Psychology Paper Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze the conceptual foundations of social psychology. As a part of your analysis, address the following items: Define social psychology. Analyze the four key characteristics...

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MAT117 Week 5 DQ 1

MAT 117 /MAT117 Course Algebra 1B MAT 117 /MAT117 Week 5 Discussion Question Version 8 Week 5 DQ 1 1. What are the two steps for simplifying radicals? 2. Can either step be deleted? 3. If you could add a step that might make it easier or easier to understand, what step would you add? 4. Provide an example for your classmates. (It must be a simplifying radical example) RESPONSE When simplifying radicals, there are two steps that you should follow and it is important...

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Btec Level 2 Food Hygiene Workbook Unit 1

Btec Level 2 Unit 1 Principles of Food Safety when Providing Food and Drink for individuals Understand the importance of food safety measures when providing food and drink for individuals 1.1 Potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink: As part of making sure that the environment is a helthy and safe one, settings must develop good handwashing and personal hygiene rountines for staff and for children. When preparing food you must wash your hands...

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Unit 5 Problem Set 1

1230 Unit 5 Problem Set 1 Matching Complete the following exercise by matching the terms with their corresponding definitions. a. automated password guessing b. Windows authorization mechanism c. passwords plus smartcards d. stored in a digital certificate e. standard for smart card support f. decrypts data encrypted with a certificate g. firewall exceptions h. standard for fingerprint scanners and other devices i. potentially destructive software j. firewall rule requiring IPsec ___C____ 1. multifactor...

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Lab 5

light which might affect the rate of food production in plants. Light intensity and carbon dioxide 3. Why is chlorophyll important for all biological life? It is necessary for photosynthesis which creates food for plants which is food for animals. 4. A. In Part I of the procedure, what is the name of the indicator used to identify the presence of CO2? Phenol Red 4. B. What color did the indicator turn after blowing air into the water through the straw? Yellow 5. A. What color did the indicator turn...

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CJA 364 Week 5 DQ 1

This pack of CJA 364 Week 5 Discussion Question 1 comprises: In your own words, what is a preliminary examination? What is the relationship between a preliminary examination and the role of a grand jury? How does a preliminary examination apply to individual rights within the criminal justice system? Explain. Law - General Law CJA 364 Week 1 Individual Assignment Criminal Procedure Policy Paper CJA 364 Week 2 Individual Assignment Exclusionary Rule Evaluation ...

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Report Writing, Household Waste Management

Waste management- Maximizing the use of household waste Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Waste management- Maximize the use of household waste Prepared for: Prepared by: Institute of Business Administration Jahangirnagar University Savar, Bangladesh October 16, 2012 Table of Contents Section Page Number Title Page………………………………………………………………...

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Case 5-1

was another chart that showed the last few days seating arrangement and the group performance about this whole retreat. Their goals made before the retreat almost all defeated. Even though John thought he improved, the whole group failed. Question 1 Wally was the first leader. He had no formal training, so it made him reluctant. Then he treated everyone carefully. His behavior showed that he may be a kind mind man. Dave had a good writing ability even though he had no formal training either....

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Lab 5

Experiment 1: Testing for Proteins The protein molecules in many foods provide the amino acid building blocks required by our own cells to produce new proteins. To determine whether a sample contains protein, a reagent called Biuret solution is used. Biuret solution contains copper ions. However, the chemical state of the copper ions in Biuret solution causes them to form a chemical complex with the peptide bonds between amino acids (when present), changing the color of the solution. Biuret solution...

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Food and Residents

drink, where substantial support is needed. Learning outcomes There are five learning outcomes to this unit. The learner will: 1. Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink 2. Be able to prepare to provide support for eating and drinking 3. Be able to provide support for eating and drinking 4. Be able to clear away after food and drink 5. Be able to monitor eating and drinking and the support provided Guided learning hours It is recommended that 15 hours should...

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Porters 5 on Kraft Foods

Its five brands are divided into 5 main sectors snacks,beverages,grocery,and convient meals Sanja khosia is the president of kraft His 7 step bussiness model is to drive growth is DISCOVERY: find out what works STRATEGY: focus through lenses VISION: find a simple hook EXECUTION: clarify and deligate ORGANIZATION: build collaborative networks METRICS: manage numbers and tell stories Headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, Kraft Foods (KFT) is the largest food and beverage company in the U...

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Physio Ex 9.0 Exercise 1 Activity 5

Exercise 1: Cell Transport Mechanisms and Permeability: Activity 5: Simulating Active Transport Lab Report Pre-lab Quiz Results You scored 100% by answering 4 out of 4 questions correctly. 1. The movement of sodium and potassium maintained by the Na+ -K+ pump You correctly answered: e. requires energy and is against a concentration gradient. 2. The sodium-potassium pump is classified as a(n) You correctly answered: a. antiporter. 3. The sodium-potassium pump moves _____ sodium ions and _____ potassium...

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MGT 498 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1

This document MGT 498 Week 5 Discussion Questions 1 Strategic Management shows solution of this question: "What role do you see for your organization (or one you worked for in the past) and its use of technology? How can technology both help and hurt your organization? What changes may need to be made to the way the organization uses technology?" Business - Management Week One Strategic Overview, Ethics, and Legal Environment ·  Indicate why a strategic management process...

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BUS 352 Week 1 to 5 (E-Business)

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD BUS 352 Week 1 to 5 (E-Business) Week 1 DQ 1:  Why is it said that electronic commerce is a catalyst of fundamental changes in organizations?  Search the Ashford Online Library for an article that addresses change in organizations as a result of e-commerce.  Briefly summarize the article pointing out how electronic commerce directly impacts change.  Include the resource information in the reference list. Explain your answer in 200 words. Respond to at least two of your fellow...

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Unit 5 Assignments 1 2

Assignment 1: Exploring LAN Switches 1. Vendor/Manufacturer Model Number Price Available From (website) NetGear G5605NA $36.99 http://www.amazon.com Linksys/Cisco SE2500 $39.99 http://www.linksys.com Monoprice M1008D $23.21 http://www.monoprice.com 2. Vendor/Manufacturer Model Number Price Available From (website) NetGear FV318 $120.99 http://www.bestbuy.com Cisco/Linksys BEFSX41 $79.95 http://www.amazon.com/ Cisco RV110W-A-NA-K9 $62.78 http://www.amazon.com/ 3. Vendor/Manufacturer Model Number...

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LAW 421 Entire Class Week 1-5

LAW 421 Entire Class Week 1-5 – All Individual and Team Assignments, Presentation, Weekly Reflections, DQs – A+ Graded Course Material Click On The Link Below to Purchase A+ Work for LAW421 http://hwminute.com/downloads/law-421-contemporary-business-law-complete-course/ Week 1 Individual Role and Functions of Law Paper Resource: Case Brief Cipollone v. Liggett Group, Inc., et al. in Ch. 2, section 2-6, “Commerce Powers,” of the text Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you: a. Define...

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