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  • Strategic Plan (General Motors)

    Running head: Strategic Plan Strategic Plan (General Motors) MBA580 University of Phoenix Executive Summary General Motors (GM) has been a leader in the auto industry which over the past few decades has continued to lose market share to foreign competition. The current weak U.S. econo...

    Contributed on June 7, 2008%
  • Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice

    Running Head: STRATEGIC PLAN: JAMBA JUICE Strategic Plan: Jamba Juice MBA580 University of Phoenix ...

    Contributed on June 7, 2008%
  • Strategic Plan: Gerald Champion

    Strategic Plan MBA/580 Strategies for Competitive Advantage Dr. Ken Sherman May 19, 2008 Executive Summary The strategic plan for Gerald Champion was completed with the input from the board of directors, senior management, physician leadership, management and staff. The healthcare indust...

    Contributed on June 7, 2008%
  • Supply Chain Efficiency

    Running head: SUPPLY CHAIN EFFICIENCY Supply Chain Efficiency Paper Researched Companies Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Dell, Eastman Kodak, SC Johnson, ArcelorMittal, Cisco and FedEx MBA550 University of Phoenix Supply Chain Efficiency: Overview The power of having an efficient supply chain ...

    Contributed on June 7, 2008%
  • Environmental Analysis: Jamba Juice

    Environmental Analysis Paper MBA580 University of Phoenix Environmenta...

    Contributed on June 6, 2008%
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