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  • Different Between Artist, Craft Person And A Designer.

    Different between artist, craft person and a designer. Artist is a person who practices in anything related to the art including learning to become a skillful practitioner of specified activities. Craftsperson is a person who practices or has skilled to work on an art objects (anything related to t...

    Contributed on September 6, 2004
  • Platoon, Film Review

    The Vietnam War was on everyone's mind in 1960s and 1970s in our country. It was the center of much of America's troubles during this time, but only the soldier's who fought in that war knew the true madness that was Vietnam. Oliver Stone began writing Platoon because the Vietnam War was "a pocket o...

    Contributed on February 27, 2005
  • Beauty, What Is Beauty?

    Beauty The emergence of aesthetics as a distinct part of philosophy is part of the process of subjectification: beauty becomes solely a matter of subjective feeling, of taste. Art works are reduced to the contingencies of their reception. An aesthetics based on subjectivity has no way of articulati...

    Contributed on April 10, 2005
  • Jasper John

    Jasper Johns 1930 - Present Pop Art is a 20th century art movement that highlights the imagery and popular culture. Pop art developed in the late1950's as a reaction against Abstract Expressionism and flourished in the sixties and early seventies. Pop Art favored the everyday objects, such as burg...

    Contributed on April 10, 2005
  • Cnn And Bbc Web News Comparison

    CNN NEWS Ownership of the website: Walter Isaacson is the chairman of the CNN news. The content on the day: This website covers international and local (American) news 24 hours, seven days a week. It is very comprehensive; it has a wide range of news (political, business, sports, technology, ent...

    Contributed on October 17, 2004
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