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  • Determining Communication Styles

    Determining Communication Styles A person's style of communication is very important in business and life. Being the most personal element in effective business communication it is a very important building block for one to understand. To reach that level of awareness you must first determine your ...

    Contributed on July 17, 2004
  • The Message Of The Gettysburg Address

    The Message of the Gettysburg Address In 1863, the sixteenth President of the United States found himself engulfed by a horrific civil war and in leading his people to victory, Abraham Lincoln found himself in a predicament that required a well thought out motivational presentation. He found that o...

    Contributed on July 17, 2004
  • Business Communication And Argot/jargon

    Business Communication and Argot Business communication has become so complex and distant from the facts that we can barely understand what is trying to be said. Jargon being used to the extent that an everyday listener or reader can be confused with the opening sentence is become too ordinary. Jar...

    Contributed on July 17, 2004

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