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  • Mini-Case Kfc

    Question 1 What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of offering the standard AmericanKFC menu in China versus adapting the KFC menu in China to include items more familiar to Chinese consumers? 1. Advantages: * Offering the standard American KFC menu in China will make it easy for KFC t...

    Contributed on July 6, 2006
  • Marketing Business Plan

    BGN-KPGCERAMIC STEELSummaryapplicable to the planned activities and aims of any entity, individual group or organization where effort is being converted into results, for example: a small company; a large company; a corner shop; a local window-cleaning business; a regional business; a multi-million ...

    Contributed on December 7, 2008
  • Sun Life Case

    Table of contents 1: Summary 2 2: Main Contents of the report 3-20 2.1: Introduction 3 2.2: Problem and the followed procedure 4 2.3: Sun Life Financial from strategic managerial viewpoints 4 2.3.1: Sun Life Financial's strategic logic 6 2.3.2: SWOT analysis 10 2.3.3: PEST analysis 13 2.3.4...

    Contributed on July 6, 2006
  • Rotary Electro Motors Case

    1. Introduction In the following report, the sales department will be analysed by me of the company 'Rotary Electro Motors B.V.' with respect to what can be improved looking at their weaknesses. The company itself belongs to the biggest electronic motor producers in the Netherlands with a turnover...

    Contributed on July 6, 2006

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