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1. Which of the following adjectives best describes M. Myriel, the Bishop of Digne?

a. Bitter

b. Foolish

c. Saintly

2. For what reason was Jean Valjean first arrested?

a. For abandoning his sister and her children

b. For stealing a loaf of bread

c. For kidnapping Cosette

3. Why does Fantine take Tholomyes as a lover?

a. For his money

b. Because she is in love with him

c. She is sold to him by her father

4. Why do the Thenardiers agree to let Cosette live with them?

a. So they can get money out of Fantine

b. Because they feel sorry for Fantine

c. Because they love children

5. Which of the following is something Fantine does not sell to raise money for Cosette?

a. Her hair

b. Her teeth

c. Her mother’s jewelry

6. How does Jean Valjean escape from prison for the last time?

a. Marius breaks him out

b. He appears to drown and is presumed dead

c. He does not escape; he dies in prison

7. What is the first gift that Valjean purchases for Cosette?

a. A doll

b. A new dress

c. A book

8. Why does M. Fauchelevent agree to hide Valjean and Cosette in the convent?

a. Because he knows the whole situation and feels sorry for them


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