Z for Zorro

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Robert Merritt
Span 101
Z for Zorro
Not every comic strip is a success, that much is certain. But every now and then a character fits perfectly with his story and lives on for generations. Before Superman donned his cape in 1938 and long before Spiderman and Marvel’s creations appeared there was Zorro. Zorro is Spanish for fox and he is a vigilante that appeared first in a pulp comic strip in 1919. The author Johnston McCulley released a five issue series called “The Curse of Capistrano” that sold extremely well for a comic about a masked vigilante clad in all black. Heroes of that time were often detectives or local law enforcement types like sheriffs , to see a man who dresses similar to a bandit was an unconventional idea for the time. This was to be the first of many pieces of work featuring the masked bandit over the next 80 years.

In the stories a nobleman named Diego De La Vega creates an alter ego named Zorro and begins to persecute evil doers and tyrannical dons in 19th century California. Donning a black bandits mask he protects the lower class people from injustice with his sword and amazing fighting skills. The people all love Zorro of course as he is their lone savior from a government that refuses to hear their pleas. In his first adventure he defeats the evil don persecuting California and defeats his nemesis Captain Ramon. This immortalizes Zorro forever with the people as he leaves his trademark Z on doors and walls where he has been.

Zorro posseses many amazing attributes in the stories that help him in his crusades for justice. He is a renound fighter and swordsman possessing skill that is unrivaled in both. He is also an amazing marksman and an expert with a whip which he uses to fight as well as escape from building to building. Zorro is also a cunning tactician and strategist which makes him an even more formidable opponent. In some of the later television shows and movies he is seen using a gun but...
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