Z for Zachariah

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Z for Zachariah
The book I read is 'Z for Zachariah' by Robert C. O'Brien. I enjoyed this book because it contained few but excellent characters and is full of mystery and suspense. 'Z for Zachariah' is about a sixteen-year-old girl, called Ann Burden ,who is a nurturing, kind and loving girl thinks she is the only person to survive a nuclear war and Mr Loomis who is at first kind then eventually turning to cold, distant and bitter. The author has very cleverly made the names of the characters correspond to their personality. Ann Burden, lifting the burden of the Valley, Loomis who is looming, mysterious and sinister. As Anne’s diary entries progress, you learn of a person in a safe suit who is pulling what looks like a trailer covered with the same material as the suit approaching Ann Burden's valley. Later in the diary you find out that the person is a man who had been an industrial chemist before the war, working for the Government designing a suit to protect people in the event of a nuclear explosion. This person is called Mr Loomis and he is wearing the only one of these suits. On May 24th Mr Loomis appeared in the valley. He was alone. He was pulling a small wagon behind him, which was filled with various mechanical devices. He was also wearing a safe suit. Anne has seen Mr Loomis but does not approach him. At first, Anne hides in secret but later on she reveals herself to help him as Mr Loomis has become ill. He has become sick by submerging himself in a river to bath; as he hasn’t did this in many days. He is unaware that the river is radioactive. He started showing his symptoms in the next couple of days. Anne knows something is wrong with Mr Loomis but is unaware of his condition as she has not revealed herself yet. Mr Loomis’s condition has become very bad and Anne decides to show herself to help him. Firstly Anne moves Mr Loomis into her house and cares for him there. Mr Loomis would stay in bed and recover and Anne would go and look after...
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