V for Vendetta vs 1984

Topics: 2006 singles, State, V for Vendetta Pages: 1 (408 words) Published: December 16, 2012
V for vendetta 1984, a world where you can’t have sex you can’t love you can think for your selves, you can’t do anything you want. Everything you do is controlled by someone else, every step you take every move you make someone’s watching you. You are in fear of everything. In v for vendetta the people feel the same way, they are feared in to following the rules because they are constantly being watched, monitored. You can never show your true self because they don’t want you to have an idea of self. You lose everything that makes you, yourself. This makes it capable for the leaders control them. The leaders abuse their powers to keep the people in a constant state of fear, by both physically and mentally torturing them into complying with everything they say. They are stripped of anything that can let them express themselves. History is erased leaving them feeling lost, not know what the past was and what their future is capable of being. In 1984 the people where scared into following everything the party told them to do, they didn’t question or go against it. If they did then they “disappeared”, they were taken until they complied with what the party ideals where. They were tortured physically and mentally until they were brainwashed. They were essentially what the party called re-educated. When Evy is captured we see similar things happening to her. Even though it is at the hands of V and not the state, he does to her what was done to him and another girl, Valerie. She is stripped of her identity and tortured for days on end. Until she either, gives in and tells the states what they want to here, or she agrees to die. The people in both states know this happens to the people who deviate from the “ideals”. Thought they may not know all the details they know what happens is not good. But it is unknown that allows from the leaders of the states to keep they’re people so scared. It is what allows them to be controlled for their own use and purposes. They...
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