V for Vendetta Essay

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Question: Analyse how particular techniques are used to encourage the viewer to form a positive or negative view of a character in a visual text you studied.

In the film V for vendetta directed by James Mcteigue particular techniques are used to encourage the viewer to form a positive or negative view of a character. In the film techniques such as lighting, costume and symbolism are used to encourage the viewer.

Symbolism is shown In the film with the masks, they play a big part in the film by portraying that v is an idea and not a person, because the viewer never sees his face it portrays the idea that v is an idea. The only person who sees v for who he really is is Evey as she sees his hands when he is cooking breakfast. His hands are very red and burnt, which shows the viewer he has a checkered past and has been through many things that have affected him. This could also explain why he is such a colourful character and that the past has influenced the way he acts in the present. The symbolism of the mask has been used to create a positive prospective of v as it shows him as a freedom fighter and the mask hiding his identity creates the idea that he is.

Costume is another technique shown in the film and v’s costume is a technique, which is shown positively. The costume is mainly shown at night or in the dark as it shows he sneaks around and wants people to know who he is but also wants to be secretive and stay as an “ idea” . once again the costume shows v positively as it shows that he is secretive about his identity and that he is an idea.

Another important technique is colour, colour is shown in the film with people such as v, he wears a lot of black or grey. Because v sneaks around in the night it is also shown in his dark costume and his main colours are red and black, the black symbolizes the night and that he sneaks around and wants to be heard but the red also shows that he is violent and explosive, it shows fire and thats what haunts his...