V for Vendetta Analysis

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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V For Vendetta. Dir. James McTeigue Prod. Grant Hill, Andy Wachowski ,Larry Wachowski,Joel Silver Perf. Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving,   Stephen Rea.2005 DVD Warner Brothers

Film Project

Spring 2013
Word Count:1,584

In a near future the world takes a complete turnaround. Full with disease, war, and an economic meltdown a repressive totalitarian government starts to take over Great Britain. But, there is one man who will not let this happen. “V” a man who escapes unjust captivity vows to take revenge on all those who tortured him. V becomes a “terrorist” to help open the eyes of his country.

While on his way to perform his first terroristic attack; V saves the life of Evey, who is about to be raped by undercover policemen better known as fingermen. He asks her to accompany him to hear some music although reluctant she agrees and follows him. As they are standing on top of a building music starts to play. Evey gets very excited to hear the song over the speakers as Norsefire had outlawed most things after curfew. While on top of the building they watch the destruction of Old Bailey on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day which is November 5. V uses this to get an uproar from the people with not much success. Norsefire uses the media to explain the incident as an "emergency demolition" of a structurally unsound building. Meanwhile the chancellor is getting angry that they are not able to capture V. The government uses all their resources in capturing him, like listening in on their residents’ conversations. Even with the government controlling everything V takes over the television broadcasts to claim responsibility of the destruction of the Old Bailey. He urges the people of Britain to rise up against their government and meet him in one year, on November 5, outside the House of Parliament, which he promises to destroy. Throughout the year he fulfills his own promise of taking vengeance on all of those who were present at Larkhill Camp, a camp meant for undesirables. V with some help from Evey, and the detective is able to get his final message across to all the people by destroying the house of Parliament just as he promised. The people finally decide to go against their government and show up even with the threat of death to anyone who disobeys the chancellor’s laws. At the end we see that V’s vision of standing up to the government take place.

In the movie V for Vendetta we get a view as to how life would be like in a totalitarian government. Norsfire “exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life… and cultural expression is suppressed.”(Free Dictionary) Living in a democracy I know have an idea as to how horrible and boring life would be like in a fascist country. Throughout the first half of the movie we get the sense of repression and fear. Norsefire has the people of England under control by implementing a curfew for everyone. We see how the fingermen who are supposed to be helping and protecting taking advantage of their power by trying to assault Evey. Just for the simple fact that she was not at home by curfew. As V put it “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (V for Vendetta) V tries to get the people to stand up to their government when he takes over BTN which was the station responsible for getting all the news that was approved to the people. Norsfire tried to keep everyone in line by having people ‘black-bagged’ and making them disappear just because, they spoke up against them and decided to protest . The movie shows that the less the people know of the truth, the better off the government is at keeping everyone quiet and under control. We see just how cruel the chancellor was when guest starred in Gordon’s show. He was very upset that he was ridiculed on T.V. for all of England to see. That same night he had Gordon black bagged and executed. We get to see exactly...
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