V for Vendetta

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  • Published : March 29, 2012
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V for Vendetta
1. What period in history do you believe is portrayed in this movie? Considering the general circumstances illustrated in the movie; citizens afraid of its government, I believe, the period in history is when democracy was belittled, and government dominated with oppressive force. Since at various times the connection between V and Guy Fawkes is emphasized, the movie seems to be based on the historical event of November 5th, 1605; the date Guy Fawkes was arrested for conspiracy to blow up the parliament building. 2. Who do you believe in history does Chancellor Adam Sutler most resemble? It seems that since the period when the Guy Fawkes incident happened was when a protestant King was ruling England, Chancellor Adam Sutler equates to the figure aforementioned. However, in light of the Chancellor’s characteristics, he may represent another figure in history; Adolf Hitler. The rationale behind the link is because they both were dictators of a country that used military force to rule the country, and eradicated specific targets; for instance the gay for High Chancellor, and the Jewish for Adolf Hitler. 3. Who do the “Fingermen” represent in history?

If the High Chancellor represents Adolf Hitler, the Fingermen would most likely symbolize the Nazis. The people who carried out rules, regardless of its brutality, directed by the head. 4. What or who does Lewis Prothero represent?

I had heard once that in the period of the Nazi’s domination, there were a few people who expressed dissention through literary works, and since Lewis Prothero used his composition skills comically portray High Chancellor, shedding a light on the injustice of the government, from the little knowledge I have, Lewis Prothero seems to represent those who voiced their disagreement of the Nazi regime. 5. Who do the people taken into the prisons represents?

There were a variety of people that were taken into prisons. First, there were those who did not fit in...
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