V for Vendetta

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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The feature film V for Vendetta challenges values and attitudes of the mainstream population of the western world. The key concept behind the feature film is the act of terrorism; the justification of whether proactive violence. V is a terrorist. He blows up populated buildings, undoubtedly killing dozens if not hundreds of civilians. He refuses to accept anyone else's point of view; he fanatically believes his view is the only way to see things. He murders, not just cold-bloodedly, but also deliberately torturing people to insanity in the case for Evy. The act of terrorism would not only challenge our sociocultural values but also might bring back the miserable and fuming memories of the 9.11 for many Americans. After the 9.11 terrorism in America, our beliefs towards terrorism have changed drastically. Not because the story was broadcasted across the world nor the fact that many innocent civilians were murdered, but mainly because of the speeches the U.S President G.W Bush made after the attack. In his speech, he quotes “thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable acts of terror” and the frequent use of words “evil act” reinforces how he views the act to be. The fact that he was one of the powerful men in the society, our values towards terrorism was shaped to be evil and immoral. V for vendetta being filmed in 2006, London where there were also a terrorist attack in 2005. The further reinforcement of the terrorist attack in 2005 structured our values towards terrorism to be an evil and unforgiving act where many innocent people were killed. V in the film is portrayed as a protagonist just because all the other characters act to benefit themselves, whereas V has clear idea and acts by how he believe it is best for the society. In the feature film, V is driven by the desire for revenge as much as political idealism. He was mutilated in a fire at a detention center, which specialized in horrifying medical experiments, some time before. He has...
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