V for Vendetta

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  • Published : November 28, 2008
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‘V’ For Vendetta

Written by the Wachowskis -- Andy and his brother, Larry and directed by first-timer James McTeigue, the movie (Travers), ‘V’ for Vendetta expresses an individuals’ vengeance over the government who destroyed his life. Escaping from the torture camp, where he was held, ‘V’, the main character of the movie, seeks to take revenge on the government who changed his life forever. The movie shows the character ‘V’ turning into a mutant with special powers and skills due to a reaction caused by the blast on the experimental camp where he was a prisoner. The title of the movie itself is self explanatory as a person is looking for vengeance, and thereafter goes by the codename- ‘V’. Unlike most other Hollywood movies, ‘V’ for Vendetta does not specify if the main character of the movie- ‘V’ is actually a protagonist or an antagonist. They left it in the viewers to determine that. He does all the dreadful things in life such as stealing antique memorials as collections at his house; he kills innocent people and creates chaos in the nation. Yet, one cannot say he plays the role of an antagonist because he has reasons behind everything. The movie gets deep into the main character’s life showing how deep his vengeance was. After his escape from the camp, he went on killing all that were involved in making his life grievous. He puts on a mask to cover his identity and does not reveal his real name, and one by one killed the government officials involved in the experiment that got him in the torturous camp. His victims included from news anchor to doctor to Bishop and even the chancellor of The United Kingdom. Actress Natalie Portman plays the part of Evey, a young girl, who is rescued by ‘V’ from a life and death situation. Evey, upon being rescued is thankful to ‘V’ but after slowly getting to know him better, she starts thinking otherwise. Later, in the movie, ‘V’ himself kidnaps Evey, tortures her asking about the...
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