V for Vendetta

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V for Vendetta Essay

The main character in the movie V for Vendetta is simply named V. His name is partly used as a symbol for the roman number five. Through his rebellion actions he became a revolutionary figure for the population in England. The city of London, the set of the movie, is supposed to be playing during 1980-1990, led by a fascist party. The original V for Vendetta story is a ten-issue comic book series and subsequently made into a movie in 2006. Comparing the movie with the original comics V’s representation clearly alters.

The Fascist party leading the UK during this time period has built up work- and concentration camps for insignificant citizens in their eyes; such as homosexuals, moles, disabled people, people trying to fight the government etc. These concentration camps certainly have similarities to Hitler’s Third Reich. V is not able to remember his real name. He used to be one of the victims tortured for many years. They made him stay in a tiny chamber with the letter V written on it. Medical tests were carried out on him and one day he became inhumanly strong, due to these experiments. The night the concentration camp blew up and fell into pieces, V survived and became stronger than ever. He decided to take revenge on every single higher power, doctor and policeman involved in human abuse. He wanted to see these people suffer for what he has been through. He blew up buildings, encouraged the citizens to stand up for their opinion, held speeches in order to influence the population of England, and became known as a hero for the people in London, but was chased by the secret police. The government used every media source to make V look like a dangerous terrorist for the citizens. Fortunately they were unsuccessful.

There are many aspects, which differentiate the original comic book from the movie. For instance; Evie being a young sixteen year old prostitute or other methods V used while murdering the enemies. Personally I believe...
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