V for Vendetta

Topics: Totalitarianism, Natalie Portman, Love Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Jake Sabin
Mr. Kantor
English IV
6 September 2012

V for Vendetta VS. 1984

“V for Vendetta” and “1984” have very similar plots and set ups but they also have very important differences. Both the film and the book are based on totalitarian societies in which the government attempts to control as much of the peoples lives as possible. Also in both the book and film the protagonists realize that they are being manipulated and that they no longer want to live this way. One of the important differences though is in the set up. The book is set in 1984 while the movie is set sometime in the future meaning more technology and new challenges.

One similar element though that can be seen in both “V for Vendetta” and “1984” is the use of fear. Both governments have the people fear the consequences of breaking the law. Many of the punishments for breaking the law are either death or torture even if it seems to be only a minor infraction. These harsh punishments along with how often they catch people helps to instill fear in people which the government in turn uses to control the people.

Another important tactic that was used by both governments was the rewriting of history. In 1984 they actually employed people to rewrite history so that the people would never know if the government ever did anything wrong in the past. This also allowed the government to tell the people how much better they have it now in order to deter revolts by those who are poor and hungry. While in “V for Vendetta” we did not see this sever of a government tactic they still used the news to lie to the people. For example when V blew up the government building and the government had the news cast report that is was a plan demolition. The government in essence was attempting to rewrite history.

Also both governments did not allow the people to voice their opinion or even think for themselves. In “1984” the government actually had a police force called the thought police that solely in...
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