V for Vendetta

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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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Movie Review
V for Vendetta
James Curry
Northwest Oklahoma State University

The movie is based in the future. The government has obvious control over all the civilians in London. There are cameras and speakers on the streets of the city. The government uses a totalitarian type of government. One man is in control of all the people, the Chancellor. The main character, V, has vengeance on his mind when he first meets Evey. He has a clear view of what the government is actually doing to all the citizens in Britain. After V saves Evey from a rape, he tells her his plan. His plan is to put a stop to the corrupt government, which they are under control. To start his rebellion, V blows up the Old Bailey Courtroom. He plays music over the speakers on the street to grab the attention of the citizens, as they have never heard music over the speakers, only directions from the government. V shows Evey everything from the top of a building overlooking the courtroom. The next day the government has Evey on their radar and the Chancellor is urging to find V. While Evey is at her job at BTN, (British Television Network) the cops come in and try to catch her. Meanwhile, V is taking over the television station to voice his plan to all the citizens. The televisions in the country apparently only have one station, which is controlled by the government. The government uses this as a way to manipulate the population into thinking whatever they want them to think. After V takes over the television station he broadcasts a film of himself explaining his plan. He then asks everyone to join him in one year to overthrow the government. V escapes the building after Evey takes a risk to save him from the policeman. Evey is hit in the head during the process and V makes the decision to bring her with him. The movie covers the year in which he started the rebellion. When Evey wakes up she is in the home of V. She notices he has extreme burns on his hands as he cooks her breakfast without his gloves on. V plays the situation of pretty nonchalantly, as he holds the secret of his hands to himself. He explains his reasoning for taking her to his home as he was worried about her safety being held under arrest by the government. He also shows her how the government is wrong in more ways than she already knew. V and Evey have a different idea about the government than most of the citizens in the community. The manipulation that has kept the government protected from rebellion is now being questioned by the citizens, since they had the opportunity to hear different information when V was on television. The government takes action by saying that V is dead. They showed several shows on the television with V being the main topic. The shows contained one man talking to the camera. The man simply talks for the government. He says everything that they want the people to think. He uses several repetitions of certain words, as if driving the information into the citizen’s heads. This man calls V a coward and continually tries putting him down in the public view.

While Evey is at V’s home he she opens up to him and tells him she would be interested in helping him. She then tells him of her past. Her parents were taken from their home when the Chancellor first took control. Her parents were sent to the same type of place as where V spent several years being experimented on by the government. V asks her to seduce a bishop who thinks he is just coming to meet a girl to have his way with in the church. Evey defies his request for cooperation as she tells the bishop all she knows of V. She tells him that he is coming to kill him also. This doesn’t concern the bishop as he thinks it’s just a joke. V breaks down the door to the room as the bishop continually tries to kiss and lay on Evey. V kills the bishop, and Evey runs away.

Lark Hill facility was a detention center for undesirable people of the society. The center took people from society that were different....
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